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Olympus and Sony conference in Tokyo: Sony will supply sensors while Olympus will share lens and mirrorless tehcnology.


So it’s done guys! Olympus and Sony will now officially work together on the mirrorless front. Today Sony-Olympus held a press conference in Tokyo and you can read more about it on (translation here). In short:
– It is Sony’s interest to keep the MFT system well alive
– Sony will supply sensors to Olympus
– Olympus will share their lens and mirrorless knowledge and technology to Sony
– Future mirrorless camera parts may be co developed by Sony and Olympus (example EVF and OLED screen).

For now this sounds like a good deal. It also opens a new kind of possibilities for Olympus. For example they could make lenses for the NEX system or even uses Sony’s FF sensors for a new PRO system. But all that is just speculation for now!

  • Republic

    Please Olympus and Sony – Work on a D800 Killer or at least equivalent for the next 43 PRO body…I would love to see the High ISO low Noise feature in the E-7

  • Gianluca

    not happy…;(

  • Marilyn

    This is bad expensive price tag to be expected with Sony waaaa

  • Jankoff

    Great news!
    Congratulations, OlySony!

    • julesvern

      or SOLYMPUS

      • Sonypus

        • Boooo!

          “My Little OlymPony”

  • Camaman

    Otherwise he will wait for GH3x… Lol!

    Yeah, good luck with that… hahahaha!

  • From Wikipedia (with a proper reference): “Originally, in the negotiations, Konica Minolta wanted a cooperation with Sony in camera equipment production rather than a sell-out deal, but Sony vehemently refused saying that it would either acquire everything or leave everything that has to do with the camera equipment sector of KM. Subsequently, Konica Minolta withdrew from the photo business on September 30, 2006. 3,700 employees were laid off.”

    • History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep!

    • Dugo

      I give it one year. After that, there will be no more Olympus, at least not in the digital photography side of things. Sony will not be making M4/3 sensor cameras — why should they? So, Panasonic will be left with the unenviable choice of carrying Micro 4/3 form factor alone — or else abandon the format entirely. Not great choices, for sure.

      • BLI

        Sounds like a weird prediction:
        * Sony owns 11.5% of Olympus, and should all of a sudden enforce layoff of all Oly camera employees?
        * why should Sony make sensors for m43? Perhaps because they make money out of it?

  • Dolo

    I worry that Sony says they “will keep the MFT business well alive.” When a company feels the need to say something like that, usually they’re telling a lie.

    • BB

      Sony controls stock and has one person on the board.

      Sony has no say in “keeping the MFT business alive”.

      As MFT is the part of the Oly camera business that is profitable and growing, then there is no doubt that it is staying alive.

    • Translation: We (Sony) will kill off MFT, Slowly while making our NEX series better with Olympus lenses.

      • Dugo

        I just don’t trust Sony in this, their track record is less then exemplary. And in any case, prices for Olympus Micro 4/3 cameras and lenses have no place to go but up. Not that they were all that inexpensive even before this so-called “merger,” mind you.

        Us, the proverbial little people, will be holding the short and of the stick as these no-holds-barred Japanese conglomerates are getting us shafted with their smiling faces and phony promises, I’m rather afraid.

  • Es

    Lack of competition = the consumer gets shafted. ALWAYS.

  • SO, Share with Sony tech that Olympus and Panasonic made and shared as M43 partners. Good Job Olympus. Now we can watch as Sony takes over M43 slowly as it makes it’s NEX line better, and making Olympus cameras more expensive.

    I hope Panasonic teams up with Fuji or Canon because of this.

  • Jankoff

    Well, well, are you concerned about Oly or Sony? Or are you concerned about what you will be able to buy next? I am concerned about what I can buy next that suits my needs. It may be Oly or Sony. Let me be concrete and say that I will expect OlySony or SonyOly to continue the E-?? FT series. I desperately need an E-550 or E-650. Please, OlySony or SonyOly, give me the grip of an E-550 with the rotating LCD screen of E-650! :-) :-) :-)

  • Anonymous

    Being married to Panasonic while sleeping with Sony has to have its perks!!

    (1) GOOD:
    Great for both Olympus & Sony in the short run (1-2 year), as the best of both worlds can be combined. The next round of cameras for both systems just got much better!!

    (2) GOOD:
    Combined they can afford to spend more on R&D, as the returns will come back from two systems.

    (3) BAD:
    If they choose to combined R&D and let go of talent to save money. However I doubt this will happen as these are still two distinct companies, as opposed to a take over.

    (4) BAD:
    If Panasonic vs Olympus relationship deteriorates as a result. We still want these two to communicate and grow the system together as a team. Now we have a triangle relationship!

    (5) GOOD/BAD:
    This could DELAY the EP5, as Olympus may now have new technology to play with. However the new technology could be a further improved Sony sensor, OLED VF, 1080p60 video etc etc!!

    Overall, I think this is very positive.

    There is still more than enough competition (Fuji/canon/nikon/samsung) for Olympus to remain on their toes and keep innovating.

    • David

      Don’t worry about the EP5. Olympus has never failed to release an iteration just because there is better tech out there.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        E-P5’s delay possibly comes from probable redesign of body to differentiate it better.

        If there’s new sensor coming soon I would expect it to come first in that higher end/”pro” body and trickle to lower bodies in next update round. (as usual)

        • Well, the E-30 and E-620 got the new sensor two and one and a half years respectively before the E-5.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Just some months ago Panasonic and Sony announced cooperation in development and eventual mass production of big OLED screens.
      So I don’t see why this would mean Olympus and Panasonic stopping talking to each others.

      • Agree, and one thing to sensor in GH3 is maybe Sony production too.

      • Miroslav


        Several big manufacturers can make alliances. Does anyone remember recordable DVD format wars? Or BD vs HDDVD? This may be the alliance against CaNikon ILC domination. I’ve said many times – there are only a few overlapping products in Sony, Panasonic and Olympus mirrorless offerings. Sony has been making futuristic bodies, Olympus retro and Panasonic DSLR shaped. Only their entry level models can be directly compared. If all three are wise, they’ll first take the ILC market from Canon and Nikon and fight among themselves later.

  • WT21

    Oly will share tech about lenses with Sony? You mean, they will actually show Sony how to make lenses that are both good and affordable?

    • Dugo


    • Bob S.

      Olympus may invent lens for E-Mount perhaps.

    • mister_roboto

      So it’ll be likened to Panasonics “red-dot” lenses ;) but with a “blue ring?”

      Sony is anything but an optics company- as the E-mount shows. I’d be really interested in seeing what Olympus has to offer for lenses or support for the NEX series.

  • Jon

    So once Sony has all the lenses, does that mean they’ll kill M43?

  • Neil Evans

    This seems like bad news.

  • David

    OLY isn’t going full frame. Not in the next 15 years. Give up this dream.

    • jimbo

      I think they will go full frame sooner then that, probably within the next 5 years. With the success of the D600 and other affordable FF cameras, they will be stupid not to. They can maintain 2 systems, they can still sell m43 bodies and lenses for cheaper but they will need to be in the market with FF to compete in the future. They will be able to make attractive mirrorless FF bodies that are only slightly larger than M43 bodies.

      • Agent00soul

        There will be no need for FF in the future. It will go the way of the 8″ diskette.

        • mooboy

          In the foreseeable future, I think FF from Canikon is far more likely to survive than m43. APS-C is what deserves to die… But think we’ll be seeing all 3 for a while yet.

        • Mike

          Disagree, it will be APS-C that eventually disappears. Price of 35mm sensors are coming down, quality of smaller (m4/3) systems improving. Given identical technology a larger sensor will always have the quality advantage, it’s physics. Micro 4/3 advantage is small size with now increasingly minimal quality losses. APS-C’s only real advantage is lower cost ( the equipment is not compact enough to qualify as a real advantage for this format) and FF will continue to close tist price gap.

    • Within 5 years they ALL will be providing full-frame systems. No where to go but up!

      • David

        Why would this be the case? At the moment at least, manufacturers can’t make good FF lenses that are size conscious. APS-C is proving a challenge too. Only m4/3 has fulfilled this need. The advantages of full frame aren’t so great that everyone needs it. Bokeh isn’t everything, and sensor technology is constantly improving. Frankly, I see medium format coming down in price and becoming the choice of pros (long term…like 15 years away) and m4/3 or smaller becoming the smarter consumer/enthusiast choice.

      • ljmac

        What is it with camera forum measurebators that make them so sure their ‘needs’ align with the wider market? The wider market clearly wants smaller and lighter, not bigger and heavier.

  • Dugo

    This is great news, people.

    And I am now officially predicting that in approximately one year from right now, there will be another joint press conference in Tokyo, yessirie. In the course of that, the companies will be announcing that from that point onward, “Olympus” will be officially known as “Sony.”

    Nice going, Sony!!

    • Bob S.

      Yes …… exactly the same as what happened to Konica-Minolta and Sony-Ericsson. Both Konica/Minolta and Ericsson were eaten by Sony. Again for Olympus, Sony will gradually swallow Olympus too.

      • Dugo

        You’ve said it, Bob. I think in Japan this is known as the “Godzilla Effect,” right?

    • Mr.NoFlash

      Sony cannot “eat” Olympus.
      Sony has 1 ( i words: one ) Member in the Oly Board.
      Sony has 10%.
      Sony cannot say “Oly, please stop m43”.
      The Nex camera system will become better, but in the end, there is not much difference, not much advantage of the Nex system, and the Nex system will not suddenly be made with body-based antishake.
      Also the Nex System will cost Sony less money because of the cooperation, whats important for Sony, because Sony also has financial challenges.
      If they speak with each other Sony and Oly may keep prices high ( we have a kind of Sony-Oly-Panny monopoly in the mirrorless market )

      • Dugo

        If you have THREE PLAYER in a market, like you said it being the case with Sony + Panasonic + Olympus, that is neither a monopoly nor a duopoly. And there is no such thing as a triopoly.

        Sony now has a little over 100% stake in Olympus. Question is, when will they reach the 51% ownership level?

  • Sony will have no interest in keeping Olympus cameras going long term. It is just another competitor out the way. I’m thinking more about the compacts here though. An m.zuiko lens on the front of one will be an option instead of zeiss or Sony gold lenses.

    m4/3 still has a lot of lifespan and should benefit from the collaboration until the format dies (I’m not saying it will, but if it goes the way of 4/3, then we won’t see a replacement format from Olympus).

    Anyway, can we have focus peaking now? As Solympus are buddies they don’t need to pay the patent licence right? ;)

  • Farrukh

    Can’t wait for the successor to the current OMD, if it has more Sony tech, it can only get better!

  • Adriaantie

    Yesssss omd with apsc or FF sensor. By by m43.

  • Ken S

    Imagine an OMD with Sony NEX menu system!

    • Mr. Reeee

      It would be a slight improvement.

      • mooboy

        Do any camera manufacturers have a good menu system? They’re all pretty terrible. I’d have to say, I’ve the four I’ve used, I generally find Sony’s the best (whereas Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic are all kind of lamentable)

        • Olympus has in fact, maybee it is called the Super Control panel…

  • Scot

    Sony only made a small investment in Olympus so hopefully Olympus didn’t sell the store for it. Olympus gets sensors and Sony needs mirrorless focusing technology and lenses. Olympus could end up making Sony real competition to themselves. Now if Olympus can get some video know how than Panasonic needs to worry. My only regret is buying expensive lenses I could end up regretting over the long term because a Nex with fast focusing and decent lenses could be compelling but than there is the ibis card.

  • Jevfp

    Sony has already colaborated with Konica-Minolta plus with the Zeiss lens technology,.. But still Sony have to admited that Olympus Zuiko Glass is far more better especially for development of mirrorless camera,.. Once they can apply the Zuiko technology in their system both alpha and E mount / NEX ,. They will become the best potential camera maker and lenses too

  • David

    I look at like when Ricoh bought Pentax. Ricoh option (great but not well received) seems to have died out, no more fixed lens modules for the GXR. Seems to be Shift to all out Pentax stuff.

    Sony may see the same. NEX will be really good with a full 135 sensor inside. Get ride of the APSC, as there is no IS in body anyway. Then the smaller option is the Olymus-Sony M43 camera with IS built in. This could be really good. The Sony small compact full frame NEX line, The sony APS and Full frame IS in body Transluecent mirror line, then the smallest M43 IS in body camera line.
    Just kill off the NEX APSC, there is limited lenses anyway and use Olympus for the Full frame lenses needed in the Full frame line.

    • Miroslav

      “NEX will be really good with a full 135 sensor inside. Get ride of the APSC, as there is no IS in body anyway. Then the smaller option is the Olymus-Sony M43 camera with IS built in.”

      Completely agree. They should stop development of APS-C NEX lenses, concentrate on FF NEX and enable using of m4/3 lenses via adapter in crop mode.

  • Tropical Yeti

    >or even (Olympus) uses Sony’s FF sensors for a new PRO system…

    Yes, definitely…
    And than NASA will recall Opportunity rover back from Mars, to refit it with Olympus full frame cameras…

    Get real please…

  • ulli

    in the future we will be able to shoot with our heads.

  • djmdgk

    It’s a big step ahead compared to the so far really crappy Panasonic sensors. But it will also secure Sony NEX to be always a step ahead in terms of image quality because of their larger sensor.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the Off Topic,

    But does anyone know of any leather case for Olympus OMD that cover the camera with the 1st part of the grip.

    Many thanks

  • Miroslav

    “It is Sony’s interest to keep the MFT system well alive”

    The best news from that press conference.

    “Sony will supply sensors to Olympus”

    Already being done.

    “Olympus will share their lens and mirrorless knowledge and technology to Sony”

    Seems that Olympus is giving more than it’s receiving. Why doesn’t Sony share their mirrorless knowledge and technology to Olympus? There are a few things from NEX that are missing in m4/3…

    “Future mirrorless camera parts may be co developed by Sony and Olympus (example EVF and OLED screen)”

    It would be better if they used same type of batteries and shared accessory connectors and ports. Cross fingers this works out and Panasonic does not get angry :).

    • Ganec

      > “Sony will supply sensors to Olympus”
      > Already being done.

      Not the last one: Sony already have senzor with phase detection, which Olympus needed for compatibility with older lenses

      Sony need pancakes. Maybe also on-chip stabilization.

      Good barter deal…

    • ashwaniman

      “Olympus will share their lens and mirrorless knowledge and technology to Sony”

      So Sony publicly says that Olympus has better mirrorless knowledge and technology …

    • Sony bought 10% of the company. It’s a huge cash infusion. How is Olympus not getting anything?

  • Miroslav

    Next up, I expect a joint press conference between 43rumors and sonyalpharumors. A closer cooperation should be announced now there are more common rumors. Sonyalpharumors should provide some of its server capacity, so that site crashes do not happen during m4/3 announcements. In exchange, 43 rumors should share some of its sources’ info with sonyalpharumors. It should be also be stated that “It is sonyalpharumors’s interest to keep the 43rumors well alive” and that “Some future mirrorless rumors may be co developed by sonyalpharumors and 43rumors”. :)

    • admin

      No joke. Was talking about that with my friends. We may should make one single website all together :)

      • Miroslav

        Of course! You should put an end to canonrumors and nikonrumors domination :D .

        Seriously, go ahead, I believe a unified site can be stronger and more popular than 3-4 separate ones.

        • Boooo!

          Until Thom Hogan becomes the largest shareholder of UnitedMirrorlessRumors and eventually has all news replaced with those about the Nikon 1 system.

  • Ok,

    I allways wanted to be a troll, :-)

    next NEX camera (words joke):

    IBIS 5 axis
    best Zuiko lenses
    SWF sensor cleaning system
    EVF 2,359k OLED LCD
    Focus peaking
    wireless flash trigger
    intelligent menus

    who need another Olympus body?

    • Well – all those who don’t want a bleeding APS-C system with soft-corner pics, for instance.

  • not a lot of people really use cameras anymore, I myself just use the camera on my phone.

  • Ab

    You guys are hilarious (well a bunch of you) and I do enjoy a bit of humour.

    This selling of shares to Sony means Sony cannot do anything single handedly without securing a majority (currently 40% away from that)…

    Now while people think this is the end of this and this is the end of that, companies are not like forum hunters, they are also not like scorned girlfriends. Olympus will share they excellent and long standing lens technology (for a price) to Sony to improve on a number of shortcomings, with their lens technology.

    In exchange sony will be helping to develop the sensor tech for Olympus, (at a price) where we will see a number of newer technologies arrive faster.

    This will not change the APSC vs 43rds sensor size argument, as it will not change the 3:2 vs 4:3 formats, sizes and respective lens design challenges. What it does do it offer an opportunity for Sony to build a new partnership, as it does Olympus, while getting Olympus out of a tight spot.

    Samsung and Apple are at each others throats over IP issues in court as we speak, Samsung continues to sell Apple the parts it needs to make the Apple products. That is business, not love.

    As for the survival of NEX vs Olympus, as more and more entry level DSLR buyers stop upgrading from one entry level model to another they will buy into m43rds, or nex etc. As will people buying up from point and shoots etc.

    m43rds was not created to be a FF competitor, but if you needed to be, but a 14-35 f2 zoom buying back one stop of the two stop difference in sensor size. Or use a 25mm f0.95 or 17mm f0.95

    On that subject, do you think so many manufacturers would be supporting a format which has no future? I would say, for at least the next 5 years nothing is going to deter m43rds (and we will probably see another vendor with another body on the horizon).

    Personally for both my personal and my professional photography it is all being done with m43rds bodies.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      There might be more than one direction traffic on sensor side.
      Olympus has no doubt been looking for years higher performance focus detection systems which don’t need separate SLR style PDAF sensor.
      And that’s definitely common interest area for both.

      At the moment lack of proper moving target tracking is biggest deficiency of mirrorless compared to DSLR.
      And if they can make hybrid AF achieving near SLR level performance (as first step) mirrorless systems would be able to really hurt Canon and Nikon.

      • Well, if I’m not mistaken, Sony os one of the two DSLR manufacturers (zthe other being Pentax) whose AF-systens were inferior to the one of Olympus. And the on-sensor PDAF definitely will prove to be failure. Or why do you think that Fuji, the first manufacturer who introduced this technology – have abandoned it. And why did Oly – who have got a patent for this technology since 2004 or 2005, never used it? Don’t you think they and Panny tested it when developping their first mirrorless cameras?

        As I see it, the way to a really, really fast C-AF in CDAF cameras is a different one. You just have to make the next step from face detection to silhouette detection. Possibly with a learning algorythm for your favourite subjects.
        With this technology in place, the camera would need just two measurements to calculate the speed and direction of the movement by the increasing or decreasing size of the silhouette and could then make the lense’s focus mechanism move to the right spot in one go – just as a PDAF system does. And there, a control measurement could make for a far more precise focus than any PDAF system.
        So, we would have a fast AND precise C-AF. That’s the way to go instead of spoiling sensor space for a technology that will never work.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > You just have to make the next step from face detection to silhouette detection
          Doesn’t change the fact that only thing it knows is still that image is probably out of focus, or with remote chance might be even in focus.
          Neither there’s way for camera to know what should be the size, shape and type of silhouettes in image.

          Phase detection already knows at this point to which way and how much to move focus.

          > With this technology in place, the camera would need just two measurements to calculate the speed and direction of the movement.
          And if target moved between these measurements result of calculation is wrong.
          Even for static target focus would be now half of the time worser than during first sampling because contrast AF needs one focus movement for just finding out which way to move focus.

          Read this before making assumptions about contrast AF’s capabilities:

          Funny thing but haven’t noticed anyone saying Nikon 1’s sensor being spoiled by its hybrid AF, whose capabilities are again acknowledged to make it only mirrorless truly capable to tracking moving target.

    • I think you’ve outlined a lot of objective points. Some other realities:

      1) This deal, first and foremost, is about medical imaging. It’s an area where Sony sees growth, and Olympus has a strong position.

      2) Olympus desperately needed a capital infusion, so it was in its interest to develop this agreement. The bankers who run Olympus were quite willing to concede a seat on the board for the cash.

      3) The Imaging Division has been losing money for several years and the bankers won’t tolerate that much longer. Collaboration with Sony provides access to leading technologies, not the cast-offs that Pany was willing to throw Olympus’s way. Those technologies, both imported (the new Sony sensor) and domestic (5-axis IBIS) have combined to create the first leading technology Pens that Oly has ever produced. And, not coincidentally, significant sales.

      If this combination provides black numbers as opposed to red ones, the bankers will be happy and Sony will make (more) money. Realistically, if the Imanging Division continues to lose money, then the bankers have a buyer for their money-losing division. And then, it is entirely possible that some of the scenarios described above could occur.

      For Olympus this represents a challenge and an opportunity. It will be interesting to see what they make of it.

  • alexander

    pls no FF – i want m4/3 !!! :-)

  • JimD

    What if a new sensor size was a 4×3 ratio 135 size, slightly narrower and slightly taller. This would enable better image quality and smaller native lenses.

    Also if the mount was very close to the lens and fairly wide, adapters could be made to take lenses from m43 and 4/3, through NEX to FF. (Ala adaptall body for digital) Software could be produced that enabled all Oly digital lenses and Sony lenses to work natively (+others), just pick your module, set your lens format and off you go. Take the small when on a trek and the large when ultra detail is required.

  • MikeH

    Alas poor Olympus, we knew thee well.

  • ckmaui

    I find it funny when people say this is going to die off like FF or M4/3 or only one needs to survive etc..
    this is like saying all full size SUV should die off cause I dont need them ! or saying we should only have full size SUV cause I need them ?
    when in fact many dont even need a SUV at all and are fine with a mini cooper :) or a Porsche or other choices !! heck some are happy driving a 20 year old volvo station wagon around !

    I want choices ! I want small fast lens a bit more DOF is OK sometimes

    I hate lugging around L glass and heavy bodies all day long ! having both FF and M4/3 with quality of both up to 20×30 or so its a win win

    I want MF backs to come down in price so I can finally get my cambo wide :)

  • Oh, internet…

    Everyone’s a professional and knows everything.

    I’m on the same page as Ab.

    On a side note, Olympus E-Mount lenses sounds interesting!

  • JimD

    How come my last post is awaiting moderation and 3 have been posted afterwards, without moderation.
    What gives with this moderation? There are no links, there are no nasty words, (well I did mention NEX and Sony). So why moderation? Every post I put up gets moderated, yet I see posts made after mine!

    • JimD

      This got moderated as well.

  • JimD

    135 size 4×3 sensor. no corner wonks. Yeaaa.

    • JimD

      I just picked up a US ip and used that to make a comment. It was posted immediately. (BigJim below) If I make a comment through my ISP I get sent to moderation. I get sent to moderation on both my PCs and my laptop. So is it the Australian IP that is not liked.
      It makes it very difficult to hold a running conversation, when half the chatter is held up for hours.

  • Hifinut

    My wish list for future Sony/Oly development:
    1. Sony and Oly join force to develop a new FF mount system.
    2. Oly will merge the 43 and m43 together with the new hybrid sensor from Sony with good AF on the 43 lens – give a closure for the 43 user with a large grip the resemble 43 cameras when attached to the new pro-m43 body.

    • Hifinut

      3. The new FF mount will be compatible to existing m43/nex mount through adapter.
      4. Better ergonomics for all Oly cameras by having 2 thumb wheels at the top right-hand of the cameras. 1 wheel, user selectable, to select fn (wb, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, bracketing etc). the second wheel is to change the value of the selected fn of the 1 wheel.

  • BigJim

    What if a new sensor size was a 4×3 ratio 135 size, slightly narrower and slightly taller. This would enable better image quality and smaller native lenses.

    Also if the mount was very close to the sensor and fairly wide, adapters could be made to take lenses from m43 and 4/3, through NEX to FF. (Ala adaptall body for digital) Software could be produced that enabled all Oly digital lenses and Sony lenses to work natively (+others), just pick your module, set your lens format and off you go. Take the small when on a trek and the large when ultra detail is required.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > What if a new sensor size was a 4×3 ratio 135 size, slightly narrower and slightly taller. This would enable better image quality and smaller native lenses.
      Lenses wouldn’t become any smaller because of same diagonal sensor size which is the factor deciding image circle size.

  • Sensor wars had long being predicted, and that is what we are seeing. Mirrorless only speeds the pace. Sony, Panny, Sammy all said they aim at world domination. Fuji might want the same, after film is over.

    Cleverly Sony is doing it through a variety of mounts, so I see no need to kill m4/3, on the contrary. It will be an additional weapon to counter Panny. All it matters is that it has a Sony sensor inside.

    Oly has never stated it wants World Domination :) But it predicted correctly that mirrorless would be dominant by the end of the decade, and has top sales in the Pacific Rim.

    No mount is eternal, but is very silly to think that battles are fought over it as in film times. Where value concentrates is more abstract: in imaging technologies. 43 proper was left behind by CDAF, EVF technology, 5-axis IBIS, FW correction. Sony has also sweep panorama, focus peaking, in body HDR, all things that are indifferent to mount.

    It would be interesting to know which will be shared, but I see no interest in Sony in terminating abruptly Oly like it did for Minolta. Mount doesn’t secure supremacy anymore, performance does.

    Don’t forget that m4/3 has the main advantage of small lenses with no fall off at the edges. APS instead needs microlenses at the edges, and it is an additional cost for sensor makers.

    I tell myself that m4/3 will probably survive myself, ad that I need just a few good lenses to go on, so no great expense or worry.

    • JimD

      See my note above re light fall off at the edges. + the ability to use almost any mount in a native way.
      By using a 4×3 sensor of 135 size made slightly higher than 135 and a close mount with adapters for lenses from m43 and 4/3 through nex to 135. This would to enable full use of native and legacy glass at maximum size image or down to the standard 3×2 just dial the sensor size for the lens used.

      Gone to moderation again. When I used a USA IP it went straight through.

      • admin

        Hi JimD!

        We are trying to figure out what’s going on. We use a smpa protection filter that automatically puts on moderation the comments arriving from IP adresses used by automatic spammers in the past. A question. Do you have a member account? Or are you commenting as an outside visitor?

        • I have a member account, though I was not logged in today. I once upon a time saw who was on line and when I posted a comment my avatar was displayed but all that seems to have gone. I found it strange that if I used a USA IP through HMA I saw my post straight away (not logged in). As soon as I used my normal ISP I got moderated. I tried to find my avatar in the profile but even the place to post it disapeared some time ago.

          • Ahh. No moderation this time.

  • Mason

    I believe their collaboration with each other is in the compact camera business, not the interchangeable lens business. At least that’s what Olympus Japan said in this article.

    • Yes, but one must see things ahead. That is just the beginning. 1/10 share and millions invested is no mean thing.

      Users are justly worried by their investment in lenses, after the sudden demise of 4/3 proper.

      What if Oly started to design lenses for NEX? Personally I don’t see it as a danger: third party lens makers are already workng for several mounts.

      Contrary to APS m4/3 has been optimised from the start for mirrorrless compacts. From what can be read Oly and Panny will trade technologies, not mounts.

  • jake

    you are wrong here , if you read the original texit , then you’d know that it is nothing to do with their mirrorless camera bsuiness but mostly to do with medical and compact camera business.

    the main point here is they will set up a new medical company that produces some sort of NBI machines, not endoscopes..

    • So I understand you have no such worries. Sony is the first shareholder of Olympus, it is the new sensor provider of Oly and yet you have no worries of any kind.

      If so why you even take care to respond? LOL

  • I know that I’m probably wishing for pigs to fly hoping to see Olympus-branded full-frame. But I’ll vote with my money.

    If this collaboration ends up with a Sony mirrorless full-frame in which I can see Olympus’ design and sense of class, I’ll buy it.

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