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Newsshooter tested the new Sharp 8K MFT camera: “capable of producing nice, sharp images”


Newsshooter is the first website having tested the new Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds camera. This is an early prototype and this is their first impressions:

The camera is certainly capable of producing nice, sharp images. Given the fact that the camera can currently only operate in an auto WB mode, I was surprised by how well it performed when it comes to color accuracy. We were shooting out on the Las Vegas strip where there are many different types of light sources, yet the camera did a very good job of maintaining a nicely balanced image.

For a camera that is only currently shooting in a REC.709 color space it wasn’t crushing the blacks and we didn’t see clipped highlights turning into ugly colors.

We did see some banding in the sky on a few shots where we shooting into the sun. The cameras 4:2:0 8-bit codec does struggle occasionally in certain situations.

Here is a link for you to download some original files from the camera

Sample video:

No info yet about pricing and shipping date. And as far as I understood from this early review it certainly doesn’t sound like this camera is going to be on market any time soon…

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