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Olympus displays the (covered) Olympus E-P3 successor!



Look how Olympus is going to tease us! What you see on top is the E-P3 successor and Olympus will not show it to us for now :(
UPDATE: There is absolutely no official detail yet about possible specs. They only say that they will release that new E-P3 within 2013. And the graph below states that Olympus will release the new PEN, a new OMD, a new E and a new high end compact camera by end 2013.

Source: (Thanks Masato!)

  • Can’t wait to see it! :D

    • Duarte Bruno

      Does it come in other colours too? Not fond of this one particular one.

  • Actually, this method covers the future releases of the E-P5, E-P7, E-P9 etc. as well.

    I love Olympus e-system marketing, but that’s a cheap one.

  • NICE!

  • The battery grip looks a good size :p

    • peppone

      mega lol!!! XD

  • samshootsall

    and i just got a “dino age” Nikon D2H as a “backup toy”!! I love my EP3 + 17mm 1.8 (VF-2) combo… but built in VF is more my style… LOL

  • It looks wider than the E-P3 and the lens is too fat to be a 12-50 :).

    • fh

      Probably just a cardboard cutout underneath the cover.

  • BdV

    Probably not an updated om2n inspired FF body.

  • Miroslav

    Looks like more of the same: ( luckily ) no hump, but no proper grip either. Hopefully grips will be exchangeable. And of course, hopefully, EVF will be integrated :).

  • milez

    So, its a PEN afterall…. what a tease!

  • kbalage

    somebody please pass the security and remove that cover, I’ll pay the fines :)

    • Miroslav

      Count me in :).

    • +1 AHHHHHHHH

    • Es

      I bet a $100 there is nothing under there

  • Bob B.

    It’s slip cover does have a lovely shade of blue and a wonderful shimmery quality, tho………

    • brod1er

      That’s the famous vivid Oly colours. Panny would be much more muted.

    • Farrukh

      And if you want the cover you’ll have to pay a handsome £60 :p

      • Bob B.

        ..pouch for the cover is $30 additional…..

  • Not sure if I would be shocked if it didn’t have and EVF. I am hoping it does but…

  • Ah, how tasteful – draped in shiny blue velvet like Liberace. I was half expecting red velvet with gold-sprinkled hermine fur frills.

    Whatever is under that cover doesn’t seem to have an EVF.

    Can anybody translate what is says on the little sign after E-P3?

    • JYC

      The sign says something along the lines of “EP-3 successor, on sale 2013”

    • Narretz

      How can you judge about the EVF? The distance from lens mount to camera top seems (a little) larger than on the EP-3, so there might be more space. Also, Sony has been capable of inclduing an EVF into their cameras for years now. Oly just needs to make progress in miniaturization

      • “How can you judge about the EVF?”

        I can do that easily and with extreme prejudice.


    Are they going to go like this for a whole month? Can’t somebody do some X-ray PP?

    Burlesque revived – show me a leg – and an ass :)

  • ton

    Now, this is something really exciting to talk about! I trust Olympus, that this will be a big hit like it did on the omd. Hopefully, it will be within my budget as soon as it is released on to market

  • pete

    But it is called E-P3, can anybody translate the rest???
    Let’s wait for CP+ :)

    • OMega

      Following on Olympus successful new titling of two groups it will be the E-P3 E-VF, which in turn means there will then be the option for E-P5 E-VF to succeed that or the E-PL5 E-VF for those who require the viewfinder in a smaller model. Then if that is a success we might get the E-VF+ the plus being a nano sized camera with exchangable mobile phone sized lens, unfortunately that means yet another range or possibly the phasing out of Micro Four Thirds.

      Readers please, please, please see the humour in that last sentence and not a serious idea, though I’m sure some will.

    • Anonymous

      In case you’re not joking, the sign literally says “Olympus EP-3 Successor.”

      • OMega

        Thanks anonymous, it was a very tongue in cheek comment as you so rightly realised, I feel a little bit of humour is often called for in this forum, I think there is a limit as to how long we can go with titling look at some cars, the nomenclature on some models runs almost fully across the tailgate.

  • Boooo!

    “Is that a lens under your cover or are you just happy to see me?”

    • Bobafett


    • Ross

      You took the words right out of my mouth. No, wait a minute, it must have been mental telepathy. :D

  • If lens was the equivalent of the X-E1 zoom, 14-40/2.8-…, not bad.

    Or if it were a 25/1.8 not bad, again.

    However it has been quite loosely draped, so it might look larger than it really is. By comparison to the E-P3/2, it looks slightly taller.

  • Hamed

    i can see the built in viewfinder :)

    it’s clear, finally :)

  • Andrew

    Great, no hump! I hope it has evf

  • mazrimu

    from the height of the camera…it seems like it had viewfinder. An Epson Ultimicron VF!!

  • Sqweezy

    The real question is, will they give us a peek underneath before the end of this show? For all we know it could be a Panasonic camera hidden under there!

  • Ulli

    again, the question…EVF or not? I put 10 on NOT. And another 10 on IBIS for video.

    • veteran of light

      EVF on my E-M5 is so horrible I stopped using it. Is a con to have it, not pro. And eats battery like mad.

      I hate when ppl in reviews can’t tell it with full mouth, and instead are going around in circles like ‘NEX offers a bit better’…

      Maybe I haven’t been shooting with toys like you guys and got used to optical/hybrid ones too much, but anytime I use EVF on the OM-D it is like having a lemon put into my eye. Blushy/Mushy without any possibility for detail/focus criticality…blah

      So give me camera without that ugly hump and without EVF. And possibility to attach one.

      • Strange… Did you adjust the diopter beside of the EVF of OM-D yet ?

        First week after I upgrade to OM-D from E-620 I think I like the OVF on E-620 more EVF on OMD.

        But after a few weeks I have to use them both for taking photos my friends I just realize that the OM-D EVF are good and I don’t feel to switch back to E-620 OVF anymore.

        and using EVF wasn’t drain the Battery like you think.

        It’s give you longer using time than using LCD display.

        By the way… in present days… I still using EVF of OM-D with standard rate not high rate.

        I think… you have to learn and read more than this days.

  • I wonder if they have used a cloth that not is suspectible to moire…

  • Farrukh

    Admin, help us our and get some specs. This is a rumour site after all :p

    • WSG123

      I heard from sources that it’s a 36 megapixel sensor with better noise and dynamic range than the D800, it uses a 240hz EVF / and OVF with rangefinder focusing, has full 4/3 PDAF support as well as includes an automated “speedbooster” adapter that accepts Leica M mount lenses. It’s completely waterproof and rated to dives up to 300m.

      We’ll see, but that’s what I heard :)

      • Or maybe heard in a dream. :-D

  • safsaf

    is rumors site or news portal site ?
    how come this site is always behind? where are the sources ,, what about some hot info in advance ?

  • gna22o

    A new “E” ? E-7 or E-P5?

    • Mike

      Should be a new E-7 or E-50 or whatever since PEN ist mentioned extra. I guess it will be an E-5 with 16MP Sensor & FullHD Video. Maybe Hybrid AF.
      Not a big upgrade, but the good thing is: E-5 price will go down :-)

  • Leo C

    Dont expect too much from Olympus for the releasing schedule.

    BTW, I guess it’s E-P5 with new 14-150mm,
    heard that current 14-150mm will be dis-continued soon.

    • Narretz

      Haha, maybe the “new” one is the Oly-branded Tamron.

  • According to the graphic there’ll be another E. If so this means probably that the “one-beautiful-system” body won’t arrive this year.

    • Possibly, or it will be ‘positioned’ as an E-x and not as an E-Mx or PEN or such :-)

    • OBS, OBS!, TheEye One-Beautiful-System is only OBS :-P.
      Like i look this is the, one Pen, one OM-D and one E, so come to in year.

      • The OBS? I like it!

      • OlymPan


  • SteB

    The irony is that it looks like 4/3 Rumors has a rival, Olympus!

    • Ross

      Competition never hurt anyone! :)

  • Another Fantard

    There’s no camera under there. It’s a cloth thrown over a lump of wood.

  • Ross

    That’s OK. The first sign of madness is talking to yourself & 2nd is arguing with yourself. You haven’t got there yet, so you’re fine. ;) :)

    • Ross

      OK, admin. You can delete these comments by me, otherwise I am going mad. :)

    • Another Fantard

      Nothing wrong with talking to yourself. It’s the only way to guarantee an intelligent conversation.

  • Keith

    Nice, i’ll hold off buying that E-PL5 then.
    Stupid marketing if you ask me…

  • Assuming there really is the EP-5 under there, can someone do a size comparison with the E-P3 on the left with some software?

    It definately looks taller at least..

    • adaptor-or-die

      If you overlay the e-P3 on the left, they are almost exactly the same, probably the difference of the depth between the two objects from the camera lens that shot the photo … I suspect the dummy under the covers is simply an e-P3 in this image …

    • veteran of light

      judging by the shape of the cover it looks to be also covered in official Olympus case. So uncovering it would not help you.

    • ramcewan

      that’s an E-PL2 on the left, the E-PL5 doesn’t have the pop-up flash, it also doesn’t have the chrome accent.

      The E-PL5 also has a focus aid light on that upper left corner which is not in this picture.

      Clearly the camera is an E-PL2 and this is an old shot from the unveiling of the E-P3.

      • admin

        old shot with “2013” as launch year? :)

        • Christian G

          Yes, clearly ;)

  • adaptor-or-die

    or, since the e-PL5 is smaller, they’ve kept the e-P1-2-3 body size and managed to add an EVF with a smaller LCD on the rear?

  • Yun

    Very excited , wondering how the new PEN looks like ?
    Eager to know the spec as well .

    • true homer

      No silly remark towards Panasonic, Yun?

  • So, what does the chart tell us?

    – Great bright lenses have made it from μFT into the TG-2.
    – Fast AF has made it from μFT into the XZ-10.
    – 5 Axis IBIS has made it from the OM-D into the SH-50.
    – Next Big Feature will first come to the next E, OM-D and PEN cameras and later also to a Stylus compact camera.

    But which feature is it? Next generation EVF? Does the text on the right tell us anything about the feature to come?

    • Maybe a EVF form outside by WIFI. ;-)

  • There is also a picture of the Tamron 14-150 attached to an E-M5, I suppose that’s good to get an idea of its size:

  • translate

    Can anybody please translate the second slide first (upper) line? Above gear icons, with 14 digit.


  • caver3d

    Rangefinder-style with EVF. Yes.

  • jim

    12Mpix LiveView,
    no EVF,
    2 axis stabalizer,
    720 30fps video with 7min record limmit,
    2 more art filters…


    No this time I do have faith all will be perfict.
    120fps 1080p too???? well maybe :)

  • As i said in an other post: a new PEN with EVF in the corner, new sensor, and priced less than OMD…this is what is missing.

    • true homer

      So you want an OMD with the cf moved to the side and cheaper…yeah I’m sure Olympus is working in that…

      • true homer

        The evf I meant…

        • OlympusMenusFTW

          homer Panasonic’s no.1 fanboy bought a Panasonic GH3. homer Panasonic’s no.1 fanboy bought a Panasonic 12-35. Nobody is allowed to have a better camera than homer Panasonic’s no.1 fanboy. Anybody who spends less money than homer Panasonic’s no.1 fanboy is not allowed to have as good IQ as him. Therefore all cameras must be expensive and no progress is allowed. Only flagship cameras are allowed to have good specifications. All according to homer Panasonic’s no.1 fanboy.

  • Are we sure that there is an E camera that is not an E-P? It seems so old hat to keep an oxygen line for an obsolete system.

    Until a few days ago everybody believed in a m4/3 flagship, able to take 4/3 lenses. Was it all smoke and mirrors?

    BTW 4/3 users are by now so rabid and intolerant, that they deserve to be culled at the earliest, like badgers. :)

    Or we could help the poor lunatics by buying their legacy 4/3 lenses for a song…

  • ramcewan

    two things make me call BS on the camera under the cloth picture;

    1. why does the name tag say E-P3?

    2. it is pretty clear to me the other camera in this picture is an E-PL2, owning one I know the profile and I can just make out the pop up flash which is a dead give away. Why would Olympus put a now retired camera next to it’s brand new E-P3 replacement?

    Clearly this is a recycled photo from the launch of the E-P3 that is being used to add credibility to this rumor which has only the marketing slide behind it.

    • Yayapapaya

      Its says ep3 successor… And cant u see that the name tag mentioned 2013? Don tell me that ep3 was supposed to be launched in 2013… So which part of the photo is recycled?

    • You probably believed that American never landed men on the Moon?

      You are right it was the Russians, but they didn’t want it to be known at the time :)

  • Le frog

    Any guess about the size of the velvet-covered PEN?

  • dan

    I wonder if this is just a em5 without the evf. I personally have no use of the evf on my em5. I only use evf when the sunlight is too strong for the lcd rear screen. Why come up with a ep5 that is direct competing with em5 in features. I think the ep5 should be a epl5 plus omd5 features minus the evf. Ppl who want evf built in can get the em5. If they want even a smaller pen with em5 features and get ep5. Of course i dont mind oly come up with more innovative features in new ep5. Also look forward to the em5 mkii, but i dont think i will need it unless it has xrazy improvement. Rather spend money on the 35-100mm 2.8. Oly please hurry up and release more lens. I only have pany lens on my omd.

    • Yawn! Just mind your own business, unwashed :)

  • David

    While I still very much appreciate this site, it’s becoming less and less of a rumors site. Maybe the sources have become far less talkative, but it’s disappointing that we know so little about a soon-to-be-revealed product these days. Where are all your reliable sources hiding?

  • Anonymous

    she wore blue velvet.bluer than velvet was the night

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