New NOVOFLEX adapters for MicroFourThirds cameras

g1-r5Side by side: Leica R and Pansonic G1

The german company Novoflex already produce a really long adapter list and now they are ready to release following NEW adapters:

From end of April 2009:
MFT/OM for Olympus OM

From end of May 2009:
With stop-down function at the adapter!!!!!!!

MFT/MIN-AF for Sony/Minolta-AF
MFT/NIK for Nikon
MFT/PENT for Pentax

Good news folks…order the Novoflex micro four thirds adapter !

Novoflex is a german company and we still miss a complete english translation on his website. But if you speak some german you can order the adapter. Price is 149 Euro.

The super friendly administrator from allowed us to share the review he made over the new Novoflex adapter.

Please respect the copyright. You can download the document for free but don’t make any change of it and don’t make any commercial use of it!

DOWNLOAD test-novoflex-adapter

Short summary: buy it! it is the best adapter avaiable!

If you have some request to Novoflex please write us. We can let them now what you need!

(FT 5) New Novoflex adapter coming for Panasonic and Olympus


Mr. Hiesinger from Novoflex confirmed the launch of three new lens adpater for Olympus and Pansonic micro four thirds cameras.

In May we will see:

  • MFT/MIN-AF (Minolta AF / Sony)
  • MFT/NIK (Nikon)
  • MFT/PENT (Pentax)

In March Novoflex launched follwing adapter for 119 Euro each:

  • MFT/CAN (Canon FD)
  • MFT/CO (M 42)
  • MFT/CONT (Contax/Yashica)
  • MFT/LER (Leica R)
  • MFT/MIN (Minolta MD)

If you speak german unlike me than you can read this post:

UPDATE: We remeber you that Voigtländer just announced a new adapter one week ago:

And don’t forget the very loooooooong adapter list article:

Panasonic G1-GH1 …very looooooooong adapter list!