Oldest m43 cameras are on top at Amazon (+ new refurbished Oly cameras)


I noticed that since weeks the two most sold m43 cameras at Amazon (Click here to see the ranking) are the Olympus E-PL1 ($299) and the Panasonic GF2 ($345). Think three years ago, when we were still dreaming to get on our hands on a compact interchangeable lens camera. And now you can get it for $300! And they are selling more than the new GX1/GF3 or Olympus E-P3/E-PL3/E-Pm1!

Living in Europe I bought a couple of cameras for 170-250 Euro. E-P1 for me, E-P2 for my girlfriend, E-P1 for my girlfriends mother, E-PL1 for my brother, E-P2 for a friend, and another E-P1 for another friend. Most of them I bought at Olympusmarket. And here is the list of current refurbished cameras they offer:
Black E-PL1 with kit lens Silver E-PL1 with kit lens White E-P1 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with double lens kit Black E-P2 body Silver E-PL1 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Black E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Black E-PL1 with kit lens Black E-P2 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with double lens kit Black E-P2 body Silver E-PL1 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with kit lens Black E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Black E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens

And many more are listed!

  • jiamflash

    This just shows overall how little progress had been made in to m43 line. Consumer sees no need to shell out extra the $$ for the “upgrades”. That is what happen when you are using a 4 yr old sensor and 5 different 14-42 lenses.

    • Ab

      No, it shows what a good deal they are.

      Anyone who thinks these firesale prices are not a good thing are fooling themselves. The more of these cameras get into people hands the better. If this is a loss earner, fine, and if there is still profit to be made, even better.

      It also has nothing to do with the sensor and everything to do with the price. Aside from these types of forums, do you think anyone else cares what the sensor is?

  • Admin still waiting for that “i got 235 mails and loads of rumors” results, the AF rumor is not cutting it anymore to the core 43rumors junkies :)

    • Fan

      Yeah every new m43 generation claims it’s the fastest AF of all mirrorless cams. That was totally to be expected. I would like confirmation that it has PDAF in addition to CDAF …

      • Frankly, the improved AF speed is more of a let down,
        AF speed is the only feature that its good (at least on panasonic) since day one (its G1 in 2009 is still better then 2012 NEX-7, or NX-200)

        I’d prefer M43 would concentrate on EVF,Dynamic range, Focus peaking, and other things on which M43 is way behind the NEX…

        In other words, please not yet another “fastest AF” features.

        We do not shoot the olympics with small cameras anyway, for that there is canonikon.

      • LLLLLLL

        fast in bright light and as long as nothing moves.. yes THAT is what i need fast AF for … ROTFL…..

        • Brod1er

          We do need better tracking AF. Why should we use Canikon for anything that moves. I DO want to use my MFT camera to take pictures of moving people, animals, cars etc. The lenses exist (Panny 100-300, Oly 45 f1.8, soon Panny 35-200f2.8 :-) ). We DO need better AF tracking.

  • ThomasAn.

    I remember debating over the NEX and the GF2 while being tempted to wait for the GF3 … but given the overall balance of features, built quality, and compactness I went for the GF2 and haven’t looked back and do not intent to be tempted again for several years unless the NEX system offers a pancake equivalent to the pana 20mmf1.7

    It is amazing that although I envy a few other cameras out there (say Fuji or Sony) at the end of the day the practicality of the GF2 wins for me. It is like a woman that is neither brilliant nor a supermodel, but has a combination of sufficient portions of intelligence and beauty to be more balanced and livable in the end.

  • Bruce Hatfield

    I got my E-Pl1 last year and thought it was a deal on Amazon for $430. Last fall’s megadeal was directly from Panasonic: the GF3 with both kit lenses (14-42 and 14) for $500. And yes I bought that too to go with my G1, G2 and E-PL1. Anybody want to buy a G1 cheap?

    • JD

      How cheap Bruce?

  • metalaryeh

    Admin. Please one more rumor to hold me over until tomorrow. Please…….please.
    …please …please. oh I almost forgot…please.

  • Barugg

    Cheapskater cam no.1 the epl1 has e5 iq at a price of a leica lenshood

  • Barugg

    You heard it here first the om-g has 36 x 36 mm (more than ff ) square sensor it can be used as universal digitalback for every lens ever made

    • Pei

      I would actually buy that camera if SONY made it.

      Face it, only SONY have the resources to make a FF/medium EVIL/mirrorless to go after Nikon and Canon’s pro costumer.

      • flash

        Well, they seem to like to loose money anyways.

  • Michael Gerrard

    Oly and Pany have released new models too quickly for shops to sell off their stock. The E-P2 and E-PL1 are being sold alongside the E-P3 in shops where I live (Switzerland). But it can be good for us because I saw an E-PL1 with 14-42 for sale, brand new, CHF 300!!! It’s interesting to see the E-P3 sitting close by at CHF 900 ;-)

    • Pedro del Río

      This morning, I saw the E-PL1 with 14-42 for sale for CHF 190 (about EUR 170) at Manor in Vevey.

  • bilgy_no1

    In DSLR world, the older models are also the biggest sellers for some time after new ones are introduced.


    yes olympus is burning ourmoney….

    my nikon gear is way more “worth stable”…..

    m43 gear is worth 40% after 2 years… if your lucky

  • avds

    He he, Admin, it appears you’re a true m43 maniac :-))) Too bad Olympus market only ships inside EU.

  • Mar

    m43 bodies might not be the best at holding value, but they’re great for people looking for a good camera.

    Cameras have never been more affordable, only couple of years ago, you’d have to pay 2-3x more for an old entry level DSLR.

  • spanky

    E-PL1 and GF2 are not the oldest m43 cameras…

  • They’re the oldest cameras that you can still but new.

    Also, looking on eBay, there are people trying to sell their GF-1 for US$700!!!! I’ll never sell mine!

  • HB

    Here E-PL2 Body only is on sale for 199.- EUR (since a few weeks now). For me, personally, E-PL2 feels much better regarding built quality compared to E-PL1. Just my 2 cents….

    • alter_ohm

      lowest price for e-pl2 body i found is 279€ on ebay. where can you get e-pl2 body for 199€ ?

  • Frankie_Indo

    And how do I end up EP-L 1 is also because this site!! and I will blame you if I end up with OM-D!! lol. love your site a lot thought!!

  • Yun

    Admin , you are truely an olympus supporter .
    No wonder the whole topics since last 2 days , all about OM-D . Maybe I’ll try someday to get an Oly camera , is when Olympus is getting mature ( capable & caparable ) .

  • Olaf

    How about a built-in flash that was reported earlier (10 m range)? If that would also be in place, this one would be GREAT! :-)

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