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(FT5) First (front-) picture of the new Olympus E-PM1.


This is the very first picture of the upcoming new E-PM1. When I first saw the picture I noticed the camera looks like a mix between the Olympus XZ-1 ([shoplink 19904 ebay]Click here to see that cam[/shoplink]) and the Samsung NX100 ([shopcountry 20762 ebay]Click here to see that cam[/shoplink]). The design is certainly more modern and elegant compared to the current PEN series. We have been told the E-PL3 has exactly the same design (but with more buttons and tilt LCD screen). The E-PM1 is less high and less wide than the [shoplink 17361]Panasonic GF2[/shoplink]. But unlike the GF2 it has built-in image stabilization. The E-PM1 shares the same fast AF and same new 12 Megapixel Olympus sensor and TruePic VI engine of the upcoming E-P3, but has a 410 milion dot LCD instead of the E-P3 OLED screen. What I don’t know yet is the price. My speculation: During the last two weeks there were price drops on the Olympus XZ-1 (from $499 to $420 on Amazon). So will the E-PM1 cost $499 (body only) and $549 with kit lens? But I would like the camera to be even cheaper. The Samsung NX100 with lens costs $427.00 only !!! (Check at [shopcountry 20762]).

Reminder: Olympus will announce the new products tomorrow (Thursday June 30th) at 6am London time. Follow us live on 43rumors! We will update you with all the first news, previews images samples and so on! And don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter! Subscribe our RSS feed!

P.S.: The just announced GF3 will be still smaller than the E-PM1 (preorders on Amazon (Click here)).

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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