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Olympus E-M5 preorders higher than ever (says Olympus)


Amy Davies from Techradar (Click here) had a chat with Mark Thackara (Olympus UK marketing manager). Mark said that: “Pre-orders are the highest we’ve ever had, it’s a lot higher than the [PEN] E-P1, and even the biggest pre-order level for many years, which I think shows how people are responding to the camera.

Also my sources told me that there is a chance this will very likely become the most sold digital Olympus system camera ever. That’s not bad for a company we all thought would be close to dead three years ago only. It one more time proves that making right products can pay off. The bad news for us is that today a source told me that most of our readers will have to be patient to get their E-M5. Production is fully ongoing but cannot expect the high demand.

P.S.: Pekka Potka (Click here) posted a E-M5 stabilization and continuous auto-focusing test. Olympus Europe posted that Live Bulb Function in Action video on youtube (Click here). For US readers, here is the E-M5 free accessory deal info:

USA: Amazon, Adorama and B&H.
Europe: Jessops, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.
Asia: Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.


USA: E-M5 on position 7/8/15/18 (Click here)
UK: Silver E-M5 on position 9 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is too expensive and not on top (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 5/7/8 (Click here).

  • I had a call from my local camera shop saying I could expect mine in a week or so :)

    • admin


    • Charlie

      Man, I really hate the look of that cloth weave looking insert on the black body. Even worse in that closeup above. Leather look is sooo much better, Olympus.

      • I’ve ordered a black one but, like most people, I’d have preferred it to have the leather-look finish. However I’m not going to let that put me off!

        • GreyOwl

          Plus one.

        • Digifan

          I’m ordering replacement grip for it, from the silver version.

        • Bob B.

          I like the black mesh…something new for God’s sake….looks kind of carbon-fibery….It’s cool.

          • Chad

            + 1 to the black mesh. It’s got the more modern look, yeah carbon fibrery, normal leather just looks too old tooth for me.

          • Neonart

            Same here. I ordered silver, but would prefer the black mesh on it. (Actually I’d really prefer stainless like the EP3.)

            Maybe we can all rip the stuff off and trade with each other! LOL.

          • avds

            I like it. It looks modern.

      • JRK

        iReplying myself prefer the seatbelt weave actually. That’s why I wouldn’t get the Silver one.

      • Ruhayat

        I’m hoping the carbon fiber is removable, and that Camera Leather will come up with a substitute cladding.

      • JimD

        I like it. I want it on a silver one. You could go to and ask them to make you a covering in any special leather. I hope they make a nice leather walk about case like the EP2 one I have. And a plait strap from Barton72

    • DogBytes,
      What country are you in???? :>)

      I do not think the US (where I am at) will be as soon!

      I have a P3 and PM1 that are both being sold for two M5’s and they are both sold to anxious buyers who can’t have them until I get the replacements as my E5 will not work for a job I have on April 20th!

      • Sorry, replied to wrong comment! I’m in the UK. I ordered it on the day it was announced, back in February.

  • Bob B.

    No surprise there….GREAT CAMERA!!!!! With the MFT lens system behind it…I am thinking that this offering could blow the competition away. You are purchasing a very capable camera with a LOT of lens options…more than any mirrorless offering to date.
    This should be a huge seller…it has it all.

    • bilgy_no1

      Agreed about the camera! But as to the whole pre-order phenomenon, it is quite recent. So the record breaking performance is no surprise.

    • I’m in the UK and I per-ordered on the day it was announced.

  • Olympus has done a GREAT job making the ultimate “everyman’s camera.” By that, I mean a good, solid unit that will take a lot of abuse, but will take some great photos. I hope they sell millions of them.

    Sure, it may not equal the resolution of the 36mp Nikon D800, but then who wants to fill up their hard drive with 72mb RAW files? :-)

    • MJr

      Hehehe is that a rhetorical question ? :P

      • Daemonius

        You still can, 3 photo stitch from OM-D and you have quite a lot of mpix. And thats just three photos…

        • And a tripod. And still subject.

          • Daemonius

            Yes, but.. you need 36 mpix for moving subjects? Nothing against but D800 by design isnt exactly sports or wildlife camera, although it does have nice AF, but D3s or D4 would be better choice.

            • MJr

              Also, ice cream cones are better than bowls. Oh wait, were we still on subject ?

          • bilgy_no1

            No, with 9fps you can sweep three to five images and let Photoshop do the rest…

    • mahler

      The ultimate every man’s camera existed before: the GH2. Not sure, what creates all the hype, probably that all Olympus fanboys lusted for a camera with a build-in view finder, even if it has. a hump. So, after almost three years of m4/3 finally Olympus dared to make something, what everybody wants, what a great success! We should not forget Olympus’ stubborn PEN-only strategy, which now proves to be wrong. Strange enough that even the EM-5 still is not able to beat the GH2’s ergonomics and handling, and that the view finder will be substantially smaller, presumably.

      So, if somebody wanted to have the ultimate camera, that one was abailable before, you just waited too long.

      Sure, the EM-5 is a great camera, but it is not as sensational as many people claim here. By all means, it is an evolutionary advance over a camera like the 1.5 year old GH2, which does not deliver anything unexpected. With Olympus, such a camera was long overdue, in fact, this camera should have been released, when Olympus started with m4/3, instead of presenting the lame, crippled EP-1.

      • JimD

        You want the truth. NO IBIS. That’s all.

        • Truth is I find the EM-5 extremely desirable for more than one reasons.
          But I don’t care about image stabilization. I hardly use it, I could live without it. OIS vs IBIS as a debate is a snoozer to me.

        • jorge

          Sharp images just need stabilization or tripod. I have 3 Panny lenses without OIS. And I use my tripods rarly. So I must buy Oly. I like Panny – I use also their compacts – including the LX3. But for MFT I want IBIS.

        • Miroslav

          Agree. Hopefully, Panasonic will reverse their decision to have IS in lenses only. As somebody here said, putting IBIS in top models would be a good way to differentiate various product lines, G and GH for example.

      • occam


      • No, IBIS is NOT all.

        GH2 does not even have orientation sensor. “ultimate every man’s camera”??? I don’t think so. All that Panny wizardry and no (standard on point-and-shoots) orientation sensor in 2011/12? Ummm… no.

        Yes, you get orientation sensor feature IF the LENS has a built-in sensor, but those are only SOME Panasonic lenses. Ridiculous.

        Jury is out on whether the GH3 will be advanced enough to have… ORIENTATION SENSOR built-in.

        And, yes, I have a GH2. IMO, the GH2 is a specialty (video) camera, not a general purpose one.
        GH2 ≡ “ultimate every man’s camera”: no.

        • JimD

          occam, I would not know about all that. Just no IBIS and I turned off.

        • “I have a GH2. IMO, the GH2 is a specialty (video) camera, not a general purpose one.”

          Come-on! GH2 is very capable for stills!

          “GH2 ≡ “ultimate every man’s camera”: no.”

          agreed. There is enough ice cream flavors out there not to impose vanilla flavor to each and everyone. Even it its my favorite ;)

      • Neonart

        The GH2 is a good camera. But it looks and feels like a cheap plastic entry level DSLR. It lacks appeal, has no IBS and JPG colors are just ok. I’ve owned 3 Panasonic bodies and several of their lenses both 4/3 and m 4/3, so not necessarily an Oly fanboy here. But after the L1 no other Panasonic has had soul besides the GF1 (maybe the GX1 now).

        Olympus may not have filled a brochure full of bullet points with the Pens like Panasonic has with the GHs, but their stuff has soul and appeal. It’s why people like Steve Huff and Kirk Tuck like them so much even when out-spec’d. Now the EM-5 has all the bullet points that the GHs have, with the build quality, the classic look, the JPGs, the IBS, etc.

        Olympus has been an Optics company since 1919. They made their first camera in 1936. Panasonic started making lamp sockets and bicycle lamps, their first camera came in 1997 I think. That history shows.

        Before I get flamed by by the Panasonic people, please note for 4/3s I had 2 x L1’s, 2 x 14-50 2.8-3.5s, the 25 1.4, and the 14-150 35-5.6. For m4/3s I had the G2 and 45-200 and still have the 20 1.7. So, I’ve given Panasonic plenty of money, but for m4/3 no camera has had the “it factor” for me.

        • I find the whole Olympus-vs-Panasonic-fanboyclub thing ridiculous.

          • Atle

            Yeah, I don’t get it. One of the good things about mFT is that more companies can use the system. Whats the problem? I personally like Olys offerings better (IBIS is one of the main reasosns) but I am glad panasonic are onboard, and more companies would be even better.

      • Joel

        First off I have a gh2 and ep-3 and will buy the em-5.

        The gh2 is NOT an every mans camera, it is a fantastic video camera but only so-so for photos.. I dislike the jpeg processing still compared to Olympus, lack of orientation snesor is annoying, lack of IBIS is annoying.

        Worse viewfinder? why is that, it is based on the vf-2 which is a better viewfinder than the one in the GH2 in my experience..

        Worse ergonomics? well if you want a portrate grip then it is much better as you will have that option from almsot day one, Panasonic has still not seen fit to provide us the option to buy one..

      • Nathan

        An online retailer friend of mine has an OMD EM5 and several GH2s. There IS a difference between the two cameras. The OMD’s low light performance, AF, and stabilization is VASTLY superior. I got a chance to fiddle with it. Even stabilized lenses on the GH2 are nowhere near as smooth as the EM5’s stabilization, and the AF is nowhere near as fast. The EM5 is at least a stop and a half better in low light, too, and dynamic range is just a smidge better.
        Putting the two through their paces, I can’t see any reason whatsoever that a STILLS photographer would choose the GH2 over the EM5.
        I did not do much with video, so YMMV.

        Oh, and he has a few D800s. WOW. But, for the price, you’d expect WOW. Haven’t seen a 5dMKIII yet.

        • mahler

          But I can see too many reasons, why a GH2 owner should not be tempted to switch to a EM-5: ergonomics, view finder size (to be tested), handling, robustness, tilt screen.

          From what it looks, I would consider the EM-5 as less robust as a EM-5, because the LCD is not reversible and it is plain to the whole back.

          So, the EM-5 is about the usual progress every camera manufacturer does within 1.5 year after the previous generation of cameras. The EM-5 is nice, but not sensational.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            GH2’s ergonomy is one of the worst I can imagine for its size.
            Grip is way too small and with complete lack of space in rear for thumb it causes accidental button presses.
            E-M5 isn’t that much better but with some space in rear for thumb and horizontal grip you can at least avoid accidental button presses more easily rising it closer to entry level DSLRs.

            But both E-M5 and GH2 are control and ergonomy wise far away from high end bodies of DSLR systems, including 4/3, and high end only if your point of reference is Canon Ixus or another P&S.

      • rootkit

        I have a GH-2 (and an EP-1 and EP-3). The EP-3 will be sold when I get an EM-5. The GH-2 will be sold as long as the EM-5 video is “good enough” for me. I got my GH-2 from Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo the week it came out and was very excited to get my hands on it. These days I use it for video only and it bores me.

        Sorry, but as other have pointed out, the GH-2 is lacking in many respects:

        1) No IBIS. I find the Oly IBIS works *really well* for me and I miss it in the GH-2.
        2) Dodgy handling. This is personal I suppose. The E-620 feels pretty good, the GH-2 feels pretty horrible.
        3) Sodding colour flash in the EVF. I don’t understand why this doesn’t bother more people. It really annoys me. The Oly VF is much better as it lacks this problem.
        4) Horrible JPEG colours. When I took my first still photo, my wife said “what’s wrong with the colour?”.

        I bought the GH-2 over the G-2 due to it having a (much) better EVF and a more solid feel as well as 1080p/24.

        Despite all this, it’s still a good little camera, and of course the video is excellent. I can imagine people being happy with this as their only camera, but only if they only shot RAW.

        But, I’m much, much more excited in the E-M5. I was lukewarm at first, and was considering the X-Pro1, despite having a reasonable investment in m43rds.

        Things I’m looking forward to:
        1) Even better IBIS, and especially IBIS for manual focussing (with my Voigty Nokton 25/0.95)
        2) Improved DR
        3) Improved video
        4) Weather sealing
        5) Improved EVF

        I’d like it to have a fully articulated LCD like the GH-2 (etc..) but it’s no great loss.

        Anyway, sorry, but the GH-2 is definitely neither “the every man’s” camera, nor the “ultimate”(!) camera. It’s also just kind of boring.

  • swested

    Well, yeah, with blogs like these around – of course they are getting tons of pre-sales.

    I love how no one on here has actually USED one, but are raving about how wonderful it is. I agree that it looks impressive, but I’ll reserve my judgment until I actually get to use one.

    • @swested
      I have, haha :P

      • AG

        That’s because they are building on an already proven reputation and addressing the sensor short-coming with older bodies. Every new camera is prone to hype including the 5D3 and D800.

    • I is agree, but this in force all new camera.

    • MP Burke

      I tried the camera at the Focus on Imaging show a couple of weeks ago and there have been plenty of sample images available for download.. so I think that in fact lots of people are pre-ordering after having performed an assessment of the camera.
      Personally, I’ll not be buying until it’s in the shops and I can have a closer examination of its handling and viewfinder.

    • It’s called hype.

    • Anonymous

      I did a few sessions with it already… my dreams. You dont need to own something to be overly excited about it.

    • I did a few sessions with it already… my dreams. You dont need to own something to be overly excited about it.

      btw. available in the Netherlands starting the 19th of April

  • Still not available for preorder in France :(

    • JimD

      It seems the marketing managers in some countries have far to many lunches to go to. France no pre order. Australia no pre order (but many will be buying offshore, price to high) Germany price to high. Some seem to be making sails to catch the wind and others are just being blown along and feeling carried away.

  • Farrukh

    Suddenly my EP3 seems so very out of date…

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure that by the time I get my E-M5 it will seem out of date, too ;-).

      • robbyadam

        I know :(

        i feel that way too

        • I’m not worried about it. It will still work great for many years, and do all the things I want from a camera, and with aplomb.

  • And actually the resolution is still very high, as the pixel density is very high, being that you have to more tightly pack the pixels onto the smaller sensor area of the E-M5. The camera is looking better and better. As long as Olympus doesn’t have some sort of “Fuji snafu” with the sensor or anything else, it looks like a winner.
    Olympus is my favorite digital camera maker. I currently use a Panasonic GX1, but only because I wanted 16mp and got it for much cheaper than the cost of the E-M5. Otherwise I’d have waited. That said I LOVE my GX1.

    I really hope the E-M5 helps to put Olympus back on the right financial path (and no more shady CEO’s helps too), as I would hate to see this fabulous company disappear.

    Thanks for giving so much coverage to what looks to be a great product, Admin. Let’s hope for even better things in the future for m43, the greatest little system on the planet.

    • The bigger problem I’d say was the board of directors actually but a lot of them have quit.

      • JimD

        Yes the Board. The English guy who took over as CEO was the reason for the exposure, they got rid of him hoping to keep it quiet still. They should of rehired him.

        • Geoff

          Seems they wanted to, but Woodford declined the invitation.

  • Atle

    Planning to get one from the US the 17 of may. I really hope they are in stock by then.

  • The Master

    Wow, take a look at how far the strap lugs stick out in that picture. Looks like they might dig into your hand when you hold it. Naw, Olympus wouldn’t do that.

    • This is a more greater problem on Pen than on OM-D.

    • MJr

      Shows how small the camera really is, tho i actually do remember a review saying it could get in the way when a strap is used. Can’t really be much of a problem.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Didn’t really notice those at all when handling camera (or one of the few pre-production models Olympus had in Europe) three weeks ago.
      Just like hump being less obtrusive than it looks because of E-M5’s small size.

    • JimD

      The Master, OK. tell me where to send a hacksaw blade and some self adhesive lugs. We can’t have you upset for all of time.

    • Michael Meissner

      I would never say Olympus wouldn’t put the strap lugs in an inconvenient location, since they already did with the E-4xx cameras. One of the salesmen at the shop I frequent, liked the E-410 but did not like the lugs, and had them filed off. I tended to agree with him, that every time I handled an E-410, I hated the feel of the camera due to those lugs.

      So far, that is about the only thing that I dislike in theory about the E-M5 (other than it will take me about a year to be able to buy one). However, it may not be as bad as the E-4xx was.

      • Rob

        Yeah, I handled the E-M5 at focus and the strap lugs irritated me. I’ve still put my pre-order in though. And will probably buy the battery grip to get around the problem as I have big hands anyway.

        Interesting the guy up saying the E-M5 seems far superior to the GH2 after playing for a while, that’s quite good news.

        I don’t know why GH2 owners are getting a bit upset. It’s still a fabulous camera and if you bought it for the video then the E-M5 will probably disappoint.

  • samshootsall

    let’s pray that OLY WILL make the PEN with a built-in EVF. and the eye piece will be circular! Still love the OM-D! Cant wait to get one with the next few months!!

    • Charlie

      Agree on the PENs. Fingers crossed.

  • I wished Olympus didn’t make any cameras… for two years, and concentrated on the Pro, possibly not very different from this one. And in making lenses for both.

    But of course it won’t happen, Oly needs to move product: Pens, let’s hope not as many and schizophrenic like the 3 gen.

    Olympus can you slow down a bit? You are grown up now :)

    • This is not so simple. We will never know the true answers for sure, but my suspicions is that the end result would not be any better.
      The E-M5 would not have been any better, had they not made half of their entry bodies and kit lenses over the last two years. Next E-M won’t be any better either. If at all, Olympus probably benefit from lower end’s R&D, production chain experience, distribution experience and feedback.

  • Glad to learn that Olympus is back in the mainstream after decades in the photographic desert. The E-1 and E-P1 had the potential to become game changers for Olympus, but somehow fell short.
    What makes the E-M5 special IMO is its being a great entry point into a new technological era for a lot of enthusiasts. It has the best of the traditional SLR “soul” despite lacking an actual mirror and OVF: fast, robust, highly functional and served by some excellent glass. And importantly it has the right looks. The competition is not even close.

  • My local camera dealer (Northern Germany) yesterday confirmed that he still is expecting the camera to be delivered on 12th April. Let’s hope he’s right.

    • that would be cool, since i also preordered from Foto Koch, who already send me two mails some time ago about the status.

  • 5 Axis stabilizer is the TOP!

  • They get a free grip.

    “Thank you for contacting Olympus.

    Unfortunately this promotion is only running in the UK and Ireland and is limited to UK and Ireland residents. The purchased product should be dispatched within the valid promotional countries and the free grip is only being shipped within UK and Ireland.”

    Waiting for a Olympus- Europe Free grip promotion….

  • Daemonius

    That video with IS at work is f*ing amazing..

  • Anonymous

    E-M5 is an example product who successfully combined technology ,a camera tool , and soul of photography in general.
    Something which Panasonic should learn long time ago

  • Riley

    well done Oly, order books full, production flat out, cash in the bank (even if it goes to the bills). Frankly Im amazed this camera has gone off as well as it has, it goes to show that once you reach the tipping point of what a customer wants, the good times roll.

    but what happens next is important too….

  • In Singapore, the 2nd batch of pre-order already sold out. I still waiting for the 3rd batch info.

    • sioque

      Hi Alex, I’m travelling to Singapore this summer and I think I could be buying an m5 there. Could you please recommend me a nice store o two where to go and have a look? I’ll also go to Kuala Lumpur, I wonder where I can find the camera cheaper. Thanks ;)

  • El Duderino

    Glad I got my order in to BH a while ago. Though even if it comes in they won’t ship because of passover, which is a major annoyance and a bummer. Had I known, I would have ordered else where. Oh well.

    • 43shot

      Order on Amazon, if it ships first then cancel the B&H order. Easy:) I have tow orders one with the 12-50 and one with the other kit lens and I’m leaning away from the bulky 12-50 and getting something better later.

    • Likewise. I don’t know the Jewish holidays and didn’t realize that the E-M5 ship date landed in the middle of Chutzpah ;-)

  • I predicted a couple of months back that this camera will be a huge success for Olympus, probably selling out all stock. Looks like its happening. I think this is Olympus best camera in a while (no, the e-5 certainly wasn’t it).

    • Jed

      Raist crawls out from his bedsit with a slimy attempt at reconcilliation after his embarrassing swat from andy Westlake.

      • No son. I am like I have always done calling it as I see it. Look or example how many times people like you said the old sensor was fine and now are acting like the em5 for precisely
        Having a new sensor is like this revelation

        As for Andy, no swat. We had a dialog. I didn’t call him names and he didn’t call me names either. So you are making things up ;-) but that’s not new. People like you seem to do so and often.

        Of course I predicted this well before now, it’s not like I “suddenly changed mind.”

      • 007

        To be fair, Raist has been saying all along he was expecting the E-M5 to be very good and to sell like pretzels. Well, he didn’t say pretzels. Donuts?

  • You predict too much Raist. One month ago the E-M5 was but an ugly duckling in your parlance.

    Then you were caught in an enbarassing stance, all over the Internet.

    Now put your money where Your mouth is and buy one, ore be gone :)

    • I never said the em5 was an ugly ducking- you are making that up. In fact I posted a full thread why I thought the em5 was pretty good even downplaying the “hump” critique, remember?

      In turn you made fun of me because I didn’t think the em5 would have a hybrid view finder which you predicted and swore by and well… Didn’t happen

      Not that I think I am perfect- I don’t. But it’s kind of funny how you vainly try to spin history here ;-)

  • Arboreologia

    Em-5 has a free grip in Spain also if you buy it with the 12-50 lens!!

    • BLI

      Where? :-D…

  • Blue

    Seems to me that IS would reduce the size of video files since there is less jerking around (which presumably is difficult to compress). Anybody have any real world experience proving that?

  • Fish

    Great work Olympus. I’m glad that I stuck with you since the E-500 (in digital at least).
    Where are all those people who wrote “RIP Olympus”?

  • Jason

    I am looking forward to getting one, hopefully the wait is not too long….I can make do with what I have until then though….

  • Rich

    I see the accessory offer for the U.S. – but does ordering from Amazon qualify for it? The Olympus flyer claims valid only for “authorized Olympus dealers”. Even though Amazon seems to currently have the same prices as the various camera store vendors, in the past Amazon was not considered an “authorized dealer” …

    Also note the following from the Olympus web site:

    “Olympus appreciates your OM-D E-M5 camera pre-order, as well as your order for one of the three E-M5 accessories eligible for the free mail-in rebate offer:

    – MMF-3 Lens Adapter, Item V3230500W000, UPC CODE 050332-182776
    – MF-2 Lens Adapter, Item 260051, UPC CODE 050332-170087
    – FL-300R Flash, Item V326110SU000, UPC CODE 050332-179646

    Please be assured that Olympus will honor your mail-in rebate claim for one of the three eligible accessories listed above and purchased during the E-M5 pre-order period (Feb. 7, 2012 through product shipping start in April 2012). For the time period provided, the camera and accessory do not need to be purchased at the same time, though they do need to be purchased from the same store.

    If you have not already done so, be sure to order your accessory before your E-M5 pre-order ships. If you pre-ordered your E-M5 from the Olympus Store, please contact us directly to add your accessory to your exisiting order and to avoid additional shipping charges.”

    • As funkyTii already pointed out, Amazon is an authorized retailer but I notice that the FL-300R Flash and MF-2 Lens Adapter are not available directly from Amazon US.

      The only option via Amazon US is the MMF-3 Lens Adapter.

  • Ruhayat

    What I really want to know is why they didn’t just call the damn thing the OM-D5. Post-Maitani Olympus just likes convoluted product names. It used to be simple – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, Pen F… Now you get PEN EP-L3 Mk XXI.003 or whatever, and you’re never sure where the dash is supposed to be, or even if there is supposed to even be a dash (EPL-3? EP-L3? EPL3?). *rant*

    • GreyOwl

      You can’t beat a good rant! :-)

    • mooboy

      Don’t forget the E-PM1. Why not call it E-PM3 to sit in with E-P3 & E-PL3… and if that’s E-PM1, why isn’t the first OM-D called EM-1?

      I call shenanigans!

    • Albert

      Am I the only one who thinks that it’s obvious why the camera is named E-M5?
      The last OM flagship camera was OM-4 (Olympus M4; Olympus originally named OM-1 simply M1. But Leica didn’t like it so Olympus had to add O from Olympus), so the next M series camera should be named M5. Now just add E from Evolt to add a touch of Olympus digital camera heritage and you get E-M5. To me, it’s a perfect name that embraces both the OM film line (where E-M5’s design and usability concepts come from) and the Evolt digital line (where E-M5’s digital functionality comes from).

    • JimD

      Ruhayat. In the days Maitani created the Pen F and the OM cameras the changes came only every few years, so numbering 1, 2, 3 and so on was fine. Nowadays when shareholders want vast returns and management wants bigger parties and a new Merc every month (and creative accounting to cover other losses), there has to be an upgrade every few months or sooner if they can. This means that using older numbering systems would need the whole of the top to get the number on. Also by using a coded number they hope you will not catch on to being conned into buying the same thing over and over.
      Well that’s what it seems like.

  • funkyTii

    The list of “official” retailers from the official Olympus Website:

    And yes, it includes AMAZON.

  • This waiting is Killing me. Hopefully I get the cam in the 1st shipment. Ordered it Feb 7th from Adorama

  • Sqweezy

    Lose the hump and I’d buy one.

    • NOone

      The original OMs have the same hump

    • Neonart

      If you lose the hump you lose the 5axis stabilizer, the viewfinder, an the accessory port. Not a good tradeoff.

      Maybe it the future when they can make the stabilizer sensors smaller and stick them in the Pens.

  • stopkidding

    I am number 1 on the list for the Portland dealer :)

  • Cteve

    I’ll look into it to replace my GF2.
    I just hope the video isn’t that bad or at least on par with the GF2

  • st3v4nt

    Glad to hear OM-D is the highest Olympus camera pre-order ever….
    Hate it because it makes the official launch will be delayed here….
    and there will be no great deal like US or Europe customer….
    they (Olympus local seller) will try to mark-up the price due to scarce supply…
    ….but it probably only concern Us 4/3 or m4/3 user, judging from the hype in
    local camera shop people still prefer D800 or even more expensive 5D Mark III
    for whatever reason they may have….

    Probably have to wait till August or September :-(

  • stickytape

    Still waiting for the next PEN haha….


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