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(FT5) Olympus E-M1 gets leaked!!!


UPDATE: I have been asked by the Engadget team to remove the link to the video (and the images). I obviously told them that the images and video spread on the web thanks to the guys from Kakaku that found that hidden link to engadget’s Olympus E-M1 video (that has now been removed). But even if I had to remove the stuff it has been mirrored from kakaku to many other websites:

720p @
480p @


I told Engadget team that I am sorry for what happened to them. But even if I can remove the images and link video I cannot avoid to link to the websites having posted images and videos.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • WSG123

    What sort of crackhead thinks that the video is “fake”? Why, possibly, would engadget create a “fake” OMD model, with fake wifi that mounts a 4/3rds lens and a fake 5 axis IBIS test? Seriously, use your brains a little guys.

    • AMVR


      I really wonder if there are people out there so utterly clueless or if it’s just an act of trolling, then again, stupidity cannot ever be underestimated. They always appear here, they came here when the GX7 and E-P5 were leaked and shouted fake like no tomorrow, yet, once again, they were proven wrong. In fact, I cannot remember ever seeing a leaked photo in this site that wasn’t the real thing. These people have no clue about how manufacturing companies work, what’s a prototype or a render, they’re the lowest common denominator of society, You have to wonder how they ever managed to use internet explorer (because you know for a fact they’re using it) and navigate to this site.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. This is the sign the system is growing in audience into the p&s crowds, and also this is the record post on this site! >600 posts amazing. At least we were spared a lot of drips by Olympus marketing, LOL!

    • Matt

      “What sort of “crackheads… … ? ”

      Simple. You know, there are many of them who frequently come to M43rumors to check the latest and then make some remarks about the superiority of FF cameras blah blah. I think they are threatened DSLR users, and some may be NEX users, who are also loving the M43 developments, knashing their teeth in envy, but want to resist changing over by talking M43 and trying to convince themselves their systems are better. Poor souls.

      • Sleeper

        Lol……….. Why do we need to “make some remarks about the superiority of FF cameras”. Lions don’t concern themselves with dogs and cats.

        • Oilymouse

          Whoops, you goofed. Lion’s conservation status:

          “A Vulnerable species is one which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as likely to become Endangered unless the circumstances threatening its survival and reproduction improve.”

          Cats and dogs appear a lot more future proof, dear. The only FF cameras that are sure to exist forever are Leicas.

    • DonC

      I’m really in awe of what a great job was done in getting someone who looks and sounds just like Richard Sasserath from Olympus Imaging to play the role of Richard Sasserath from Olympus Imaging. Amazing what you can do with Photoshop! LOL

      • OD

        Best observation of the day. ;-)

      • WSG123

        The only conclusions I can draw here are that either he’s in on it, or that’s a reptilian in a human suit. WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW DEEP THIS FAKE GOES!!!!

    • Steve

      The grip looks glued on.


    is this a record?

    boooo – I was expecting the modular OM/blad shame thingy

    Now, where did I put my tiny Ricoh GR …

    • No, I think the record is over 700, some E-P5 or E-PL5 related post. We’re on a path to brake it, though :).

      As for E-PM1, the price and the lack of flash are putting me off. I’ll probably go with GX7 for a couple of years, until PDAF goes into lower end Olympus models, E-Px series I hope.

      • To break, not to brake :D.

        • lone.samurai

          This camera looks great side on and from the back and even better with the grip but it really does look strange front on.
          I zoomed in on the video where the grip joins with the camera and it looks like it’s just stuck on there.
          Regardless, frankenstein or not the biggest annoyance for me is waiting 3 months till it’s release.
          I skipped the em5 because I thought if that’s a sign of things to come I’ll wait till it gets even better, so I continued using my ep3 while I buit up my m43 lens collection, sold my e5 while it was worth a bit and kept the e3 as a life line for classic 43. The point being, this em1 is a HUGE advance in technology from an e3 or ep3 in so many ways that what it looks like is certainly not of primary importance, besides the the elegant and gorgeous em7 in two tone silver will retire my ep3 when it comes out in about a year with most certainly a new sensor and a few Olympus surprises.

          @Mr.Reeee – I did notice that film rewind crank too. Looks interesting but I wonder where they’re going with that?

  • Ragnarok

    The Pontiac Aztek of cameras! But hey, they sold 27 000 of those, so you know there is always a market for these things… :D

    • Oilymouse

      You. Are. A. Spambot.

    • CedricL

      Lol, I’m sure you own one!!!

    • Anonymous

      The only reason they sold those 27,000 Aztechs was because of the special “Trade Your Used Yugo In Any Condition Evenly for a New Aztech” promotion.

    • redcarlsen


  • Anonymous

    I hope Olympus sells enough of these to make it’s development profitable. It certainly looks like a very capable camera. For those who are invested in 4/3 glass this is a nice camera. But I wonder how many of those folks grew impatient and haven’t already moved on to Canonikon.

    • OD

      Nerver underestimate the size thing. People are contacting me to find out where they can unload their bigger gear. It’ll take some time to transition. But iPhones have created huge ripples through the photo community. People do like smaller cameras.

  • I own the 7-14, 50-200, 12-60, 50 macro, 25 1.4, 1.4 tele, and tons of batteries flashes and stuff. My E30 broke over a year ago and I have been waiting for this body. I hope it takes BM1 batteries as I have 8 of those as well.

  • gravy

    gotta say. olympus is hitting home runs. EM5,EP5, now EM1 rumored . I hope that panasonic does the same thing with on sensor PDAF. there are a few 4/3 lens I can afford that would be real nice to shoot on micro 4/3. 35 and 50 macros and 70-300 are all under 500. then there is always the dream of 14-35 f/2!!! this might have a certain panasonic GH2 owner (who looks a lot like myself) buying olympus when it comes time for a new camera unless panasonic comes out with PDAF also. are you listening pany???

    • CedricL

      Ep5? A home run…

      • Anonymous

        It is if they drop the price $400!

    • Anonymous

      “Home Run?” Didn’t Oly just announce that their Pen sales dropped by a double-digit percentage, which they weren’t prepared for.

      • Anonymous

        The whole industry dropped, you idiot!

        • Anonymous

          I may be an “idiot,” but I do read financial reports, WSJ, etc., especially about this market. All the mirrorless dropped, but the amount of the Pen (and I don’t remember exactly which cameras were included for the figures) line was far more severe than expected and of the projected declines of similar lines with other companies. Reuters, NYT, and WSJ all discussed it. There was even speculation that the whole retro thing may be ending, which may have been an influence on the design of the new Oly.

          Hint: Try to be a little more polite in your posts; this is only a discussion.

  • Daav

    Steve Huff weighed in on it as well with his take on it. Calling it the King of Micro 43. I think he likes it.

    Another little web blog also giving their thoughts. Is this thing getting contagious? Like it or not, it is getting lots of attention. Whew!!!

    • Anonymous

      He also made a smart comment noticing how some details (on the sensor etc.) were totally absent from the video. He thought this was leaked on purpose from Olympus because some details are on purpose not mentioned at all.

      • Oilymouse

        I’d reckon the same thing, it’s a bit of a weird video that raises a lot of questions. Probably Oly is in control here. The wanted 500+ comments here, maybe they’re getting 1000. Let’s see how crazy things get at

  • true homer

    Ugly and big with an old sensor for 1500$?
    Its not a problem here just as long as it says olympus!!
    Somebody should link the comments from the SAME people here when the GH3 price was posted. Hilarious!

    • Anonymous

      It is not an old sensor, stupid!

    • Anonymous

      New sensor, not old.

    • Ross

      That’s OK. A lot of people will buy a camera just because it has Canon on it. ;)

    • BLI

      “…not a problem here just as long as it says olympus!!”

      Eh? According to my informal estimate, the majority of comments claim that it is an ugly camera. Which of course is a valid point of view, but not really interesting. I haven’t seen the real thing, so I may end up thinking it is ugly, I may end up thinking it looks like the majority of Canon or Nikon cameras (solid, functional), and I may end up liking its looks.

      It seems rather that *your* problem is that anybody at all likes it and considers buying it??

  • I really hope Olympus has paid attention to video modes on the E-M1.
    If it can do 1080,60p at a decent bitrate, they have a real game changer here.

    This camera with the 5 axis image stabilization has the potential to be a huge hit with live Event and ENG users if the video performance and codec is up to snuff.

    Fingers crossed the video is not crippled on Sony’s behalf.

  • dau

    Actually the camera looks pretty impressive to me. And any option that instantly expands lens range possibilities, is imo, a big bonus for the system. To all those complaining about the aesthetics, especially omd owners, i do not understand your gripes. The camera is Identical to the omd, just with added grip to compensate for larger 4/3 glass.
    The only thigs i dont like are: lack of built in flash, amd the reported 1500 price tag.
    Im a panny g3 user btw

  • Love Bath

    I like it and am awaiting more information!

  • Mojokielbasa

    Oops. Now that they have linked the picture I will NEVER buy one of these cameras. The leak has completely ruined it for me. Otherwise I was ready to place a site unseen preorder regardless of price even though the camera will lose 80% of its value in the first 18 months of its existence just like every predecessor since the E-P1.

    Well ok….maybe I will buy it from eBay for $300.00 in late 2014.

  • Oilymouse

    Admin, the Youtube movie has just been removed.

    • flipinus

      Yup you are right, it’s gone. Glad I saw it when I did.

    • Hifinut
      • Daav

        Nope, gone there now too. They yanked the youtube movies, due to Engadget copyright.

        • Anonymous

          No Daav…you can still view the vid @ Steve Huff..

          • Daav

            Whoops my bad. He had a link to the YouTube video that was pulled. Didn’t see his download link.

      • tokyojerry

        Engadget is really dumb if they think they are going to control a video because of so-called ‘rights’. Any thing you post to the web can and will circulate and even go viral. It’s like engadget is trying to stuff smoke back into a jar and seal the lid. It is so easy to do a video screen capture of a running video too. Anyway, I just watched the 5 minute or so video.

  • I am a EM-5 owner. I love my camera, I have an emotional relationship with my camera. Why? Because it’s pretty, it feels good in my hands, and it has been crafted to be true to itself. If the body remained for the most part the same, I would upgrade. With what I saw, I will not. My largest gripe would hands down be the battery grip. I liked how on the EM-5 it was optional. It left the camera slim. I absolutely HATE chunky cameras, and this is what made me choose it over the GH2. There is nothing wrong with people who like DSLRs and chunky hand grips. More power to you! For me, its a deal breaker. It will no longer feel special, but just another look-a-like. I would rather get a GH-3 if I were to ever upgrade if that is the only option Olympus is putting out. Or if I simply want video, I’ll get a black magic pocket cinema camera as a companion. There are lots of options in the market that can seriously kick the ass of the “EM-1”. I can understand it is targeted at professionals. I can appreciate that. What made the OM-D unique was is quarks. I guess what ever sells more cameras, but will making the “EM-1” more like the GH-3 (and failing at it)sell more of your stuff? I would say no. Now you are just a copy cat with specs and features that you are outclassed in. I might very well be a disappointed fan boy. If the split is so bad, why not just get a GH-3 for video, and get a Fuji Film XE-1 for stills and sell off my EM-5? That is how I view it. The EM-5 is good, but not the best at anything, but did well enough in an attractive body to be desirable. Fujifilm cameras take way better stills, GH-3 takes far better video. The EM-5 was a nice in-between for people who wanted a good bit of both. So you want to make a professional line, and still not get it right. Maybe if you mark the price down on the “EM-1” far below that of the GH3, it will sell. Maybe I’m being to harsh. Maybe I’m being silly. I just know that it would defeat the purpose of having an OMD that is not chunky, and not professional enough looking to scare people away that you point it at. I vote to keep it tight, and neat. Leave the grip optional, and stay in the middle. You’re pushing into GH3’s market and I don’t see people choosing the “EM-1” over the GH-3 when A) it looks like a Frankenstein B) wont have the video features and C) wont be able to compete with features. *sigh* -omd fanboy rants-

    • Ross

      That’s fine if you don’t like it but if you had lenses worth between $1000 to $3000 (plus) & a body like this E-M1 was available to use them effectively (for AF) on as well being able to use the very nice M4/3’s primes, then you would be telling a different story.

    • Anonymous

      I, on the other hand love it, because of tge extended battery grip. Really. This is not otbmeant meant as a repleacement of em5: rhat will come later in 2014.
      So, in one Word Samuel, it’s not meant for you..

      • After reading someone’s thoughts, I decided yeah, its not for me, its not aimed at me, and I’ll just wait for the next EM5. this appears to be aimed at people with 4/3rd lenses. I’d be pretty upset to if all I had was the E-5.

  • WSG123

    I’m a happy EM-5 owner, and I’ll probably stay that way without a compelling upgrade. I’m not too interested in 4/3rds glass right now, and there aren’t any other features here that I find particularly compelling. I’ll probably buy the next “EM-5” series camera with an upgraded sensor and/or upgraded viewfinder. If I were coming into the system right now, OTOH, I would seriously consider the EM-1, by the time you add the HLD-6 onto the EM-5, you’re getting there.

    • Phred


  • flipinus

    Rarely reply here but I will this time. First off, I am a 4/3 user and would consider myself an advanced amateur. I do not make money off my cameras. I hedged my bet a long time ago and built up my 4/3 lens line up because I felt that Olympus had done their homework before they launched the E-1 and found that the size of the sensor for 4/3 would be the optimum in order to build optimally sized lenses that would provide the optimal image quality for the size of the sensor and camera system. I don’t know whom of you remember Irwin Putts, for those who do not, he was, and believe still is, a Leicaphile who knows everything about Leica cameras, lenses and their history. Well, back in 2004-2005, he had mentioned, while analyzing the Olympus E-system, that he felt that the E-1 could be the Barnack camera of the digital age. For those who do not know Oskar Barnack, he was the visionary who developed the Leica 135mm camera system. WE are now 8 years hence from that statement of Irwin Putts. the camera industry has evolved and so have the cameras and design goals of Olympus as they react to the ever changing market forces and developing technology. As of now, 2013, I do not think that anyone can challenge that Olympus has developed a great line up of lenses for the 4/3 system. Image quality was always top notch with the only limiting factor being not being the lenses but the resolving power of the sensor. That has changed dramatically since the cameras after the EM-5. The question is whether sensor technology will further improve since it appears that the Zuiko lenses are still out resolving the sensors. Somewhere, I have read that the theoretical resolving limit of the 4/3 Zuikos will come when the pixel density is at about the 20-22 million pixel count. Correct me if I am wrong. I am sure that there will be those who will say that the other lens systems are as good or better than the Zuikos and besides, the 4/3 Zuikos are Huge for the sensor size. To those, this is my rebuttal. Zuikos for 4/3 are designed to be near optimal at their largest aperture. A Zuiko 4/3 f 2.0 lens is great at f2.0, optimal at 2.8. None of these f1.4 lenses which are optimal at f4.0 or 5.6. That to me is marketing, not optimal lens design. This is the reason that I think that the 4/3 Zuikos are so desirable. And we are not even talking bokeh, but that truly is subjective. If the EM1 is a real camera, they have addressed another issue, size. It appears that the size advantage for the 4/3-m4/3 system has finally been realized. There may be a caveat tho since there are those who I am sure are clamoring for an optical view finder. I can still see merit with an optical finder but I have not yet seen the implimentation of the EVF of the EM1. I withhold judgement until I get to experience it. I have an EM-5 and I know that there are quirk in the viewfinder that gets int he way of the picture taking experience. Tweaking it may be what I need to do.

    If there is a failing that Olympus has persistently made and have not optimally improved on, it is their focusing algorithms. They are able to produce accurate focusing but their continuous focus and predictive focus sucks. If there is anything they need to address it is this failure.

    Now the price for the EM1. If they price this at $1500, I should expect to see the add on flash, the MMF-3 and the vertical grip in the box. Or at least one of the latter 2 items.

    I await the announcement….

  • Ok the question is wich one is the ugliest ? E-m1 or gh3 ? Shure ithe olympus will perform better now waiting fir the gh5. Hysteria

    • adaptor-or-die

      Ugly compact cameras? Canon 100D and Pentax K-01 both look like Cinderblocks in real-time due to their demand to hold onto the penta-mirror spec dynamics, which shrinking dimensions.

      Adding a larger grip to the previous OM-D eM5 isn’t exactly horror cosmetic surgery … for my own taste the rubber grippy aspect is probably the ugliest aspect. But it’s also very functional. Things less stylish, tend to be very practical.

  • amalric

    A camera is just a device to put lenses at work. Olympus however never forgot the lesson of the demise of the OM system: finding an appropriate AF system, where it came late compared to other brands.

    Now according to Steve Huff’s comments today, it has the most progressive system.
    That is, it has the best lenses, and the best AF system – this is the meaning of the E-M1.

    People still occasionally complain about the sensor’s size. But it was always chosen to maximise IQ, thanks to lenses that are second to none in terms of resolution. Even, they must have twice as much resolution in order to compete with FF, but they have it, and contrary to FF they have it *across the frame*.

    In fact my economy primes, the Sigmas, show they have better resolution across the frame than when mounted on Sony NEX, despite it provides the sensor to the E-M5.

    The E-M1, and its not indifferent price, confirms however that the investment in m4/3 is perhaps the best around. It has some of the best lenses, the speediest AF system, and it can offer all the digital perks its customers can imagine: the surprising Eye-Fi showing a thing that optical dSLR can’t really do as radically.

    Some here prefer to wait for Sony NEX FF and object that the price might be the same, and the optical yield better? Well, as they say in my Internet corner, I am going to buy a bag of peanuts, and have a laugh later. Qui vivra, verra :)

    • So why they have very poor performance in low light ?

      • Daav

        Sheesh! Get a clue, m43 is not in competition with FF, and FF is not in competition with m43, anymore then it competes with medium or large format. Each one has its place and purpose.

        Each one has its place. You want a FF, get one and enjoy it. Some people don’t want the bulk and weight, not to mention the even higher cost of quality lenses to really take advantage of the FF sensor.

        There have always been different cameras for different purposes/uses and there will alway be. Get what you want and go out and take some photos. Use your full frame instead of just rambling on without rhyme or reason about it.

        • Anonymous

          from SteveHUff….”you have to take into consideration..size, weight, cost and joy of use. For some it will be Micro 4/3, no contest. Others will stick with the trusty DSLR. The oM-D E-M5 has propven itself many times over and I have seen and taken images with it that beats many full frame images I have seen. It’s just as capable as any other camera in 96% of situations.”

      • Ep3pl25_ninja

        Hey, I’d lug around the hubble telescope too if I could but not everybody needs to put batman on a magazine. :)

      • Oilymouse

        Thanks for always allowing others to put the record straight with questions like these! :-)

      • The Real Stig

        I’d love to explain to you how IBIS allows low ISO in low light, but won’t bother as your IQ appears to be inversely proportional to your frame size.

  • Rob

    Wow, big cock-up for engadget to leak this so early. Literally no teaser photos this time, just full on showing everything including video.

    I can actually get on with some work now rather than keep checking this website daily :-)

    The EM-1 is doing nothing in particular groundbreaking, and as a early EM5 owner, that makes me happy. The freeze-proof body was about the only thing that impressed me. Also the grip (in particular the thumb side) looks nice too. Although now the option of transporting a tiny body is gone, I guess that’s down to the EP series anyway.

    For me the EM5 was the obvious choice. But that’s less clear for this years models, which is a shame as Olympus needs more home runs, especially if they are going to price the camera up with high end Canon models.

    • Oilymouse

      Many experts consider PDAF+CDAF particularly groundbreaking because it’s an enabling technology, not just another 10% this, 20% that improvement. This is why almost *all* companies are going after it.

      Secondly, we’ll have to wait for more information as this video has shown very little (and nothing that wasn’t expected, except – for some and to my amusement – the looks).

  • Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. After reading flipinus’s opinion, I’ve changed my mind. This is not some sort of EM-5 upgrade, but rather a E-5 upgrade. I still think its ugly what ever it is. thinking of it more of a 4/3 instead of a M4/3 camera makes me feel better for some odd reason. Maybe the next iteration of the EM-5 will be for me :)

    • So wrong the is more an E-620 or E-30 upgrade.
      But this have only tilt screen and not OVF, maybe the longest Olympus will to at make an video camera, but i not know.

    • Ross

      It’s much more than an E5 upgrade with it’s M4/3’s mount. It has all the M4/3’s lenses & other MF lenses (directly or with adapters) that couldn’t be used on the E5 available for it too.

      • Zune

        LOL maybe this is an new OM-2SP so come after OM-3 and OM-4. But I also think E-M1 is fine for at use on ild MF lens.

  • Zeuss

    This looks to be a SMALL camera, barely larger than the EM5. Nice.
    Thankfully the EVF is now of a decent size! I hope it’s the current state of the EVF art. We deserve a true wysiwyg viewing experience. Been waiting for it since the original Pana G1…
    I use the GH3, and keeping my fingers crossed that this EM1 will satisfy the complaints I have w/the Pana (a very good camera which might have been a truly great camera if it had only been more carefully executed).

    My prayers to the gods on Mt. Olympus:
    1. May the video be Seriously good.
    This is still The killer mirrorless/evf advantage, Oly must not overlook it. Not to mention, the OIS needs high quality video capture to fully show off it’s stuff. If they make the video near the level of the GH3’s, this camera could really make waves.

    2. May the LCD swivel, And have well implemented touch focus that can be used while viewing thru the EVF (a huge under-appreciated feature of recent Pana’s).

    Make my wishes above come true, and I’ll gladly pay full retail for it. -Which I’ll bet will be closer to $1300 by release time (also a la GH3).

  • Henoly

    I think Oly purposely leak it to disrupt GX7 pre-orders, LOL.

    • Anonymous

      No way. Different camera niches, different target markets. Don’t disagree that Oly may have “leaked” it – lotsa companies do regularly. However, it would have made more sense if some fantastic video capabilities were leaked, causing potential GH3 purchasers to hold off…

    • Anonymous

      GX7 is not even weather sealed! GX7 is not even in the same class of E-M5, let alone E-M1.

      • BdV

        Except for the utterly essential (well..) weather sealing, what are the other reasons why it’s not in the same class?

        • Oilymouse

          GX-7 and E-P5 are in the “compact rangefinder-like” class. It’s not about what class is better, just that it’s different in terms of use cases. However for many, it could very well be that PDAF + IBIS + great video output makes this preferably to the GX-7 and the (same class) GH-3. In that case, video is the main use case, not styling or ultimate portability.

      • Henoly

        Weather sealing is overrated on M4/3 when you only have 3 lenses out of 40 that are sealed. Heck, I would not want to have my E-M5 anywhere near liquid, there have been reports of water coming in from the grip contact below.

        Yeah, what can E-M1 do that GX7 can’t? Ability to use expensive FT lenses? Those f/2.0 grade lenses are as big, heavy & more expensive (as much as $400-500 more) than their Canikon counterparts. Might as well get FF DSLR at that size & price.

        • Oilymouse

          I own some of those lenses, my friend. They’re weather-sealed, dust-proof, relatively compact and very fast-focusing. Image quality beats every m43 lens (except 75mm), including prime lenses. I prefer them to Canikon’s slower and larger offerings. With 5-axis IBIS and PDAF, we are talking about “a king” indeed.

          Not saying that other cameras are bad all of a sudden. Just that this one could be very, very good.

          • Henoly

            No sir, I’m not doubting the quality of Zuiko pro lenses. For those who heavily invested in FT lenses, the E-M1 is the ultimate camera. But for others, it is hard to justify the hefty price tag.

            I’m not sure which FT lenses you have but Zuiko 14-35 f/2.0 is same size & weight as Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, but $500 more expensive. While the Zuiko 35-100 f/2.0 is 1cm longer, 100g heavier & $200 more expensive than Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII, which has VR built-in. Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II is even shorter & lighter then the Zuiko.

            On top of that you still need to add another $160 for MMF3. The 1 stop advantage of f/2.0 is nullified by much better ISO & shallower DOF on FF sensor. So based on these specs & price, I fail to see how they are better.

            I have both E-M5 & D600, while the E-M5 is excellent, FF is simply on a different level. Every system is a compromise, the M4/3 at the moment has the best balance due to its moderate price, small size, full features & very good IQ. Pushing the size & price too far may work against them.

  • Ep3pl25_ninja

    Too many effn whiners!

    Oly launches a weather-proof larged griped camera with on sensor pdaf to support the great 43 lenses, huge evf and the same award winning ibis and people still find stuff to complain about!

    A few weeks ago, pany launches a rangefinder styled camera with a tilting evf, built in flash, magnesium body, ibis and the all important retro look and people still had complaints!

    Then there are still people hellbent on preaching FF this and FF that! Why the heck are you guys still here?

    Just enjoy the good news guys! Great times for m4/3!

    • Oilymouse

      Halelujah in freakin deed! GX-7 + E-M1 = taking m43 to another level and saving 4/3 to boot.

      FF fanboys are a afraid. They shouldn’t be yet; it will take at least another generation of sensors before FF will be challenged properly.

  • Marcram

    Engadget posts about leaks all the time. Funny that they don’t like it when they are the leakers.

    I think this camera will be a success. Looking forward to the new information.

  • geohsia

    Wow, I had no idea someone could make a camera this ugly in the year 2013.

    • Anonymous

      It looks great. A complicated and serious machine look. I would buy one for the awesome look of it even I don’t need most of its features!

  • JimD

    Reading these comments, I am amazed that so many so called photographers have totally useless screens for editing. The comments of so many indicate useless low res equipment. If your going to be critical at least look at the video in a high res. Many of the problems seen by a few do not stand up under a high res viewing. Particularly the grip. Look at 1m 22s under high res its a nice smooth curve into the body.

    I might also add that it would seem some of the ones complaining are also the ones who complain about resolution, IQ, sensor size and other things. Yet it would seem these people only use very low res image output devices. So maybe they should wise up to the quality of their screens and display devices first.

  • Admin, any word on that HDR button on the top of the camera, on the LCD. I took a screen shot of the video, and it clearly says HDR, among a few other things I couldn’t make out. Could it be some sort of one shot HDR capability? Also on the front of the camera it looks like it may have Sony’s magic 3rd dial. Would be great for ISO change!

    • Daav

      I saw that too. Took a look at it, and along with the HDR are the self-timer symbols and the motor drive frame speed symbols. It looks like it would be a one stop button to select HDR, set your # of frames to shoot and the exposure offset. Or in other words a multi-purpose button for all those items. (Just my best guess). Below that, when looking from the back, above and upside down when looking from the front, it shows a sensor pattern graphic and AF next too it. So that looks to be the button to set your Auto focus pattern or selection. It may also double as an AE exposure pattern button. My guess is these would probably work using the front and rear control dials.

      Not sure what you meant by Sony’s Magic 3rd dial. If you are referring to the time on the top right corner that kind of looks like a dial, that is just the Flash sync port cover. That is for connecting to Studio Strobes instead of going through the hot shoe. Wouldn’t be a Pro camera without it.

      • Daav

        word time should be item instead when referring to the top right of the camera.

    • Ross

      The two buttons on top of the power switch, AF mode/metering pattern & Drive mode/HDR would be adjustable with either the front or rear dials (with each adjusting one or the other parameter) & the switch at the AEL/AFL button might even extend the dial options for those buttons too. On the E5 (& E3 & E30), the two buttons on the left (back with similar designation) can be pressed simultaneously for bracketing & maybe that might be possible for this too or else the HDR labeling might be part of that bracketing selection possibility.

      • reff9

        Yes, Ross, a user of an E5 (or E3) would be familiar with these handy buttons and their individual / dual functionality giving shortcuts to functions, and then changing the chosen function with the front or rear dials. Seems like a marry/merger of 4/3 and m4/3 body features, hopefully with ruggedness and sealing built in. By the way, notice the thicker part of the rear screen frame on the left top (viewed from the rear)? Would not be needed for a screen that only tilts, but needed to strengthen the screen frame for a swivelling and tilt function methinks…..
        The side we have not seen in this leaked video is the left hand side of the camera viewed from the rear. This is where the goody-connenctions are, including a microphone jack on the E5. We can only hope….

        • I agree about the left side. Even after showing us practically the whole camera, we still do not have ALL the answers because we haven’t seen the bottom, and we have not seen the left side. The IBIS demo suggests the left side has HDMI video out, but we haven’t seen it. The left side would have the mic in, but we haven’t seen it. And perhaps the left side has other connectors (e.g., GPS in), but we haven’t seen it.

          I do very much hope that you are right about the bulge off the left side of the back screen — that the E-M1 has a fully articulating screen (very useful for podcasting, etc.). And I do hope Olympus supports Euro formats (25/50) and some seriously upgraded codecs — so they can start catching up with the big boys, and use their IBIS to take advantage of their IBIS advantage in video.

          • reff9

            Occam, it’s not just Europe that needs these video specs, many other countries use/have adopted the Euro standards also.
            On the E5, the connectors on the LHS under the weathersealed flap are MIC, HDMI, USB, A/V out, and DC Power in for long use sessions. Also, a connection for remote shutter release or timed exposures under a separate screw-on circular cover. Let’s hope….

        • Olympus has a lot to offer. I hope the E-M1 is the beginning of Olympus hitting on all cylinders.

  • geohsia

    I’d rather save my pennies and go with the Sony FF. The grip on the E-M1 isn’t a bad idea, just the implementation. Why did they have to give it a diet. The point of a grip is that you can grip it and not just wrap your fingers around it. The E-1 was great in that sense. When I held it I thought I was connected to the camera.

    And what is with the power button on the left side. With all that space I should not need to use two hands to turn on the camera. I can pull my 5DII out of my bag with one hand and turn it on at the same time. Let this cook a while longer and make something that doesn’t look like some high school science project made in his parents’ garage.

    why didn’t Oly just stick the PD-AF sensor in the E-M5 and call it a day?

  • Anonymous

    At least Olympus did a good job for those who still keep a fine zuiko glass, and even with “only” look like EP5 body+E30 grip+EM-5 OVF with a lot improvement since E5, i think this really a big game changer not only for previous Oly user but might be from others…now,shall we wait for further tested on AF with SWD/Zuiko lenses

  • Lyden

    Olympus’ 10 yr strategy may position them for domination in the mirrorless realm for some time to come. Remember, the 43 sensor was designed from the ground up to be optimized for digital photography. And all the lenses for both 43 and m43 were based on that same architecture. Canon nor Nikon will ever have that type of homogeneous relationship between the lenses and various platforms (as they currently exist). It will always be using a FF lens on crop sensor, etc. This is why the Zuikos are so sharp edge to edge and you’ll have maximum performance always across both families of lenses…no compromises. Coupled with the Sony sensors and now you’ve really got something formidable. The lens line up for Olympus just took a quantum leap forward. Certainly there will be no competition for the breadth and scope of range for any other mirrorless system for some time. This should really build on the splash the EM5 initially made 18 month ago. dSLR is going to become more and more antiquated. We just need great video and there is nothing more to want…for now anyway:)

    • Anonymous

      Fangirl much?

      • Oilymouse

        Well, owning both systems (Nikon FF and 43-OBS), he has a point or two. Besides, it’s not in the usual fanboy tone.

        Fact is, nobody who’d want a serious 43-OBS camera is complaining (yet). The video shows that Oly is about to deliver.

  • JimD

    Like some others, when I saw the first image I was not optimistic. However I very soon changed my mind. I have looked at the video several times and looking at the video over it seems that this camera fits many of the requests made here and elsewhere. (and the parts do fit together when viewed on something decent)
    It has plenty of ‘walk around’ credibility with a wide range of lenses available. It will handle studio work well with the remote functions and external flash connection and again suitable lenses are available.
    Added functions seen on buttons include HDR. Several other functions are moved from the menu to buttons in the top left side pod/dial/switch. Seems we may have focus peaking as well noted by admin yesterday.

    Now! Do we have my settings 1 to 4 selectable by name and by a quick access? Do we have dual cards (cover looks big enough)? Do we still use the Em5 battery or do we have to fork out another kings ransom for spares? and there are lots more “inside” questions.

    Looks like my Bronica (full system) and lenses might need to find a new home. Along with the E30 and I think the …. should go……

  • anotherone

    Reading these comments, I am amazed that so many so called photographers have totally useless screens for editing. The comments of so many indicate useless low res equipment. If your going to be critical at least look at the video in a high res. Many of the problems seen by a few do not stand up under a high res viewing. Particularly the grip. Look at 1m 22s under high res its a nice smooth curve into the body.

    I might also add that it would seem some of the ones complaining are also the ones who complain about resolution, IQ, sensor size and other things. Yet it would seem these people only use very low res image output devices. So maybe they should wise up to the quality of their screens and display devices first.

  • JimD

    Why is everything going to moderation?

    • JimD

      And why are the posts getting out of order. some being 5 hours older than new ones?

      • Ross

        Maybe because it’s being inundated with posters. ;)

        • JimD

          Poor admin has enough to do without trawling through the administration ones.

  • Is it me or are there two Fn1 buttons?

    It’s a shame it looks like this but if this is the final product then I’m very happy with it.

  • E-1 II.

    99.9% of the “I go FF” people here cant afford a FF system with lenses :-)

    • Oilymouse

      Indeed, I bought *all* my FF gear (except one lens) second hand and all my 43-OBS gear new.

      Again, except for one 50-200 SWD I bought last week so I could put it on this body. But it goes to show :-)

  • Its a Frankenstein with a E-1 grip and a EM-5 pentaprism(I own both) – two good things coming together for one piece of ugly camera, haha, I hope that there is a level of refinement that goes from this prototype to the production version, but that is doubtful. I think the edgy em5″ prism” and the smooth e-1 grip is the two major elements which compete – the protrusion of the grip looks really strange(too pointed and thin), but if its based on usability, the “prism” needs to adapt more in the smooth form to the grip, but thats just my two cents as a designer.

    But the new features seem really intriguing, and between this and the newly announced GX-7, recent mirrorless cameras offer a diverse range of performance, portability and (photography)lifestyle. To those who bemoan the em-1 approaching DSLRs, much of the m4/3 lineup is still composed of adequately compact and extremely capable cameras – the EM-1 is a very welcome addition in the professional end of the spectrum, although I personally wish the design was a little more refined.

  • amalric

    They read but they cannot understand. (According to Steve Huff too) M4/3 HAS NOT LESS RESOLUTION THAN FF. It is simply a smaller format.

    They read but they cannot understand: 16 Mpx IS THE MAXIMUM THE SYSTEM CAN TAKE AT THE MOMENT. Ir provides the best resolution and the maximum pixel sharpness.

    Now you can leave the premises after cleaning, thank you :)

  • Valiant Thor

    Like many have said, looks like a nice camera and I hope video capability is excellent. For me, I had a D4 and a D800 with some lenses but finally sold it all just because for me, I got tired of the big stuff. Obviously the full frame images had more of a pop to them but for most everything the raw images out of a GH3, G6 and E-P5 are terrific. I now have most of the Olympus M.Zuiko and Lumix M4/3 lenses and I enjoy seeing and trying these new M4/3 cameras as they are released. I’ve been using the new Lumix 20 mm 1.7 II on the E-P5 body and it is amazing. For me I like the smaller system. I’m looking forward to the E-M1 official release to see what the final specs are. Thanks everyone.

  • geohsia

    If Olympus has the ability to turn on PDAF for m43 lenses then that would really be a game changer, hybrid PDAF / CDAF. Focus on m43 is fast but it there was no hunting or readjustment and locks on like PDAF then this might be a machine to be reckoned with.

    Then I might be willing to part with my money and get the ugly. This thing makes my E-330 look good. Yikes.

    The funny things is that this camera looks great from the side. Just not when you’re in front.

  • In contrast to the professional EM-1 and the great EM-5, I wish that the “low-end” OM-D places itself as a more simpler stills-dedicated camera that keeps the minimum essentials like the dual control dials, EVF, 5axis, silent shutter but shedding some of the complex features or peripheral nice-to-haves such as articulating screen and art modes. While I love my EM-5, there is something alleviating with the bare-minimum simplicity in the OM-1, which I have yet to see in a digital camera(other than Leica, perhaps). This camera would be not the “pro-use”, but a “pro-enjoyable/hobbyist” camera, much like the Olympus XA was a vacation camera for many professionals back in the day.

    This way, the PEN series can start with the fun stuff without the advanced features (like the current EPM), working up to a more advanced flagship model. The OMD-lineup would be the opposite in that the low-end model starts off with the bare but best essentials, but adds on more helpful features as it goes up the line.

    Personal and futile wish, thanks for reading.

  • Bobafett

    Whatever the EM-1 is: fugly, too expensive, fake, not FF, preproduction etc., with over 615 comments this cam has shaken the 4/3 and m4/3 community! Oly definitely has got something out there!

  • mitico

    MFT is already making miracles in terms of IQ. I bet no one is going to distinguish a epm2 pic(400$)and a d5200 (800$) pic in good light. The real disappointment is that a lens such as the sigma 18-35 f1.8 is not available in this mount. That is the real game changer this year. Imagine that amazing 5axis IBIS with the next to be cheapo EM5… Boooom…

    • Curzon

      If those new cameras (GX7 and EM1) sell well, Sigma and other will have to reconsider their m43 strategy…

  • Olyemoyer

    Fangirls, you are so easy to fool. This is not the real deal.

  • Anonymous

    flipinus had it right. To all the P&S kiddos who have no clue, please read his post. As for the rest: bring it on Oly.

  • Oilymouse

    With the counter at 652, I expect that we’ve reached 1000 when I check back in in a few hours! What a leak.

  • lone.samurai

    I’m wondering what this thing looks like in a two tone balck & silver?
    But I will probably end up with the all black because it’s a seamless look with the 43 lenses and any m43 black zooms I may consider in the future.

  • E-M1

    E-M1 rules.

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  • lomdom

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  • Daniel

    FOr the love of God i hope one of the idiots over at Olympus remembered to add tethering capability to this camera.. I mean if they expect it to be taken serious by every professional they need to have the capability to shoot tethered to a computer on the OM-D series.

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