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Panasonic GF2 officially announced! (Continually updated)


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CNET Asia: “One advantage the Lumix has over competitors is its touchscreen, and this will attract current shutterbugs with a touch-sensitive compact to upgrade to something similar. At the same time, enthusiasts might feel left out, since using a touch-sensitive panel is not something everyone is accustomed to.”
Whatdigitalcamera: “The Lumix GF2 feels like more than just an updated GF1 thanks to the redesigned body. The tweaks to the user interface make the touchscreen even more accessible although, it has to be said, this format of control may not be to everyone’s preference if it’s not always going to be employed.
DPreview: “Whereas the GF1 was unashamedly a camera for enthusiast photographers, the GF2 is now aimed much more at compact camera owners looking for an upgrade.“…”In truth there’s not a lot about the GF2 to tempt GF1 owners to upgrade, but it’s still a hugely capable camera that, as long as you can accept the touchscreen, looks like it should work pretty well. We suspect that when it starts getting into the hands of users a lot of the inevitable initial scepticism will disappear; on the other hand we do still hope the Panasonic finds a way to produce a more GF1-like design in future too.
Imaging Resource: “Overall, we had a great time with the little Panasonic GF2. It’s extremely nimble and compact; still a little too large to slip into a pair of slacks without looking like you have a camera in your pocket (I did get looks), but the design has never been more sportcoat or jacket-friendly.
Photoradar: “Images taken at ISO 400 look comparable with those I have taken at ISO 200 on the G1“…”However, my enthusiasm was somewhat tempered when I saw that the Panasonic GF2 has fewer button and dial controls than the GF1, and the user has to use the touchscreen to select settings such as the shooting mode. It may be the result of the downsizing of the camera (the GF2 is 19% smaller and 7% lighter than the GF1), but I am disappointed that there’s no main mode dial on the top-plate.
Photographyblog (mirrorless size comparison)
Omuser (Hands-on pictures)


– Available in January 2011
– UK price 599 GBP for GF2 w/14-42mm
– it is very nearly as petite as the Sony NEX-5
– One slightly unexpected marketing change is that the GF2 will not be bundled with the 20mm F1.7 pancake lens
– Editor’s note: Because of the recent Daylight saving time change most websites did publish their articles one hour earlier than expected.

GF1 vs GF2 differences

– Smaller and lighter body
– GF2 has Full HD movie recording capability (1080i at 60fps from 30p capture)
– Continuous shooting at 2.6fps with Live View
– ISO 6400
– Touchscreen
– GF2 has less buttons (no exposure mode dial)
– Stereo microphone on the top plate
– supports 3D


Forum Olympus France
Focus Numerique


Imaging Resource (Scroll until you reach the bottom of the page to see the images)


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