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New version of the IOS Field Monitor app is now available


Some news for all Lumix Video Shooters & Photographers:. A new version of the IOS Field Monitor app is now available. Many new features added:

 -Hide most of buttons on double touch on display
– Full focus control for manual focus with m43 lenses
– Full magnifier support with touch – it is awesome to have Focus Peaking, Zebra and Magnifier support on a large iPad screen!
– Performance further enhanced – I guess that I was able to minimize the lag as much as possible!
And the creator is also heavily working on the Android app so it will have the same set of features soon! And LUT apply feature to support VLog is already in Beta for IOS!
And a goodie for the Photographers: a free version of Lightroom Plugin which supports the extraction of images from 4K/6K video files. See the user guide here:
The Plugin can be downloaded in the Shop for free!
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