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Olympus 150-400mm PRO lens will be released in Autumn 2020. PEN-F production halted but successor might be coming…


During a German interview with Olympus Forum we got some new interesting details about the future products:

150-400mm PRO lens:
The lens will be on market by autumn 2020.

PEN-F is still in Stock but Olympus stopped the production. But Olympus has yet NOT decided if there will be a successor or not. Still, Olympus asked to customers what they think should be improved on a future PEN-F model

Super fast f/2.0 zooms:
Olympus wants to make lenses as small as possible an that’s why they didn’t make MFT versions of their older super fast f/2.0 zooms

2020 roadmap:
He confirms in 2020 we will get new cameras and new lenses.

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