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Olympus patent do show the new AF system and sensor (Infrared is the key?)


Image source: Mirrorlesscam

UPDATE: Now that Olympus announced the new PEN’s we know that Olympus isn’t using the IR technology for the autofocus sytem. But what remains true is that Olympus filled a patent with that technology.

Here is the “old “article:
Anton Rahmadi contacted me to share his idea on how the new Olympus AF system works. He found an Olympus patent (See google patents) that describes a new type of AF system. Anton shortly descirbed how it works:

(1) TruPict VI consists of two cores. “Left brain” is for image processor, “Right brain” is for focus processor.
(2) The new Focus Processor:
a. During focus attempt, image is recorded once and stored in “buffer memory”.
b. Focus prediction will be calculated based on reading in two channels: in visible band (“G” of the R-G-IR-B) and IR band (“IR” of the R-G-IR-B)
c. Predictive focus is opted and sends message where the focus drive should move.
(3) Tweaked sensor: Olympus adds IR channel onto Green channel in R-G-G-B sensor (making it into R-G-IR-B). The tweaked channel occupy some area at the focus points.
(4) Microlens design: IR band should not be filtered.
(5) New lens: Coating should allow IR band to enter the sensor. Previously, Olympus patented special glass (in 2002) and coating (in 2008) to block IR band completely.

This patent also shows that Olympus (E-P3) will have IR assist focus.

Possible weakness? any filter attached to the lens may block IR band, resulting AF to slow down “as before”.

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