New Olympus XZ-1, E-PL2 and Panasonic GF2 reviews (+ unconventional E-5 review)


The most unserious Olympus E-5 review that I ever found!

Digitalcamerareview (Click here) posted a new Olympus XZ-1 review: “The Olympus XZ-1 would be a notable entry into the high end compact digital field if only for its fast lens, but throw in a dose of excellent still image quality and the camera commands serious consideration.”
Also the german website Dkamera (Click here) posted the XZ-1 review and got a very good rating 85,94% -> That’s a very german way to calculate and express a rating :)
Olympus XZ-1 direct links at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

RegHardware (Click here) tested the new Olympus E-PL2: “The E-PL2 is a great camera. It’s a huge amount of fun, is highly usable, and I’m a big fan of its retro design. It’s also an enormously capable performer“.
Olympus E-PL2 direct links at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Panasonic GF2 review at Imaging Resource (Click here): “Performance is also somewhat of a mixed bag. Panasonic promises improved noise reduction across the board, and the GF2 does indeed improve chroma noise in shadows, but this comes at the expense of subtle image detail. The effects of noise reduction can be seen as smudging in images shot at all ISO sensitivities, although you’re not likely to notice this at the base sensitivity without pixel peeping.
Panasonic GF2 direct links at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • GreyOwl

    E-5 review: words fail me.

    • Reza

      I actually liked the review, it’s a different angle from the usual photo enthusiast reviews we see often. This one is from a consumer’s viewpoint who has $$$ to expend and wants good quality photos. You know, consumers are also entitled to buy DSLRs (and rely on auto mode).

  • N!ko

    E5-review : not so stupid, most of the buttons are really mis-placed.
    The only true advantage of the E5 is its weatherproofing

    for that price, a Canon 5D would have been a good option

  • N!ko

    E5-review : not so stupid, most of the buttons are really mis-placed.
    The only true advantage of the E5 is its weatherproofing

    for that price, a Canon 5D would have been a better option

    • admin

      I removed the word stupid :)

    • Inge-M

      Buttons is placed better on E-5, so on E-3 ! :-)

  • M

    It was an extremely solid review, which highlighted the main problem with the E-5: price.

    “It’s seventeen hundred bucks… WITHOUT A LENS!”
    (crowd goes “ooooh :(” )

    Let’s be honest here – the E-5 shouldn’t cost more than $1000 for what it offers.

  • disco

    bring back olivia munnnnn!!!

  • GreyOwl

    ‘(+ unconventional E-5 review)’

    Very diplomatic admin.

  • Martin

    The E-5 review hits the point – don’t like the price either ..

  • alex

    This video is stupid! Not because the test is not professional, it’s simply annoying to watch them trying to be funny so hard. At least the girl and the E-5 workout was kinda hot so this video wasn’t a completely waste of time :)

  • Jesper

    Who watches these shows except for me?

  • Scott

    Why do people always compare the e-5 to the 7d? They are 2 different cameras. Thats like comparing the 7d to the 5d or compare it to the 1ds 4. makes no sense.

    The 7d has a crop sensor which means none of your lenses give you the correct framing. The 5d has the same framing as the 5d with lots more features. Its faster, lighter, quiter and less expensive. The only thing the 5d has on the e5 is one stop better in iso and I get my 1 stop back by using 2.0 glass and being able to shoot at slower shutter speeds. I sold the 5d to get the e5 and never looked back

    • Georgi

      @Scott cause most people never uesed e-5 nor 7d or 5d they just read specification and comment on that :)

      • Rocky


  • eaa

    Simply embarrassing.
    “…it’s missing some stuff, like a mode dial…”
    “…the focus may be a little soft at times…”
    “…the pictures are good, but not as good as we want them to be…”

    Guess it’s the reviewers that are missing stuff here!
    Like knowledge,like experience, like skills!?

    “…too difficult to use, too heavy”…
    Recommending the 7D instead, that’s even heavier?! That is just about as advanced, but does not even sport the ingenious Super Panel? It really saddens me to see how superficial, shallow and misinformed a “review” is allowed to be these days. Seems these people are more into displaying their own vain egos than the camera. As said – simply embarrassing. :-(

    • Ross

      That’a about right, but she did look pretty. ;)

  • So, these people don’t like the camera as well as you do, so they ate vain and embarrassing? You may not like their conclusion or delivery, but they are entitled to their opinion. They may like a mode dial, that’s their right.

  • Shanti

    This is what Pixmania says!!!translate from Danish for you…
    Alot of optical strength in this camera??( and its only the body they sell here!!)

    Du genfinder en masse optisk styrke i dette Olympus E-5 kamera. Dette digitale reflex-kamera indeholder en kraftig CMOS-sensor på 12,3 megapixel og er fremstillet af magnesium.

    Det er hurtigt og kan tage farverige og detaljerede billeder.
    It is fast & can take colorful & detailed pictures(??? like what can’t these days)

    Takket være dens TruePic V processor kan du fotografere ellers vanskelige emner. Det har en følsomhed på 6400 ISO, og et multi-expositions-system, til at optage billeder i perfekt oplysning.
    Thanks to the true pic V process. you can photograph difficult subjects..
    and a multi exp. system to take pics with perfect exposures???

    Dens 11 autofokus-punkter sikrer, at du kan tage op til 5 billeder i sekundet.
    11 auto focus points so you can take up to 5 pics per second???

    Derudover kan den tage imod SD-hukommelseskort og CompactFlash. Den ka filme HD videoer i 720p.

    Perfekt til nybegyndere.
    Perfect for new beginners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shops like these are the sleaze of the net world!!!!

    • eaa

      Don’t like it… based on what?
      The weight? Then recommending something heavier?
      The price? Then recommending something more expensive?
      The complexity? Then recommending something in the same ballpark?
      IQ? From the best 12mpx cam ever built?

      And yes, they come across as embarrassing. Acting like they have some know-how, while they are in fact totally clueless. Moreover, they haven’t even bothered to look into the reality, because as they they say themselves, that is too difficult for them! I reckon a mode dial is a must for them then, provided it holds just one single mode! Otherwise they will have to figure out how to turn it – which seems to be a challenge for sure…

      Yiekes – performances like this should never be allowed to reach the public. Not because they’re not entitled to an opinion, but because this publicly broadcasted opinion is based on condescending sarcasm and hot air only. You surely must see that, don’t you? Or is this the review standard you see fit?

  • Scott

    guess they wont like the 1D series either because its heavy and has no mode dail

  • Mark

    If they find the buttons too challenging to use on the E-5 then maybe these air heads should stick to using their iphones and taking photos of their feet at the mall where they belong.

    And so what if it doesn’t have a mode dial… Get a Canon Kiss and Digital then.

    It might have something to do with durability and the fact that it’s a professional tool without the need for auto or scene modes.

    As for the Canon 7D being $1700 with the super kit lens…
    Well that is certianly not the case in my region of the world.

    You have to spend at least $2600.

    And what a crappy lens it is too: Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6.

    Yeap, with all the trade marks of an EF-S Canon zoom lenses.

    Slow as molasses. Plenty of distortion and chromatic abberations. Soft even at f/8!

    Then drop one and see what happens to it.

    And even if Canon claims the 7D is water proof.

    This lens certainly isn’t.

    I think it would fail if you spit on it.

    Then about the materials used to construct it and the 7D.

    That is some of the cheapest plastic I have seen on a camera.

    Looks like a $2 shop money box to me.

    And the gaps between the mold lines are so wide, I can fit my finger nails in there and still find plenty of room to spare!

    Plus I could easily get an E-5 and Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 SWD for the same price… Already did.

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