Updated: E-P1 accessories/lens in Stock


UPDATE: For today only amazon.com has a special deal on Olympus Stylus cameras!

Especially the Olympus SP-590UZ ($349.00) has a nice -$50 price drop.

Amazon.com has some E-P1 related products in stock:

1) The Olympus MF-2 OM Lens to Micro Four Thirds Adapter

2) The Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens (Silver)

3) And the Olympus FL-14 Flash for Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

UPDATE: For germans, amazon has some nice Olympus DSLR deals! Look for the E-420 or E-520…


Panasonic rumors pattern…



We receive many mails from people saying that they “know” something. In the past we were able to classify our Olympus sources and now we know how to deal with this sources. The same process is now ongoing with Panasonic rumor sources and only time will tell us who has been right with their “predictions”

In the particular case of the LX3 successor and Pansonic MFT rumors we are having some troubles.

That’s why I want to share you the pattern we have so may you can help us to understand what’s happening  ;)

We asked our sources:

1) Will Panasonic cannounce a new camera in August?

2) Is it the LX3 successor or the new compact MFT camera or something else?


Known sources answered:

Source A:

1) I don’t know it. But I  believe they will release something.

2) It is very likely that we are NOT going to see the LX3 successor. Panasonic is working on a MFT camera but I do not know if they will announce the camera in August-September

Source B:

1) I am sure Panasonic will release a camera

2) I “believe” it will be the MFT camera (At first he thought it will be the LX3 successor but he changed his mind yet!)

Source C:

1) I give 80% chance that Panasonic will announce a new camera…

2) …but I am not sure if it will be the LX3 successor or the MFT camera

Source D:

1) It is likely that Panasonic will announce something soon…

2) …but I believe the LX3 successor will not be released before 2010.

New sources (which I give some minimum credibility):

Source D:

1) I know the next camera will be unveiled in Q3-Q4

2) It will be the LX3 successor

Source E:

1) There will be only Panasonic compact cameras

2) No LX3 successor until 2010. May they will “pre-announce” the MFT camera

Fact is Panasonic always told us that the LX3 successor will not come before 2010. But as you know this doesn’t mean anything. They continuely change their roadmap (see the 20mm f/1.7 lens that has been announced in 2008 and is still not on market)

What do you think?

Will you buy the new GF2?

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Little LX4(5) update


We do not have the exact release date but we got again a confirmation that a Panasonic camera (probably the LX4 or Lx5) will be unveiled before September. We havn’t got any specs…

UPDATE: I am still not confident in Panasonic’s roadmap (see the 20mm f/1.7 lens). That’s why I won’t give this rumor a ft4 or ft5 value…


Fake Nikon rumor ;)


The Olympus E-P1 had such a success that Nikon people started to dream some new Nikon mirrorless system. Here you see a FAKE image with FAKE specs:
* 24.8mp full frame sensor
* 1080p video at 24fps, 30fps or 60fps
* 100% optical viewfinder
* Nikkor 10-70mm f/1.2 lens
source: http://nikonrumors.com/

When will Nikon release cameras to compete with the MicroFourThirds system? I bet you will have to wait a lot for it! I see Samsung and Canon as the next REAL competition.