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(FT5) Olympus goes diving (underwater case leaked)


There will be two underwater cases for both new Olympus cameras the E-PL2 and the XZ-1!

  • Calvin

    It’s interesting how there’s a leak a day. Come on, Leak all you have instead of these controlled leaks. Please? :).

    • admin

      You should aks that our sources and nto me! I would have preferred to leak all in one day to have a more peaceful new years party. I guess there is some kind of hidden startegy behind those deals. And I am not the one defining that strategy :(

    • hehe. no employee suicide from Oly/Panny. so having legally leak…

  • Parci

    I don’t care for all the whining regarding Olympus, because these little accessories for the E-PL2/XZ-1 are cute and awesome. No, Oly didn’t release anything truly new in a while, but that is because most of their R&D went into the E-P1/E-P2/E-PL1 and are in between generations.

    In the meanwhile, the E-PL2 is looking better every day, what a cute little body/system it is turning out to be!

  • Michael Meissner

    Yes, these cases are much better in terms of form factor than the bigger dive cases. I’m sure you can’t go down as far with these cases, but I could see using them topside in stormy whether where I might use my E-3 right now.

    BTW, the former tech rep (Andy) for the Massachusetts area became VP of the underwater division and also took on accessories as an extra job. While I expect most of the work is done in Japan, he was probably helpful in promoting them.

  • Alfons

    Leaked :)

  • napalm

    2nd case confirms ZX1 will have I.Zuiko lens..

    • napalm

      I mean XZ-1, sorry :D

    • Jonathan

      what does the I designator mean? does this have to do with the number of glass elements?

      • Ulli

        yes thats right Jonathan.

  • Am

    This is excellent news.
    At this rate I will for sure end up with the zx-1

  • Norm

    I am sorry, but I am just not interested in buying an underwater case that leaks. LOL! Thank you for making my day. I literally laughed out loud and almost spat out my coffee when I read that headline this morning.

  • Sunra

    That’s unfortunate about the case leaking. I would not risk using my camera on that device, bad news for Olympus :-)

  • Am

    Sorry xz-1

  • MDLSoft

    For me this uw case is just the last thing that i was waiting for a confirmation. Canon S95 is a nice camera and good an cheap uw case but video mode isn’t very good ad it haven’t hotshoe. Lumix LX5 is better in these points but a bit large an thr 10Bar housing is too much expensive and no cheap alternative from panasonic or Ikelite. Now the olympus xz-1 looks the perfect hi end compact camera. Full fit Pen accesories, uw case, larger than S95 but smaller than LX5 and the very impressive zuiko optic. We still have to wait for a review and see IQ results. Maybe this time will be my first time to do a preorder. ;)

  • Gekopaca

    It can be useful when you toss your camera in toilets

  • Stupig

    Pun for the win!

  • safaridon

    Since the larger case for the EPL2 already has a bump in the middle seems likely this case will also be used for the new EP3 with EVF built in. Note for underwater photo the rear LCD is much more useable than keeping eye on an EVF. My deduction the new EP3 will be much like the shape and controls of the EPL2 only with raised EVF in the middle?

  • farah

    i bought underwater casing model pt050. Just for about less than 3 months and used it not more than 5 times..i dont know why suddenly my o.ring become 1 size larger and expand when i want to used it yesterday..eventhougb i thoroughly care for it and store it in a right way..please verify this critical matters

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