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(FT5) First (front-) picture of the new Olympus E-PM1.


This is the very first picture of the upcoming new E-PM1. When I first saw the picture I noticed the camera looks like a mix between the Olympus XZ-1 (Click here to see that cam) and the Samsung NX100 (Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBayClick here to see that cam[/shoplink]). The design is certainly more modern and elegant compared to the current PEN series. We have been told the E-PL3 has exactly the same design (but with more buttons and tilt LCD screen). The E-PM1 is less high and less wide than the Panasonic GF2. But unlike the GF2 it has built-in image stabilization. The E-PM1 shares the same fast AF and same new 12 Megapixel Olympus sensor and TruePic VI engine of the upcoming E-P3, but has a 410 milion dot LCD instead of the E-P3 OLED screen. What I don’t know yet is the price. My speculation: During the last two weeks there were price drops on the Olympus XZ-1 (from $499 to $420 on Amazon). So will the E-PM1 cost $499 (body only) and $549 with kit lens? But I would like the camera to be even cheaper. The Samsung NX100 with lens costs $427.00 only !!! (Check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay).

Reminder: Olympus will announce the new products tomorrow (Thursday June 30th) at 6am London time. Follow us live on 43rumors! We will update you with all the first news, previews images samples and so on! And don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter! Subscribe our RSS feed!

P.S.: The just announced GF3 will be still smaller than the E-PM1 (preorders on Amazon (Click here)).

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Ron

    Paired with a pancake. Perfect.

    • indeed!

    • grzegorz maj

      I think at that sizes current pancakes are too big :) Collapsible pancakes are what I need :)
      20/1.7 – 25 mm length
      17/2.8 – 22 mm length
      14/2.4 – 20.5mm length

      next pancakes should be 10mm in length.

      • Miroslav

        “current pancakes are too big”

        Yes, but these pancakes are filled with quality glass :).

        • Evgeny


      • Evgeny

        Only if you’re using 1mm thick lenses. Which weren’t inveted yet.

        • grzegorz maj

          Collapsible. lenses can hide itself into mount, there is no mirror.

        • Zorg

          Actually Panasonic introduced the world’s first 0.3 mm super-thin aspherical lens and industry’s first 0.3 mm spherical lens in 2009 (Lumix DMC-ZR1/ZX1) — 1 mm thick would be a piece-of-cake for them.

          By the way, Panasonic is a world leader in aspherical lenses, and many manufaturers order theirs there (most lens makers, incl. the big names, don’t make the lenses themselves but order customized designs to different glass makers).

      • THANK YOU! I’ve been thinking about thinner pancakes for this very same reason. However it seems majority of forum frequenters (and people here too) have not interest in a thinner pancake lens. A few weeks back I posted the idea on dpreview and the overwhelming majority of commenters mentioned they wouldn’t be interested in them.

  • Agrivar

    What kit lens will it be released with?

    • admin

      I guess 14-42mm or with 17mm lens.

      • So the 17mm lens gets reworked, too?

        • admin

          No :(

          • I don’t want zooms, now what? :-(

      • Agrivar

        The 14-42 IIR or just Mk II?

  • Agent00soul

    As usual, not the entire picture is visible.
    The camera (the part I can see) looks really good, by the way.

    • Ben

      Here it is…

    • Henrik

      If you make the browser window wide enough, you will see the hidden part of the cam.

      • Agent00soul

        It’s not all visible even if I maximize the browser window. 1280×1024 is not wide enough. And besides, there is unnecessary white space to the left of the camera.

        • TR

          try 80% zoom(or smaller)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Not on an iPad. This happens with EVERY news item.

        If there were an option to tap and open the image in a separate window or tab (I use Grazing Browser), that would be fine.

        That said, the E-PM1… how about IMP?… Looks pretty nice. it’s a huge improvement on their cloyingly retro designs, although it still has the Oly notch on top, but that seems to be their signature look. I’m glad it’s cleaner looking without the horizontal bands of the other Olys. And could it be there’s no cheesy faux-chrome? We can only hope.

        Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

        Olympus is doing a good job Incrementally “leaking” these images to build up interest and excitement, even if it’s only for the choir.

        • acahaya

          Which OS version, which browser, javascript enabled?

          I’m writing this via Safari on my iPAD. With Javascript enabled, i automatically see the mobile version of 43rumors, the image displays just fine, i.e. nothing is missing.

          • Mr. Reeee

            iOS 4.3.3.
            I tried 4 or 5 browsers (Safari, Grazing, Opera… wouldn’t even load… Terra, Life) and they all did the same thing: shear off the right 1/3 of the headline image.

            Everything looks fine on my MacBook Pro, 10.6.8.

            • El Aura

              Image is cut off at the right with FF 3.6, 4, Camino 2.1, Safari, Webkit on 13″ MBP 10.6.8 …. IF the browser window is narrower than the full screen size. Essentially the text column size for the main text column resizes within some narrow limits depending on the browser window size (nothing wrong with that) but the image does not resize and is too wide for the lower limit of the text column width.

        • Looks fine on my iPad. Are you using the special iPad mobile theme? I like that theme so much I now dislike visiting the site on my computer.

          • I’m using the mobile theme too when on an iPhone, definitely more streamed line and faster loading.
            Admin, some of your links are not being rendered properly in the articles when on this theme; shoplink and shopcountry syntax are shown.

            • Good point. Those eBay shoplinks are indeed awful. I know you include those for the ad revenue…but wouldn’t linking to a wikipedia page or even to a press release on DPR be a much more pleasant way to show your readers what camera you’re talking about? eBay is like a horrible place you never want to visit unless you have to.

    • ithinkthatsme

      Just right click the image and open it in a new tab

    • Skrytebane

      Right-click it and “Show image”, or whatever it’s called in your browser.

      • Agent00soul

        The only (useable) option I get is saving it to disk (which I did).

        • Neonart

          #$*!@$ Window 98!

          • lol, windows 98!!! using that OS must be a hardcore masochistic thing…

    • Anonymous

      Hm thought only I had this problem.

      Right click and click “view image” or “open image”.

  • Henrik

    I wonder if the built-in stabilization is good in such a slim body. I’d love to see comparisons in stabilisation quality between different Olys and Pana’s OIS lenses.

    As a Pana owner, a body with built-in stabilisation seems nice for all those lenses that aren’t stabilised. Just wonder how effective it is. Only interested in photos, not video.

  • AndyOz

    Looks ok. I think it looks better than the GF3 – just personal preference.

  • I like the design. Solid and subtle, but still sleek and elegant. @admin, is it metal clad or plastic?

    • admin


      • Thank you.
        BTW, I’d like to congratulate you for the way you managed the rumors over the past two weeks. 43rumors has certainly climbed to a new level.

        • admin

          Trying to to my best. But I hope to become muhc better with long term rumors. That’s the absolute most difficult part. The Pro GF rumor, built-in EVF PEN, the FUji m43 camera. Those are the news I would love to know more about!

          • I’m sure it is all fascinating, but you deserve a nice vacation first. :)

      • Great news! I like plastic better (no kidding: lighter and more sturdy than metal)

  • mahler

    Finally, Olympus got rid of retro design! Great.

    • Sorry, wrong place.

  • Great design, better then GF3, but does not have built-in flash… :-(

  • 43pr0n

    At least a small rubberized grip would have been ok. I hope Olympus puts some form of rubber to the E-PM1 … ;-)

    • Henrik

      Agreed, without a grip just looking at it the camera feels awkward.

      But then, buying a grip that’s nothing but air with plastic around it, that has no additional value (additional batteries or connectors) feels… awkward too. I’d wish the grip would be right there on the main body.

      Slick as a flat cam looks at first sight – a grip is a must.

      • Miroslav

        “buying a grip that’s nothing but air with plastic around it”

        Yes. Maybe some third party manufacturer could make a grip with space for additional battery – without connectors – just to keep it in. More useful than air…

  • XA4

    Can’t wait to see E-PL3, and the new flash.

  • salombo

    No photo of E-PL3 ? Can’t wait for another day…

    • admin

      I tlooks like the E-PM1. Almost no changes!

  • TR

    I like it. I wonder if it will have a control wheel.

  • ma55imo

    I wonder if the new Olympus PENs will have a built-in ND filter. I think XZ-1 has one. This might be helpful in spite of the fact that using filters would harm the new super-hyper-fast IR focus…

    Are there any hints on the built-in ND filter?

    • Infinity Jr.

      ND filter in the body? Haven’t heard of that before, but it would be nice.
      E-PM1 is supposed to resemble XZ-1, yet lacks the flash and mode dial. :(

      • ma55imo

        I also just noticed this today and never heard of such thing before, but in specification highlights of XZ-1 it is mentioned.
        Here for example:

        In any case I would gladly welcome this feature on my next m43 camera :)

        • Digifan

          Th Pro-1 Powershot had one build in as well. My last Compact Digital,before moving from Film SLR to DSLR.

  • Ben

    I don’t like it. Looks like a very cheap P&S…

    • 43RC

      Let the whining and whinging begin! :)

      • Ben

        Just expressing my opinion :) Since I probably will be buying the E-P3 I don’t really care how the E-PM3 will look…

        • AndyOz

          Hey Ben
          Thats cool – we can all offer our opinion. Like you I am probably going to get an E-P3 however I guess we arent really the market for the E-PM1. They are mainly after P&S upgraders or some of us who want a small second body.

          At least it looks a bit more modern design than the E-P3 and is a good contrast.

          • ma55imo

            As a current owner of an E-P2, I would certainly go for the E-P3, but would consider XZ-1 as a second compact camera rather then the E-PM1. The serious compact beats the latter in some features, like OLED screen, all-purpose zoom lens and certainly in design and perhaps build quality too.

            If I won’t sell my E-P2 perhaps I would use it with a pancake and an E-P3 with a portrait/telephoto carrying them around at the same time. I feel so frustrated sometimes when changing the lens on the go, especially when there are nice opportunities for both portraits and landscape photos. :)

            • MJr

              XZ-1 seems to have more functionality too. It’s like the king of compacts (meant for advanced users with slr or e-p2 but a need for a compact) versus the most basic m43 (meant for beginner p&s upgraders without anything else). What the E-PM1 seems to be is a LCD with shutter-release button and a m43 mount. I’d consider it a downgrade.

            • Nat

              I’m looking for second camera too… Is E-P2 really to big that make you think of getting the smaller camera?

              • ma55imo

                If you compare it to XZ-1 it certainly IS quite large.
                When you are tight with extra space or weight to carry around XZ-1 might be a good solution as it’s loaded with a decent multipurpose lens of 28-112 mm (1.8-2.5) equivalent and can ACTUALLY fit in a medium-sized pocket.

                At the moment I consider it the best compact solution for a prosumer.

        • 43RC

          I agree with you, Ben. Not just a P&S, but a cheap P&S. Many P&S have more external controls than E-PM1.
          Something in the market research tells them that target customer doesn’t want lots of external controls (see NEX, GF3). I hope they’re right. But no Mini for me either.

          • Jon

            Market research should also tell them that these P&S upgraders don’t need interchangeable lenses! What’s the point of making a crippled interchangeable lens camera if they can’t even put real controls? Introduction DSLR cameras hit the mark here, while these cameras (E-PM1, GF3, NEX) do not.

            • Not necessarily. I consider myself and advanced user, and I’ll gladly give away the (say) mode dial for a cheaper price (mode dials are expensive!) and smaller/lighter body. In fact, my mode dial in all my cameras that have it is almost always on “P”, sometimes on “M”, all the other modes are useless to me, and I’m happy if they are in a menu.
              I would like a quick interface to change things like exposure compensation, ISO and things like that. A dial is a good way to control them, but I don’t mind pushing buttons if the interface is well done.

              That said, I’ll probably won’t buy the PEN mini, but for different reasons. In fact, if the rumor is correct, it’s bundled only with zoom lens: I want a normal prime, and so far the only reasonable option is the Panny 20mm. If rumors are correct, PEN mini AF with Panny 20mm will be slow, and body-only would be priced too high. Pretty much the same story as before:
              I hope something is wrong in the rumors, so I can happily buy the PEN mini jewel :-)

      • An0n

        He’s kind of right, you know. And it’s just a matter of opinion, obviously.

    • Nat

      I also think it ugly

    • > Looks like a very cheap P&S…

      For a minituarized ILC, I think, this is a compliment.

  • AndyOz

    It does remind me of the Samsung NX100 in terms of body design but hey Samsung came out with a zoom lens with looked alot like the Oly 14-42 lens so at least its both ways.

  • eaa

    “has 410 milion dot LCD”…
    Surely you mean a 410K LCD :)

    • Heh- I’d be watching Blue Ray movies on that screen then.

    • An0n

      man, a 410 million dot lcd would kick ass!

  • “But I would like the camera to be even cheaper. The Samsung NX100 with lens costs $427.00 only !!!”
    And Olympus has the better kit lens, FAST focus and IBIS. But cheaper would of yourse always be welcome…

  • Anon

    What an ugly camera. Wonder if E-pl3 will look better…

  • Simon

    It looks quite ok but I am more excited by the lenses that should come actually!

    What about a nice pic of the 45mm f/1.8 admin?

    Thanks and keep on the nice work


    • admin

      Havn’t got that!

      • Simon

        Olympus seems to get better and better in “controlling” their leaks.
        Well, anyway I guess we will know everything we want in a few hours from now.

        Exciting time for m43!


  • Miroslav

    Looks nice, but cries for a grip :).

    Thanks admin!

    • Oliver

      Definitely yes!

  • Abi

    Admin, is the E-PL3 screen tilt only a-la NEX? does it have swivel capability also like GH2 screen?

    • admin

      Tilt only!

      • TR

        Does tilt only mean that it can’t be turned away completely?

        • Henrik

          Uuuh, terrible. It seems that the screen can only be turned up and down, but not sideways?

          Well, i knew Olympus would do more things wrong.

          And i’m not going to explain why a screen needs to be tiltable sideways. You either know it, or not.

          • Mike

            I know, Iknow! – To take pictures of yourself? ;-)

          • So it can be broken more easily? I don’t know, tell me!

            The screen on my E-5 can be turned sideways and I never do that other than to make it face the camera, so it’s protected when I put the camera in the bag.

          • For me that would be great, provided that it is stable for waist level shooting. The fully swivel on the Panny G1 I had looked great, but then it made the camera very unstable, practically not-usable for waist level shooting. If the tilt-only design is well made (I don’t think Sony NEX is, but I haven’t tried it), e.g. it goes on top of the camera, it would be great :-D
            Unfortunately, though, it’s the low resolution version :-(

            • ginsbu

              I agree. For waist level shooting, the tilt-only LCDs are better than the side-hinged tilt-swivel designs. Hopefully they’ll allow it to swing over the top and/or bottom of the camera so that it’s viewable from the front as well.

          • > And i’m not going to explain why a screen needs to be tiltable sideways. You either know it, or not.

            Uhm, you are barking at the wrong tree. In your place I would have complained that E-P3 doesn’t have swivel LCD.

            Tilt LCD for E-PL3, a middle tier model, is pretty fine.

            Omission of the feature on the higher-end camera is worse IMO.

            But then, swivel LCD to me is secondary concern compared to the lack of built-in VF.

      • Having a tilt only screen is unfortunate. It is better than nothing, but it doesn’t give you the degrees of freedom that a tilt and swivel screen has. However, since I now have a setup with a portable lcd screen that uses the A/V output, I don’t really need a tilt screen as much.

        • Ross

          If the side of the tilt & swivel screen is considered, it adds an extra 8 – 10mm (or more) to the width but with just the tilting screen (from the bottom or with a tilt frame behind the display), it can be very close to the LH edge of the camera allowing enough room to put a few controls to the right of it without making the camera wider or reducing the size of the screen. I believe this is the compromise that was taken here.

        • Befürworter

          I think a tilt only screen is very good. There’s no better solution to shoot and nobody would recognize.

      • Infinity Jr.

        Tilt only – very disappointing. I thought they were going to make something for 4/3 owners to move to? Where is the standard 4/3 swivel screen? Not present on any of these 3 “new” cams. Seems like they’re targeting NEX instead. Will wait for next round of cams (G3 too bulky).

      • Damn, that stinks. My favorite aspect of a rotating LCD is being able to close it in against the body to protect it. Still though, tilt only is better than nothing. Why did they leave that feature off of the E-P3? Seems very odd that an engineer would leave a feature like that off. Sounds like something a marketing person would choose to do.

        • Mr. Reeee

          The 3 new cameras, if we can believe the “leaked” specs, will be essentially the same camera except for size and a few minor feature differences. The basic guts do sound pretty good!

          The E-PM1 … E-1MP? E-PMS (S=small)? I wish oly would do something about their gobbledygook naming conventions!

          The EPM1 is nicely understated, though, I prefer the kawaii, sexy, curvy lines of the GF3. I wonder what colors Oly will offer? It could look great in red or a deep, rich blue, like French Ultramarine.

          Either way this thing will look great with a Panasonic 20mm mounted on it! Great walkabout!

          • Colors? I’m sick of these color options: I believe the only available color should be black – period. See here (search for “Nov 29”, Thom should do a better job, his website is really crappy, but the content is super, so do yourself a favor and do that little effort of searching).

            Not even chrome, which looks great (who care? I buy camera to take pictures, not to look at it!) but then you’ll be dazzled when you use it in the sun: I had a (real) metal camera and I hated it and sold it for this very reason.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Colors? Yeah, colors! Colors can be fun! Imagine that! ;-)

              The EPM1 and GF3 are squarely targeting the consumer crossover market. They’re entry level. And for these people, colors sell!

              I have black cameras, too. My GH2 is black. All my Nikons were black or black and silver. But I see the EPM1 and GF3 as fun cameras. Something to carry instead of or along side my GH2 with a 20mm attached or maybe my 35mm f1.4 Voigtländer, depending on how tolerable manual focus is on them.

    • aal

      the E-PL4 will have tilt and swivel.
      the E-PL5 again only tilt but a build in Flash
      the E-PL6 Flash and EVF but a fixed screen and no IBIS
      ……and so on till they raised enough money for a new revolutionary sensor development ;)

      • :)


      • Pablo

        applause !O :>

      • Miroslav

        Spot on.

      • Reto

        *loooool*, exactly. I too wonder how long it takes them to make a camera just like the GH2 but with IBIS. I’m happy with my GH1 and as long as Olympus doesn’t want my money…

      • Pablo

        I guess, they are also trying to save some money, by supplying the latest models with hyper-old and cheap display technology. The announced EP3 should have only a 610 kpix display and this, cheap looking plastic toy is gonna get only a 410 kpix resolution TV quality image… Gosh, people, wake up! There ARE camera models out there, that have since over a year 900+ kpix resolution displays!

        And sincerely, with these new models from Oly, I was hoping, you guys would get some real and new technology in your newest camera models. So I would have a reason again to walk the once progressive route of Olympus,,, but,,, NO. All you get in your cameras is just fake cheap gimmicks, but no serious progress…

        Yeah, whatta way to go Olympus :<

  • aal

    OMG, It’s so small you still can’t put it in your pocket!! :D

    I get the urge to make smaller ILC but without a new pencake lens it’s still almost as compact as the E-P3 and if there where an IIR pencake lens you would still have room for a decent grip because of the 20mm added in width. nobody puts a Cam without a lens in his jacket. So, I dont really get the “new” P&S design. It’s just not consequent

    But I really love the looks of the new Zoom Lens. looks much better then the black plastic s*** with it’s ugly blue ring

    • emde

      well, it’s silver plastic now… ;-)

      • aal

        actually I mostly hated the stupid blue ring. ;)
        I don’t care if it’s Olympus’ Color, it’s a major Detail-mistake in the Design, same as the green LED around the On/Off button.
        But I think I care too much about how I look with a Camera :D

    • Buy pants (or jackets) with bigger pockets ;-).

  • Mr. Reeee

    Any idea what the switch on the side of the lens is?

    @aal… Put a lens on any M4/3 body and the mythical “pocketability” goes out the window.

    • It’s an unlocking switch. You have to pull it to extend the lens when it’s collapsed.

    • aal

      That’s what I’m talking about. I can’t imagine any place I could put a E-PM with my 20mm/1,7 where I can’t put my E-P1 with this lens in.
      I’m just Saying the designer could be honest and say “nobody is gonna put this Cam somewhere without a lens, let’s add a Grip, we have a lot room to the front”

      witch switch?
      On/Off? Shutter release? Mount release? hot shoe? collapsible lens lock?
      Or else I dont see it ;)

    • Infinity Jr.

      Mr. Reeee – your pants are too tight.

  • Chris

    the e-pl3 has a tiltable screen, but it isn’t able to swivel?
    that was funny and poor for sony and it’s the same for oly…

  • SteveO

    Any pics/specs on the VF-3? Understand it’s smaller and less expensive than the VF-2, but will it be saddled with the Panasonic add-on EVF’s lower resolution?

    • admin

      I am not certain about that but it could have the same VF-2 resolution.

      • Any info if pana/oly working on 3mpx EVF to compete with sony’s?

    • aal

      probably It’s an update of the VF-1? ;) would even have a better resolution and be cheeper

  • zuiko

    Nice design. The lens looks to have an anthracite color.
    The blue line could still be there (I don’t like it either) since this looks
    to be a black & white image.
    And they left off the notches for a hood however (again).
    It is really strange how Olympus is saving on these little extras.
    A hood offers better image quality and protection for a nominal cost…

    • Agent00soul

      I think this image is computer generated. Maybe they couldn’t be bothered with drawing the hood bayonet?

      • I do not think so, its porb an upscale&cut out of a smaller image

    • Mr. Reeee

      I use B+W folding rubber lens hoods. They’re small, well made, add a bit of protection, are inexpensive and much lighter than the rigid plastic lens hoods supplied with some lenses. The hood that comes with the 14-140mm is so heavy it pulls the lens out to full zoom position.

    • aal

      Ohh, God damn it! I think you’re right. I already can see this stupid black ring on the B&W image which will turn blue as soon as the PENs are released. Ohh, how I hate it already! I hope they change the annoying green LED On/Off light at least.

  • hiki

    do you know if the e-pl3 is going to have a grip?

    • admin

      No grip!

      • Mar

        You could probably buy grip for it like the one for XZ-1 made out of aluminium.

      • Miroslav

        What about mode dial on E-PL3?

    • MJr

      custom grip with sticky tape could work :) or even better, a pretty case !

  • Olympius

    This little thing actually looks better than the XZ-1…as usual, Olympus has done a very good job in regards to styling. You can see the very slight Pen reference in the design of the top plate.

    One button for the shutter, one button for changing lenses, who could ask for anything more? :-)

    I could see this being the ultimate little “take anywhere” camera, especially with a good pancake lens mounted. Too bad Olympus doesn’t have a good pancake lens. They should have redesigned the 17mm along with all the other work they’ve been doing, and they should have brought out a 25mm pancake a long, long time ago.

    If the performance is as good as the looks, these will sell by the basketfull, as long as it’s priced properly.

    Right now in the USA, there are still tons of E-PL1 kits to be had for $400 USD, and lots of E-PL2 kits for $550 USD. They need to price this little wonder at $500, no more, if they hope to sell a few. Though that tiny design could easily command a more premium price.

    Well, Thursday is going to be a very interesting day. Let’s hope they were able to get working prototypes into the hands of DPReview, and have the pre-order queues all set up at B&H and Amazon.


    • stickytape

      …It looks like an alien blob >_<

      Why did they have to do away with the beautiful rectangle of the XZ-1 and mutate a hump onto the top of the E-PM1. It looks more like a P&S than the XZ-1, which has an industrial quality to it. All the edges have been rounded beyond recognition…hearkening back to the aesthetics of a decade or so ago.

  • Stefan

    Interesting. I am more a Panasonic person these days but I had hoped that this little one could replace my LX3 as a companion for the GH2. Not sure whether I can live without the flash, even it I try to avoid using it as much as I can. Wasn’t there a rumor that this camera might come with a small external flash? But with the 20/1.7 and a few c-mount lenses this would make a nice set, as long as manual focusing is supported well enough.


  • Man, that’s a good-looking and SMALL camera. It’s going to be tough to choose to which model I’m going to upgrade my E-PL1 (given that low ISO and DR is improved). E-PM1 might have all the bells and whistles I require.

    Hope they have done something to ease manual focusing.

  • Oliver

    Hello Admin,

    what about the battery? Will it be the same as in P1, P2, PL1, PL2 and 620?


    • The E-PM1 looks too thin for a BLS-5 battery. Maybe it uses the Li-50B that the XZ-1 uses?

  • Blaze

    I don’t see the point in bundling the E-PM1 with a big ass 14-42mm lens. It kinda defeats the purpose of a small camera.

    • Well compare the size of the Panasonic 14-42mm or 14-45mm. The collapsing Olympus 14-42mm does shrink the length.

      I tend to think the main target market of the E-PM1 likely wants a zoom and not a prime, so that’s the kit lens that is shipped. I wonder when Olympus was selling E-P1 kits with the 17mm or 14-42mm, how many more 14-42mm kits were sold than 17mm?

      Also from a practical matter, since so far we haven’t seen a rumor of the 17mm being redesigned, the 17mm would not provide the fast AF that is one of the hallmarks of this generation. Hence, Olympus would include a lens that shows off the AF.

    • MK

      still unsure if this camera or e-p3 is the right one. if the only lens offered in kit with e-pm1 is the 17mm i wont be buying; plan to use the 14mm with it instead

      • MK:
        Usually if you wait 1-2 months after the initial shipment, Olympus will generally offer the cameras as bodies only with some discount ($50 or $100). If you need it ASAP, then you buy it as part of a kit.

  • hmm.. maybe I will get this one, instead of the EPL-3… and then it can become my pocket camera with a pancake… then I can save my dollars for the PRO pen… i do like the look of this… and the size… will have to check out the feature and button set tomorrow when it gets announced… wonder if the grips bolt onto these too… though first preference will be to the 22mm pro lens… yummmm..

    • Ross

      “though first preference will be to the 22mm pro lens”

      Don’t you mean the 12mm f2 pro lens?

  • Bob B.

    Got any pics of the Panasonic Pro Body? LOL!

  • Oriol

    I like it, we have to take it as what it is, a mini version and it is perfect, much better than the GF3. Admin, I understand we can put an EVF, is that correct?

  • Robert

    Been fence-sitting buying an Olympus Pen for so long that I’m still using a Pentax Spotmatic. But I’m getting close. One question. What do you think of the value of the older models in light of the new Pens? I don’t think that IQ has been greatly improved. All these cameras have good IQ. Faster AF might not be so vital for many of us. But, most of all, what will happen to lens prices? Will photographers want a lens that is not optimized for the new cameras? So a possible scenario is further price reductions on the older cameras and, perhaps, even on older lenses. Possible? Now you know why I still use a Spotmatic.

  • Look at the right-top of the camera. Like the E-P3 it has something like a sensor there. So i guess, the IR rumors are true.

    • Nathan

      That’s the AF illuminator.

      • It could be AF assist. But i rather think it has to do with the new AF they will introduce. AF Assist on such entry level cameras is more then uncommon.

    • Mike

      Maybe AF Assist or External WB Sensor? Would also be nice…

  • SamshootsAll

    Everyone is complaining about some of Olympus’s price? New tech = high price! Isnt that the game business? You dont have to buy it if you dont like it…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for the styling, and the size benefits of the camera are completely undone by the size of the lenses. I also think the lack of a flash is a major miscalculation. Casual shooters depend on flash for shooting indoors, party shots, etc. When their pictures of Junior’s birthday party look worse than those taken by a friend with a cheepo compact, Olympus will have lost a customer for life.

    At the same time, advanced amateurs use flash to add fill for outdoor shots. Throw even the smallest external flash on the camera and again, the size benefits are lost. Not sure what Olympus is thinking with this one.

  • MJr

    Indeed, it’s always the same story with the price. It’ll settle.

    They nicely designed it to make it look thin from this angle, just like the GF3 does from the front, but i wonder how much bulk is hidden behind the edge there.

    Strange choice by the way to display this supposedly compact with a not very small lens on it. I guess they know the 17mm is not very good ;).

    • Miroslav

      “Strange choice by the way to display this supposedly compact with a not very small lens on it.”

      Yes, they should have made a wide(ish) F2.8 pancake, as small as possible, not brilliant optically, but thin, just like Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Another proof their marketing department had been having too many days off.

      • emde

        Isn’t there a 2.8/17? The Pana 2.5/14 is about the same size. So what’s your point. It actually was presented together with the E-P1…

  • SteveD

    As for styling, the smaller cameras make more sense for a modern design style since sleek is naturally smaller. I suspect a we’ll see both modern and retro designs from Olympus for the foreseeable future.

  • PLS

    So does the e-pm1 lose the mode dial completely, or is it on the back? Does the e-pl3 use the same set-up for a mode dial? I hope this doesn’t go the way of the NEX in its minimalism.

    • The miniaturization wars have their price. However, I’m glad Olympus chooses to maintain the most important components in its smallest PEN: IBIS, accessory port and hot shoe. How often do you change your shooting mode anyway?

      • PLS

        I’m slightly less concerned about the mode dial than the burying of other features in menus. I had a chance to play around for a day with a NEX-5, and it was a pain to change settings if they weren’t mapped to the Fn button. If you weren’t sure about how to photograph a scene, it was a PITA to experiment with different settings.

  • Looks great!!!
    I can not wait until tomorrow, I hope the 45mm f/1.8 is a Pancake…

    • Stu5

      Very unlikely it’s a pancake.

  • Arboreologia

    Out of topic… But for those of you interested. Soon we will have and Firmware Update for the Olympus XZ-1…

  • AndyOz

    I dont mind what olympus are doing have a more modern design for the E-PM1 and E-PL3 and keeping the more retro metal finish for the E-P3.
    I just wonder what they were thinking with the E-PL2. Its only had a product life of 6 months and ended up having the styling of the E-P3 but with a more plastic finish. They should have tried to set up the E-PL line with a more modern design back then. Oh well doesnt matter now.

    • I think the E-PL2 is the best looking m43 to date. It just lacked the metal finish of the EPx. I am waiting for olympus to include rubber/grippy finish on some of these as Pentax has done with the Q. Magnesium alloy structure too.

      The news that EPL3 does not have a swivel LCD narrows the choice down:
      1) buy EPM1 with new kit lens and wait for a high end model with swivel LCD


      2) buy the EP3 and have fun with aftermarket grips.

      Assuming image quality and movie modes are equivalent.

      • AndyOz

        I agree that the E-PL2 is good looking – I really like the grip on the E-PL2 and wish they had of designed a similar grip into the E-P3. My perfect small micro 43 would be like the E-P3 but with E-PL2 grip. As you say – hopefully there will be a better grip option than the one in the leaked photo.

        My point was just that it seems a bit odd to have released the E-PL2 for such a short time and to replace it with a model which seems to have a totally different design approach (eg less manual controls and to be more of a P&S model but gets a tilt LCD). Thats all.

        I was hoping to get a model with EVF in-built but seeing as though thats not coming I guess the E-P3 will have to do!

        • An0n

          I agree. It seems their product road map is not complete, and they’re sort of winging it. The E-PL2 in many ways was better than the E-P2. And the body designs of the E-PL1 and E-PL2 were closer to the E-P2 than the XZ-1. Not they’ve changed directions and changed from retro to contemporary with the E-PL3. I like the new cameras, but it’s all really really confusing. It would be nice if companies would stay true to their product lines.

          • Maley

            The E-PL2 was to good. The E-P2 had only the advantage of a second control wheel and the acclaimed better IS.
            So if they release E-P3 and E-PL3 at the same time with the same concept they wouldn’t sell any E-P3 so they butchered the E-PL2 to make room for a E-P3.

  • Anonymous

    I am a Sony NEX shooter, but damn this looks sexy. Good to see Olympus releasing some cool stuff to compete with Sony and Panasonic’s ILCs. Hope Samsung releases some NX stuff soon as well.

  • KL32

    Sell it with the 17mm pancake. The zoom defeats the purpose.

  • KL32

    So the 17mm is not redesigned and won’t have fast autofocus? Dumb move Olympus. That is the perfect lens for this camera. Sell this with a redesigned 17mm for $500 and you would sell a ton.

  • Casey

    Not interested in any of these latest offerings from Oly/Pany/Sony. Still looking for the X100-killer; can someone please make an X100 with interchangeable lens, slap a $750 sticker on it and just be done with it??? Am I in la-la land? Probably :) I’ll just wait until the X100 comes down in price (hopefully in the $800 range) and pick one up. It’s the perfect camera for my needs, even with the fixed lens, but not willing to shell out $1200 just yet, even if I could find one in stock.

    • babbit

      The X100 is well worth the $1200 price tag. It’s only slight more expensive than the E-P2 bundle with lens and VF-2 when it was released. Also, you could always use the X100 for a couple months to try it out and then sell it back for around $1300-$1400 and make a little profit.

  • Jeff

    Olympus needs to stop while they are ahead. This camera is a credit card with a brick taped to it. Its not ergonomic at all and making the camera body smaller will only reduce its features. Micro four thirds will never be pocketable so stop with the size wars because pentax already won by a landslide. Look at the rampant sucess of the fuji x100. That is a camera to emulate. It blows my mind that olympus fucked up again with not adding a built in evf.

    • Stu5

      Who says the X100 is a success? Selling out of a camera does not make it a success if it is only being made in small numbers in the first place. You need to know the number of X100’s sold and compare that with Olympus, Sony and Panasonic numbers sold, then and only then can you see if it has been a success. Plus you need to know how much the development cost were for Fuji and what their net profit is per camera.

  • Jeff

    Olympus needs to stop while they are ahead. This camera is a credit card with a brick taped to it. Its not ergonomic at all and making the camera body smaller will only reduce its features. Micro four thirds will never be pocketable so stop with the size wars because pentax already won by a landslide. Look at the rampant sucess of the fuji x100. That is a camera to emulate. It blows my mind that olympus screwed up again with not adding a built in evf.

  • JD

    I am digging the new Olympus designs and tweaks. :-) This seems like m43rds done right IMHO (especially for their current target market).

  • KL32

    I do like it more than the current Panasonics but the design is a bit boring. Okay, very boring. I like the retro look of the EP2. The problem with these really small cameras are the lenses. Why not design a big sensor camera like this with a built in zoom? As is, I think this camera only really makes sense with pancakes. It will look really stupid with a fully extended zoom.

  • Jan Francois

    “When will everything be just right for me!?”…. Well, I have to say that all the childish whining is discouraging. If your into capturing great images and want to choose from a giant selection of cameras that are capable doing so, our time period is a paradise. As a phorographer, if you can’t find a camera that does it for you right now, you’ve got a personal problem.

  • SSingh

    Something is just wrong with the logical trends in camera design lately..with all these anorexic models?? why slim down the body when proportionately sized lenses aren’t offered?.. am I meant walk around with that camera in my pocket with the lens attached?? The NEX series and the E-PM1 look more like chimeras than cameras to me. IMHO size wise E-PX series is the smallest Olympus should go as far as the PRO model is concerned.

  • randini

    Thanks admin!
    Pics of the rear would be more useful to see the control layout, but I’ll take what I can get.

    We’ve now got a pic of the E-P3 and two pics of the E-PM1, but nothing on the PL3. C’mon admin, your sources are slacking! ;p

    I hope tomorrow morning is an easy day at work so I can go through the announcements and previews.

    • EyeAmLegend

      I really don’t get any of this slim down crap for any camera other then compacts. What bothers me the most is that there are no options for vertical grips for any of the Olys m43 cams. Vertical shooting with the EPL-1 is horrible and I spend more time doing finger yoga then thinking about the composition/light.

  • EyeAmLegend

    Hmm only tilt on the EPL-3 will be a deal breaker for me. I guess I’ll stick with the EPL-1/GH-1 (for 24P video) and get the E-5.

  • Kizu

    sexy look! will it feature a touchscreen?

  • lily

    Call me crazy, but based on looks alone I prefer the GF3. I’ll probably be getting one of those in pink (as a nice little “I lived in Japan and you can only get this there” souvenir) and also whatever the first weather-sealed m43 model turns out to be. I hope it’s the Pro-PEN, I’ve been an Olympus user for quite a while now.

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