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First SLR magic 12mm lens on eBay.


The very first SLR magic 12mm f/1.6 lens is on auction on eBay (Click here). This is quite a good lens (I tested one) but I still do’t know where you can buy it online. The lens is 2/3 of stops faster than the Olympsu 12mm lens. The SLR magic has a smooth aperture ring that will appeal filmmakers. The Olympus lens has AF an a better image quality. And, at leats in USA it’s getting soem interesting price drops at Amazon (Click here).

P.S.: The new SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope for mFT is also available eBay (Click here).

  • P4INKiller

    I’m not sure why he’s selling it for more than it’s worth new.

  • Zaronz

    Saying the Olympus got a better image quality is VERY subjective. While the Olympus does have a sharper image and is more flare resistant. The smoothness that is created by the SLR Magic creates an unique quality that may be more appealing for the filmmakers especially.

  • Steve

    In germany you can buy it at

  • Vivek
  • Hi guys,

    I’ve taken some of the feedback into consideration and dropped the price a bit. As I mentioned on the listing I love the lens and wouldn’t give it up unless the price was right!

    £299 now

  • Bob B.

    I think the SLR Magic Spotting Scope can be found in a grab bag on Amazon with the Kenko T-Mount Adapter and the Opteka Mirror Lens!!! They have also thrown in a vegetable slicer… Just saying. :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      But wait, there’s more… ;-)

      I’d be curious to see a comparison review between the SLR Magic (there’s just something so incredibly irksome about that name it’s hard to write) spotting scope and some “real” scopes.

      • Bob B.

        If you order NOW, we will throw in …at no additional cost…

  • Zoeff

    Just a minor correction, but the SLR Magic 12mm is a whole stop faster than the olympus 12mm. Remember, it’s t/1.6 which is about f/1.4 apparently. If it was 2/3rd of a stop faster then I might go for the olly lens but a whole stop seals the deal for me. Manual focus isn’t that much of a problem with a wide angle, just zone focus if you want to be quick.

  • For who didn’t see my tests with the SLR 12mm… yet… :D
    Daylight tests :
    Night tests :
    VS Olympus test

  • It’s also here fore sale @ 349 euro’s, although it’s not in stock….

    For the money it’s a nice lens, maybe I will get one ;-)

  • Camajan

    I wouldn’t buy it cause it would make me a laughing stock on every trip on every square in the world… :-/
    Loooks straaange…:-)

    • Bob B.

      …not at Red Square in Russia…newest item.

  • mng

    Should not campare slr magic with olympus at all. those thing olympus made are called “camera lenses”. s-m just modifies some cheap c-mount tv lens. those remarked pricy tv lenses can give you nothing but soft, contrastless and distorted pictures.

    • gl

      They have in the past, but from the reviews that’s not the case with this one. I’d be tempted for the performance but it is a weird shape and long to boot, the pancakes suit my purposes much better. But the Oly is overpriced and silver doesn’t work for me either. Oh well…

      • mng

        I did see some review of this lens, like the one from steve. softness, distortion still there comparing the oly lenses. for a $400 24mm prime lens is just unacceptable.

        The only problem for Olympus lenses is overpriced, that’s the problem for the M43 system I think.

      • blackeye

        @ mng – have you seen the tests/reviews done so far? Of course the production model still has yet to be field tested. From what I’ve heard, and granted this is still hearsay, maybe someone can back this up, but the SLR Magic 12mm was and still is originally a Noktor design and build, which is usually quite superb. Apparently SLR Magic bought out Noktor and now owns the brand/company/likely the manufacturing as well. This WA lens is a huge step away from their usual lenses on eBay, like you said, modified CCTV lenses. I just wish the name was different…I cringe when I hear someone utter it out loud :P
        I agree, the Oly silver look is not my style, but I’m looking for some AF, as most of my lenses for MFT is manual. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a manual shooter, but it would be nice to pull off lots of shots with AF/AE when I need to. It’s a bit out of my price range too. The SLR Magic is a great alt, but still waiting to see more tests done. I’m waiting to hear more about the 12-35 Panny X, even though that will be out of my price range for sure, but if the quality and speed is really high enough, I would consider throwing down for it.

        • P4INKiller

          So you haven’t heard that the lens Noktor released before being acquired was a modified CCTV lens too?
          You shouldn’t associate Noktor with quality.

    • Bob B. attitude is this (I am a still shooter…no video)…the Oly lens is so very small, sharp, and has VERY fast, accurate focusing on my GX1 & G3 (can’t speak for the rest of the bodies). This lens is what MFT is all about. It is an awesome lens. ..Not Leica, not Canon L glass… but perfect for this system. I welcome the silver as I am sooooooo tired of everything having to be black (my GX1 is dark silver, my G3 is white!)…The silver looks quite smart on both of my camera bodies and it is a durable metal finish. (um..guys..are we wearing fashion accessories or shooting pictures here and making art?). I paid the full $800….it has dropped down to around $700…still overpriced…totally (especially the $100 lens shade). So the price is getting betterer, but it really is a keeper for this system…nothing comes close and Olympus knows it.
      With the Oly on the plate…why would I even look at the lens at the top of the page. Even IF it is sharp…look at the size of it. I just had to pull on my big-boy pants and pony up the cash.
      Maybe the magic lens is a video thing..I do not know about that.

      • blackeye

        I dunno, I prefer the black finishes because it’s not so flashy, light reflecting, eye catching. I like being inconspicuous, and not so in your face with shiny objects, as the lens itself is reflective enough. it’s a subjective thing, so if you are into the statement of colorful bodies and shiny lenses, that’s your thing.
        I do agree with you, that the Oly lens is overpriced for what the system is, plus you have to buy the lens shade separately? That sucks.

        • gl

          Ditto, I prefer black anyway (and as an ‘artist’ the appearance of my tools matters to me, it influences what I do with them), but the biggest problem is how attention grabbing it is when I prefer to shoot under the radar. But if you like silver or similar bodies then I’m sure it looks good : ).

          A few years back here in the UK, all the low-end technology was always champagne silver, like the Oly – all the better stuff was black. Champagne silver still looks that way to me (which I know is wrong as the Oly is well built with good performance). If I could afford it I’d put up with the colour ’cause the FOV is nice, but I shoot in stereo with two bodies so you have to buy everything twice.

        • Bob B.

          Sounds like I have more fun!!!!!

  • amvr

    I like the Oly 12 because of its size and features but I could see myself going for this one if it was a bit cheaper ($200 more or less).Also, Admin do you have any info on the flare issue ? Did they solve this for the production model ? price and flare are the main detrimental factors

  • Full Beam

    It’s a really good lens, well built and bright, with excellent optics. I’ve posted some test shots here
    I’ll try to get some more up soon, but since I’ve had the lens we haven’t had so much daylight…

  • I have both the Olympus and SLR Magic and posted up a comparison between the two including some videos.
    Not the most comprehensive review but I think it may help some people out :D


    Tests seem to show it is quit good actually- except for vignetting. One thing I would be worried about is quality control. New company and all, I’ve already seen reports on sites saying SLR Magic claims their results are better than the reviewers and they will send over another lens. Definitely a lens you want to put on your camera and use before buying.
    Also their means of distribution are reminiscent of Panasonic, seems to pop up in odd places in short supply. already has one, but I can’t find if for sale anywhere.
    As for the awful name, they hopefully will drop it for something else, so buy these up now so you can sell them to collectors in 20 years. Or just paint over it like I will. I think this lens will look good in a chrome purple or neon green.

  • SOLD! £380 was the final bid.

    I can say it is a really nice lens for video, I rarely used it wider than f2 due to the potential flare. In terms of people saying its soft wide open its true compared to the Olympus it is softer. However that wide aperture was a life saver. Previous to using the 12mm SLR Magic I would use the Olympus 9-18mm on the stabilizer for first dances at weddings and shooting at f/4 was just too dark, shooting at f2 on the SLR Magic 12mm was infinitely better and I would never go back. I only wanted to get the Olympus 12mm for the added convenience of auto focus and electronic connection when taking photos. I’ll see what its like shooting video but I may very well buy another SLR Magic 12mm later in the year as I was happy with it for video.

  • It was in stock at:
    That’s where I bought it

    Some pics I did today with the SLR-magic 12mm on:

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