Olympus US deals expiring tomorrow! $150 off on the Panasonic 35-100mm X lens.


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  • This is the other thing holding me back from the gx7. The 12-40 2.8 is sounding like an awesome lens, while the 12-35 is sounding overpriced. And with no stabilization on the 12-40, it makes the gx7 that much less attractive. A good deal on a gx7 and 12-35 kit might help…. Pana?.

    • consider the Oly 12-40mm has better optic and little bit more longer FL [5mm], but the price is even $300 more cheaper,.i think panasonic should lower the price down to $850 or even $800, to help them selling the lens, I don’t see no reason for m43 user to buy Pana X 12-35 over Oly pro 12-40 with the current price.

      • oops ,.i believe its only 120 different -not $300 , but still panasonic way more expensive than the one from Olympus,.and also its weather proof

      • Huh? The Panasonic 12-35 X comes with a hood, lens pouch and has IS so naturally its going to cost more. Also it’s about as sharp as a prime lens so I don’t imagine that the Olympus will improve greatly if at all on the Panny.

        And you both think that Panasonic should discount a lens that they are selling hand over fist too?

        Kinda strange logic.

        • Tom

          Initial reviews indicate the new Oly will far exceed the IQ of this lens, which is good, but never considered great. The new Oly is also made of metal, weather-sealed, has a clutch AF/MF ring with DoF scales and a slightly longer focal length at maximum zoom, all while being $200 cheaper. The IS is meaningless to those with Olympus bodies. I can’t see this lens doing well moving ahead unless it is substantially discounted below the Oly’s price and positioned as the poor man’s alternative f/2.8 zoom.

          • Tom

            Scratch the weather-sealed/metal advantage as the Panny has it as well. But I still don’t see anyone paying more for this lens unless they desperately need IS with their Panasonic body.

            • Have you even used the Panny 12-35? It’s as sharp as a prime so I doubt that the Olympus would be a huge step up from it. I’d question anyone that can’t get a tac sharp image from the Panny. I’ve shot thousands of frames with it both personal and assignments, its the sharpest zoom in that range I’ve used.

              Depth of field scales on zoom lenses is pointless unless Olympus has some new tech that no one knows about. Ever try to use the DOF scale on the 12mm?

              Also for a pro lens it should come with a hood.

              • blohum

                I was under the impression the Oly did come with a hood?

                • Anonymous

                  I’ve read somewhere in the specs that it comes with hood and pouch, but don’t ask me to reference it because I’ve been to umpteen sites related to this recently.

                  • Anonymous

                    There is a hood with the zd 13-40 f2.8. He’s just a unsecure pana fanboy.

                    • Anonymous

                      Not sure if he’s “unsecure” [sic] or not, but he’s not the normal fanboy, but an official Pany rep. So, we can forgive him his comments as that’s his job, unlike the normal fanboy who buys a camera every two years, spends more time on forums than shooting, and doesn’t even own stock in the company he or she fawns over…

                    • Read below you moron.

                    • Frank

                      +1 He’s always there to spit on olympus. You’re REALLY boring Giulio and I honestly think that you give panasonic a bad image with your (too) obvious biased opinions.

                    • Frank, when I was an Olympus Visionary people wrote the same thing about me but towards Panasonic so no biggie. I completed over 100 commercial assignments with Olympus and about half that with my Lumix gear. I think their both good offerings within the M43 system.

                      See http://www.smallcamerabigpicture.com/g-shoots-miami-people/ and http://www.smallcamerabigpicture.com/how-its-made-lumix-gh3-g6-print-ad/

                      I find that for my needs as a working pro Panasonic is a much more robust offering, pro level repair support (which Olympus is starting up again) and with Panasonic I am able to give input directly to their engineers and they listen. So am I biased toward Panasonic? You bet. For a working pro shooting hybrid Lumix has no competition.

                      With my commercial work I’m shooting hybrid projects which are a blend of still + (motion & sound). Offering this level of service helped my business grow and when Panasonic asked me to be part of their Luminary program I did not hesitate.

                      There’s loads of Panasonic tech in most camera systems and that includes Olympus. I must say though while I enjoy the excitement of everyone when a new camera comes out for the M43 system the blanket statements by anonymous posters about what camera is better is ridiculous.

                    • Anonymous

                      Yes, Giulio Sciorio is a Panasonic guy. He even said GX7 has the biggest EVF of all m43 cameras. So laughable.

              • jf

                Why is the DOF scale useless ? Never tried it but for night shooting with stars I’d like to have it for hyperfocal focusing, AF doesn’t work and MF is so inconvenient, magnification is useless in the night and to have a ring that turn infinitely is not very convenient…

              • Tom

                I use the DoF scales all the time on the 12mm for street photography. I can’t comment about the zone focus abilities, but I’ve gotten good results with hyperfocal shooting.

                • Frank

                  That’s a really useful feature. I like it on my mZD 17mm f1.8. Perfect for zone focusing on the streets.

              • Pete

                According to Olympus it comes with:
                “Included accessories are LH-66 Petal type hood, LC-62D Aluminum Protective Lens Cap, LR-2 Rear Lens Cap, LSC 0918 Lens Pouch and One Year World-Wide Warranty.”


              • The 12-35 Panny relies on fairly heavy software correction. We don’t know yet in how far the 12-40 Oly does the same. The MTF of the 12-40 is ecellent, very similar to the Oly 12-60. The 12-35 isn’t great wide open at 35 mm, according to the MTF, if I remember correctly.

                The biggest issue with the 12-35 is that 35 mm just is a tad too short to make it an acceptable portrait lens for me.

                Of course, just like back in the film days, the manufacturers want to sell your their paired zooms. I know why I like my 12-60 so much despite its few shortcomings.

              • full frame

                24-70 70-200 wins or nikon even pentax fuji also

          • tanngrisnir3

            Really? “Far exceed” it?

            By how far? Which reports?

        • Surab

          The 12-40 will also come with a hood (Oly m43 1st!), but no idea about a pouch. And for me the OIS is less favorable compared to the 5mm more Tele, 20cm close focusing distance throughout the range and the MF clutch with the same focus position for every focusing distance throughout the range which also remembers the last position. Additionally I think we can assume that Oly’s weather sealing is superior and the body is also metal made.

          Actually, does the Pana also have an constant close focusing distance throughout the range? Then that won’t be an advantage anymore.

          But most the important question is how they perform optically. I think it is too early to say that the Oly is better or worse, so for the important final judgement we have to wait.

          • Surab

            But I think that the OIS for Pana users is enough of an advantage that they could ask the same price. If they would go lower than they could also attract Oly users. ;)

            My real complain about both lenses is the fact that they are not for free! …. ;)

          • Looks like the Olympus is coming with a hood and a pouch so that’s a good thing.

            The Panny is parfocal which we’ll have to see if the Olympus is. Close focusing on the Panny is good but it’s not a marco lens.

            The best way to test lenses is shoot RAW and put them into C1 Pro which does not read any firmware corrections so you’ll see all the distortion and true sharpness of the optics.

            It’s def too early to say which one would be sharper but I’d say probably splitting hairs in that area.

            • Surab

              No idea about the pouch, I only know about the hood. ;)

              But I agree that we have to wait for the real tests to jduge them, but for me that 5mm and the cheaper price are already enough to get the Oly some day (IF it delivers). :D

              The cool thing is that the close focus distance is the same from 12-40 so you can use that kind of portrait 40mm quite close (20cm). Is this the same as parfocal (I don’t know this term)?

              The cool thing about that clutch is that the same turn position will give you the same focus distance from 12-40 which also need! I mean one can manually focus for 30mm and then just zoom out and the focus is still where it should be. :D

              • Anonymous

                Don’t loose your time with giulio sicosomething.
                He’s a (proud) pana sucker and nothing else. The mzd 12-40 f2.8 is a better choice if you want maximum image quality and if you like great build quality. It’s even cheaper so really there is NO questions. It doesn’t have ois, so it’s a great time to try a olympus body. Look at the Imaging ressources comparo, you can see that the EM-1 OUTPERFORMED the gx7. Don’t let a pana fanboy fool you.

              • “Parfocal” means the focus doesn’t change when you change the focal length. The opposite of “parfocal” is is “vario-focal.” A true zoom is parfocal. Most all lenses we and even the manufacturers call inaccurately “zooms” are really vario-focal lenses.

                The biggest advantage of parfocal lenses is that you can focus on your subject at the longest focal length for great accuracy. You then zoom to a shorter focal length and take the picture.

                Obviously, parfocal lenses are especially suited for shooting movies, because they enable zooming while maintaining focus. Now I have flashbacks to terrible martial arts flick!

                • JimD

                  Very good explanation. Go to the top of the class.

            • I recently bought the 12-35 and I don’t think it is parfocal. It seems that in manual focusing mode (for stills) zooming throws it slightly out of focus. However in manual focus (movie mode) the camera automatically makes the slight adjustment when zooming. Can anybody else confirm this?

        • Not even close to canon 24-70 or 70-200 is a joke to compare

    • Anonymousse

      But the GX7 has IBIS. Not the same level as Olympus’ 5-axis IBIS, but probably comparable to the OIS in the 12-35 lens.

      • Tom

        True. I don’t see a reason for a GX7 shooter to get the Panny over the Olympus. Maybe it will be the exclusive domain of GH2-3 shooters.


          OIS is better in a longer lens than IBIS.

          • JimD

            You are a tad out of date.

  • Full Frame Maestro

    70-200mm F5.6 equivalent costing over $1000.
    Good if you enjoy being ripped off!

    • Anonymous

      Here it comes again the Fool (F) Lame

    • jf

      Man you’re really really boring please go elsewhere and be happy with your FF…

    • Anonymousse

      You’re obviously not concerned with image quality or shallow DOF, otherwise you’d be using medium format instead of that so-called “full” frame.

  • Jackson

    The one who buy the pan 12-35 just cring LoL.

    • jf

      yes I’m one…This 12-40 sounds very good: 5 mm more, 20 cm close focusing, DOF scale…I’m waiting for IQ comparison with my poor 12-35…I suspect the 12-40 will be a little bit less sharp but better corrected without high CA at 12 mm and without bokeh problems like described by the review.

    • Anonymousse

      I hope it wasn’t you :)

  • Anonymous

    After seen the new PRO zooms from Olympus, I have to say that this panasonic zoom ( and the 12-35) looks furiously ugly and cheap. I mean you can really see the big gap in build quality over panasonic zoom.

    • kavat

      True that !

    • Surab

      True, but we have to see if it is also optically superior. ;)

    • Frank

      + 1000 !

    • Olle

      Have you ever used one???

    • Paul Latouche

      OK, the 12-35mm doesn’t seem to have any significant advantage over Oly’s 12-40mm except for OIS (for Panasonic users). However, the 35-100mm is a really good lens, better reviewed than the 12-35mm, and is really smaller than the coming 40-150mm. That alone makes it more usable in some conditions. Those two tele lenses are not exact competitors, and an Olympus user might have good reason to go for the Lumix over the bigger Oly. Depends on the needs. Of course, the range is significantly smaller, so I guess Panasonic will have to lower its pricing at some point.

  • jf

    it looks like a toy (and I have it :D don’t say I’m a oly fanboy). One thing is sure: the design of the 2 oly (12-40 and 40-150) is superior ! I wasn’t wainting for that after all these fu…ng silver shiny primes !

  • kevin

    A new standard in build quality and no compromise in image quality departement. Beside with the EM1 you can use the mighty 4/3 lenses ( 150 f/2!!) if you want… Well done Olympus.

  • John

    Perhaps some of you should read this review where the IBIS of the GX7 and EM5 are (non-scientifically at least) compared:

    Supposedly it works pretty well (when Panasonic allows it to be turned on, which hopefully will be fixed in a firmware upgrade or a hack).

    • Anonymous

      Non-scientifically at least!
      Just like what DPR did with their silly EM-1 AF comments?

      • John

        Don’t be an idiot, LL said they did some comparisons with the EM-5 and found about 1/2 stop difference in favor of the Olympus. They were not going from memory as the DPR folks said . . .

        • Anonymous

          I was not talking about what LL said. I was talking about what you said, idiot!

  • gmill

    It just feels Olympus is the cheaper m4/3 in terms of body and lens build and quality.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean “cheaper” as in more economical, or more for your dollar? Or, do you mean less quality?

    • Des

      How so? Oly 12-40 looks better and has better quality. For lens we have to wait for the review.

      Pana 12-35 looks more like a child toy, good match with GF or GX.

      • gmill

        When Oly makes something with the Leica name on it I may pay attention.
        That will never happen…cheap toy is oly

        • Des

          Your choice. But I will never pay attention to lens actually made by cheap Pana even if Leica is glued on the lens… lol

  • M43videographer

    I’ve been reading this website for some time but have never commented. However, I’m gonna throw my 2 cents in as all I see on here lately are Olympus fanboys who probably never used these cameras on a paying job in their life, if they even own any of these products at all. It doesn’t matter what some website “scores” a lens or camera – I use the m4/3 format to make a living as a videographer so I’m gonna give my opinion from actual REAL EXPERIENCE on this – take it or leave it as you will.

    First of all, you can’t just say “this lens is better than that lens”. Why can’t you? Cause it’s all relative. The 12-40mm Olympus is gonna be better on an Olympus camera but the Panasonic f/2.8 zooms are going to be better on a Panasonic camera. You have to look at your entire system not each component separately.

    Olympus makes fine lenses no doubt and a year ago, you couldn’t convince me that there was a better M4/3 lens (as far as image quality) made than the Olympus 45mm prime. HOWEVER, since the Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm came out and I have been using them for several months on paying gigs, I ended up selling my Olympus 45mm as well as all my other prime lenses and only use the Panny 12-35 and 35-100 f/2.8’s now. Why? First of all, it’s way more convenient using a f2.8 zoom than being forced to put the camera a set distance from the subject (which you can’t always do) in order to have proper framing of the image due to a prime lens’s fixed focal length. But the second reason is because I use a Panasonic GH3 for my video work. This camera is so good at video, I don’t really need to use primes anymore. Whatever light I can’t gather with f2.8, the Panasonic GH3 is more than capable of producing fantastic quality video at high ISO. As far as prime lenses and their shallow depth of field – it’s border lining on an overused “fad”. Sure there are certain shots where you might want to get that look, but trying to film everything like that (as has been the case for most over the past few years) is sort of ridiculous.

    So back to the conversation I see taking place here. What do I think about the 12-40mm Olympus lens? While I have no doubt it is a fine quality optic, I wouldn’t buy it. It doesn’t have image stabilization because as we all know Olympus has that built into the camera instead of the lenses. Unfortunately for Olympus, none of their cameras (even the “mythical” E-M1 that everyone on this website seems to be wetting their panties over) can hold a candle to the GH3 when shooting video.
    The GH3 has much higher quality video codecs, the ON BOARD sound quality is better than many prosumer video cameras I have used (I record audio directly into the camera with a wireless lav setup and there is NO noise, hum or buzz) and as mentioned I can record at really high ISO’s if necessary and still get clean video. The high bitrate video codecs of the GH3 (which no Olympus camera has) mean I can tweak the image quite a bit after the fact with no image degradation.

    While a full Olympus system might be a better option for photographers, for videographers using the M4/3 format (and it seems many people commenting on this site forget about that aspect), Olympus can’t even come close to the video quality of the Panasonic GH3 matched with the 12-35mm and 35-100mm f/2.8 lenses. Again, I say this from actual real world experience using this gear on PAID GIGS unlike many on here who, if you even own the gear, it’s just a hobby.

    In conclusion, other than the prime lenses from both manufacturers which can and should be mixed and matched as needed, if you use an Olympus camera, use the Olympus f/2.8 zooms because it works better as a system. And by the same token, if you have a Panasonic camera, the Panasonic f/2.8 zooms are a better match for that system. If you are a photographer, the Olympus system might be a better option for you but if you use these cameras to shoot video, there is no contest – Panasonic GH3 with Panasonic F/2.8 zooms are the way to go in the M4/3 format.

    • Anonymous

      Between yourself and Giulio there are a few people actually providing useful insight in the comment section of this site today. Thanks for your comments on real world use, they are actually helpful to me as I plan to move into the mirrorless and perhaps more specifically the MFT system. You would think an MFT site could be more positive about the growth of this system, with the lens selection and now arguably 3+ ‘pro’ bodies with the GH3, OMD EM5, and the OMD EM1and arguably the GX7. From the perspective of someone looking to get into a new camera system this certainly looks good for the future of MFT.

    • Well, I’d have to agree with a couple of things. First GH3 is definitely an excellent video platform. 2nd Oly had only the most basic video protocols. If video is important Panasonic is the better. Oly has a lot of features that provide great still support. Both systems are quite capable.

      As far as the optics, people make stupid claims all the time about them, sometimes from place of ignorance or just repeating something they read. I have no doubt that both lenses in question are quite capable. Each will have its strengths.

      I would be careful of tossing around the fanboy phrase though, it just makes you look like the people you accuse. There are more then a few accomplished photographers around here. Personally when I see the fanboy or whatever phrase tossed out, that person looses 50% of their credibility right off the bat, and every time they repeat it. Liking a system doesn’t make someone a fanboy. I like Olympus, I also like Panasonic. I even like Pentax, Nikon or whatever tool lets me get the job done. I don’t work as a Pro anymore, but I had my years working with a bit of everything including large format and a couple of specialized cameras the general public never got their hands on.

      In time we’ll see plenty of tests between the cameras and lenses. I suspect we will see more in common then different. I for myself have no problem mixing and matching systems to get the best of each. I’m happy to see Oly bring out a true high end system with some top drawer Zuiko lenses to match. When I can afford to, I’ll buy it. Doesn’t mean I won’t have a Panny body stuck away in my bag also. The GX7 is looking like a capable backup, even if it is only to play around with video once in a while just for the heck of it (always been as still photographer).

      You made good and valid points, but you were unnecessarily harsh in the way you did it. Be a pro, state your facts and don’t lower yourself to the forum naysayers with your language.

    • lorenzaccio

      Mh, I know this is a bit OT, but since you are a video-photographer, what do you think about the Blackmagic Pocket Camera with m43 mount? I know many equations will change quite much (considering the different sensor format, lens performance, etc). But I thought it would be a very interesting tool for videos…

      • M43videographer

        I am always looking into new camera tech and I realize that I am not stuck on any brand or platform forever into the future – who knows what someone else will develop? these are all tools and as a videographer, I want the best tool I can get that meet my needs. The BlackMagic pocket cinema camera is an interesting piece of tech but after researching its capabilities and viewing test video, I decided to stick with the GH3 for several reasons.

        1) the BM camera doesn’t have an articulating screen – something that is very helpful when doing hand held shots with no external monitor.

        2) You cant autofocus with the BM camera. The only way it communicates with the electronics on M43 lenses is to control the aperture. About half the shots in the videos I produce are from a tripod or are a set distance from the subject. So Ill half press the shutter button to get an instant focus and film the shot. Yea I could use manual focus here but why not use the tools built into the camera to make my job faster? My goal is making money, not showing off my manual focus skills. I do use manual focus on some shots but I utilize the tools in the camera to speed things up whenever possible. Also, on rare occasions, I’ll use constant autofocus depending on the situation such as filming plays or using a steady cam rig and this is something you cant do with the black magic camera.

        3) The GH3 has several video codecs, resolutions and frame rates to choose from depending on my situation and the end use of the video content. The Blackmagic camera is very limited in this area.

        These are the main issues I had with the BlackMagic pocket cinema camera.

  • dau

    erm, this deal refers to the 35-100 2.8, not the 12-35.
    in my opinion the 35-100 is a much more useful zoom lens than the 12-35/40. for the latter, id much rather use one of the shorter, better primes and just zoom with my legs! on the other hand, the 35-100 lets me capture images further away, without sacrificing on image quality. oly really should make a lens in this focal range…

    • Ash

      Oly 40-150 f2.8 is on its way soon


    I swear, someone needs to make a Panasonic rumors blog or something. The Unwarranted hate for Panasonic is Sickening!

    “Furiously Ugly”??

    “Childs Toy”??

    I’m done with the Panasonic bashing, yet its green pastures and blue skies for Lying, Misleading, overcharging Olympus. Really??

    Giulio, I know you wouldn’t be able to do a rumor site, but a Pansonic forum with news is enough to keep me away from the Olympus goon squad, as long as its properly moderated.

    As much as Panasonic and Olympus are partners in MFT, just being here and reading these comments makes me want to distance my self from Olympus-Anything!! I’m real close to just going fuji and forgetting about MFT altogether!!

    Someone make it happen!!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what they will say when Panasonic comes out with a GH3 update, an/or perhaps a few more ‘pro’ lenses of their own.

      • wow

        Being a olympus user which likes panasonic as well, I look forward to new lenses. I will say both companies are differentiating themselves from one another almost seemingly feeling like they are enemies, which isnt good for the format but I think reading this site greatly influences that feeling.

    • Ryan

      It’s not hate. It’s just that due to recent developments, this lens is now overpriced. Just like Olympus’ EP-5 was too expensive at birth, and even more so with the GX7 on market.

  • full frame

    70-200mm F5.6 equivalent hahhhahahaha

  • Skeptic

    “Official Panasonic reseller MZgamers is selling the 35-1000mm X lens for $1199”
    35-1000mm! Wow! That lens is what I really would like to see :-))) !

  • Luda

    Why are my replies deleted?

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