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Olympus shows a compact camera (mockup) with Zuiko lens


Image courtesy: Quesabesde

Olympus just announced the development of the new high-end compact camera (for enthusiasts) with fixed lens.

Quesabesde has been told that it will use a fast zoom lens. Quesabesde assumes the lens will start at least at 28 mm. It will not use a MicroFourThirds sensor! It has a fixed 3 inch screen, a button to record their own video and HDMI connections. SO it looks like we have to do with a camera that is aimed to compete against the Panasonic LX5 and Canon S90/95.

UPDATE: CNET Asiaspoke to Olympus Singapore, who told us that this camera is expected to have a zoom lens and a large sensor like the LX5. It also confirmed this shooter won’t employ a Four Thirds sensor.”

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