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New Olympus teaser for the new PEN announcement!


Olympus just launched a new Teaser video you can see here: The teaser is a bit boring because you really don’t see anything :(

  • Brod1er

    Admin is the real teaser!!!!!!

  • Boring, to say the least. I just hope the new PENs will have better usability than their crappy flash video player.

    • Maley


      • CRB


    • Mr. Reeee

      That was enlightening! It looks like more tacky faux chrome accents for the PENs. UGH.

      Olympus OWES me for the 30 seconds of my life wasted and gone forever.
      I had to put down my iPad and get out of bed to watch that thing on my Mac.

      • Some guy

        Also, apparently it works on iPad now. Someone must have read these comments and fixed it.

    • Some guy

      What’s wrong with a flash video player? While I hate flash as much as the next guy, HTML5 is not a finalized web standard, therefor it has no purpose on a business site.

    • Chaser

      How hard is it to press play? LOL. Or are you being affected by Steve Jobs stupid decision to block 65% of video on the Internet from it’s users while my cheap phone can play that without any hiccups? ;)

  • Narretz

    Yep, that’s what teasers are, boring as shit because you don’t see anything. :>

    Damn marketing. On the other hand, 50 years ago, we would have only known a camera had been released when we saw it in the store. (English tenses are hard)

    e: Hey, now we now a) it’s actually a camera and b) it will be available in black!

    • napalm

      it’s an acceptable teaser because not everyone reads 43rumors. so the general public dont have an idea what’s coming next week. so this just shows that there is a new PEN that will be unveiled soon.

      not too exciting for us, yes. but it’s only a week to go, i’ll wait :)

      • Schwarz


  • Hungarian photography portal are rather sceptical about the Olympus light speed AF – they do consider that it’s quite early to give too much credibility to a leaked marketing material…

  • i already like that black/chrome detail

  • Bu

    Despite repeated efforts, the video doesn’t play. But given the comments above, I suspect I’m not missing much!

    *Update* Just managed to get it to work. The irony of the closing remark *Capture it all* while showing just a small section of a corner, makes me question who manages their marketing.

    • Jonathan

      how did you get it to work? i tried IE, Firefox and Chrome :(

  • It looks like a viewfinder in the corner where the silk is sinking in..

    • i love your imagination

    • peroni

      That’s because they sent out all the new Pens to reviewers and had none available when the video was shot. They put an OM1 under the black cloth instead.
      But no worries the real Pens will be revealed in one week time. Maybe

      • MJr

        Since when does the OM1 have a viewfinder in the corner ?

        Looks to me like just the average day corner as with the E-P2.

        But they wouldn’t go through all this trouble if they didn’t really have something special, at least compared to all the previous minor increments.

    • An0n

      Yes. I think that is the E-P3 model and what you are seeing is a hybrid rangefinder-style optical/lcd viewfinder ala the Fuji X100. Perhaps I am right, and Olympus will surprise and shock us all, with the viewfinder, and integral flash!

  • Wow, that video reveals so little it doesn’t even tease!

    • MJr

      Well we know it’s black.

      Possibly updated 17II for fast-focus compatibility, or because it sucked.

  • 43RC

    At least the new cam isn’t hiding behind a hand :)

    It looks upscale. My guess is that it’s the E-P3.
    In a few days, we may see a more “revealing” teaser.

    I hope the E-PL3 comes in lots of pretty colors :)

    • So long as it’s black :)

  • XA4

    On the next teaser, the cover will blow back a little bit more.
    I wonder if we’ll see the lens (12mm?)
    Is it just me or does that look like a magnesium-alloy body, (like E5)?

    • Indeed, it looks like a magnesium-alloy body and it looks like it has a prime lens attached (kitlens?)

  • GreyOwl

    24 seconds a boring (silk?) black cloth. Am I teased by this? No, just (yawn) very bored.

  • bilgy_no1

    Although we don’t see much in terms of technical details, we can see that the design is a very different style to what they have used so far: fewer ridges and edges, more in line with the current ‘unibody’ philosophy. This also seems to be reflected in the E-PM1 top view of a few days ago.

    Since I think the E-PL1 is very ugly because of all the edges, I like where they’re headed…

  • AndyOz

    It says to sign up on the Olympus Site to be the ‘First to know’

    I am hoping that via 43 rumors that we will be the first to know!!

  • napalm

    at 00:13 you will see from that the shape is very similar to the E-P1/P2…

  • Oriol

    This is the EP3 black with the new 12mm lens. If you see at the shape it seems the lens has more diameter than current Oly lenses.

  • ijack


    Something interesting here, the content is not consistent within the article, but I am sure everybody is interested.

    • Inge-M

      Maybe he talk about multi aspect sensor also when he say “APS-sized sensor” ;-) we quiet wait what Leica do.

    • Alfons

      Leica has announced that they won’t bother with 4/3 sensor as the image quality is not up to their noble standards. Making APS-C sensor to 4/3 standard makes no sense at all.

      • Inge-M

        Yes i do Alfons, and i mean Leica will not accept Leica logo on M43 lens to, but after 3 year the think new maybe. ;-)

    • ithinkthatsme
  • Boooo!

    If you drink a couple of glasses of wine and look carefully, at 00:18 in the video you can see a magical unicorn! Also, there is a barely visible reflection of Nyan Cat at 00:21, a teaser for all the rainbow colours of the PEN mini :)

    • Agrivar

      Contradictory… it says Leica will have a camera with an APS sized sensor.. that is not 4/3 or m4/3…

      • ijack

        Exactly, but if they have an APS sized camera, it won’t be pocketable, then might as well get a M9 if it is Leica Priced

      • Boooo!

        No, the magical unicorn and Nyan Cat have nothing to do with Leica.

        (Admin, please tell the designer to finally introduce some whitespace. Every story has a dozen misplaced comments because people click the wrong link.)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Hey, it’s Jizzmodo, you expect a knowledgable anything from them?
      M/43, APS (where’s the C?). Then there’s a link to a Full-frame M9?
      It’s all the same to them.

  • dts

    admin when will you release the pictures? :)

  • Bimbo

    Don’t know if you guys noticed but you stop at a certain frame you can see the lens thread diameter – 37mm.

    • AndyOz

      I just got it to stop on the 15 sec frame and yes i can see the Diameter 37 – it just gets reflected for a moment. So whatever lens it is has a diameter of 37 for filter.

      I think it might be the 17mm pancake – it has the 37 in the spot that this video has it in:–four-thirds-lens-tests/468-oly_17_28

      Unless there is another lens with the same filter diameter coming.

      • Bimbo

        Oh yeah looks like it. No big deal then :)

    • Bimbo
    • Inge-M

      Safe 17mm or 14-42mm :-D

      • napalm

        17mm mkII? LOL

        • Inge-M

          New 17mm and fast focus. :-D

    • thats some good detective work!

      • Mr. Reeee

        Detective work?
        I believe that’s what’s known as a pipe dream. Or wishful thinking. ;-)

        • yeah, but i was refering to Bimbo’s “discovery” of the 37mm marking.
          I mean when watching that teaser I only saw some black waving silk :-)

  • AndyOz

    Hi Admin
    Got any more rumors for us today? How about how the new Pens will AF with existing 4/3 lenses – any improvements? Any more news on whether the sensor is a ‘tweaked’ version of the GF3 sensor or the GH1?

    Thanks for all your work.

  • jutzuro

    I know it is out of the question according to latest rumors, but the lens ejection button and the creasing of the cloth on the upper right corner create the illusion of an EVF.

  • 37 (38) comments about absolutely nothing! This site must be popular.

  • mal

    Love the tease. The black and chrome looks really nice. And the body looks very thin in the corner. Am I just seeing things?

  • Anon

    fap fap fap…

  • An E-P1 look alike, with top chrome, and black for the rest, a’ la X100?

    I am beginning to understand Oly’s understatement. Conservative outside, a bombshell inside perhaps with real HDR, higher clean ISO, new set of accessories.

    The E-PL3 could be the futuristic one, since they have to fit the tilt screen. Or will it be another iteration of the PL-2, same port? Those who bought the PL2 must be mad enough.

    I still hope that the top one might have real multi aspect: all my lenses could go wider in the 16:9 aspect, including the legacy ones.

    Ultrafast focus speed, even with the 17mm would be the defining feature, next to photographic qualities.

    Admin, yes it is important to know it this, predictive focus, will translate in better performance of regular 4/3, which is still Oly’s grail in terms of optical excellency.

    The 12/2 OTH might tell us that all hope is lost for those, or that an E-50 will cater to them.

    • The 12/2, even if indeed it’s that good, means nothing to 4/3. It would be different if Olympus announced a 2.8-3.5 zoom for m4/3, but there is nothing of the sort on their roadmap. True, some time in the future there may be a m4/3 body that can use the 4/3 zooms to their full extent, but until then I wouldn’t rule out new E bodies.

      • Agent00soul

        On the other hand, it delivsers something that 4/3 never had. Good for those who use both systems.

  • Schwarz

    i really hope the e-p3 isn’t going to abandon the retro look of the e-p2. chrome? no thanks.

    • Nathan

      Not only do I not want it in chrome, I don’t want it in silver. Black on black for me please.
      I wish someone would start building camera armor or some other silicone or black grippy rubber cover for PEN cameras. Some days are rougher than others, and on those days, it’s nice to put a little between the paint and the rocks.

  • Floyd

    I saw a E-P2-like bottom.

  • TR

    Maybe there’s a flash (built in style) in the top right.

  • An0n

    Admin must have precisely 7 more bits of information to hand out, hence the one-per-day oly teasers. I feel like 43rumors is a closely tied in piece of the oly marketing team. Either that, or 43rumors is being fed one bit of info per day by oly.

    It’s actually pure genius.

    Even knowing it’s simply marketing, I still keep coming back for my daily updates. And as each day passes, I drool more and more in anticipation.

  • Neonart

    I could totally see the new 12.1 MP sensor! It clearly will provide 14+ stops of DR based on the way the black cloak moves in the wind. It’s also obvious the auto-focus is much better based on the abrupt reveal of the lower corner.

    How’d you guys not pick that up!?

    • mal

      Hey Neonart, I didn’t see the sensor (where did you see it), but I did see the bottom corner. I am not sure how you can tell from the corner about the auto focus being better. I don’t think the focus changed throughout the whole video. I just guessed that its better because the guy that has used it said it was fast.

      As for 14 stops of dynamic range, I would never have guessed that. Thanks for the info.

      • Neonart

        Mal, I was being sarcastic. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I have no info on the sensor or the focusing. I hope you didn’t waste too much time playing the video back and forth like I did, only to find nothing.

        • mal

          Hey Neonart, no problem. I was just having fun too. :) I was trying on my anti-sarcasm humour that so infuriates my kids. Kids are full of sarcastic comments so i reply as if what they said was real. Throw in a dose of stupidity that stumbles over the truth and you got yourself a sarcasm antidote.

          I actually enjoy this kind of reveal from companies. The pursuit of a really good value camera that punches above its weight has become a sport and I personally love the kind of gear that Olympus and Panasonic are making.

          I hope there are no hard feelings all round and we can enjoy what is likely to be an exciting few weeks ahead. All the best.

  • Low Budget Dave

    Last time I signed up at the Oly site to be the “first to know”, I got an e-mail at 8am EST, about four hours after dpReview had published a complete preview. It would have been quicker if they had just sent me a link.

  • I have seen someone here has realized about the 17 f2.8 :) with a 37mm diameter :) We are crazy :)

    Here we go with the proof :)

  • SteveD

    I think it’s fine that they send out a teaser. I think it’s funny that they make a Flash video to show us nothing that requires or is enhanced by motion.

  • Neonart

    Admin, c’mon man! Let the good stuff out. Post random FT1 crap. Anything! :)

    • I agree with Neonart!

      Admin do you have any news regarding to a new Olympus Studio software for new Olympus PEN cameras? It was certainly strange when Olympus Viewer 2 was released replacing the Olympus Studio 2. I guess they will release something new to process all your images in a near future. I will love to see something similar to Lightroom in terms of speed, tools, layout, etc…

      Viewer 2 software is slow, old-fashioned, always crashes using multi-core…


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