Time to share your thoughts about the E-M5!


It doesn’t happen often to see such a (mostly) positive discussion about a new m43 products. We saw the nice tests from Pekka Potka, the videos from Olympus Australia, the ISO comparison with the E-P3, the RAW files from Focus Numerique, the Studio samples Dpreview (Click here) and MR Terada making a superb job answering all journalists and your questions (Thanks Mr. Terada!). While I know it’s impossible to really judge a camera until you have it in your own hands I want to ask you what you think based on all reviews and image samples you saw. What are the single aspects of the camera you like most?

Select the features you like from the new Olympus E-M5 (maximum of three choices):

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The highest ranked E-M5 in USA (Click here) is the Silver body with kit lens. In Germany (Click here) is the Black body and kit lens. And in UK (Click here) is the Silver body with kit lens.

E-M5 preorders (Click on the names of the stores to see the product page):
Black E-M5 body at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, J&R, Warehouse UK, Digitalrev and Amazon Japan.
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, J&R, Warehouse UK, and Amazon Japan.
Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto , Digitalrev and J&R.
Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, J&R, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Deutschland , Digitalrev and Amazon Japan.
Silver E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, J&R, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Deutschland and Amazon Japan.

  • Cem PAYZIN

    we need 5 selections! This camera has many features we all like ;)

    • spam

      I manged with two, you can have my last.

      • Charlie

        I just like the fact that it’s sooooo much better than anything Panaplastic can come up with. :D

        • mahler

          Wrong! The GH2 has the better control layout, a larger better view finder, better usability, and a fully tiltable screen, which also works in portrait shooting and you can reverse it for protection. The design of the EM-5 LCD seems to me very prone to scratches and damage, as it is not at least a little recessed as the LCD of the GH2.

          The EM-5 is a very good camera, but the GH2 is – for it’s age – not far behind and in some aspects still in front.

          Plastic cover does not mean less robust, so the silly general bashing for Panasonic’s cameras is nonsense.

          • How long have you used the EM-5 to draw these conclusions ?

            • Bob

              At least as long as all the fanboys have used the EM-5, which doesn’t stop them from claiming it’s the best camera ever made.

          • TomR

            Great point about the LCD. I had the G1 and loved it that I could turn it away for protection.

            • rrr_hhh

              The risk of scratch doesn’t hold, I feared just that for my E-P3, but after nine months of every days use, the screen is like new. Plus it is very shiny and much more viewable in bright light than the fully articulated screen of my G3.

              I like the fully articulated display of the G3, but expect the flipping LCD of the E-M5 to be better for waist level shooting.

              • 007

                How is is a shiny screen more viewable in bright light? A matte screen would show less reflections.

          • @mahler and @bob
            I think better control layout, a larger better view finder, better usability are equal between the GH2 and E-M5

        • Bob B.

          Charlie…one of my cameras…the best of both worlds (Oly & Panny)….ALL METAL…well mostly. There are a LOT of great choices out there!!!!!!


          • C. Algor

            That’s a beauty!

            • Charlie

              Yes, a great lens.

              • Bob B.

                OLY fanboy….LOL!!!!!

    • casino addict for the long shot

      I love to gamble on these polls to see if I can check the bottom choices. The amazing work Mr. Terada… got me close this time. But increased flash synch is actually fixing a long term m4/3 shutter shortcoming so I don’t know why its on the bottom. Does this mean no m4/3 cameras allowed near beautiful models (and dangerous large cats) in the studio because of camera’s diminutive size? All street shooters, eh?

    • No single or even 3 features persuaded me to upgrade from the E-PL1. It is just time, and the “extras”- built in EVF, weatherproofing, faster AF, focus assist lamp, better IS, better video, tilting screen are all very welcome. I like the styling, and also the extra width of the kit lens. I may even buy the grip, to balance a very solid 200/3.0 lens I use a lot.
      Like the m43 system in general, I think Olympus have hit the sweet spot with this little camera. I felt the same thing when they announced the E-PL1 two years ago, and I’m still learning heaps with it.
      How about you Admin, are you upgrading from your E-P1?

    • Agent00soul

      Five selections here too.

      • GreyOwl

        I would have added 2 more selections as well.

        • Agent00soul

          I found out I could vote on the smartphone too, so now I have six selections…

          • GreyOwl

            Admin will ban you :-), but if I had a smartphone…..

    • Right ;-) we need five selection or more.

  • I pre-ordered the E-M5 because Oly has done a great job from design to specifications.

    I’m looking forward to taking in for a spin——I’m confident I won’t be disappointed.

    • AJW

      Indeed, I’d go farther to say that I don’t think many people will be disappointed by the EM-5. Given the features it offers, the asking price is VERY VERY reasonable.

      Olympus really seems to have hit all the right buttons and pulled all the marketing stops on this one!


  • bitmatt

    More of a combination of all of the above. It hits on a lot of features I’m looking for.

    One thing not mentioned but very important (possibly most important to me)- the relatively small size & weight compared to similarly functioned DSLRs. I suppose this comes under the broad terms of “design” or “usability”, but size is a specific attribute that sold me right away.

  • Olympus is better than Panasonic

    I cannot wait to try it for many reasons, one small feature that is nice, is that the shutter is supposed to be quieter, that I love because the older ones sound loud and unrefined.

    • BLI

      The E-P3 sounds clunky, but there is something… good and old-fashioned at that? Clunk, clunk, clunk :-)

  • Swejk

    My E-PL2 has no horizon – function that you’ve forgotten … ; °)

    • BLI

      The E-P3 has horizon indication — useful, but a pity you cannot toggle it off-on in any view.

  • Is it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult to leave an option saying ‘other feature’ or ‘other reason’ when making a poll????

    I like the build quality of the E-M5 the most, yet there is no option for that…?

  • nxp3

    I didn’t vote…can’t just pick 3. If it was only like that with our government. You know, they do so well that we can’t decide which one we want to do the job hahaha.

  • fgl42

    I’m gonna mention something that I LOVE about the camera that is not getting much play- the live view bulb mode. I think that is AWESOME and very innovative!

    • Anonymous

      This would have been in my top 2, alongside IQ.

  • BLI

    Thom Hogan on selecting cameras, and his thought on X-Pro1 vs E-M5: http://www.sansmirror.com/newsviews/which-camera.html

    • tmrgrs

      Yes the X-Pro1 is a one trick pony that can’t do most of the things that the E-M5 will in the hands of most photographers.

  • Pim

    Played with a E-M5 last Sunday..
    Pictures are very nice, but I don’t like the design.
    Also what a big disappointment is, is the finishing of the body. I mean all the dials etc etc.
    The extra grip is also not nicely designed.

    I’m sorry Oly, put the inside of the E-M5 in a PEN and in the E5, and you have a winner!

    • I decided to focus on getting my first zoomlens ever (zuiko 35-100) and thought it would be a better match with an E-5, so i canceled my E-M5 pre-order.
      But I am sure i will get an OM-D camera in the future.

      • Meinhard Ragner

        Welcome to the last purchase before going ff

        • haha already been there :-)

    • caver3d

      Ridiculous comments by Pim. You don’t like the design? Are you old enough to remember the OM-1? There is always someone with a negative attitude.

      • spam

        What’s ridiculous about Pim comments? I kind of like the OM-D, but it’s not difficult to see that many wont. The battery grip is welcome and some of the new UI elements like the ability to do curves on the LCD-screen is fun, but I prefer the basic design of GH2. Making OM-D look superficially like and old OM film body is no great achievement.

      • BLI

        Eh? What does OM-1 have to do with anything of what Pim wrote? I mean — there is no logic in what Pim wrote — no attempt to explain *what* he/she didn’t like about the various dials and what not. As such, not very informative and thus not very interesting. But why bring in OM-1?

      • Pim is entitled to his/her opinion. I’d agree of course, but then we’d both be wrong ;).

    • safaridon

      I think the reference to finishing of the body relates not to quality strong build but reports that the silver finish over the magnesium alloy body scratches easily and most of the buttons are plastic and not carved out of metal, but that is not different from other metal bodies as well. From the pictures and previews the EM-5 metal body does appear to be built as a tank but probably not feel as good as the OM1/2/3 series heavier stainless steel bodies?

      I really doubt the innards of the EM-5 especially its 5 axis IS system could fit inside a Pen design body.

      • Agent00soul

        My silver E-P1 has only a few very minor scratches after almost three year’s use. And I don’t overprotect my cameras.

  • This is easy for me. I’m already happy with the image quality of my Lumix GH2, and I won’t buy a camera without some kind of built-in eye-level finder (which has kept Olympus off my list until now.)

    So the reasons I’m interested in the E-M5 are to get two features that Panasonic doesn’t offer and probably never will: in-body stabilization and wireless TTL flash (the latter not on the ballot.)

    • flamingjune1967

      Ranger, I agree with you word for word (except I have a G2) Also, Olympus just does a bang-up job with their jpeg processing.

  • Gearwhorer

    Being an olympus user sunce the seventies i finally jumped ship, just befire the em5 got announced, oly screwed us once too much, bittersweet goodbye, good luck to the new oly might this system be future proof

  • tmrgrs

    I’m surprised that the tilt screen didn’t get more votes. It’s the one thing that I love the most on my E-PL3.

    • I agree :)

      • aqasem

        maybe because it’s not fully articulated i wish it had been!

    • jim

      would have…. but only got 3 votes :) it is a good feature!

    • BLI

      Pehaps because the EVF is a major new thing, and many EVF lovers are not that keen on using the screen? Personally, I use the EVF in 95% of the pictures, but I might grow to enjoy the screen, too.

    • spam

      I voted for the EVF and the tilt screen, both are great features compared to older Pen-models. There are several other itneresting features, but so far it’s mostly hype. I don’t vote for features that haven’t been tested yet.

    • I don’t find swivel/tilt lcd to be a killer feature anymore, but having abused it on my G1, I can understand anyone would love it. There are some situations where its the best option, yet I could live without.
      To me, a built in EVF is mandatory. If my GH2 vaporizes somehow, the OM-D makes the shortlist.

      The big surprise to me, then again, I know I should not be surprised, is the over the roof importance given to IS. I get it, IBIS sells. I would switch it off as often as I switch off OIS, that is, most of the time…

    • rrr_hhh

      I was surprised too.

    • This is more than three thing so is better one E-M5, it tilt screen not new for Olympus, but here is the thing so we not have look in camera before.

    • Michael Meissner

      On my E-5 and E-3 when I’ve articulated the LCD screen it has rarely been in the positions that the E-PL3’s screen tilts to, so for me the E-PL3/E-M5’s LCD tilting is a nice try, but ultimately not as useful as it could be.

      For when I need more freedom in the screen, I now use remote video/shutter release setups, and I’m not restricted in the angle the LCD can tilt or articulate.

  • Doug

    Admin, may I suggest adding to the usability the horizontal/vertical grips? Also, adding lens selection as a choice. The number 1 reason to go to MTF (for me at least), is it’s the only mirrorless system to go 24mm and beyound (in 35mm terms)!

  • Mike

    Funny how the results indicate that people just picked the stuff at the top of the list…

    • Interesting observation. Maybe the maker of the poll plugin could implement a randomisation option to counter this.

  • mjp

    the panasonic dmc-g3 sensor

  • Jim H.

    I love almost everything about the E-M5, and I really, REALLY wanted it. BUT there are a couple features lacking which I need so I went with the GH2. That said, the Panasonic is a great camera. That, and its amazing street price, made it a compromise easy to swallow. On the other hand, I’m quietly jealous of all of you who’ll end up with the OM-D. Another bright side of my choice; if my (hypothetical) OM-D was run over by a truck I would probably collapse in tears and need much consoling, if the same happened to my GH2 I would just have a tantrum and go buy another.

    • lensguy

      same with me. its a shame, they couldn’t put a better video mode. so many camera manufacturers are doing it now, sony, pentax,canon, nikon. they could of sold more cameras.

  • Dee

    Everything I wish my gf1 had this camera has. I even just learned the flash sync speed goes up to 1/250! Yet one more great feature. The only thing stopping this camera from being perfect for me is the lack of 60p. Using it strictly for photography it is perfect tho :)
    Wish panny would have got their act together a bit quicker. Bye panny hello Olympus.

    • Miroslav

      The flash sync speed that goes up to 1/250 s is nothing to be proud about in 2012, since many competitors ( V1, X100, G1 X ) sync up to 1/1000 s or above and since even E-PL1 can achieve more with external flashes. Google Guy’s Photography Information and see for yourself the section about Olympus E-PL1 flash. I don’t know why they artificially limit flash sync speed to 1/160 or 1/180 when cameras can safely sync with flash at 1/400 s.

  • Sorry, maximum of 3 choices is not enough ;-) And you forgot the stabilized viewer, for me it’s also a very nice feature.

    • rrr_hhh

      This has to do with the 5axes IBIS.

  • deniz

    really hard to pick just 3 :)

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Admin, H.264 is just name of video compression standard (MPEG-4 AVC), part of which is used in AVCHD video format.
    AVCHD’s problem is its charlie foxtrot multiple folder/file structure instead of being single simple to handle container file. (along with small bitrate limit meant for limiting video quality of consumer products)

  • M

    I love almost everything about the EM-5.
    Built in flash and a proper grip and it would have been perfect for me.

    Of course, my expectations for the next generation OMD are even higher. Since oly insisted that this is not a pro camera because its reliability is not even close to that of the 4/3 E-5(which has a shutter tested to 150,000 actuations), i now DEMAND the below features for the next OMD…. ehm ehm :

    **Global shutter(better reliability than mechanical shutter)
    **phase detect auto focus on the sensor(for compatibility with 4/3 lenses)
    **Low latency screen and view finder
    **focus peaking(for faster focusing with manual lenses)
    **built in flash
    **bigger grip

    SLAP!! ok back to reality 8-)

    • Miroslav


      Agree on all points. I’d like a proper built in flash – at least GN15 with TTL bounce.

    • Don’t forget antigravity neckstrap lugs >:-)

      And we know a global shutter is more reliable… how? Based on all the years of experience compiled by other cameras with global shutters?

      • M

        The way i understood it, Global shutter implies the need to make it an electronic shutter. No mechanical moving parts, no physical wear and tear, which in theory implies greater reliability.

        perhaps electronic shutter is a more appropriate description, if we only wanted more reliability, but some electronic sensors also have their images read in sequence(not the whole image recorded at the same instant).

        With global shutter the whole image is recorded at the same time, meaning, no distortion or jello effect in photos or video, so another advantage of using global shutter.

        Still not sure of the technical details. I could be wrong :)

    • aqasem

      and fully articulated screen + AVCHD 2.0.

      • M

        And 1080P at 60 fps :)

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Scrap overhyped AVCHD.
        Already 1080p30 benefits from GH2 hack’s higher bitrates than 24Mb/s so 1080p60 with double amount of image information is sure to need more than AVCHD 2.0’s lowly 28Mb/s

    • And I want a pony!

    • JimD

      So do I except the freebees and discounts and rebates the thieves in Olympus Australia have announced.

    • rrr_hhh

      The only point I’m agreeing to us focus peaking. If you really need the rest, go for a DSLR, cause they ruin the mft small size concept.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        If small size is all you can see in mirrorless then you should go for Pentax Q.

        • rrr_hhh

          No it s not all I see, but I don’t want to go bigger than the E-M5. Size is not all, but is a very important part of the mft attractiveness. For the rest I do still have my 5D, so no need to bring phase detection here or optical finders here. I like EVF and the new technologies offered by mft and if that is not what you want, the there are DSLRs, even relatively small ones. Pentax ? You are kidding, but may be their K5 is for you.

  • pn

    Based on what actually available sample footage could one state “The new video quality (less jagged video + reduced rolling shutter effect)”? And how could we know that (besides the way too low bit-rate for taking 1080 videos) there aren’t other serious issues with the video mode?

    • BLI

      The proof is in the pudding: you don’t know until the camera is released, and someone has seriously tested those issues. Just like we don’t know whether the GF5, the GH3, the 12-35/2.8 (or the 75/1.8 for that matter) etc will ever materialize until they are released.

      • Sarek

        The fact that you can’t change exposure while you are filming is a serious issue with the video mode!

        • Digifan

          Well, then you are not the target market for the E-M5.
          You should get the GH2 if you don’t have it yet, or wait for GH3.

  • caver3d

    I pre-ordered Feb. 8, so that tells you my thoughts about the E-M5. And my opinion hasn’t changed.

    Prediction: This camera will be a Home-Run for Olympus (and for us!).

    • JimD

      Home run? Is that like an own goal? or what you do when the misses gets home before you leave the pub?

  • There is a lot to line about E-M5. But when I step back and look at it from the prospective buyer perspective I see only the lack of a bright walk-around zoom. (Even 1.7/20mm doesn’t improve the picture by much, since it effectively negates the super fast AF.)

    I like the camera – but the m43 IMO, as a system for expensive stills-oriented camera body, still lacking. GH2 has video capabilities on its side, but E-M5 to me is literally naked at the moment. 12-50 is step in the right direction – but to me a way too small step.

  • swested

    I mostly concerned about video for mostly outdoor application, and the fact that it is weather-sealed (camera AND lens) is a huge plus. That alone puts it ahead of the GH2 for me.

    The whole lack of 24p thing is a silly oversight on Olympus’ part that could be remedied with a firmware update, I imagine. As for quality, I’m expecting it to be on par with the unhacked GH2 – which ain’t bad!

    Another silly thing I noticed from reading the manual – apparently you CAN’T adjust aperture or shutter speed while filming. Huh?

    • JimD

      Are we sure it does not have 24p? Is it possible that only 30p has be mentioned as the Americans don’t understand anything outside the US. I have seen other equipment only refer to the US standards but also comply with European standards. The Europeans are more understanding of what happens in the world.The Americans have a different sense of humour also.

    • pn

      “The whole lack of 24p thing is a silly oversight on Olympus’ part that could be remedied with a firmware update, I imagine.”

      That’s highly unlikely, because there is no “48 fps interlaced” standard format they could hide their ridiculously low bit rate encoding in.

      24p at 11MBit/s looks about as awkward as 30p at that low bit rate.

      And: No, the EM-5 specs state it does _not_ do 30p. It records 60i, and even if that encoding is based on “odd” and “even” frames that were exposed at the same time, the result will not be of the quality one would expect from a 30p encoding with an appropriate bit rate.

      • RAS

        But the GH2 released a “High Bit Rate” Patch that enabled shooting at 25p/30p (PAL/NTSC), so why couldn’t it be done on the E-M5 in reverse?

  • Bob

    I’m sorry, but this poll is really premature. We don’t really know how well the AF works yet. Indications, though, are that in C-AF it’s mediocre, at best (just like every other CDAF camera). We don’t really know how well the new IBIS works. There are still questions about IQ, especially in terms of NR.

    Until these, and other questions are answered, all we can do is guess (or be a fanboy).

    But then again, virtually every article on this site has been from the fanboy perspective, with every rumor and claim touted as if it were fact, and no other camera had ever offered such features. Great for driving traffic to the web site; not so good for any sort of reasonable discussion.

    • Atle

      Nothing is ever a 100%, very vey seldom can you get 100% information about 100% of the cases. There is reasonable info about focus, IBIS available on the net. If you feel the need for more certainty, just don’t vote, but the vote is not premature or “fanboyish” as we have info to vote on. A lack of a perfect info (which we will never obtain) is not the same as no info at all.

    • RAS

      Or – gasp – ya think the articles might just be positively slanted enough to generate a few more pre-orders and, hence, Amazon kickbacks?

    • I disagree. A month ago? Yes. But we’ve seen plenty of footage and reviews to draw a good conclusion now. We’ve seen IBIS tests (search Youtube for videos), we seen C-AF tests enough to suggest that it’s adequate. We’ve seen numerous IQ (Jpeg and Raw) tests, including that from Dpreview, which is generally the go-to site for most people. Other than buying it and testing the camera yourself, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

    • JimD

      You want a chart to hang on your wall?
      One that you can look at with a serious expression on your face and from which you make bold interpretations. Interpretations that will make people look envious or aghast at your insight and understanding of the chart. They merely having a photograph to look at.

  • Keith

    It’s a great camera, but £1000 body only (thats $1580) is too expensive. I will wait until it drops to £750 and then snap one up…

    • JimD

      Seems Olympus UK supports local retailers as much as Oly Aust. Just set a price to ensure purchasers go OS to purchase. Nice to know they support the economy so well. After all they get a new BMW out of it, that supports the economy!
      I think at that rate you could get a day trip to Miami to purchase and still be ahead.

    • Rob

      I’ve ordered mine in Japan. £920 with 12-50mm kit lens. Saving £230. ‘Free’ gift is not as expensive but at least I pay a lower price initially. £230 is half of my (return) flight covered. I imagine somewhere like Singapore or Hong Kong is even cheaper.

      Saved me months of waiting for the price to come down to £920 in the UK.

  • Keith

    It’s a great camera, but £1000 body only (thats $1580) is too expensive. I will wait until it drops to £750 and then snap one up.

    • @Keith
      it’s unlikely to drop to £750 until demand drops maybe in about 15 months it will reach that price!!!

  • How about waiting until it’s actually available! There are enough silly comments about the camera out there from people who haven’t used it. I don’t mean just handled it in a camera store at a demo, but actually used it. Yes, there are a few ‘reviews’ out there, but most are hardly those that I could rely upon to make an informed qualitative decision.

    I have ordered one, but it will certainly take me a while to appreciate which features are the ones that stand out and which ones sound good but just don’t deliver.

    It’s truly pointless to assess or compare a camera just from specs.

  • Yun

    It’s great to see Oly finally came out something impressive . I feel we are not far from Oly’s PRO camera , let see how’s things goes after OMD .

  • 43shot

    A proper video test? That would be nice particularly if hosted someplace with decent resolution.

  • marilyn

    the things i like with the EM5

    1. Image Quality
    2. 5 Axis IS
    3. Design with weathersealed, twin dial control, and Quality of olympus
    4. and lastly the fast AF
    5. the Whole package with 12-50 lens worth it…
    6. Vs other brand the price is worth it.. “and need to upgrade now From my EPL1”..

  • mclarenf3

    What’s so good about the 5-axis image stabilization?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love IS (especially IBIS), but I don’t think I have many photos which will benefit from 5-axis stabilization. Am I missing something here?

    • 43shot

      I Agree, only see the benefit for video for myself and so far the video looks not so good so I can;t get excited about that benefit at all.

    • JimD

      IBIS is a bit like ABS brakes.
      Not seen as useful until the results of not using them are seen.

      • Sonny


      • Miroslav


        Great analogy.

    • BLI

      What about being able to shoot with a 300mm (600 mm equivalent) at 1/125 s and get super sharp picture? (One example in Robin Wong’s report.)

      • BLI

        Of course, that is only 2 stops compared to a conventional rule of thumb, while Oly claims 4-5 steps. But then Robin claims to have shaky hands… My own experience with other brands: I couldn’t see *any* improvement with or without Nikon’s VR tech on their 18-200; they claimed 2 steps, I think. If the new IBIS gives even 2-3 steps on any attached lens + stabilizes the viewer, that is a very interesting thing. Of course, it doesn’t help with moving objects, though :-).

  • Chad

    It is when this list is shown in a summary do you realise how many good things this camera is doing.

    For me it’s the view finder and grip. We all appreciated improved image quality but that is an obvious as you expect new cameras should give better image quality generally anyway.

    But to have the view finder and the extra grip really gives the m/43 that ‘pro’ factor feel that the previous pen line lacks.

  • More or less I would concur with the results of the poll.

    However where Olympus worries me is with button placement. They are too closely packed – because of the large screen, and they have to do too many things at the same time.
    With my Pens I am always activating something I don’t want to. So I feel I would be better off with a smaller screen, now that the EVF is there.

    If a more spartan model comes. I’ll be the first in line. Don’t astonish us with added features, but with needed ones, easy to reach, but only when one needs them.

    Ergos should be in the list.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      GH2 is really even worser in getting grip from camera with no place for thumb in rear.

      Camera built around EVF could do easily with almost inch smaller display because that would be needed only for harder angles like macros.
      That would give lot space for proper controls and ergonomy without size going up much.

  • I’d handled E-M5 for awhile. On top of the image quality, fast (and accurate) AF and 5-axis IS, I also like the weather-sealed body and it’s general design. Mounted with m.ZD 12-50mm it is a set up that is good for outdoor used, rain or shine. The EVF is excellent (as compared to VF-2). The addition of a grip create a bigger working space for people like me who has big palm. Buttons are too small to my liking. Overall, it is a treat to use this camera. Suffice to say, I’m impressed.

  • JimD

    There are many features that are desirable. Bringing together a package that is very flexible and capable of being different to suit many an occasion. Small camera with 20mm lens, big camera with the grips added and large 43, m43 or legacy lenses attached. Fast and hand held when required or go slow and check on a tripod.
    I don’t need charts and diagrams to tell me anything. The camera is a tool to capture images, images that start with the eye. The resulting image should be judged, likewise, by the eye.
    This camera ticks all the boxes I have made since my initial 3030Z venture into digital (shots still look good and it still works) and on upwards.
    If the camera does not have any major flaws that surface when it goes into mass use then it will suffice for me. There again I might get one straight away.
    But I doubt I will support Australian retailers the marketing bods at Oly Aust have put the price way above a fair world price. (base $300 more than the US– It should only be $100 more to cover local tax).

  • SLO

    EM5 looks like a winner. People can nitpik on message boards and rumor sites, but it seems to tick all the major boxes, except for C-AF. Weather sealing, new improved IBIS, excellent RAW performance (if DPR tests are telling), fast AFS, lots of features, a battery grip that lets you go big for big glass and events. My guess is that it’ll be a smash hit.

    Am I getting one? Not yet. I have a GH2 that meets my needs. I may get an OMD one day though.

    More exciting to me are the f2.8 zooms and 60/2..8, 75/1.8 lenses. Some serious stuff coming!

    • E-M5 + C-AF ≡ proverbial home run.
      Still have E-M5 on pre-order, but will upgrade to E-CAF u43 model when Oly adds C-AF to E-M5 successor. I fully expect the E-M5 to be a workhorse, but the C-AF model will be a KEEPER (and then money will go to glass ;-)).

      • JimD

        Page 43 of the manual says c-af and c-af with tracking! but only with m43 glass. 43 glass is s-af only.

  • Even about the bad C-AF + tracking I have doubts. Even in my PL3 it works well for vehicles up to 50 km/h. But then of course you must be able to select initially the target in the green box.

    This gives me an idea: to associate it with face recognition and see how it works.

    Unsavory, grumpy people dissed face recognition because they hate the idea of the camera taking over. Then all of a sudden one discovers how useful is the feature, and they are soon forgotten


  • chronocommando

    The camera has a lot of nice features for sure. so lets try to collect what is still missing to have a almost perfect one.

    For me these are the areas for improvement

    1) shutter speed of 1/8000
    2) Better AF with 43 lenses or an E-7 as alternative :-)
    3) Kit-lens
    4) ISO settings starting from 50 or at least 100 for better longtime exposure ability
    5) I really would like to have an app to control the camera remotely. Just “beam” the EVF-picture to the mobile device and give me acces to most important settings.

    • apps would be a great idea – let third party software developers write apps like various manual focus assist options (faux split circle or rangefinder centre image).

      Also need:

      – wireless flash remote (could probably integrate that into wi-fi)
      – fully articulated screen
      – multi aspect ratio sensor

  • Its not about 3 Features, It is about a full-featured camera: the combination of built in viewfinder, excellent sensor, weather proof, 5-axis IS, fast synchro-speed, etc. etc.

    The only bug for FT-Users: slow AF with FT-lenses
    The only bug for new users: by far too less Pro-lenses

    • Will

      Hmmm well the 12, 20, 25, 45 are all pro standards and more coming, I wouldn’t say by far. Pros actually use some pretty shoddy gear sometimes too.

      • Thomas S

        I would also add the Panasonic 7-14/4, Panasonic 8/3.5 Fisheye, and the Panasonic/Leica 45/2.8 Macro lenses. Whether “pro” or not, these are also fine, native MFT lenses.

  • misu

    for my field work it would have been the ideal camera with 25p. without 25p it is just another camera launched this year.

  • Rob

    I am angry, mad.
    It is a beautiful camera. I would like to buy it. It would be a nice mate to the GH series, as I do a lot filming. In Europe.
    This can only film with 30p. We in Europe have 25p broadcasting system. So if I make a nice film, my 30 pictures will be interpolated to 25. A clear loss of quality, which makes the whole HD hype ridiculous.

    How on the earth can such a global company like Olympus present a new product??? It would be a tiny part of the firmware to ask the processor to take 25 pics instead of 30. Even Panasonic with the GH missed it first time, the 25p came later in a firmware upgrade.

    Are these companies stupid or arrogant, or does the business go so fantastic, they don’t have to think about one of the largest marked of the world???

    • RAS

      Relax. It will likely be fixed in a firmware upgrade.

      As for the Internet world, it isn’t a problem anyway. Does anyone really expect material shot on an EM-D to be broadcast?

      • Rob

        Broadcast means everything which goes on TV, also my holiday. On one hand, the industry spends billions on advertising for HD, on the other hand, the newest camera does not fit the standard…

        I am not a big media-shark, maybe a little perch :-) We do quite a lot film for thematic and local TV channels, and as the people have paid for their HD-TV, we would like to supply HD material. Some of our stories, we also handle out on DVD, so people can see it home, show it to their friends, family.

        For instance:
        -Children theater in the kindergarten
        -Handball competition
        -How is the new wine, visiting a local wine cellar

        Clearly, our Sony NX5 is the best allrounder for the job, but we need a second camera, which can be a cheaper DSLR, like a 600D or GH or this new Oly. Many times, when we have lowlight situations, we use the pictures from the DSLR and the sound from the Sony NX5. But we don’t like the idea of mixing to AVCHD files, where one is 30p and the other 25p.

        It is not a big tragedy, it is just stupid, as we have a brand new camera here.

        • swested

          This camera is not directed toward a broadcast market, even in the slightest. Furthermore, in an era when cell phone or Skype footage is regularly used as part of national broadcasts, does the distinction between 30p and 25p even matter if the footage truly needs to be aired?

          The whole NTSC/PAL battle is from a dinosaur era that is irrelevant to the vast majority of consumers to whom this camera is targeted.

          • JimD

            It that case the standard should be 25p there are far more users of PAL than NTSC and their digital derivitives.

            • RAS

              30p captures more data and is more favorable to motion. If they had to decide between only implementing 24/25 or 30, it’s a much better compromise to go with 30. That being said, it still makes no sense to me why they’d include one and not both.

              • Rob

                I am sorry, but you don’t get the whole point.
                In Europe, a PAL system TV shows always 25 pictures per second, and can NOT anything else.
                So if I have 30, the system has to interpolate 30 into 25, and that means loss of quality.
                If I have 50p, than the system smartly will take every second and we will have a smooth transition.

                Concerning “motion”, there is no visible difference between 25p and 30p. At 50-60 it starts to be visible, but first when we have more than 100 frames/second. What you probably refer to, is the possibility to make slow-motion material out of this. But this shows exactly the point, because when you put 100p into a PAL system, then every 4th. picture will be used, as the system only works with 25 picture per second. When we create slow-motion, than we take the 1 sec. duration 100p material, and create 4 seconds duration 25p footage out of it. That’s the way, it is going to be nice slowmo.

                • swested

                  I understand completely how PAL works. But your computer/tablet/phone LCD does not distinguish or have a preference for NTSC or PAL. This camera is in no way intended for capturing footage that will end up broadcast to a television set. Nor should it be.

                  And I completely disagree on the point of 30p and 25p not being distinguishable. The mere existence of 24P as a “film-like look” for US devices basically contradicts your conclusion outright. But that’s another matter entirely.

                  As for slow-mo, I think you are actually the confused party: it’s 60P that affords the ability to generate excellent slow motion.

  • DingieM

    Urgh…I want to DEselect 3!

  • There will be no E-M7 or E-M6 in the future I believe.

    It will be the E-M1 as pro OM-D as Flagship in the end…Yipeee

    I’ve made my E-M5 Silver body Pre-Order, but no further info or any confirmation, here in France.

    Thinking for Lenses: m.zuiko 45mm f1.8, Leica DG summ 25mm f1.4 and samyang 7,5mm plus 12-50mm kit lens, any advice??

    • Nawaf

      You can’t go wrong with the 45mm and 25mm.

    • OM-4ever

      The 14mm and 20mm are excellent for times of traveling light. Lenses are very pocketable and are also low profile on camera. Very good performance/price.

  • MJr

    So many people voted Fast AF, which is nice, but really it hasn’t improved much or at all over the E-P3/PL3/PM1. Or has it ? From what i’ve seen about the supposed ‘tracking’, that only works after selecting a specific point, which you’d rarely have the time for ..

  • Pre-order now in for EM-5! So stoked!

  • ftw

    I ordered a Sony Nex-7, IMHO it is something worth looking at.

    • RAS

      Not according to most of the less-than-impressive things I’ve read about it.

  • awaler

    Of course it is quite premature to make a statement.
    That said, I feel that this camera with some nice primes could indeed be very much to my liking.
    I am an amateur who likes to shoot out in the open. Just thinking of a dirty amateur football match on a rainy day. E-M5 with a water proof 75mm f1.8 could be perfect. Nobody knows for sure just yet, but yes, it could be perfect.

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