Japanese DSLR sales ranking of the whole year 2009!


So here we are. it is the end of the year and we have the Japanese DSLR sales rankings from January 1 to December 24!

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Ranking Camera Market Share
1 Canon EOS Rebel T1i / EOS Kiss X3 15.9
2 Canon Digital Rebel XSi / EOS Kiss X2 13.2
3 Nikon D90 9.1
4 Nikon D5000 6.6
5 Nikon D60 5.4
6 Nikon D40 5.1
7 Panasonic G1 4.2
8 Canon 50D 3.5
9 Olympus E-P1 3.0
10 Panasonic GF1 2.7
11 Pentax K-m 2.5
12 Sony A300 2.2
13 Canon 5DII 2.1
14 Nikon D3000 1.8
15 Sony A350 1.8
16 Pentax K-x 1.8
17 Canon 7D 1.6
18 Canon 1000D 1.6
19 Panasonic GH1 1.6
20 Olympus E-520 1.3

source: bcnranking.jp


(FT4) Kodak will not produce a MFT camera.


Good morning dear readers!

On early November Letsgodigitial said that Kodak could unveil a new MicroFourThirds camera in 2010.

We had the chance to talk with our sources and now we can tell you that Kodak will not make a MicroFourThirds camera. As reported before also Leica was close to join the MicroFourThirds system but they decided to go their own way.

We are working now to get more infos on Fuji’s plans. They will very likely join the MFT world!


Olympus E-P1 is the most popular camera in Japan (but not the most sold)


The japanese very popular website DC.watch.impress asked their readers to vote the best camera of the year. These are the results:

1. E-P1
2. 7D
3. K-7
4. GF1
5. K-x
6. D3s
7. GXR
8. E-P2
9. D300s
10. GH1

But real japanese sales rankings do show a different story. Take a look at the November 2009 sales rankings: http://bcnranking.jp/category/subcategory_0008_month.html.

Interesting or not? It seems that a lot of people like the “concept” of MicroFourThirds cameras but not so many of them are buying it…