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OM Digital Solutions interview with Dpreview


Dpreview interviewed Shigemi Sugimoto, President and CEO, and Eiji Shirota, Chief Profitability Officer.

Here is my very short summary of what has been said:

  • It’s clear OM Digital is focusing on outdoor photography. To leverage the advantage in size the MFT system has.
  • As a result of the launch of the OM-1, purchases of lenses also increased, especially our telephoto lenses.
  • They don’t see Full Frame as a competitor. There are many photographers that simply use both systems in base of their needs.
  • The priority is to increase the speed and accuracy and not necessarily the Megapixels of a camera. But this does not mean that they have stopped increasing image resolution or that high-pixel photos are unnecessary
  • While the lineup is quite comprehensive, they believe that it is not complete yet.
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