Rumors summary (and message for all anonymous rumor sources)


First off: Thanks for sending me rumors! Every rumor you send helps me to get closer to the real Panasonic and Olympus intentions.

During the last weeks I received many anonymous rumors sent trough our contact form. Many of them I didn’t post because I am asking my trusted sources for more informations. Sometimes I want to write you back but if you don’t share your email address that’s impossible. If you want your rumor to be posted try to create a fake gmail account I can use to answer you and make you some questions. That would help me a lot. Thanks!

What kind of rumors did I receive? Some about the E-5 some about the next Olympus PEN some about the Pansonic MFT series and some about Sigma (yes Sigma). Maybe in one of our next posts I will post all this rumors under a “FT2 value” (from unknown and unreliable source).

And now the summary:

I expect an announcement for early March, probably during the first week of March as I expect the new products to be shown at the Panasonic UK event. As you know the Panasonic G1 has been officially discontinued in Japan. Honestly I can’t imagine the G2 to be just a little upgraded “G1”. That wouldn’t be enaugh. With the recent release of the Olympus E-PL1 Panasonic needs to add a Low-Budget MFT camera in their line. And I expect Panasonic to fill the gap. A new compact camera (LX5?) could also be announced.
We will definitely see new Panasonic MFT lenses. There is no secret here, they already announced them a while ago.

After receiving a storm of E-5 rumors it has been really quiet since two weeks. This made me a little bit suspicious and I am trying to understand what’s going on. Anyway the latest info I received from a good source was that there will be a High-End FourThirds camera soon (probably late March).
Today we received some info about the next Olympus PEN camera. We still need to check the rumor with known sources but I believe Olympus could unveil one more PEN during the next 2-3 months.

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Have a nice day!


Panasonic and Sony playing cat and mouse.


Panasonic and Sony are already BIG players in the video digital camera market. The problem for Sony is that the  Panasonic GH1 had an incredible success and Sony has nothing to compete against. As reported by SonyAlphaRumors Sony is waiting for the GH2 release before to unveil their direct competitor.

We made a comparison of the two future competirors based on the unconfirmed and unreliable rumors we recieved until today:

Panasonic GH2 Sony NEX7
14-15 Megapixel sensor 14 Megapixel sensor
1080 60/50p recording 1080 60/50i (or progressive?) recording
AVCHD at 28Mbit/s XDCAM at 35Mbit/s
Autofocus: contrast autofocus Autofocus: Sensor based phase detection?

Some free thoughts…


This are very busy times for me. Yesterday we transferred the whole website on a new server and now it will need weeks until I can fix everything on 43rumors (layout and new content). The good news is that everything loads much faster. YEAH!

I also continually receive mails with comments news and rumors…something like 60-70 mails per day!

How do I manage to do everything?

In this days I weak up one hour earlier than usual. I need one hour to check the latest news on my RSS reader and to check the mails I recieved. Than I go to work (train at 7.20 am). I am currently editing my latest documentary and every one-two hour I make a short break to check emails and news. After dinner I have 30 minutes to write something on 43rumors. When I am at home (at 6 o’clock in the evening) my girlfriend gives me exactly one hour time to finish my job on 43rumors :) But I have to admit…in this days one hour is not enaugh!

As you see I am quite busy and that also explains why I sometimes can’t answer you. There is a lot of hidden work on 43rumors. I am doing my best to catch interesting news/rumors and that needs a lot of time. Also the website redesign was quite a challenge for me. I have still a lot of bugs to fix.

Anyway what I want to tell you is that I am really excited. In March we will have a lot of new stuff coming! I also learned that Panasonic and Olympus are listening us. They are following our website and reading your suggestions. I expect some of your desires ot be fulfilled soon!

About me: Can’t wait to have time for some rest but I believe I will have to work trough the whole February and March until I can take some time for me.

If you want to know more about me just contact me at or comment this post.

Now I have to go back to work…




March announcements summary…


We posted so many rumors during the last weeks that it might be a good idea to make a clarifying summary of the possible March announcements:

1) Panasonic will announce compact camera(s), MicroFourThirds camera(s) and Lenses on early March. Very likely the first week of March.

2) Olympus could announce one or more new FourThirds cameras in March (late March?)

3) Noktor will unveil the new 50mm f/0.95 lens with MicroFourThirds mount on March 1.

4) Samyang will release new FourThirds lenses in March


(FT4) Correction -> Panasonic announcement early March.


UPDATE: We just recieved more informations from our sources. The announcement will be made early March and not next week. There have been a mistake with two sources! It happens rarely but it happens.

Panasonic seems to be ready to announce a LOT of stuff! Compact camera/s new MicroFourThirds camera and lenses.

(FT3) Probably no GH2 with 60p/50p but a G2 with video recording is going to be unveiled. There is also a fair chance to see the new LX3 successor with backlight sensor.

If you want and can help us send us your news/rumors at Thanks!


43rumors message


We made it! We are now online on a new and far more powerful server. Now it’s time to add new stuff on 43rumors!