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Olympus financial reports: For the first time in six years Olympus Imaging Business shows profitable 1/2yr result!



Some very good news is coming from the latest Olympus financial report (PDF file here). Some key stats for (Apr-Sep 2015), compared w the same period last yr:

– mirrorless sales up 22%, units sold up 21% (due to impressive sales of OM-D and PEN series cameras in Japan and Europe)
– compact is down 11%
– the camera division as a whole up 10% in sales
– gross profit for the division increased from -3.7bil JPY to +0.1bil JPY
– the company is doing even better as a whole: sales up 12%; net profit up 60%(a bit weird here)

This is good news for the MFT world. Finally Olympus is not loosing money on the imaging business. And let’s hope next year it will go even better when the new PEN and E-M1II cameras go on sale!


Thanks Boston C!

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