Pentax K7-Panasonic GH1 video specs comparison


As a pure photo camera the Pentax K7 will probably deliver a very good quality (read the specs here) but…

…I believed the Pentax K7 will go on par with the Panasonic GH1 in terms of video capabilities. Pentax told us they will make a two generations jump forward. But I am really disappointed with the video potentials from that camera.

Here the reasons:

1) The Pentax K7 does 720/30p only  (the GH1 720/60p or Full HD!)

2) The Pentax K7 has only mono microfone input

There is no mention over the compression specifications (the only point where the GH1 doesn’t really satisfy me with his 17MB/s)

I would say the GH1 is still the most usable video DSLR !

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may there is more inside the MFT from Olympus?


Sincerly, we don’t know if Olympus will surprise us with some new technolgies or gimmicks. We do not know for example how they want to solve the EVF “problem”. Probably there is no built in EVF, but may they will have some external attachable EVF? We do not know. Our sources won’t or can’t reveal that. Olympus is really good in keeping their secrets… secret.


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May 18th: “cuba-moon”



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Title cuba-moon
Author Günther
Camera Olympus OM-4
Text Trinidad, Cuba

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