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(FT 5) New Novoflex adapter coming for Panasonic and Olympus



Mr. Hiesinger from Novoflex confirmed the launch of three new lens adpater for Olympus and Pansonic micro four thirds cameras.

In May we will see:

  • MFT/MIN-AF (Minolta AF / Sony)
  • MFT/NIK (Nikon)
  • MFT/PENT (Pentax)

In March Novoflex launched follwing adapter for 119 Euro each:

  • MFT/CAN (Canon FD)
  • MFT/CO (M 42)
  • MFT/CONT (Contax/Yashica)
  • MFT/LER (Leica R)
  • MFT/MIN (Minolta MD)

If you speak german unlike me than you can read this post:

UPDATE: We remeber you that Voigtländer just announced a new adapter one week ago:

And don’t forget the very loooooooong adapter list article:

Panasonic G1-GH1 …very looooooooong adapter list!

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