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Olympus E-P7 press text and full specs leaked


Here is the leaked press text (google translated from Japanese):

20 Megapixel Live MOS
TruePic VIII
5-Axis In Body Image Stabilization with 4.5 EV Compensation
4K Video
Face Priority and Eye Priority AF
USB Charge Compatible(USB Micro-B)
W:118.3mm H:68.5mm D:38.1mm
Approx. 337 g (with BLS-50 battery and Memory card)

Press text:

-Thoroughly pursuing a simple and high-quality design, the compact and lightweight body “OLYMPUS PEN E-P7” with beautiful details thoroughly pursues the simplicity and high quality that are the features of the “OLYMPUS PEN” series, and the front and rear Each dial of the is a neat and sophisticated design with detailed details such as machined aluminum parts. Body alone 337g (CIPA compliant, including rechargeable battery and memory card), only 430g when combined with standard zoom lens “M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ”, from one 500ml pet bottle It is a light, easy-to-carry camera that you can enjoy shooting lightly.

・ Live MOS sensor and image processing engine that make the best use of the descriptive power of “M.ZUIKO”, 5-axis camera shake correction in the body
The combination of the 20-megapixel Live MOS sensor and the high-speed image processing engine “TruePic VIII” brings out the high descriptive power of the “M.ZUIKO” lens. Equipped with 5-axis image stabilization inside the body that provides a correction effect of up to 4.5 steps, you can enjoy high image quality that does not blur even when shooting street snapshots such as when you hold the shutter and release the shutter. He also has the well-established “Face Priority / Eye Priority AF” for professional models in the OM-D series, which automatically detects and focuses on the face and eyes even if the face or eyes are partially hidden. continue.

-Equipped with “Profile Control” and “Art Filter” that allow you to enjoy creative photo expression The front of the body is equipped with a dedicated switch that allows you to instantly switch to “Profile Control” while holding it. By utilizing the “Color Profile Control” that allows you to finely adjust the 12 saturations, shading, highlights and shadows, and the “Monochrome Profile Control” that allows you to set the color filter effect and grain film effect that are indispensable for monochrome photography. , You can enjoy your favorite creative photo expression. The “Art Filter”, which allows you to easily enjoy unique photographic expressions, also has a fine tune that allows you to adjust the effect of the filter just by moving the slider displayed on the monitor up and down.

-Compatible with the convenient smartphone application “OI.Share” that can also be used as an automatic photo transfer or remote control

・ Tilt-type LCD monitor that supports wide-angle shooting that is convenient for self-portraits ・ Advanced Photo (AP) that allows you to easily enjoy difficult shooting such as multiple exposure and live composite

・ In-body 5-axis image stabilization enables handheld high-definition 4K video recording ・ Supports USB charging that can be charged inside the camera from a mobile battery, etc. (Camera terminal is USB Micro-B)

・ Body size is 118.3mm (W) x 68.5mm (H) x 38.1mm (D)

And here are the full specs:

Imaging sensor: 4 / 3-inch Live MOS sensor
Number of pixels: Effective pixels of the camera unit Approximately 20.30 million pixels / Total number of pixels Approximately 21.77 million pixels Image stabilization: In-body image stabilization (imaging sensor shift type 5-axis image stabilization)
Image stabilization effect: 4.5 steps
Monitor type: 3.0-inch tilt movable liquid crystal (capacitive touch panel), approx. 1.04 million dots (3: 2) Angle adjustment: Possible (tilt type)
Touch function: Touch shutter, Touch AF (AF point selection, AF area enlargement / reduction), Frame advance / return, Enlargement playback, Touch live guide, Touch ART / SCN / AP / Movie menu, Touch Profile menu, For self-shooting Touch button, touch super control panel, Wi-Fi connection, video touch silent operation
AF method: High-speed imager AF
Distance measurement points: 121 points
Focusing point mode: All target, Single target (standard), Group target (9 points) Focus mode: Single AF (S-AF), Continuous AF (C-AF), Manual focus (MF), Tracking AF ( C-AF + TR), Single AF + MF (S-AF + MF)
Face priority AF: Yes
Eye priority AF: Yes
Metering method (TTL image sensor metering): 324 split digital ESP metering, center-weighted average metering, spot metering, spot metering highlight / shadow
Metering range: Low brightness side: -2EV / High brightness side: 20EV
Shooting modes: AUTO, P / A / S / M, B, ART, SCN, AP
AP Mode: Live Composite, Live Time, Multiple Exposure, HDR Shooting, Quiet Shooting, Panorama, Digital Shift, AE Bracket, Focus Bracket
ISO sensitivity (standard output sensitivity) AUTO: LOW (equivalent to about 100) ―― 6400
ISO sensitivity (standard output sensitivity) Manual: LOW (equivalent to about 100), 200-25600
Exposure compensation range: ± 5 EV (1/3 EV step)
AE Lock: Yes
Electronically controlled focal plane shutter: 1/4000-60 seconds, valve, live time, live composite Electronic front curtain shutter: 1/320-60 seconds
Electronic shutter: 1/16000-60 seconds
Continuous shooting speed: [Continuous shooting H] Approximately 8.7 frames / sec, [Continuous shooting L]: Approximately 5 frames / sec, [Low vibration continuous shooting L] Approximately 4.8 frames / sec, [Silent continuous shooting H]: Approximately 15 Frame / sec, [Silent continuous shooting L]: Approximately 6.3 frames / sec
Dimming method: TTL dimming, manual, auto, super FP (FP TTL auto, FP manual) Built-in flash: Guide number GN = 5.4 (ISO100 ・ m) / GN = 7.6 (ISO200 ・ m), RC commander function available Flash Mode: Red-eye reduction flash, slow sync (front curtain sync), slow sync (rear curtain sync), slow sync (front curtain sync) + red-eye reduction flash, forced flash, manual flash (1/1 (FULL) ~ 1 / 64), no light emission
Flash sync speed: 1/250 second or less
White balance mode: Auto, preset WB (6 types), one-touch WB (registerable number: 4), CWB (color temperature specification), A-B axis, G-M axis can be corrected in ± 7 steps each (excluding CWB)
White balance correction: A-B axis, G-M axis can be corrected in ± 7 steps each (excluding CWB) Picture mode: i-Finish, Vivid, Natural, Flat, Portrait, monotone, custom, e-portrait,
Color creator, art filter, monochrome profile control, color profile control
Gradation: 4 types (Auto, High Key, Standard, Low Key) Highlight & Shadow Control: Bright, Dark, Middle -7 ~ + 7 can be set in 15 steps Art Filter: Pop Art, Fantastic Focus, Daydream , Light Tone, Rough Monochrome, Toy Photo, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone, Ligne Cler, Watercolor, Vintage, Part Color (18 Colors), Bleach Bypass, Neo Nostalgia
Art Filter Fine Tune: Pop Art, Fantastic Focus, Toy Photo, Cross Process, Neo Nostalgia
Color Creator: Yes
Monochrome Profile Control: Color Filter Effect: None / 8 Colors (Red / Orange / Yellow / Yellow Green / Green / Cyan / Blue / Magenta) / 3 Steps of Intensity Selectable, Shading Effect: -5 to +5 11 Steps Setting Yes, Granular film effect: Off / Weak / Medium / Strong, Toning effect: None / Sepia / Blue / Purple / Green (Highlight & shadow control settings can also be saved)
Color profile control: Saturation of each of 12 colors can be adjusted in 11 steps from -5 to +5, Shading effect: 11 steps from -5 to +5 can be set (Highlight & shadow control settings can also be saved)
AE bracket: 3 frames (1EV step), 5 frames (0.7EV step)
Focus bracket: 8 frames (focus step 5 or 10 can be selected only in AP mode) Digital shift shooting: Yes
Live Valve / Live Time Shooting: Possible Live Composite Shooting: Possible
Interval shooting: Possible Multi-aspect ratio: 4: 3 (default), 3: 2, 16: 9, 1: 1, 3: 4 One-push digital teleconverter Magnification: 2x
Level: 2 axes (horizontal / vertical)
Video recording method: MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
3840 x 2160 (4K): 30p, 25p, 24p / IPB (approx. 102Mbps)
1920 x 1081 (FHD): 30p, 25p, 24p / IPB (about 52Mbps, about 30Mbps, about 18Mbps), 60p, 50p / IPB (about 52Mbps, about 30Mbps, about 18Mbps)
1280 x 721 (HD): 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p / IPB (about 26Mbps, about 14Mbps, about 10Mbps) Recording time limit: about 29 minutes
Art filter video: Yes
Time-lapse video (interval video): 3840 x 2160 (4K) / 5fps, 1920 x 1080 (FHD) / 5fps, 10fps, 15fps, 1280 x 720 (HD) / 5fps, 10fps, 15fps, 30fps
High-speed shooting: 120fps (1280 x 720 / MOV) Image stabilization during movie shooting: M-IS1 (multi-motion IS with image sensor shift type and electronic image stabilization),
M-IS2 (multi-motion IS with image sensor shift type), OFF Grid display: Possible
Peaking display: 4 colors (white, black, red, yellow)
HDMI monitoring through: monitor mode
AE Lock: Yes
Audio recording method: Wave format compliant (stereo linear PCM / 16bit, sampling frequency 48kHz)
Microphone / Speaker: Built-in stereo microphone / built-in monaural speaker
Location information addition function: Possible (acquired from smartphone with GPS function) Smartphone wireless shooting (live view remote control): remote live view, remote REC view, wireless touch AF shutter, timer shutter (with countdown voice / continuous shooting / short video shooting Possible), movie shooting (image quality is limited), remote power OFF
Image sharing function: Yes
Automatic share reservation: Yes
Easy connection function: Easy connection by QR code
Easy connection function: Wi-Fi easy connection by Bluetooth
Easy image transfer (background transfer): Automatic transfer of shared reserved images / remote photo viewing (start with Bluetooth, transfer with Wi-Fi) Smartphone wireless shooting (wireless release remote control): Wireless release (full press / half) Press), Video Start / Stop
Print function: Print reservation (DPOF)
Language selection: 34 languages ​​including Japanese and English
USB terminal: USB Micro-B
Remote control terminal: None
HDMI terminal: HDMI micro connector (type D)
Flash terminal: Hot shoe
Wireless LAN: Built-in (IEEE 802.11b / g / n)
Bluetooth: Built-in (Bluetooth Ver.4.2 Bluetooth Low Energy) PC interface: USB2.0 (Hi-Speed)
Battery used: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery BLS-50
AC Adapter: USB-AC Adapter F-5AC
Internal charging: USB charges the internal battery
Number of frames that can be shot: Approximately 360
Size: 118.3mm (W) x 68.5mm (H) x 38.1mm (D) Weight: 337g (including rechargeable battery and memory card), 289g (main unit only)

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