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UPDATED: Olympus stops the developments of FourThrids lenses! Official Olympus press conference news.


Image courtesy: SystemKameraForum

UPDATE: Quesabesde (google english translation) had a small talk with Miguel Garcia (Marketing Managing Director Olympus Europe). He confirmed that “we are not developing more Four Thirds optics” He also said: “It is true that perhaps the E-5 lacks specifications to some expectations, but you just can not give everything“.

The german website Systemkameraforum followed the Olympus press conference at Photokina.

The most important news:
1) Miguel Garcia (Marketing Managing Director Olympus Europe) said the focus is on MicroFourThirds
2) the Olympus E-5 is NOT the last Olympus FourThirds camera
3) There will be a professional MicroFourThirds camera at 2011
4) The low-end MicroFOurThirds cameras will also be updated in 2011
5) Prime lenses will come in 2011 “We can assure that in 2011 we are going to launch very interesting Micro Four Thirds lenses. Spectaculars for all levels, not only for the consumer market.”
6) There will be new features like “Geotagging”

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