(FT1) UPDATED -> FAKE -> Olympus E-P2 higher resolution image



Found here: http://e-p1.net/index.php?topic=891.0
It is probably a fake. The hotshoe is the same as the and the real E-P2 leaked image shows a higher Hotshoe on the E-P2!

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More photoshopped E-P2 mages are available here: http://informationondigitalcamera.blogspot.com/2009/11/olympus-e-p2-black-body-black-leather.html


(FT4) Also Samsung will finally announce their MicroFourThirds competitor on December 10!



Olympus and Panasonic MicroFourThirds alliance will not only have to compete against the next Ricoh camera but also Samsung finally decided to enter the game and the Samsung NX camera will be finally unveiled the December 10!

And k-rumors has already the final specifications!

Mount: Samsung NX
Sensor: 23.4 x 15.6mm APS-C CMOS 14.6 mega pixels (1.5x)
Body: polycarbonate sealed against dust and moisture
Image stabilization: Optical Image Stabilization system (OIS)
Processor: DRIM image processor
Format image: JPEG, DNG, JPEG-DNG
Video: FullHD 1080p/30fps
Recording format: H.264 HD
Recording quality: SF, F, N
Audio: Built-in real stereo
Audio format: AAC
Focus system: Contrast Autofocus with 16 AF areas, face detection and tracking mode, manual focus (focus by wire)
Shutter: mechanical shutter, bulb, 30s-1/6000, 4.5fps
Sensitivity: ISO 100-3200 (50-6400)
Viewfinder: Electronic Viewfinder 1080p/260Hz, 100% coverage, 1X magnification
Main screen: AMOLED 3″, 921.000 dots, 120Hz
Flash: Pop-up, GN12
Connectivity: HDMI, USB 2.0, Video/Audio out, BlueTooth, WiFi
Storage media: SD/SDHC

source: Pentax rumors and Samsung rumors


UPDATED -> a little bit of everything…


Panasonic on Time square.

Quesabesde compares the Canon SD90 and the Panasonic LX3! Read the article in spanish or english (google translation)
The german magazine Spiegel tests the Panasonic GF1. Read in german or english (again with google doing the translation for you)
Lenstip reviews the Leica Summicron-M 50 mm f/2.0. May some of you have the lens on the E-P1/GF1.
One of my favorite reviewers Lori form CNET USA has tested the Panasonic GF1: http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-cameras/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gf1/4505-6501_7-33770516.html
The Samsung NX is coming in December. So after Ricoh we will have a second MicroFourThirds competitor this year! Read the news on K-rumors.com
Panasonic financial news: It s going better!
The bad news is that Panasonic digital camera division had earnings loss of 18% this year (Sony “Digital Imaging” had -33% loss). The good news is that now the trend is positive. After the first quartal losses Panasonic had a 11% earnings increase!

Source: http://panasonic.co.jp/corp/news/official.data/data.dir/en091030-5/en091030-5.html
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(FT5) continuely UPDATED-> Ladies and Gentleman… 43rumors has the first Olympus E-P2 image!


You can see the E-P2 near the ! The E-P2 comes in black!
Google translation of the chinese text:

* Body jacket CSS-S10BWT (White) CSS-10BBR (Brown) CS-10BBK (black)

White (CS-10BWT) or brown (CS-10BBR) or black (CS-10BBK) three types of options.

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Here the other pictures:
Google translation:
* Electronic viewfinder VF-2

An external installation, E-P2-specific high-resolution electronic viewfinder, which has 1.44 million pixels, 100% field of vision and 1.15x magnification, while the ultra-high contrast and brightness characteristics of the video camera can even add an external color comparable to the viewfinder. It also provides a refractive adjustment function.

* Can not be installed on the accessory shoe used in conjunction.


“• External microphone adapter, EMA-1

Shoe accessory attachment port and allows you to use the optional stereo microphone to achieve high-quality stereo linear PCM recording.

* Can not be installed on the accessory shoe used in conjunction.

UPDATE: Olympus sends invitation for a big camera event…in Sweden!

Original swedish Invitation is available here: http://circular.olympus-imaging.eu/
Google translation:
On Friday, we show a world first.
And you are especially welcome.
Hi all photo interested!

Welcome to the Photo Fair 2009 on 13-15 November at the Stockholm International Fairs.

Time for this year’s event and photos as you like Olympus is particularly welcome! You may be among the first in Europe the chance to see autumn’s big news camera. We offer a pleasant nostalgia. You will meet Sweden’s hottest idol photographer, meets all of our models and compete for great prizes.

See you at the photo exhibition 2009!


Countdown for the Olympus E-P2? http://focus.it168.com/focus/200910/oly_newpen/index.html

Zhou wrote me following text:
IT168.com is a big website of IT hardware and 3C stuff in China. These days they launch a countdown with Olympus of Oly’s NEW PRODUCT ON M4/3 SYSTEM! On the page the draft picture is an estimated one of the new m4/3 camera. The unveiled date will be NOV. 6th.

Upsized photo.

Olympus E-P2 announcement expected on Thursday 5 November (we are still waiting for some 100% proove of it).

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UPDATED -> Lot of stuff back in Stock (or quite) in amazon US + price drop on the GH1!


Amazon US has finally some Panasonic stuff in Stock with the normal price!

UPDATE: Now the GF1+14-45mm is not in Stock anymore!

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