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New E-M5 firmware 1.5 released!!!


Nice to wake up and find news like this! Olympus E-M5 owners can upgrade their camera to the Version 1.5! Olympus grouped all mini updates in one single major release. The screenshot on top shows you the list of the fixes.Let us know if you find some nice improvement here and there.



There is a $80 gift card deal on all Olympus cameras (Click here to see the detailed deal page on Amazon).

E-M5 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

E-M5 Case:
There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.

  • Nic

    The Olympus update application is “offering” me the update to 1.4 (not 1.5)???? Updating as we (I) speak.

    • Fiatopichan

      You’ve to update to the version 1.4 first, then version 1.5. But if the version 1.2 haven’t been updated, version 1.3 will be offered then 1.5.

  • goffen

    No Humming before focusing.

    IBIS for legacy lenses in movie mode.

    All that’s missing is focus peeking and adjustable focus point size (like on the new pens)


    • Wonderful news on the IS on legacy lenses for movie mode. YIPPEE! Thank you, Olympus, thank you. Now I’ll probably buy the E-M5.

      • grmlfz
      • Chris

        Now that Sony bought a piece of Olympus and they’re sharing tech there’s a slightly better chance of that (focus peaking) happening.

    • milez

      What? No focus peaking ???

      • c0ldc0ne

        You seem surprised.

    • Ulli

      for adjusting the the focus box size, check this dpreview link:

      • GreyOwl

        Thanks Ulli for this informative link, very useful information to know about.

      • BigTam

        Thanks, Ulli, but what I (and I suspect, many others) want is a way to permanently change the size of the focus square.

  • efwee

    Any news on the banding issue with the 20mm? It ruined some of my shots @ >1600 iso!

    • JP

      yeah, don’t point it at direct sunlight

    • grmlfz

      I guess they don’t manage to solve that issue firmware-wise…
      Main reason for me to not buy the E-M5. I would love the E-M5 but I also love my P20…

      • rrr_hhh

        I own both an E-M5 and the 20mm. The banding only shows up at 1600+ and it doesn’t show up every where, it is faint up untill 6400 at least. If that is the only reason why you don’t get an E-M5, you are really depriving yourself of a great camera (unless you are only shooting in very low light environments !

        • grmlfz

          Unfortunatly available light photography in lonely places is what I do… :(

  • Ahem

    Where’s the download link?

  • nodyah

    I’m really pleased they have fixed the noise. I’ve been surprised how accepting of it reviewers have been. Was a real issue for me.

    25 and 50 frame movies for UK Pal users to eliminate flicker under artificial lighting is my last major gripe.

    • Nawaf

      24fps for me please.

  • Fan

    The noise is not gone but greatly reduced. Nice!

    • Nawaf

      What kind of wizardry is this!

    • ED

      What noise are you people talking about , the one in the images or the fan-like one? Mine came at firmware 1.2 and I don’t hear anything, could it be that the IBIS in my cam is broken lol or was it already resolved in the first upgrade???

  • Matt

    great news.. does somebody think oly will release a firmware upgrade to improve codec and bitrate in video mode? considering the new gh3 olympus should do something to fill the gab between competitors about video quality and they will not release a new camera soon..

    • Nawaf

      Well if they add 24,25 & 30fps they should try to improve the codec while they are at it. Wish they would get rid of the artifacts that ruin a shot.

      • milez

        Maybe ver 2.0 will include focus peaking, 24fps, better video codec, cure the banding issues with some Panny lens,… what have we?

        • VF

          If that happens I’ll get my name legally changed to Olympus Forever.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Amazing service update by Oly. :)
    Reminds me of the great E-510 firmware upgrade adventure.

  • Leave a reply

    You can now only really hear the “humming” noise when you half press the shutter. They may have change something in the screen and EVF rendition as well, as manual focus seems much easier to me.

  • Danas

    I think they should add the 24; 25; 30 fps option in firmware upgrade. I do not understand why they didn;t? If they add video mode, this means they are also giving filmmakers a tool and those fps are too great standards to be not included. At least 24 fps is a must have in any camera that can shoot video. And OM-D is not just a cam, it is the OM-D,a cam that fights in the battle with elite pro gear step to step.

    • Doug

      I thought you where going to say “OMD…. Fights for the users!” ;)

  • Dossen

    Nice improvements, Oly. Too bad I don’t have MF lenses ATM. Need to get new ones.

  • I’ll be able to test it out with my new 60mm macro which arrived an hour ago! :)

    • Congrats. Same situation here. Just received the 75.

  • Ulli

    great to see they finally enabled the 5-axis ibis for manual focus lenses in videomode.

  • Rinaldo

    +1 for 24p and better video codec on next upgrades!!

  • chris

    Yes, legacy glass IBIS! Now I can use my Rokkors with my EM5 and get stabilized video. Hopefully the next update has more framerates and possibly improved bitrates. Peaking would be nice, but I get by fine having magnify assigned to one of the buttons on the grip. The large OLED screen makes it really easy to nail focus, much easier than with my Nex5n.

    If better video is not an option on the EM5, please Olympus give us a GH3 killer with hot rodded video functions, 60p and 5-axis. Its the only thing keeping me from going all in on m43. I’m not ditching my 5n for the GH3, I prefer IBIS to OIS.

  • Thanks Olympus (if anyone is reading from Olympus).

    I am joining the chorus of many to also ask to include focus peaking into the firmware. I guess it’s unlikely (and maybe even impossible) but asking doesn’t hurt.

    What I actually need more than focus peaking is a bunch of other stuff that can be addressed by firmware:

    * the programmable function buttons are pretty useless for assigning custom modes if you have to keep them pressed for the mode to be active. While pressing the teeny tiny button(s), it’s extremely difficult to handle the shutter release without introducing hand cramps or camera shake. The only programmable function button that does not have this issue is the one on the 12-50mm kit lens, because it’s easy to reach with the other hand. I propose to introduce an option to make the function buttons act like this: press once and release: custom mode enable, press again: custom mode disabled.

    * another really annoying behaviour of the firmware is the EVF eye detection. Here is the dilemma:

    When the eye detection is enabled in the menu and the display is turned off, hitting the OK button opens the super-menu on the display (just like on the E-5). I love this super-menu.

    When the eye detection is disabled in the menu and the display is turned off, hitting the OK button does not open the super-menu on the display, it’s not available at all in fact. That sucks.

    Olympus, please allow disabling the eye sensor in the EVF while keeping the super menu on the display when using the EVF. This is one of the biggest flaws of this camera for me.


    • Nawaf

      +1 I disable the eye detection because it’s annoying. Too bad for some unknown reason we lose the super menu.

      One more thing. I’d love to be able to review the pics I’ve taken on the EVF instead of having to take my eye away from the EVF.

    • And one of my issues has already been pointed out in the review at

      “UPDATE: Be aware that the Myset chosen only applies while holding the button down. It really should simply engage the desired setting.”

    • goffen


      I have disabled the eye sensor, and when i press OK the Super Control Panel pops up (Just like it did on my e5) So there must be some setting you have overlooked.


      • Hi there,

        just to be precise. By super-menu, I mean this super control panel, not the overlay options.

        This is a screenshot from the E-PM1, but this menu is basically the same on the E-5 and the E-M5.

        With the eye sensor disabled and the camera set to EVF, this menu is not available when pressing the OK button.

        If there is a way to change this behavior, please let me know.


        Tobias W.

        • Andrew

          Hi Tobias,

          You can enable Super Control Panel from:
          Custom Menu D -> Control Settings (3rd from top)

          The option you are looking for is Live SCP. You can turn it on or off separately for iAuto, PASM, Art and Scn modes according to your likings. If you have multiple control tools enabled you can switch between them using Info button.



          • Hi Andrew,

            no, that’s not it.

            With your advice, I made the changes in the menu and turned on “Live SCP” in all modes.

            Still, when I turn off the eye detection for the EVF and I disable the display and use the EVF, hitting the OK button does not bring up the super control panel on the display. The display remains dead and the overlay in the EVF is enabled.

            This is really annoying.

            Also, the modes and options and how they effect usability regarding display versus EVF are really confusing. They should have made it more easy to understand and go from what they did on the E-5. The E-5 is one of the most intuitive cameras I ever used.

  • popo

    i think in new firmware blinking in exposition changes record video is more smooth.
    Is possible this?

  • mahler

    Very disappointing. I expected, half year after the availability of the E-M5 and after a lot of weaknesses have been recognized more improvments:

    * AF field visible in C-AF
    * MySets in SCP
    * AEB in SCP
    * less sensitivity of eye sensor (adjustable)
    * smaller focus areas of the new E-PL5

  • The Master

    Yeah, not being able to make the focus area smaller, without having to zoom in, is pretty lame and reminds me of the EP1. For a thousand bucks, you would think Olympus could figure this one out. How could anyone even remotely consider this a pro body, with silly issues like this?

    • Pjotr

      To The Master. You seem to forget that E-M5 is not considered as pro body and Olympus has stated quite a many times that E-M5 is not a pro body and is also not marketed as such. There is a difference if you compare E-M5 with like Fuji X-Pro1 which Fuji promotes as pro body although it isn´t anymore pro than E-M5. Olympus will make OMD Pro-version in the near future which in Olympus terms and with their resources might mean anything between 1-4 years.

    • michaelfromoz

      I’m not sure whether this is what you are speaking about BUT.
      I touch the screen to wake it up and the little focus box appears and on the right hand side of the screen is a vertical slider from 5x to 14x. I can operate this with my finger. This reduces the size of the focusing box. I can also slide the box around with my finger to point wherever I wish to.
      The touch control point on the left, if touched again, switchs on the “touch and take a shot” facility so as you touch the screen the focusing box moves, the camera focuses and the shutter is activated. Touching the control then switches the touch screen off again.

  • FatCat

    If you have heart problem, do NOT update firmware yet. Better wait 1-2 month.

    Oly engineers are %#@$%#$#R!##!@#@#@!!

    No matter how fast your net is, Oly’s server deliver 0.5-1 mega _bits_ of data per second

    1 Byte = 8 bits

    Firmware size is around 100 MB or 800 mbps. So you have to wait 800-1600 seconds for the FIRST 1.1 -> 1.3 (or 1.4) update cycle.

    While the brain-retard update procedures transfer files to your camera .. you must NOT remove the cable. However, as these early procedure is not the real update, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR CAMERA. No message shows up at LCD, no light blinking anywhere.

    Seem like you just turn your precious one to be the useless brick. But it’s not.

    After 10-20 minutes of this as-is-nothing-happen-but-data-is-transfered, the camera will spring to life, because it gets all the files. So it say it will update itself BEFORE CUTTING CONNECTION TO THE COMPUTER.

    As the camera cut the connection without any warning to the computer, the update program know nothing. So the program pop up the dreadfull message “Unable to find camera. UPDATE FAIL. RETRY OR CANCEL”.

    Yes, that practical joke Oly Engineers masterly make for your heart! Because whatever you click, you do nothing … the camera already detach itself from the computer. Funny, right?

    Funny, right! Because after the camera cut itself from computer in order to update its firmware, it also shutdown its LCD message!

    It’s almost like you just turn your precious into dead brick.

    Anyway, 10-15 second later, another joke is played. The camera suddenly wake up and say OK. That’s all. Just OK. Nothing more, nothing less. Hahaha.

    You have to repeat this cycle AGAIN to up the version from 1.3/1.4 to the final 1.5 ….. while biting your toe’s nail.

    Heh .. you still have finger’s nail left after THAT first cycle?? Mine don’t. Hahahahahah …..

    • ph

      Thanks FatCat. This scary story must be the post of the day.

    • Mymaco

      To me it took 15 minutes to update the camera to 1.5 firmware..

    • not true – it took me some 5 minutes to update from 1.2 to 1.5.
      i am no fan of updating via direct Internet connection either (as opposed to saving the file to ans sd card), but the update runs smoothly, no need to exaggerate and ovrdo the scaring

    • You should have a chat with your ISP. I went from 1.1 to 1.5 in under 10 mins. If you just follow the instructions it all works. It’s not a scary monster trek into a jungle full of canikon bloodsuckers and vultures.

      • BarryT

        Coming to this rather late because of an extended foreign trip. Just updated from 1.2 to 1.5 with no hassle and in about 90 seconds (in the UK). Not sure what the problem is – maybe your broadband is?

  • Updated. All ok. This noise of the IS is gone untill you half press (if you have it so configured)
    Happy user Olympus !!!!
    … and even happier if we get some of the features raised above ;-)

  • Peter

    Great job Olympus! The humming sound of the IS is almost gone, but now the Oly 45mm has always the same chatter noise as the panaleica 25mm sometimes :-(
    Has anyone else the same problem?

  • The Real Stig

    No one seems to have mentioned that with the IS now off most of the time, except when pressing the shutter button, the battery life will probably be improved quite dramatically.

  • Camaman

    Is this version of the updater correct for the E-M5?
    Version : 1.03
    updated : Nov. 2011

    I ask cause there is a newer version available for macintosh…

    • GreyOwl

      Version 1.03 is what I used earlier today to update my E-M5. I think it’s the latest Windows version.

    • See, I told you MAC is always behind.

  • Peter

    Absolutely awful! With the new firmware the blades of the Panaleica 25mm started to chat again. Now I have two lenses, the 25mm and the 45mm, chatting really noisy when pointing the camera into a light source… even the light of the LCD screen is bright enough to start this behavior. They always start to chat after a few seconds…

    I cannot recommend the update to 1.5 at all! :-(

  • How clear is this with everyone?

    I mean, I know that if you’re on 1.1 you need to update to 1.3 then 1.5. And if you’re on 1.2 you need to update to 1.4 then 1.5, but it’s not exactly clear on their website.

    It should be done a lot better.

    • michaelfromoz

      You don’t need to decide, the updater does it for you.
      You just need to run the process twice.

    • The Real Stig

      It doesn’t need to be clear as the user has no options. The software determines what version you need and loads it, then gets the next one if necessary until you get to 1.5. You can’t accidentally pick the wrong one.

  • milez

    I managed to update from 1.2 –> 1.4 (50mb download) … once downloaded, it took 1 minute to complete and gets you an ‘OK’ on the OLED screen.

    Then i update from 1.4 –> 1.5 (45mb download) .. once again, after download is completed, you will be prompted to proceed with update. Click next, and it will take about 1 minute to complete and gets you the ‘OK’ on the OLED screen.

    Now that i’m on 1.5, i dont hear the 5 axis stabilizer humming sound anymore. Still checking out the rest of the update to see if anything else is new.

  • I would like to see Olympus have available a downloadable printable document listing all menu selectable settings (with icons) so one can print off the document and tick a box for the settings one has chosen and room for notes. A spread sheet would do. I would also like to be able to down load the icons (resizable) used in the manual so I can make my own quick reference and notes.

    • Ross

      That sounds like a nice idea. I’m sure Shane doesn’t have much else to do & that could be his little project. ;) :)

      • Then Oly OZ could sell it to Oly Jp and show an enhanced profit. They would have to sell it because we all know that manufacturers (software sellers and OZ dealers in particular), all believe that people cannot see web sites outside their own country and have a 50% markup to support their own private bank, sorry, mercee.. sorry, web site.

  • Food Man

    Hi Olympus,

    24p and higher bitrates please…. then, you will have the best, #1, only ibis, hdslr video camera on the market.

  • Food Man

    Yeah… defo the best firmware.. just as big a deal as back in the day when Canon gave the 5D2 manual exposure for video. Now us video heads can use any MF lens!

    I also wrote them a new short message:

    “Thank you for giving us IBIS for adapted lenses in Video-mode.

    In the future, can you please give us a firmware update with the following; in order to make this THE best HDSLR video-camera on the market And the ONLY with IBIS?

    ~ 24p: Every single other HDSLR has this option. Might as well give the OMD this options as it’s also the only HDSLR with IBIS.

    ~ Higher video bitrates: Even though the OMD is the only HDSLR with a fantastic IBIS, at the same time it has the least amount of video-bitrate out of any other HDSLR. 30-50mbps would be perfect.


  • Food Man

    Let’s all start messaging Olympus and request for higher-bitrates, 24p and better video codecs:

  • JIM S

    the image stablizer is turned on in movie mode, but it generate it’s own jerk so it’s totally useless.

  • JIM S

    I also have the Sony RX100. The IS is so good it’s amazing. Together with the assignable focus tracker it makes most moving camera shots usable without a focus puller and a steadicam.

  • This update has bricked my camera and now it won’t switch on… make sure you update it when the customer care line is open just in case this happens to you too.

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