UPDATED: Free HLD-7 Battery grip and Free MMF-3 Adapter in Europe



Olympus updated the E-M1 special offer page (Click here) and it says that you can get a free HLD-7 Battery grip and free MMF-3 Adapter in Europe. But for unkown reasons the offer isn’t valid in some EU countries like Germany, Netherland, Switzerland and Austria (info found via DealsRunner).

Preorder Links (updated with Amazon UK and ES):
Dedicated page at Amazon.
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphotoAmazon DE (via DL), Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL), WexUK, Topshot FI, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.

  • kl

    How many batteries does the hld7 take?

    • Just one, same as the HLD-6. And also like the HLD-6, it’s got additional buttons and dials — and a jack for an external power supply.

      • kl

        Bummer. With the size they could’ve squeeze in one more slot and added the 4 way button.

      • mattphoto

        The description for the grips says it has “a compartment for storing an optional additional BLN-1 lithium-ion battery. ” Not sure why they couldn’t run a few wires into that compartment to make it useful.

  • NikonShooter

    Its a disgrace how expensive the E-M1 is.

    On Japanese amazon.co.jp it costs 1000€ body only and ~1550€ with the 12-40 kit lens.

    And in Europe they want 50% more for it and some countries don’t even get the “free” stuff!


    Olympus is too greedy!

    • Don

      It is expensive because you are helping to pay for some FT users’ free adapter!

      or maybe also for the battery holder for those in some other countries.

    • someguyuakreadyknow

      Yeah stick to your over priced ancient Nikon tat.

      • NikonShooter

        Hey, my D800E is pricy but the IQ is fantastic.

        And I am interested in getting an E-M1.

        It’s a really great cam, but the pricing is fucked up!

      • Anonymous

        “Yeah stick to your over priced ancient Nikon tat.”

        Its true if you are bothered about image quality you can stick to your old Nikon tat, the D5100/D7000/D5200/D7100/D600/D700/D800/D3/D3S/D3X/D34 all comfortably outdo anything the little sensor people have.mFT is smaller so its not all bad news

    • Hubertus Bigend

      The price difference between Japan and Europe is similar for all manufacturers, and it’s not them who gets the money, it’s the states of the countries of importation which impose, contrary to the US of A, massive import taxes on imported goods (Germany: 19%).

    • ckmaui

      ahhh maybe its your vat and import fees etc.. maybe its your gov that is greedy !

      • NikonShooter

        50%? yeah right!


  • Not happening in Canada that’s for sure

    • Anonymous

      I won’t be getting anything free where I live. I will feel like I am subsidizing not only 43 users, but also subsidizing consumers in other countries. This is not fair, and may even be discriminatory. This will make people think twice before buying Olympus.

      • someguyuakreadyknow

        Pretty sure offers will come to more countries, just have a little patience.

      • C. C.

        The E-M1 is not for you. Either buy an E-M5 or wait for the E-M6. The E-M1 is more expensive because it has more features and is also geared to those who own 43 lenses like me. Understand? The price is reasonable.

        • NikonShooter


          It would be reasonable if all countries paid the same (disregarding the VAT, etc.).

          BUT THEY DON’T!

          Japan has 5% VAT and it still costs 50% more in Europe!

  • Shatteredsky

    As i feared, bloody unfair.


  • maybe i could order via belgium as my sister lives there.

    • She can probably hook you up with Callebaut chocolate and Francotte sidearms! :-P

  • I really wanted one and the price tag of 1500.- was ok, not happy but ok.
    Just found ou its 1899.- CHF or 2799.- CHF with the 12-40mm.

    Well gotta say guys I am out of thenrace now.
    Oddly the E-P5 when launched was 1000€ and 1000CHF, why Oly decided to actually apply the exchange rate, I don’t know, since it puts the E-M1 just overbthe edge.
    e-M5 was 1199.- at launch so 1500 wouldmhave been ok. But this…..

    Sorry ya’ll the E-M1 was mynticket into m4/3, guess I have to stick to my NEX stuff that is just notbquite the same :(

    • Anonymousse

      Just wait a few months.

      • I don’t care much about sensor size.
        1 thing though that I am worried about, is that m4/3 will share the same fate as half-frame.
        If Sony really pullsmthismwhole FF NEX stuff off and down the road 5 years get to manage the lens size -> as bignas their Film counterparts used to be (more or less).
        Spending 2799.- CHF into a system that might end up like half-frame hurts.
        Though who is to say Sony will come out of this race as a winner.

        I guess if I wouldn’t have a NEX already I’d justnjump ship for something else in the m4/3 camp.

        How is the IS of the GX7 didn’t really read that food things about it.

        • Enzojz

          Half-frame will die because never a best lens will be designed by canon or nikon for this format, that’s not the same as Olympus.

        • Enzojz

          It has been 10 years people talk about the to-come dead of olympus, but as you can seen, Minolta died before Olympus and then Pentax the same, they are all aps-c supports, so the size doesn’t matter.

    • Bobafett

      @ duque
      I don’t mean to persuade you to join m43, but u can get the e-m1 body only for chf 1699.- and with 12-40mm for 2499.-. For pre orders u even get a rebate of chf 100.- on accessories. Check out:

      From time to time we get good deals here in Switzerland.
      Just for info :)

      • ShatteredSky

        Thanks, will probably go there to have a look (in Bern).


      • Enzojz

        wow, seems great, anyone knows if there will be an import tax for e.u countries?

        • M

          yes, there will be taxes to pay.

      • @Bobafett:

        So you are not by any chance from around Basel ?

        Thank you for the Link to Photovision, but with 2499.- I’m still over my budget, maybe after some time sure, I just wonder how it will go down in the future.
        The E-M5 would have been enought for me -> but the lack of a grip (nope not going for the extra add-on grip) was a no go, then the E-P5 pretty much all I would ever want and could handle still -> but no EVF (I have a NEX-5 wihtout an EVF and it sucks sometimes, the add-on again is just a bit silly).
        So now came the E-M1 it’s pretty much a revamped E-M5 without flaws, but charging around 700 – 800.- CHF more then the E-M5 when it was released (talking list price) is just asking for it. Of course if you only want ppl to buy it that either have a swiss bank account nobody knows about or makes money with their pictures…… it’s just a bit over the top.

        2499 compared to 2799 sounds great, but looking at it. It still makes the package 200 over what it should be in my opinion, and that is not because I want it for free.
        If you look at the upgrade, the added value from the E-M5 you get to the 1500.- CHF price point, the VF4 is not really an upgrade it’s simple evolution in EVF, finally getting to the point where you can prefer the EVF over the OVF.

        Time will tell and I still got some time left before I want to make a purchase, My fear for m4/3 is only that it catapults itself in a price range where potential buyers are not willing to follow anymore.

        Specially will there be m4/3 in 5 years…

        • Bobafett


          No, I’m from around Bern.

          Yes, chf 2499.- is a lot of cash! I also would consider spending such an amount only if I would make money with my photographs or if I had the extra cash to spend.
          The e-m1 however is definitely one hell of a cam: rigid construction, higher iso, more fn buttons, better evf, 1/8000 etc. but I ain’t upgrading my e-m5, cause my e-m5 serves my needs very well.

        • Bobafett


          “Specially will there be m4/3 in 5 years…”

          Well I do hope so, cause I’m planning to stick with my e-m5 for the next 5 years.

      • rrr_hhh

        Wow ! This has to be the very first time that PhotoVision isn’t selling a camera at the manufacturer’s advised price.

        May be that they are finally hurting from the competition of online dealers like Microspot, Digitec, TopD, Digifuchs, Heiniger, etc. those haven’t yet issued their prices, so I won’t rush before knowing their prices too.

        As a side note, for two years at least Digitec has been offering a 10% rabate on all the Olympus gear for a few weeks in June. It was the case in June 2012 (the action was prolungated in July and I got my E-M5 with that deal) and I saw it in June 2013 as well, although it lasted for a shorter period.

        • rrr_hhh

          Why is this comment awaiting moderation while the other a few post lower isn’t ? This is weird ! Which is the offending word ?

          • mattphoto

            probably an automatic moderation thing when multiple comments are submitted in a short time.

        • Bobafett

          Check out digitec every now and then. I got my e-m5 + 12-50mm last December for chf 1039.-.

      • Bollox

        Thanks, but I can get a 6D + zoom + flash for less.

        • Anonymous

          Please go do so.

    • M

      Wait until there are more shops that list the camera, there will be some cheaper offers, for sure.

      Anyway, I can remember, I preordered the E-M5 in February last year, at an official dealer since years (and that is really an Olympus dealer, with Olympus stuff in stock, even last year he had some FT lenses in stock, not like other official Olympus dealer that have maybe one E-PM1 in stock) that was listed at the Olympus homepage, and in Switzerland the E-M5 wasn’t available for months, while it was available in Germany even in the Geiz-ist-Geil shops without you had to preorder :-( And then I found a shop in Switzerland, not listed by Olympus, that had over 20 E-M5 in stock and sold many before, available without preorder, while my official Olympus dealer didn’t had received only one for me, an Olympus customer with already 2 Olympus cameras, that preordered 3 weeks after the presentation of the E-M5…

      Olympus Germany, that is responsible for the sales in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, prefered to deliver some M-Markets in Germany, before to deliver to Switzerland, and even then they delivered a non official Olympus dealer with many E-M5 instead to deliver cameras to official Olympus dealers where people preordered months ago, and I was not the only one that had this problems and frustrations about that, you can believe, that made me very, very, very angry…

      The reason why I stayed with Olympus? Because I needed small equipment for traveling, and because the E-M5 was better for me then the Fuji cameras at this time, and because Olympus is the only company (if I’m not wrong) that has an pixel correction included in their cameras, and I need to use that feature every few months with the E-M5 (and also with my Oly cams before), with a camera of another company I would have to send my camera always in to make a pixel correction. If this wouldn’t be like this, I would have sold all my Olympus equipment and buyed a cam from another company… Before that, I had more fun with the Olympus cameras, and maybe I was a little bit a fanboy, but after that…

      • rrr_hhh

        Same frustration here with the E-M5 : I pre-ordered it back in February and didn’t receive it before the end of August. In early July I got fed up with Microspot and cancelled my order when I saw that 10% rabate offered by Digitec on all Olympus period. I got the E-M5 plus the 12-50mm zoom for 1187.-CHF a price still barely matched online one year and a half after the launch of the E-M5.

        But I love Olympus cameras ! I don’t think that the E-M1 will make me take better pictures, so I haven’t yet decided whether I’d get one. The VF4 and better buttons are sure tempting, as is the 12-40mm… May be I can wait till next June and see whether Digitec starts these 10% rebates on Olympus products again ?

        • M

          When I didn’t needed the E-M5 for holidays in June last year I never preordered it ;-) But now, I will not buy the E-M1, the quality of the full size pictures I’ve seen yet is not better then the iq of the E-M5, when I will buy something, then the 12-40 and the 40-150 for my E-M5 ;-) I will wait to buy a new camera until we know how good the organic sensors will be (I hope in 2 years we will know it), or until there is an Olympus camera with global shutter.

        • M

          And anyway, there will be a cheaper camera in a few months with the sensor of the E-M1…

  • MarioZ

    Very sad news indeed, no kit in the US and every other country has something or nothing. I think this is unwise and bad marketing practices from the point of setting the prices to selling the products. I will not support greedy practices ever & fanboys are not demented!

    • johnR


      In the US if you purchase the EM1 body with the MMF-3 adapter or FL-300 flash you can have one of them rebated.

    • someguyuakreadyknow

      The USA and Canada will get deals and offers just wait.

    • Rchard

      For the E-M5 you got free stuff from Olympus, as they did in the UK. In many European countries we didn’t get anything + the prices here are way higher, even without VAT.

  • Anonymousse

    The grip is half the weight of the body??

  • imaginator

    I guess all the other countries get the 12-40 for free ;)

  • Jankoff

    Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes “I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts” :-) I am joking, of course. Kudos to the Japanese company with a Greek name for the new old boys’ toy! But its price and today’s situation remind me of the advent of the Olympus E-P1 when “the Greeks” made a similar offer. E-P1 cost twice less, €750. Three years later I bought it second hand almost new for €150 with a spare original battery. The gift was a very expensive (if bought separately) funny-looking impotent flash, and if I had accepted the package offer, I would have been €740 poorer now and stuck with the PEN1 (otherwise not a bad machine).
    On the other hand, the price of E-M5 did not fall quickly – which means that the Olympus marketing department is now probably aware of the special hybrid and novel nature of E-M1 and the danger that it might not sell well. Or not at all well. Hence the generosity, much greater than with the Olympus E-P1. Of course, it’s both Olympus’ and everybody’s choice how to figure up …

  • review about the new Pro 12-40 f2.8 at Ming thein,.

    • I wonder the optic quality is it better than any CaNikon 24-70mm

    • Damn he said is the BEST ZOOM he ever used ,.and i quote;
      In a stroke, I think this lens becomes the defining do-it-all-and-anywhere for M4/3; yes, it’s a bit large, but the useful range, reasonably large aperture, solid build, outstanding optics, very close minimum focusing distance more than outweigh that. It’s not a cheap lens; but then again, I can’t think of any others with the same spec that are. Optically, this is one of the best zoom lenses I’ve ever used. It can replace a couple of primes in your kit quite easily; paired with the 75/1.8, I suspect this will make an outstandingly flexible travel combination. And yes, I’ve ordered one to go with my E-M1. MT

      • M

        good if it’s really such a nice lens. but usefull range? ok, it’s a little bit better then 12-35 and 12-40 is the absolute minimum for me, but 12-50 would be better ;-) anyway, I understand, a 12-50 with such a quality (if it’s really so good, wait for more reviews ;-) ) would be more large then a 12-40, probably to large for most of the people using a mFT camera.

      • Anonymous

        Sure the 12-40/2.8 looks good, and I wish I had the money :(
        Too bad there’s no budget “standard zoom” starting at f2.8… :/

      • Anonymous

        Nooo. I need some review with at least some issue or shortcoming or I will have to succumb to that lens.. I knew it!

        • Anonymous

          It has “PRO” written on it. Is it enough an issue for you? ;)

  • Olympus dedication to achieve uncompromising quality in their own craftsmen had already bring M43 system to another level in general and also lifted up their brand among other camera maker.,i believe in the future we will see many more photographer will convert and change their religion and move to olympus

    • jpz

      already shifting from FF Nikon to Olympus.
      I really don’t see enough difference in quality compared the weight.

  • PLI

    “Only persons of a legal age who have their permanent residence in the following countries shall be eligible to register and avail of the Offer:
    Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, U. K. & Ireland”

    So, German, Dutch and Czech speaking people are out. Good job

    • Anonymous

      I understand why Dutch aren’t eligible after reading Shenkies constant whining, moaning and bashing. Perhaps Oly perhaps thinks that all Dutch are like him.

      • PLI

        But why German and Czech speaking people? It’s true that the Canikon rules the world here in Czech Republic, Panasonic.cz sleeps with promotion of announced cameras, but Olympus.cz already presents E-M1 very well here. Currency and membership in EU differences is not the case. The numbers of sold units is also not the case. So, what could be the reason? But I’m not going to buy E-M1 anyway, so it’s not a big deal for me.

    • peevee

      “So, German, Dutch and Czech speaking people are out. Good job”

      Maybe Olympus doesn’t like Leica, pot and Pilsner? Or simply got tired of listing all those countries and missed a few?

    • zuiko

      Belgium is listed, we speak Dutch (sort of…) and German.

  • PeHa

    Ordered! Including the grip and an additional adapter that I would have have bought anyway makes it a real good deal in my opinion. Used the Swedish Olympus website. Saves my 50-200, the 14-54, the FT 9-18, my macro Sigma etc. Really looking forward to unbox it and start using a real replacement for my 620, i.e. somewhat bigger machine than the M5. Will try the WiFi using the viewer on my android phone and much more… I’m happy :)

  • Enzojz

    Who knows the real deadline of the offer? It seems at first we should buy the cam before 30 Oct but later it changes to 30 Nov, however, in the letter it’s marked “by 18 November 2013”, so what’s the reality???

  • Fl300 very bad flash …

    • Anonymous

      How can you judge? You can’t even see the *light*!

    • Anonymous

      Oh now it’s the flash ha? LOL

      • kl

        All these talk just show how much you love m43. You can’t deny that without m43 there won’t be a reason for you to exist. Konica Minolta, sigma, Pentax, Ricoh forum just ain’t that fun, no?

  • Anonymoose

    You can only get the MMF-3 if you are a registered E System owner. And you can only get the HLD-7 if you preorder the E-M1 in the next two weeks.

    In unrelated news, “the best selling camera of all times” has already dropped to #18 on Amazon.

    • M

      hm, I think I’m not an registered E System owner since the database of Olympus crashed a few months ago… ah, I’m anyway in Switzerland, so that doesn’t matter…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s in 18, but almost every camera above is either P&S or very low end Canon DSLR. Where are all those FF Canons and Nikons you trolls tell us is the only cameras worth buying and using?

  • Shenkie

    I dont get this complaining about the price. Yes its expensive. Yes its to expensive. But if you dont like that buy some other camera like the nex, fuji or Samsung. Their much cheaper and in the same proces you get a better tool wich will produce way better quality picture wise. I have to admitt that the wife and kids want an em1 so i am going to buy one. But the do not want it for the picture quality. They like the small size wich fit their hands good. And they think its cool to walk around with something that is rainproof. They dont need it but they like to talk about it. Its like all those divers watches people weir. The never use it but they think it look tuff. Quite pathetic if you think about it. So my advise to all you winers buy a much cheaper apsc/FF Cam and youre pictures gonna look so much better in comparison to m43. And forget this em1 gadget cam.

    • Anonymous

      Are you telling us that you wife and kids are pathetic?
      I thought you were just another troll, I must repent. You look to be a very sad man :(
      I’m almost crying :(

      well almost.

      well almost not…

      well in fact I don’t give a damn :)

      • Shenkie

        Yup this statement is pathetic and i tould them. But he they like the girlys size and look. she is the boss…… And i have orderd three em1 toys. But they also now that when they want some truly beautiful, special and big size photo’s that they always can use my apsc and FF gear.

  • Reefer

    How screwed up is this:
    Germany, Austria, etc. etc. are excepted from this offer, BUT you have to send your proof of purchase to
    ***Germany***, to be illegible for this offer????? Way to go…:

    “The User must send the copy of the invoice with the serial number to
    Marktdienste Haberbeck GmbH
    “Olympus Loyalty Offer”
    Industriestrasse 17
    DE-32791 Lage
    by 18 December 2013.”


  • I don’t get it (in my mind): Does Germans now have the “privelege” to receive an adapter plus the handgrip or not? because here it’s written: http://special.olympus.eu/s/upgrade-omd/terms/en_GB that you get both?


    • Reefer

      Sorry, nope. You can only participate if you’re on the list and I’m also one of the screwed ones not on the list:

      “Only persons of a legal age who have their permanent residence in the following countries shall be eligible to register and avail of the Offer:
      Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, U. K. & Ireland”

      • Enzojz

        “permanent residence” seems strange, because they don’t even ask for ID card.
        What’s more, if I buy in germany and I register my address as in France, what will happen? so it’s quiet easy to get this…you just need some friend in these country..if not, people shouldn’t buy these cams on amazon.de or other retailer in germany, that seems not faire, i think olympus doesn’t like german.

  • chucho

    First hours in Spain: E-M1 + 12-40mm + HLD-7 + MMF-3 —> €1839,90
    I´m happy

    • Reefer

      @Chucho: Care to let us know where in Spain? A friend of mine will be there in a weeks time.

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Great deal! Could you share a link? :)

    • Ted

      Hi Chucho
      Where is the shop? Or internet shop?, my grandparents live there, can you tell where is?.

      thank you


  • Ivo

    Wel infortunatily financial a bad summer so though I like the generous 400 euro of goodies mmf3 and grip, I am pretty sure I would only get the mmf3 used it comes down to do I need it now? Nope, probably save the cash for a ski holiday instead, and get the em1 just before going to another holiday round trip in Asia or America…

    Lol but my gear lust is definitely aroused…

  • Ivo

    Uh Netherlands not on the list either well ok somewhere next summer then…

  • E-M1 is the most expensive piece of s*it of the camera market.

    Don’t believe me? I just agree with Thom Hogan:


    Buy it and be happy :)

    • someguyualreadyknow

      This hogan fellow:
      Still clings onto D7100: 24mp (to do what…crop because you poorly framed in the first place!) longer battery life (yeah you need it,having to bracket because of poor metering, shoot continuous because of poor technique) , and a bigger sensor (hmm a elephant has bigger eyes than a falcon which one has the better vision?)
      The E-M1 isn’t competing against the E-M5.

      His “article” just proves he doesn’t understand consumers and that’s why he isn’t in the business of making cameras.

      • @someguyualreadyknow

        Thom has a page on his site where he describes the FX, DX and mirrorless equipment he uses.

        At the end of the description of his DX gear he noted that

        “With advent of mirrorless cameras, this bag gets far less used than before.”


        • someguyualreadyknow

          “It’s just that I’m mostly using Nikon gear (with a splash of Olympus) in my work,” from Thom Hogan’s latest article, also notice how he doesn’t post his Olympus images?

    • Olaf Hall

      It may be expensive, but to call it a piece of sh*t, makes you look like an imbecil…

      This is Thoms list, I think he forgot a few things…
      A bigger, heavier camera
      Lower battery life
      A better EVF / Great
      Slightly better LCD
      Slightly better build with slightly better sealing
      A built-in grip
      Better 4/3 lens focusing, better continuous AF with m4/3 lenses
      1/8000 shutter and 1/320 flash sync

      Some of the stuff you / he missed that makes the upgrade to a E-M1 sweeter:
      Better picture quality. (Rumor say more than a ” f stop” at high ISO)
      Better user interface:
      More possibilities configure buttons to your liking.
      Let you “store” user setting on mode dial
      X-sync connection
      More fps
      In Camera HDR
      And probably some more stuff that I do not know / remeber.

      Not that I can or need to upgrade at the moment…

      • someguyualreadyknow

        usable live view
        more aspect ratios
        larger white balance range
        colour tones and artfilters
        touch screen
        much wider area to autofocus
        shadow/highlight adjustment
        stronger weather sealing (water, temp, dust)

        And probably some more stuff that I do not know / remember

        • Olaf Hall

          The E-M5 has a usable live view and a touch screen.

          • someguyualreadyknow

            was talking about over the D7100 lol

            • The fanboyz above doesn’t get Thom’s main argument: It’s not only about what Nikon has for the same price, it’s that in 6 months time the E-M6 will have most of the same features for 50% less.

              It’s the market forces that defeat the Oly’s high price strategy, Panny being more reasonable. Look at the blown up pieces: do you really think it costs that much to produce? People like Olaf are ideal marketing fodder :)

              Just wait and save…

              • Olaf Hall

                We all know that it costs a lot to have the newest and best at all times. I for one can not afford a E-M1 and a GX7 at the moment, so I do what I usually have to do: Just wait to price drop or see if I can get a good price on a used model.

                • Olaf Hall

                  I wrote “E-M1 and GX7”, but of course it should have been “E-M1 or GX7” :-)

                • One interesting comparison is with the (R.I.P) E-5. Oly was able to keep its absurd 1700 $/€ price for so long because it had a monopoly on the 4/3 price. But this is not true anymore for m4/3.

                  So one can argue that one is paying for the R&D, true, but keep in mind that Nikon 1 has had PDAF-on-sensor for some two years now. In other words buyers compare among systems and they made their choices – no system is an island. And there are limits to price even within a system – m4/3 not being about male jewelry.

                  What you are really buying in addition to PDAF-on-sensor, is bigger EVF, and 1/8000 shutter block. All the rest is an update of the processing unit.

                  I think that the price dynamics in mirrorless should be much more sensitive to elasticity of demand, because the hardware is more dematerialised – if you want larger demand lower the prices – monopoly is gone.

                  I think that Thom meant this, he can correct me. As global demand for cameras, not phones, plummets, not all prices are sensible. The E-M5 has been too expensive, and it is coming down. The E-M6 can’t really go as high as the E-M5.

                  The E-P5 IMO has been an even bigger error: a high price, without an EVF. Just by comparison the GX7 seems a good deal, although it misses strong IBIS and PDAF-on-sensor. As you remark, people don’t have infinite quantities of money. So some check what they really need, instead of what they want.

                  • someguyualreadyknow

                    When a product is too cheap consumers do not take it seriously.

                    Olympus has actually been the most elastic for each product they target at each type of consumer.

              • someguyualreadyknow

                The E-M6 won’t be 50% cheaper and won’t have same features as the E-M1 such as PDAF for CAF and Four thirds lenses, the new view finder or be cold proof to -10 degrees.

                Olympus has played market prices very well when compared to Nikon 1 and EOS-M.

                • Not sure you get the big picture, like the Nordic one who called me an imbecile, because I remarked about a dead object.

                  Oly is still producing at a loss, someone calculated – 250 $ each ILC. So it makes sense to ask if their price structure is feasible.

                  You among many others, are really able only to interrogate your belly button, so give it a pass. Others instead will discuss about a camera *and* the future of a system.

                  Mirrorless can do a lot but it can’t do everything, if the World market for cameras is decreasing, especially in the once affluent West. – 21% for Cameras, – 24% for mirrorless cameras.

                  So learn something instead.

                  • someguyualreadyknow

                    Not sure why you have to be rude, anyway.

                    Olympus have largely moved out the fastest decreasing segment ie point and shoots, unlike some others.

                    “someone calculated – 250 $ each ILC” like who and how?

                    because Mirrorless took a drop of 24% quarter of shipments on the same year prior it doesn’t mean Olympus or Panasonic did, in all likelihood it was because the failed EOS M and Nikon 1 distorted the market.

                    I know plenty.

                  • Anonymous

                    “someone calculated –”

                    Reference with calculations and the facts those are based on please. We have seen more then enough of your uninformed rubbish here to not take your claims at face value, rather the opposite actually.

                  • Olaf

                    To be honest, I did not call you an imbecile. I just told you that the statement, “the biggest piece of sh*t” made you look like one. Anyway, I do not think you are an imbecile! :-)

                • Anonymous

                  If Olympus stops E-M5 production when E-M6 ships, and E-M1 keeps its price as a flagship model (~$1300) they won’t have to price E-M6 too low but around $1000. Nothing says that E-M6 price would be 50% of E-M1…

                  • No surprise that you even don’t get a decent name.

                    If you add grip and adapter *without lens* E-M1 is 1700 $, and that is what needed by 4/3 adopters.

                    It will be interesting to see how many of those will buy. Hundreds? Thousands? Good luck!

                    • Anonymous

                      I’ll try to remember that you consider your name “decent” ;)
                      Anyway, even if former FT user are the main target for e-m1 now, i think it won’tbe the case in 6 to 12 months.
                      But I respect your opinion: we’ll see.
                      Anonymous coward

      • Anonymous

        Better picture quality. (Rumor say more than a ” f stop” at high ISO)

        Sadly facts show using the RAW samples with Olympus viewer software that there is almost zero difference nowhere near a stop. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a happy story

  • MarioZ

    Just heartrending, who is the smart one responsible for this?

  • Ivo

    Still a nice piece of kitt prffff in the end I will simply get it lol

  • Rob

    Here in Europe, I would be more happy for “free” 25p video, so it would be in harmony with our systems. I find it absurd that Olympus does not care about the PAL system, which is the largest in the world, and there have been a large amount of criticism on the EM-5 too.

    So, I keep my money for companies, who listen.

    Try harder Oly!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yet another update in dpreview about AF, esp. C-AF: http://www.dpreview.com/previews/olympus-om-d-e-m1/7
    According to the specs the E-M1 can track focus on a moving object while shooting at 6.5 fps, with a buffer of 60 frames when shooting RAW. At this speed it also gives a live view feed briefly between frames, which makes it easy to pan the camera to keep the subject in the frame, and overall makes the shooting experience very similar to using an SLR. If you don’t need focus tracking it can shoot even faster, at up to 10 fps.
    Continuous and tracking AF has been a stumbling block for mirrorless cameras, so far, because contrast-detection AF can’t give the camera information about where to focus the next shot. Only Nikon’s 1 System cameras, with their on-chip phase detect AF, have bucked this trend up until now. Our initial impression is that the E-M1 does similarly well, making it is a big step forward for Olympus. It does a good job of tracking a target and getting a healthy proportion of shots in focus.
    The examples below were shot at a press event hosted by Olympus at Castle Leslie in Ireland. In the first set the horse is trotting briskly through the water towards the camera, and in the second it’s galloping up a hill. The lens used was the M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm 1:2.8 Macro, and all of the images were shot at F2.8. We’ve shown 100% crops from selected frames beneath the main rollovers, but you can click on any thumbnail to download a full size image and check focus for yourself. In both cases the camera has done an impressive job of maintaining focus on the horse, presumably helped by its on-chip PDAF.
    Here we’re showing crops from the best-focused of the frames – frame 9 is visibly out-of-focus at the pixel level, for example. There’s a also a slight gotcha in this sequence – despite the camera being set to 6.5fps, it’s only actually shot at 4fps (it’s quite possible the camera was set to ‘focus priority’ rather than ‘release priority’ in continuous mode, slowing it down). Even so, it’s clear that the camera has successfully held focus on the horse where previous Olympus models would have almost certainly given up.

  • Hendrik

    Olympus should really change the marketing-strategy in europe. Can’t believe that some european customers get the grip for free and others have to pay 229€. If you decide to give something to your customers that preorder the camera, you should do that for ALL or for NO customers…

  • Nuraghe

    The hotline staff from Olympus Germany told me, that the special offer for german users (at this time only free MMF-3) will be expanded soon. They did not know when, but asked me for patience.
    I hope this come true and my patience will pay off.

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