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Next Olympus Glass patent…


Egami (google translation here) spotted the next Olympus Glass patent with built-in camera. The camera features a 1/2.3 inch sensor with 27mm equivalent lens. A while ago I spotted another patent where the Olympus glass actually acts as a sort of viewfinder of compact or mirrorless cameras (Source freepatentsonline):

There is a lot of talk about the Google Glass. And it seems that Olympus only has patented similar devices. But can a small company like Olympus battle against a giant like Google?

P.S.: The Gogole Glass device isn’t for sale yet but the plenty fo domains containgin “glass” or “google” are for sale on eBay (Click here). The most expensive one is for $75.000!!!

  • taran

    Great for street photographers. In 5-10 years, when wireless bandwidth and battery technology get good enough, you won’t need to look at what you are shooting and your Ray Bans will allow you to see what your camera sees.

    • Me

      > In 5-10 years, when wireless bandwidth and battery technology get good enough, you won’t need to look at what you are shooting and your Ray Bans will allow you to see what your camera sees.

      Even the Google Glasses are already banned in some places, despite that fact that you can’t even buy them currently. You can be sure that it won’t be legal anywhere to run around with a camera on your nose and take pictures and photos hiddenly.

      • Anonytrackball

        depends where you stick your nose.

    • GW

      Can’t see why it wouldn’t basically work now.

      The EP-5 wireless functionality is essentially facilitated via Android or iOS apps.

      You can already wirelessly view a live stream on a table or phone. Glass is just running a version of Android i.e. there would not be much more to “seeing” what your camera sees and then taking a photo at waist level with a button press.

      The limitation is that with a phone or tablet, you can take a picture with “touch” focus. You can’t do that with Glass – you would need an internal facing camera that has some kind of retinal recognition to determine your focus. You could take a photo with the side touch panel… which would be kind of lame, you’d want it to be a blink or something – gets into the realm of scary.

  • Damn Oly

    Again and again , Olympus creating smart solution for more stealthier photographer,.and you dont have to be like ” Stupid Ninja with a black wardrobe”. .. Lol

    • Damn Oly

      Welcome to the future,..homer

      • true homer

        You people assume im the only one who thinks this place is oly Iinfested. So sad. I have no need to use 2 IDs, I say what I have to and I dont hide in anonymous or others people’s names. You sure seem ro miss me if I dont post!

    • It sure makes shooting from eye level really easy. ;-) Also great for any wanna-be-Borg.

  • Terry

    Admin, any news on when the next Adobe Camera Raw version will be released??

    • Anonymous

      wrong site palooka, you should try adobe rumors

      • Terry

        Exactly my point, Chuckles. What does this have to with (micro) 4/3rds news? Nothing.

  • PannyBoom

    this will fail so hard!

  • JBL

    Sorry to Pany boys ,this site was ruled by Oly rumors .
    the best way separate to and that will be good for all(Pany and Oly).

    • andrew

      Grow up.

      • Anonymous


    • PLI

      No need for split up even though majority of users prefer Oly. I would prefer to see another big company to join m43 which is not going to happen anyway.

  • tomas

    wtf ?? instead of inbuilt left corner viewfinder …you will look like pirate !

  • Camaman

    No reason why they couldn’t compete.
    Software will make or break this hardware.

    The only thing they can screw up badly is not make it Android based.
    Without the support of thousands of app developers nobody will buy it.

  • This kind of photography is doomed to remain a gimmick, and quite an obscene one IMO. There are serious legal issues related to concealed photography in public and the fair use of imagery produced by such means, but even more disturbing are the effects on social etiquette and inter-personal conduct. I predict that after an unavoidable initial hype those photo-goggles will be regarded as bad taste, if not declared illegal altogether.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      I agree. I find it awkward, and the purpose is simply obscene. Double wink to take a photo?.. Come on.. Googles like these can be useful in displaying informations (military forces already use them), and I think also medical surgery would find a use for it. But not photography.

      I bet some will find these google glass a cool tek, but to me it’s simply sick and bad tasting.

    • JimD

      People coming to your door and recording where your power meter is, the security on your door, window types, garden arrangements and passageways. Then if they are allowed in, the layout of the house and door and window lock types. Just a quick glance in any direction recording the whole lot.
      Do we really want this as part of the progress of technology and extension of the so called free country?
      We are already barricading ourselves in our properties and find guns in our public places and now our park lands being open to anyone with a gun. I don’t want America here. Thank you.

  • Vivek

    Zeiss should have made these with the name “Touit”. :D

    I look forward to how these will pan out.

    • digifan


    • JimD

      Zeiss should not make anything that goes near eyes. Zeiss are incompetent when it comes to eye glasses. They have proven that in Australia. So in Adelaide if you are reading this, start making the old sola lenses again. They were far superior to your current offerings, but you know that, that’s why you bought them out and dumped their product.

  • Matthias

    who needs really google or olympus glass?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Only voyeurs. And my opinion is that this is not photography. It would be like a kid game: blink when you see a dog.

  • DIY

    I hope they are not trying to patent it’s use as a viewfinder, I, and probably many others, have put forward that idea many years ago. Most innovations in glasses computing these days somebody came up with one to two decades ago.

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