A close look to Sony: New NEX stuff announced!


Sony announced three new NEX cameras and three new NEX lenses. Probably the most interesting camera is The NEX-7 which has 24 Megapixels and an integrated OLED viewfinder. I am curious to see if it will really sell (it costs $1199 at Amazon). I expect Olympus and Panasonic to announce similar cameras within the next six months. I don’t know what to think about that camera but I am definitely going to get my hands-on it to see how it feels. I am particularly curious about the Oled EVF. But I don’t believe it can replace the “magic” of tan optical viewfinder. After all the Fuji X100 with the hybrid EVF/OVF has a different….sex appeal!

Sony NEX-7 preview with video on Engadget and preview at Dpreview.
First VG-20 video preview on youtube.
Sony NEX-5N preview at Dpreview, Engadget and ThePhoBlographer.
Info about the new NEX lenses at Dpreview.
NEX-7 video: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mpd/permalink/m6QSS5UVQ2CB2/?tag=

Prices and specs:
Sony NEX-7 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N at Amazon (Click here).
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 E-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 50mm f/1.8 E-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 55-210mm E-mount at Amazon (Click here).

  • infinity jr.

    If it had swivel screen, I’d defect to NEX in a heartbeat!
    As it is, I’ll stick with m43. Can’t wait for pancake kit lens.

    • Karli

      It has swivel screen ;-)

      • infinity jr.

        It has tilt screen. it does NOT have tilt&swivel screen. No sale.

    • Henrik

      Yes, it does have swivel – and i might run over to Sony too! But if i understand the info at DPR right, the Nex-7 has swivel, but no touchscreen, while the Nex-5N has touch-screen. Once you use the lcd monitor, touch-screen is tremendously helpful for setting focus and for zooming and panning in record review.

    • And what if 6 months later Olympus produces *the* dream camera?
      Oh and then an other 6 months later its Canon that shocks the world with *the* camera? Wait! Wait! then an other 6 months later, sell all your stuff! Defect again! Samsung baby! *The* camera…

      Seriously, tilt screen is a desirable feature. specially for video. But this is not the ideal form factor for video anyways.
      Built in EVF is a killer feature that heavily outweigh über-miniaturization.
      Finally, on image, there seem to be a decent amount of physical controls. If ergonomy is there, this camera is for real.

      As far as defecting, I’d consider lenses available…

      • Mr. Reeee

        The PIVOT screen is really quite a nice feature, especially for street photography and macro. Waist level is VERY stable and very stealthy.

        To hell with Sony’s artillery shell lenses!
        With the Sony peaking feature, all I’d need to do is get Rainbow Imaging adaptors for my Voigtländer, Nikon and Pentax SMC Takumar lens. About $120 altogether. Then I could easily swap lenses between the NEX-7 and my GH2. Or just use my GH2 with the 7-14mm and Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f0.95. And the 14-140mm for video. The best of both worlds.

        I would NEVER buy a product with a Samsung label. The name reminds me of some vile body fluid.
        We don’t want to contaminate our precious bodily fluids, do we? ;-)

  • Peter

    I just *love* the three dial controls that you can configure to your own liking. And the integrated EVF. But the available lenses are still not very interesting to me.

  • fgl42

    This camera, while very nice, costs $1,400 with kit lens. If you add the Zeiss you’re looking at $2,300. Way too expensive.

    • Mark

      In Europe (NL) its €1,200 body-only and €1,350 with kit lens. The 24mm Sony-Zeiss is €1,000. Indeed way too expensive.

    • Raist

      And how much you think is an E-P3 + high end EVF + the new Olympus lens? Aren’t you looking at ball park same prices?

      EP-3 is what, $900? New Olympus lens equivalent to that is what, $799? That’s $1,700 right there. Add the EVF and you are at $2,050? Keep in mind the Nex 7 has a built in EVF (better resolution than anything out there at the moment) and a full body magnesium alloy. That counts for something no?

      • Mark

        In Europe
        E-P3 €690
        VF-2 €190
        12mm €700
        total €1580
        €620 cheaper than NEX-7 + 24mm
        That’s a lot of money for a build in EFV.

        • Martin

          >That’s a lot of money for a build in EFV.

          I guess you forgot the new generation 24MP sensor, the tilting display, magnesium body, arguably better controls…

          OTOH I agree that the price is too high, but in both cases..

          • Mark

            The new 24mp sensor seems to have lost al lot of detail when we look at the A77 examples.
            Tilting display is nice, but the touch interface of Olympus is nicer.
            The PEN body is as good as the Nex.
            Better controls? On a Sony camera, and even a Nex? Have to see it first.

            The PEN is a bargain compared to the NEX.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Anyone spotted image samples taken with the 24MP sensor? From any camera?

    • fgl42

      Duarte, DP Review has some samples.

      • Duarte Bruno

        Better yet!!
        As usual Imaging Resource has the full Comparometer set! :)
        (edit) Apparently they have the set but the Comparometer isn’t listing it yet! :(

        • Fraenzken

          … look at the A77 pictures at Imaging Resource – they are far from good :-( The low ISO ones are clean, but not very detailed. And from ISO800 onwards the NR smears even more detail.

          • Duarte Bruno

            It’s a JPEG engine massacre.
            I’ve taken the ISO3200 RAW and compared it to the G3 and I could say the G3 outresolves the A77 by a whisker. :O However the A77 shows at least more than 1EV stop less noise. :P

            • Mr. Reeee

              Crappy lenses at work? or poor Sony software?

              • dac38

                Neither — Its a pre-production HW and firmware. No one has the manufacturing version yet

  • fgl42

    The problem with the Nex cameras are not the camera bodies- which I think are fantastic. It’s the lenses. Just a terrible lens line up. They need some affordable compact lenses.

    • Katsunami

      Agree. The NEX7 is a great camera as far as I’ve seen from the rumors. The Zeiss 24 f/1.8 would make a great 35mm equivalent. What I want is a camera from Olympus or Panasonic, comparable to the NEX7, so I can combine it with the 12, 25 and 45mm lenses. Or, I want Sony to introduce 16mm, 35mm and 60mm lenses of f/2 or faster. (They’d be equivalent to 24mm, 50mm, and 90m lenses on full frame.) The latter would maybe even be best for me, because a bigger sensor is better, most of the time…

      Oly/Pana has the lenses, but not the camera’s…
      Sony has the camera, but not the lenses

      • Digifan

        I don’t get it, the NEX7 is clearly a step up from the E-P32 specs wise.
        The m4/3 sensors have very good IQ.
        What’s wrong with M4/3 sensors? I sure don’t shoot over ISO3200 anyway, too much detail loss not suitable for pro work, same goes for Sony, ISO6400+ is way overhyped not suitable for pro work, fine for the average snap.

        • Raist

          You still get much better tones/DR on the Sony sensor at low ISO.

          That said the NEx7 problem is the lenses.

  • andy

    Its not 4/3 or m4/3..why is it on here? (its already on the alpha page)
    how about some rumour on the GF7/pro? Panny need to announce/leak something!

  • MikiCoga

    Why are you posting alpha news in M4/3 rumors page? I don’t like NEX cameras… :D

    Anyway, have you seen the monster, the 55-210mm lens mounted on the NEX-7? I saw it at quesabesde.com WTH!! is that a joke? it’s like 4x the camera body! xD But it has something good… I think NEX-7 camera will make pana and olympus in a hurry to make their own PRO cameras! at least I hope that…

    And what about fuji? do you have any rumor about the m4/3 fuji camera? (if they joint it of course…)

    • admin

      Because we all want to knwo what the competition is doing or not?

      • ijack

        but for some reason this is the only rumour that show up on the first page of your desktop site. Even the FT5 zoom rumour that you posted today is on page 2, this is not right.

        • admin

          I changed that. We are sharing the same server and we had to limit the article per page at one only! Now the stress on the server is gone. I will soon put the Panaosnic news on top with a couple of new info!

          • Miroslav

            Please leave at least five articles per page, it’s much more comfortable to follow the site that way. And keep 200 comments per post on one page.

      • GreyOwl

        All ways a good idea to know what the competition is producing and about to release to market.

      • andy

        What the competition is doing is just whats been done before but with minor tweaks ;-)
        I dont see any m4/3 stuff posted on alpha rumours

        • admin

          I only report about major announcements or major leaks. That’s it. I do post around 120 articles per month. Only One or two of them are about the competition. I think it’s equilibrate.

          • Renato M.

            Don’t worry about that, keep the good job!

            • Renato M.

              I’m not a fanboy and I read all the rumors, but there should not be a problem about this. It’s good to discuss the PROS e CONS of each system – and listening from each side.

              Although the fanboy make a lot of noisy, they are not majority, I think. There are a lot of comments I read about people that have a m4/3 but consider the NEX as an option and vice-versa.

              • MikiCoga

                Because I don’t like NEX I’m a fanboy? What I said is that those lenses are not consistent with NEX bodies. Of course i admit they have better sensor / IQ, swivel OLED and so on. But I tested for a few days the NEX-5 and it doesn’t fit to me. If that makes me a fanboy… then I’m a glad to say that I’m a fanboy of m4/3 because all the bennfits it has against other MILC.

                • Renato M.

                  I wasn’t talking about anybody specifically, all I was saying is that the Admin should not worry about people complaining about posts like this.

                  I also don’t like the NEX, but the NEX-5N and NEX-7 seems very interesting. AVCHD 2.0 (1080p60), peaking mode focusing, good IQ, full manual controls on video (why the G3 doesn’t have that? I wanted that!). I think that the NEX-5N and NEX-7 are completely different from NEX-3/5 and NEX-C3. I just don’t understand why the NEX-5N doesn’t have touchscreen shutter.

                  All I want now is an answer from Panasonic with the GF7 and GH3. Panasonic could place the GH3 with higher price and put the GF7 in a similar price to E-P3 and GH2. Depending on what they do with the GF7, it will make people question if the 1,199US$ body only of the NEX-7 really worth all that money. Make the GF7 with a tilt screen and the GH3 with more top quality stuff (better EVF and LIVE monitor, for ex), so they can be different. Use the X lens + global shutter/ electronic shutter and then you have a game! hehe…

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Sony’s A77 is definitely anything else than minor tweak: First fully digital full ergonomy and controls interchangeable lens camera.

          • Mr. Reeee

            A77 = Nirvana achieved!
            HUGE, HEAVY, UNWIELDY body and lenses! Sign me up!
            (while you’re at it, call my chiropractor)

            Go for it Esa, we all know your fixation on “ergonomy”.
            Maybe this will finally quiet you down. ;-)

  • Gianluca

    …I saw the image samples on dp review…NOT REALLY IMPRESSED by new sensor….I think older one(d7000,nex5c)…is better.

  • 43pr0n

    More cameras than lenses in the NEX system. Incoherence, thy name is NEX …

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Neither is m4/3 so stellar in aspect of good product differentiation and line up.
      Olympus has done only reiterations of the same pocket camera and most lenses are uninspiring and so and so quality. (at least 4/3 had bodies and lenses for different classes)
      And while Panasonic has gone for more variety in lenses starting from super wide none of them is really high quality and bodies are limited to pocket P&S and DSLR entry level replacement classes.

      In short none of the mirrorless systems offers full and differentiated product line up from compact P&S replacement (/back up body) to full controls and ergonomy cameras.

      • Digifan

        I don’t agree. The Oly 12 an 45mm lenses are stunning.

        • carpandean

          And the PL lenses (45 macro and 25) are also in a different class than the rest of the Panny lenses.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Very true about Olympus bodies and lenses. At least they seem to be turning the corner in terms of quality with the 12mm and 45mm.

        Panasonic has some stellar lenses: 7-14mm, 20mm, 25mm, 45mm are all excellent. Zooms are zooms.

        Unless you missed something (or are missing something somewhere), M4/3 is NOT a replacement for a DSLR. M4/3 is meant as a lighter and smaller alternative to oversized DSLR and for users of smaller P&S or bridge cameras who want better IQ without paying the size and weight penalty of a DSLR. M4/3 can even share lenses with a DSLR, so they can even augment or compliment them with little expense.

        They all seem to be co-existing quite nicely. And both M4/3 and DSLRs have their strengths and weaknesses. We can choose what’s more important. So, why bitch about it? Use whatever you like.

  • ijack

    It’s somewhat intriguing to me so many people are so hyped up about this monstrosity E mount, which somewhat fitting to it’s huge lens.

    The only thing Sony did, is move the viewfinder to the left of the camera…, and removed the mirror from its SLT lines.

    • andy

      Exactly…there seems to be somekind of “second coming” hype in regards to the sony line up…but theres nothing new or innovative.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        So where’s that newness in pocket P&S cameras m4/3 mount is heading?
        If competition is doing just slow minor tweaking same can be justifiably said about m4/3.

        • andy

          My point is EXACTLY that. the new Sony lineup offers pretty much what everyone else has…as do all the other companies…theres nothing special or revolutionary enough to have the Sony announcement on m4/3 rumour site also.

          As for the a77 being a “First fully digital full ergonomy and controls interchangeable lens camera”

          Are you living in a cave? Or sony centre?

  • Ahem

    Did Sony join Four Thirds?

    • Fepate

      This is relevant because it seems Panny reacts to what Sony does with NEX.

      • andy

        As for Panny/olympus following Sony…which came first?
        mirrorless smaller bodies with dslr asthetic… m4/3 or Nex?
        fast af? m4/3 or nex?
        evf m4/3 or nex?
        progressive format in video m4/3 or nex?
        manual controls for video m4/3 or nex?
        What have they done? made a mirrorless camera even smaller…now thats something that needs to stop…the size wars!

        • Fepate

          Precisely. Sony made small bodies and Panny ruined the GF series. Now Sony introduces the “pro” mirrorless body and hopefully Panny will follow with similar features.

          • carpandean

            Reducing the size of the GF line had less to do with Sony and more to do with them realizing that the majority of their customers (not the vocal minority that post here) are P&S upgraders. Yes, they made them smaller, but they also reduced the controls and went for a dumbed-down interface.

            They have been rumored to have a GF Pro (now GF7) coming for a while, so releasing it wouldn’t be a reaction to Sony, but an acknowledgement of that other part of the market that would pay a premium for more direct control. I do think that the delay in the GF7 may be due to the rumored NEX-7 specs. Perhaps, they’re making some improvements before releasing it.

            • Mr. Reeee


  • Miroslav

    Both hardware and software wise, NEX-7 is impressive, no need to mention the details, specs are easy to find. It is held back a bit by the lack of lenses, but new Sony adapter with translucent mirror changes that as well. No IBIS therefore is its biggest weakness for me, at least until we see some sample pictures :). An articulated touchscreen would be nice addition, pity they omitted that. And I reserve judgement on two wheels on top until I see some online review and the camera in flesh. And on that note :), built in flash is a bit on the weak side, being only GN6.

    As for lack of lenses and their size, I’ve no doubt Sony will copy Panasonic’s design of pancake zoom as soon as they can. That m4/3 advantage won’t last long so Panasonic and Olympus should take clues from NEX-7 design and features when they design their next models in order to stay ahead of Sony.

    • Gianluca

      …yes and €1200.00…body only…great deal!!!!….for Sony…;)

  • Duarte Bruno

    Image samples are not impressive.
    Sony took the MP too far this time. The NEX7 is a monster camera but it would be better served with the NEX-C3 16MP sensor… :(

    (edit) I’m considering the A77 image samples, give or take 1/3EV for SLT.

  • If only there more lenses for NEX, if only the lenses were much smaller, if only the body design was not that ugly, if only the price was much lower, if only it wasn’t a Sony…

    Too many “if only”s to even consider buying a NEX.

  • MikiCoga

    Yes, I want to know what the competition is doing.. that’s why you have an alpharumors link at the top of this page, right? but i’m not here to teach you how to have a web page. I think you’r doing very well!
    It’s only my point of view. sorry if i bothered you.

    And I have to say it again… NEX sucks ¬¬

    • Leave the man alone. He does us a great service by maintaining these sites – have you got any idea how much time and energy it takes? I do. Let me tell you, its hours and hours of (mostly unpaid) work. You should thank him…

      • MikiCoga

        I know, that’s why I said sorry… I read this page almost every day looking for news about m4/3 and I thank him for doing the effort of bringing us those rumors. It was only a suggestion without malice not a criticism. And let me say you something Nico… sometimes the point of view of consumers can help to improve.

  • Joey

    wow, really impressed sony :), like mainly others still not overly keen on the e-mount lenses, but maybe that will change, but for anyone shooting legacy glass what a system. Also the a-mount adapter, brilliant, don’t see myself moving to NEX anytime soon, as for me mirrorless has always been a compact backup or alternative when i don;t want/need my 5d, but for someone who’s main system is going to be a MILC, well i think they should look long and hard at the sony, time for pannalympus to up their game again :)

  • Kudos to Sony to produce a real camera for the NEX mount.
    It will be interesting to see where that system is at once they have a decent collection of native lenses.

    • MikiCoga

      NEX native lenses are going to be huge in order to cover APS-C sensor. My point of view… that’s why M4/3 are a better choice… maybe bodies are not so small as NEX, but the tandem body+lens.

  • Joey

    Just reading though the others comments, and a bit surprised, for years the same people have been complaining about no built in viewfinder, no phase detect AF adapter, no upgraded sensor etc etc etc, they are shown that a camera can deliver this and suddenly throw all the toys out the pram because it’s not their favourite manufacturer, while i’m as big an Oly fan as the next person i don’t stick my fingers in my ears when other companies start to innovate as well, my god i’m surrounded by children :( great site btw admin.

    • MikiCoga

      Viewfinder, ok. But as I read, fuji hybrid viewfinder has more “sex appeal” xD I hope we’ll see it on a m4/3 body panasonic olympus or even fuji! xD

      • The hybrid viewfinder wouldn’t work for cameras with interchangeable lenses – maybe for a few focal lengths, ok, but that’s it.

  • ReadingZ

    At this time, i really cant hold myself, you listened up, Oly! That is exactly the MFT camera body we want, but its a NEX~ all the elements of that body are so fascinating, why you cant fucking listen to the customers? screw you! I love the tiny prime lenses, but what the hell is the body?? from ep1ep2ep3~~, you call that is your design language? i call that a suicide action, i want to pull the gun to the Sony guys head, and commend them change the NEX-7’s mount to MFT, im so fucking upset now

    • Digifan

      speak for yourself only.
      There’s just one thing really interresting and that’s “peaking”.
      The inbuild evf will come anyway.

      • ReadingZ

        you are right, im little bit harsh~ relief

    • Mark

      Get a life.

  • this nex-7 is almost like a wet dream of specs loaded camera…the increased body size is a good thing too, hope it balances better with bigger lenses.
    would love to try it out once its in the shops here.

  • Neonart

    Is that a Nex7 with a 55-200 lens in your pocket…

  • Katsunami


    Nothing is wrong with the m4/3 sensors. I also never shoot over ISO1600; for me, ye olde Canon 10D 8 years ago was already good enough at ISO1600.

    The only reason for me to prefer a NEX camera, would be the bigger sensor, and the resulting smaller DOF. A 25mm f/1.4 lens on m4/3 behaves as a 50mm f/2.8 full frame lens (but with the brightness of f/2 of course). A 35mm f/1.4 on the NEX would behave comparable to a 50mm f/2.1 on full frame, so the DOF will be almost one stop shallower.

  • xoom

    https://www.43rumors.com : ‘Panasonic & Olympus Digital Camera News’?

  • PatrickJ

    I don’t own m43 nor NEX equipment (I’m a Pentax DSLR guy), but I’ve been seriously interested in mirrorless cameras for a while now to have with me while I’m travelling and for diving.

    What I don’t get with the NEX lineup is, as mention here, the size of the lenses. I don’t even care that my favorite focal lengths are not represented; it’s the size of the lenses that make me turn the other way every time. The images of the new E mount lenses mounted on the NEX body look ridiculous. For me the point and advantage of mirrorless is the compact size, and with the size of the NEX lenses I could as well stick with my DSLR for better ergonomics and IQ.

    That being said – I love the NEX7 look and specifications, I just wish I could mount m43 lenses on the bloody thing.

  • This is the direction we need the Panny to take. Not GF3 + powerzoom stuff. Sony also announced some pretty nice lenses.
    Olympus is still doing fine, IMHO.

  • frank

    This Sony NEX setup remains a stupid product. Have you seen the size of the new Zeiss 24/1.8? This is about equivalent to the Panasonic 20/1.7. But it is 4 times bigger! And about 1000$ it is said.

    I still do not understand who will buy such a product. Small body, enormous lenses, no portability and high prices but no better quality than m4/3.

  • Bob B.

    I just don’t get the whole Nex thing…the lenses are big and clunky and not that sharp (unless Zeiss), they are slow aperturewise (Except for the new Zeiss)…. I am just going to keep my Canon 5D MarkII and use all that L glass I have, when I need that kind of quality. The lens selection and options just trump the NEX mess for me.
    MFT is more logical as a companion system for me, mostly because of the size and the lens selections are getting better and better.
    If the Nex 7 had lenses like the small, pancake Pentax Limited Lenses…then the system would be a winner…as it is ..I just don’t get it….with Sony’s deep pockets…the system could be SO MUCH MORE.
    Now…if Panny would just get their sensor in gear…they better..cause the competition is gettin tough!

  • safaridon

    What puzzles me is the real size of the LCD screen given the NEX7 spec camera dimensions of 4.75″wide x 2.75″ high with a 3″ screen and 0.5″ EVF The FUJI X100 with both a smaller screen 2.75″ and smaller EVF of only 0.2″ (?)is 3.0″ high?

    My conclusion is the NEX7 is only 3″ based on a 16:9 LCD screen which would be 0.2″ lower in height than a 3″ screen based on 3:2 ratio as the GFs LCD screens are? All along when scaling out what I thought or hoped would be future rangefinder models I was convinced that a 2.8″ height rangefinder with EVF was feasible and I hope that Pany and Oly will follow suit ASAP. When FUJIs X100 was 3″ tall even with smaller LCD screen and EVF I assumed that Pany must be coming with EVF to left of LCD screen the size of the LEICA X1 with EVF replacing the flash and lot of control buttons on the left side? Kudos to Sony for producing this model which hopefully will force Pany and Oly to do the same and competition is good for all when it comes to prices and getting to see innovative products sooner.

  • omolympus

    very nice camera with discrete controls and VF offset to the left. I could use for street and high resolution will be useful for product shots with adapter in studio. It’s like a versatile Leica M. Well Done Sony.

  • Zsun

    Anyone noticed that the new sony 50mm F1.8 optical stabilized prime is going for $300 while the olympus new 45mm F1.8 without OIS is going for $400? I know it’s probably not apple to apple but considering the competition even having OIS, I can’t help but feel a little rip off (well I only has this feeling because after seeing Robin Wong’s review I am seriously considering this gem). Well, one can rant can’t we?

  • Sony’s horrible lens line up not, I couldn’t resist. I’ve waited for a camera body like this for close to a decade, so I decided to preorder. It doesn’t ship till November, so Oly/Panny has 2 months to leak/announce a similar body to the NEX7 to keep my business.

    I’m going to miss the m4/3’s lens options, but the allure of Sony’s new EVF (placed exactly where it should be on the body) with focus peaking is just too much to ignore.

  • Alfons

    Sony has really studied what people have asked for. It will be interesting to see if it sells well.

    Wonder how the double dials will work in practise. Without trying it I say I would prefer less :D Otherwise it looks just like a pro mirrorless should. Slick body with Ricoh style grip and EVF in the corner. AFL button in the right place too.

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