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Sharp C-mount LINOS MeVis-C 35mm 1.6 on Olympus OM-D E-M5 from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

A blog post on using m4/3 as part of a portable studio setup for dog photography (Duncanmartin)
Panasonic 4K VariCam-Mockup at Cinescopophilia and
Are large sensor cameras really better? Read this before you answer (Redsharknews).
Still…Carl Gerrad (Click here) loves what is seen as the GX7 predeccessor…the LC1.
Blackmagic Pocket Camera shipping is slow. 2-4 months according to BHphoto.
SLR Magic 12mm T/1.6 Hyperprime Cine Lens Review (ePhotozine).
Capture One 7.1.4 is now availlable. This version now offers RAW support for the E-P5.

  • is the video shot on Pinhole art filter mode,.?

    • no, Art4 “tonalitée lumineuse” art filter

      • Renovatio

        Hi Seb, i red you usually use art filter number 3 (the “cold version”?) and sometimes the number four. Also, do you touch in some way the sharpness, the contrast settings? What about curves? I’m looking for the best in-camera settings to have a cinematic short, but also enough “neutral” to apply CC and grading in post. Thanks a lot for the attention

        • I’m just beguinning with the OMD, and I’ve just discover the curves recently :p Anyway I tried to have no to deep black, and adjusting the colors thru the kelvin function. I found the Olympus menu a little complicate…

  • Anonymous

    I think Seb Farges understood the power of OMD EM5 with its 5 axes stabilization. Everyone used to say here that GH is better for video because of its H264 encoding. But if you are a real videast, and you like shooting videos anytime anywhere, especially when it’s videos you make when you are in movement, then 5 axes stabilization is THE last revolution (and Panasonic don’t have it): it’s like having a kind of steadicam with you. And you can shoot with lens like 20mm. For example, I was intented to make only photos to this dance event, not videos, but I decided to make one video for a whellchair dance, and I was very impressed by the stabilization : it makes you free to move when shooting!

    • Marcus Wolschon

      Olympus doesn’t have 5 axis stabilisation for video either.
      In video mode it’s reduced to 3 axis …but still nice to have.
      If it had an acceptable video encoder and a hack to remove the 30min
      recording limit. :(

  • wonder

    As long as the image circle of a lens is manufactured to fit the sensor, a large sensor does not produce less low light noise. Low light noise is determined by the amount of light hitting the sensor. The amount of light hitting the sensor is determined by the lens aperture in millimeters. Sensor size does not matter.

    Full frame cameras produce less low light noise because they use lenses with a larger aperture (in millimeters).

    DXOMark measure lower low light noise for larger sensors because the amount of light they shine on a sensor is proportional to the size of the sensor. (They use constant light intensity, thus total light increases with sensor size.)

    However, larger sensor pixel size is good for dynamic range.

  • caver3d

    I am waiting to receive the GX7, but I still look lovingly at my LC1 and D2. Only 5 MP and a Sony 2/3 sensor, yet these cameras have that unique large, light gathering jewel of a Leica lens, with its amazing IQ. The photos from these classic cameras are truly wonderful and unique. I refuse to sell them. Carl nails it with his assessment.

  • Marcus Wolschon

    What’s the source of the BHPhoto shipping sentence?
    The link points to their shop-page and no blog or press release.

  • Tim F

    I like that the author of the lc1 article praises the lens as much a the camera. And I’m with him, even without the aperture ring, this is hell of a kit lens… 14-45 f2-2.4 and still reasonable small. Not even mentioned the image qualify. If Panasonic still owns the rights for this lens they should think about a re issue with mFT mount. I would love this as walk around lens.

  • the hamster

    And still people bitch about the quality of video from olympus! I don’t get it, it looks the same as video on GH3 or GX7 when viewed on Vimeo in HD.

    What would a higher bitrate or better encoding actually do in real world terms?

    • Marcus Wolschon

      30fps for europe is not acceptable
      (flickering 50Hz powered lights, not intercuttable with other 25fps footage)

      The mud appears with walls of moving leafes, moving water, stroboscopes and similar scenes where lots of details change.
      So you won’t notice it in many scenes until the one time where it completely destroys your shot.
      On the GH1 (despite increased bitrate by hack) I had the same issue destroy dozens of clips where I made the effort of actually climbing and securing myself to the top of a tree to get the right angle. GH2 fixed it.

      Blown out highlights are easier to reproduce.

      The other issues are handling and not related to video mode.

      • I’m quite agreed with what you said, but for the “not intercuttable with other 25fps footage” I wuld say no. I’ve used it this summer for North Ireland TV commercials, mixed with GH3 25P, and it works. I’ve imported the OMD rushes in AVID Symphony in a 25P sequence with TIFF . With this method, no problem at all and very smooth 30 ifps

        • Marcus Wolschon

          No stuttering instead of fluent movement after 3:2 pulldown?

          • I don’t know I’ve just saw the progressive master. Anyway when I edit offline on Premiere the 30P OMD rush in a 25P sequence, the OMD clips were jittering, the fast movement in the frame or of the camera were bad sometimes. After importing the clips in AVID 25P sequence with TIFF separate frames, everything was smooth.
            I agree with you with the mud problems, and the colorist had more difficulties to color corrected the rush from the OMD than from the GH3, even if it was AVCHD 1080P 50. And for it’s form factor, I’ve bought a non Olympus grip on Ebay and it’s easier now to shoot with it.
            Here you can see (not corrected) raw shots from a car, at T0.95 with the 25mm SLR lens, and you will see how the OMD stabilization is efficient !!!! :
            password : PNI

            • stu5

              Well that is just a tiny bit impressive! Very good. The filming was good as well. :-) So how much do you think it would cost extra for rig to get that same result on a GH-3 or DSLR?

              • Thanks ! I’ve bought this hand grip on ebay for 99USD, it is not like the Olympus, it does not have extra battery, and it’s cheaper and more “OMD like” style :

                • stu5

                  Yes does the job. What I meant actually, is how much do you think it would cost for rigs etc to be able to get the same shots you got with the E-M5 using a GH3 or DSLR instead?

                  • Well don’t think that it is at least enough proficient than in a Steadicam or a Movi. This kind of stuff begin around 2000USD, I suppose. But in a run and go style, the OMD can do the job, and also switch of the body shaking.

                    • Thanks for the link Seb, I really enjoy seeing your videos… Makes me want to get out there and start filming my son instead of taking pictures!

                      I have two questions if you dont mind me asking:
                      What would you say is the best settings on the OMD when shooting for post grading? (specifically for colour, contrast and sharpness)
                      What Video quality settings do you use?


                    • @Abraham Thanks for your comment. I’ve just bought this used OMD two month ago, I’m discovering its mode. I had difficulties at the beginning with the normal mode, found the black to strong. Then I decide to use the #3 art mode “pale and light color” or sometimes the #4 light tone. MAybe the #03 is good for grading, dew to the pale contrast. I’m in 1080 30P.

                    • Hey Seb,
                      Thanks for the reply, I appreciate you sharing what you have learnt, I will muck around with your settings and see how they work for me.

                      All the best!

      • the hamster

        thanks marcus, that’s such an informative link and what a gorgeous om-d video!

        Would you say the GX7 is a worthy upgrade for video, even if it means losing the IBIS?

    • Esrhan

      “What would a higher bitrate or better encoding actually do in real world terms?”

      You would also need other frame rate recording options to go along with that better codec. If you can’t tell the difference and don’t need to see the difference to begin with, then you might as well shoot away with what you’ve got. Some of us surprisingly have higher standards, higher expectations, a trained eye and a better understanding of shooting video.

  • MAFAv8r

    Thanks Seb, very inspiring

  • harold

    I love your videos Seb, and your music style :)

    Video from Belfast i enjoyed too much!!

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