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Olympus shows new Multi-Storied Photodiode Sensor


A new Olympus paper discloses the details about the “Multiband Imaging CMOS Image Sensor with Multi-Storied Photodiode Structure“:

“We developed a multiband imaging CMOS image sensor (CIS) with a multi-storied photodiode structure, which comprises two photodiode (PD) arrays that capture two different images, visible red, green, and blue (RGB) and near infrared (NIR) images at the same time. The sensor enables us to capture a wide variety of multiband images which is not limited to conventional visible RGB images taken with a Bayer filter or to invisible NIR images. Its wiring layers between two PD arrays can have an optically optimized effect by modifying its material and thickness on the bottom PD array. The incident light angle on the bottom PD depends on the thickness and structure of the wiring and bonding layer, and the structure can act as an optical filter. Its wide-range sensitivity and optimized optical filtering structure enable us to create the images of specific bands of light waves in addition to visible RGB images without designated pixels for IR among same pixel arrays without additional optical components. Our sensor will push the envelope of capturing a wide variety of multiband images.”

As usual with those papers…we don’t know if such tech will be used on future Olympus cameras. but it shows Olympus is working to develop their own sensor tech.

via Image Sensor World

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