Olympus E-PM1 pricing announced


If you are waiting to get the tiniest of the new Olympus PEN cameras you will happy to know that the camera worldwide shipment will start on September 30. Camera with 14-42mm MSC II R kit lens will cost $499.95. (via Dpreview). The E-PM1 is available for preorder at Amazon UK (Click here), Computeruniverse (Click here), Digitalrev (Click here). Notifications are available at BHphoto (Click here).

P.S.: You can see the first E-PL3 (not E-PM1) unpackaging pictures at Mobile01. Click on the green links inside the first post to open the pictures!

  • gunt

    Hmm I wonder how much will it cost body only? If $500 is public retail price, street ones will be really interesting!

    Could easily be my second hand/workbag body with the 20mm always mounted on it…

    • flash

      We, unfortanetly, will have a hard time getting it with out the kit zoom lens I suspect. Maybe a retailer will unbundle it, or the lens can be sold on e-bay. I hope however that that it will be even sold with a good discount around thanksgiving time.

  • P&S upgrader’s heaven.

    • JeremyT

      They’re clearly targeting P&S users, but I’m still incredibly intrigued by it.

      This and the GF3 will surely take a lot of flak from enthusiasts for being “dumbed down,” but assuming that the controls are still available *somewhere* (even if buried in menus on the touchscreen) I can envision using such a camera for times when I value portability over usability.

      This with the Panny 14mm or the Oly 17mm pancake would make for a very portable, go-with-you-everywhere travel companion. From what we know so far I’m still favoring the GF3 for its popup flash (versus the PM1’s clip-in deal), but I’ll wait to decide which (if either) I get until it actually hits the streets.

  • Andrew

    No serious photographer is going to touch this camera with a ten-foot pole. Why buy something with about as much manual control as your average $150 budget compact?

    • flash

      A “serious photographer” has many needs and moods. It is my understanding that all controls can be under the control of the user, oh thought through software. Have they changed the specs?

    • Such a restricted view of the world.

      I prefer not to lug an E-5 to a dinner party thank you.
      Racing drivers don’t take racing cars to the supermarket, do they?

      And besides, it has full manual control…

    • bilgy_no1

      “Why buy something with about as much manual control as your average $150 budget compact?”

      Sorry, but this statement is wrong. The E-PM1 will have an enormous amount of options for customisation, PASM modes, RAW shooting etc. All this cannot be found in an average p&s.

      What differentiates the E-PM1 from a ‘pro’ DSLR is that you access these options through another kind of interface: touch and soft menus instead of hard buttons, dials and wheels.

      Furthermore, such a camera is great for an enthousiast shooter to use alongside a more serious camera such as the GH2 or G3 or an eventual PEN Pro. It uses the same system and lenses, but allows for a very compact package and great IQ. And all that in a beautiful PINK or PURPLE body!

      • Four by Six

        I looked at the E-PM1 with the two new prime lenses (12 and 45mm) on the mFT matching simulator, and it still looks pretty small overall. With a E-PM1 and 45/f1.8 I could do the same thing as I do today with my E-PL1, converter, and SMC 50mm/f1.4, and it would be much smaller and much less conspicuous. All the features I need to take a great photo are still there, just in menus instead of buttons, and in a much smaller package.

    • elflord

      “Why buy something with about as much manual control as your average $150 budget compact?”

      Which “manual control”, specifically, are not available on this camera ?

  • Nelson

    perfect pair to pancake prime and zoom lens!

  • Olympius

    Finally, an Olympus Pen that I can warm up to. Priced the same as the E-P2’s on clearance….but I think I’d rather have the E-PM1, with a 17mm pancake.

    And yes, I would just set the silly thing on iAuto, and use it like a point & shoot. Or a cheaper, X100 for dummies.


  • Bu

    $500 vs £500 for the same item – this is, yet again, an injustice!

  • Now, how much is that new Panasonic pancake zoom?

  • Narretz

    Panasonic and Olympus should watch out that they don’t cannibalize themselves in a EPM vs. GF3 battle. The cameras have almost the same profile, although Pana adheres even more to the P&S upgraders (no hotshoe, extremely small upcoming Zoom). Hoewever, I wonder if Panasonic will switch the GF3 Kit from the current Zoom to the new one.

  • I dont get those “announced” prices.. In Sweden it will be more like around $750-$800.. And thats a big difference. The Panasonic GF3 is extremely overpriced in Sweden, it actually costs the same as the GF2.. I dont get it.. I will have to start buying from amazon instead.. They usually have prices that are around $150-$200 less then the swedish webshops.

    • bilgy_no1

      But when you import into the EU from the likes of Amazon, your sweet Swedish customs officers will add some levies (6% on optical products) as well as VAT (probably around 20% in your country). Oh yeah, these percentages are calculated on the basis of sales price PLUS shipping costs (add $50-100).

      There are very few deals around where you can make a significant enough gain to offset the inconvenience of buying from a shop across the pond (think about returning a DOA product, etc).

  • Well, I thought I bought from Europe when I used Amazon.. So, alot of people are getting fooled by the swedish price-comparison sites where Amazon often come out as having the lowest prices.. Hm.. should´nt Amazon have some information when a product comes from outside EU?

  • Steve-O

    Now watch E-PL2 prices plummet – can’t wait! 3″ usable area LCD, built-in flash, and suitable size for some of my 4/3’s lenses. Thank you E-PM1!

  • fgl42

    Wish Olympus would offer it with either the 17mm or zoom for the same price- like they’ve done with some other cameras. This camera and the 17mm would make for a nice package.

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