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(FT5) New Oly “tweaked” 12.1 Megapixel sensor and TruePic VI (for all three new PEN cameras?)


I am still not 100% about some aspects of the new “mysterious” Olympus designed (or tweaked) sensor. What I know for certain is that Olympus kept the promise and will not join the Megapixel race which lead Panasonic to announce cameras with 16Megapixels (for the G3 and GH2). The new sensor has 12.1 Megapixels! I have been told that this is not the same “old” 12 Megapixel sensor which you can find inside the current Olympus PEN cameras. The sensor has been “tweaked” (and some sources say “redesigned”) by Olympus. What that word “tweaked” means is a big and yet unanswered question.

The second news is that the new PEN cameras will indeed use the new TruePic VI engine which has two cores. Olympus worked on all aspects of the camera, sensor, internal circuity, imaging processor with the main goal to increase the dynamic range and ISO performance. Sources said that we should expect an image quality that is at least on par (but more likely even slightly better) than the current top Olympus E-5 model. First reports I received from testers said that there is a visible step forward in image quality (with pre production models and unfinished firmware!).

In summary, Olympus may made a bit of mess with the product naming and specs (See for example missing tilt screen on the E-P3) but we have to give credit to Olympus for working on the key aspects where many of our 43rumors wanted to see an improvement:

1) That sensor is designed by Olympus and that means that they will no more have to rely on second generation sensors from Panasonic.
2) It’s nice to see that Olympus worked to improve dynamic range and ISO performance instead of increasing Megapixel numbers.
3) AF speed is amazing. And that’s going to impress many potential m43 buyers!
4) Finally some amazing lenses! The high quality 12mm f/2.0 and the cheap ($299) and fast 45mm f/1.8 portrait lens.

Overall I am very happy with the steps Olympus made with the new PEN’s. Of course there is still room for improvement. But guys, they are finally going in the right direction or not?

  • I have been using Olympus cameras since I was a child. The OM-1, OM4Ti, then Olympus Camedia C-2500L, then the Olympus E-1 and finally the E-P1. I can tell you that 12MP is more than enough compared to reversal film. Although the number of pixels is lower, the resolving power of the lens coupled with the sensor, renders an image with much higher detail. I am building a gallery of some pictures I have taken with analog cameras but also digital and I would like to share with all you. I think MFT is exactly the rebirth of the OM-System and now with a metal lens! Wow!!! I am so excited! Compact, lightweight cameras, prime metal lenses. I think the E-P3 is the OM5-Ti that many of us were waiting when Olympus decided to switch to the E-System. Here is the gallery, hope you like it! I can´t wait to see the E-P3 :) Thank you for sharing all these rumors with us :)

    • really excellent photography!
      its apperant that you have alot of expertise.

      the b/w with the 2 girls is amazing! i’ve read your description of the b/w convention process..havent understood a thing :)
      i myself use the nik silver efex 2 b/w plugin, i find it to be very effective,
      anyway thank you for sharing!

      • Hi frosti7,

        Thank you for your comments. I am a Olympus lover since I was a child. Although I was able to try some Canon and Nikon cameras, they never were at the level of Olympus cameras. Olympus creates outstanding tools for creating images, for using the Zone-System, for loving photography. If you buy an Olympus camera you will never switch to other system. Color in my opinion is their strongest point. They concentrate on the key points of photography, like gradation, color, effective resolution, etc… If you need something to shoot 10 images per second and send the images to a magazine, you aren´t in the right system but if you really need a reliable exposure meter, accurate white balance, reversal film-like color, compactness, outstanding optics, don´t think it twice.


        • cL

          Nice gallery. :-)

          Yes, Olympus cameras are well designed, and I thought I was the only one who realized Olympus’s metering is based on Zone System. That’s why it’s a little “under exposed” which is really “properly exposed” based on Zone System. Only if people would try to understand it, they wouldn’t complain about DR as much…. Yes, better DR is always welcome (as well as other technological advancement), but most of the time DR is good enough.

          Overall as a system, Olympus is pretty good. Only if people would try to appreciate it.

          Anyways, how did you get your film scans to be that sharp? You did a good job with Ektachrome, which I don’t think it’s an easy film to use.

          • The only way to scan an image tack sharp corner to corner is following these steps:

            Nikon LS-4000ED has a very shallow depth of field but on the other hand sharpness is extremelly high. I have tried to use newtonian glass slide but you can see a pattern all over the image I didn´t like. Then I though, why not dividing the image in rows and columns, scanning small portions of the slide and refocusing in all of them? Voila! The image sharpness is exactly the same as a drum scanner!

            1. Divide the image in 30-50 cells.
            2. Scan all them and don´t forget to set the focus point in the center of the cell.
            3. Stitch all of them in Photoshop.

            Results are impressive. Digital ICE works even better :)

            I use Vuescan Professional with a individually measured slide for creating an accurate color profile. Nikon software sucks!

            • cL

              I also use Vuescan, though I am not as proficient as you at it. I am a newbie in term of film photography (though my first experience of film was way back during 1st grade back in the 80’s, doing snapshots). My scanner is a Minolta 5400 (yes it can do Digital ICE), so I don’t know if I could do the same as your Nikon 4000ED. I really don’t know how to built a profile under Vuescan. Last time I tried it, it was a disaster…. I reverted back to default. :-D My Lightroom’s color profile was done though…. Don’t know if that would help any…. My Photoshop experience is limited… (can stitch macro shots together for extended DoF, but that’s about the most difficult thing I can do with CS5…). Really should learn that thing, though Lightroom is really useful for 90% of my needs, but some stuff still need Photoshop.

        • Hi David,

          Very interesting gallery indeed. I was a Pentax shooter for a long time, playing around with Pentax K1000 and ME super, and later on moved to their digital line. I jumped to E-P1 when it was introduced, later sold my Pentax DSLRs and instead got an E-1 (along my beloved E-P1). I too think Olympus has better well rounded cameras. Lately I’ve bought an Oly 35 RC which is great to shoot, and I’m starting to find my Pentax Super ME a bit uninspiring compared to it.

          I’ve not owned Nikon or Canon though, but what I see on the market doesn’t inspire me much.

      • Inge-M

        Not only nice and beautiful picture, but also meaning.
        Problem to day is take time to combe a beautiful picture by meaning.

      • Beautiful photos :)

    • A real pleasure to watch these images. This is what photography is all about!

    • The same as you David, I started with an OM-1 then an OM-2 and later an OM4Ti. Now I have The E1 and E3. I have not buy the E5 waiting for a more compact E-P3 with the lenses that this site is anticipating. Let’s see what surprise we’ll have. Great photographs David, congratulations. If you click over my name in this comment you will be directed to my site in Flickr were I have some of my pictures.


      • Nice work… :)

    • inorog

      amazing set! hopefully some day I’ll have something like this to show youngsters :)

      • Thank all of you for your comments. OMG Marcelo immaculate collection! I love them. I love your work.

        Exactly the same. I want compact bodies, I don´t really want heavy stuff in my bag. I will only need three lenses. 12mm f2, 25mm f1.4 and 90mm f2 prime lenses.

        I really prefer moving forward or backwards instead of using a zoom lens. IMHO people using zoom lenses have forgotten about the lens perspective compression, bokeh, etc…They only adjust the required focal length and that´s all folks! Sometimes is better going a little bit backwards and using more perspective compression for taking a portrait.


    • “I think MFT is exactly the rebirth of the OM-System …
      I think the E-P3 is the OM5-Ti that many of us were waiting when Olympus decided to switch to the E-System.”

      • bedo

        you think with the release of new models, the price of E-PL2 “down?

        • Miroslav

          Surely, just like E-PL1 prices went down.

    • Inge-M

      Absolute if you use film, so nead we tripod or flash for freeze moment, but now is more easy, by IS and also enhance ISO if we nead.

      I have also litte of spec to OM-5Ti, but i hope E-P3 is better. :-D

    • TR

      Hi David, I would love to know which lenses you have used with the ep1 shots. Thanks for the photos!

      • Hi TR,

        I always use the kit 14-42 lens. I bought the adapter for using all my fourthirds lenses but it´s useless. AF is unreliable and very slow.


    • fta

      great examples!! Maybe the new Oly e-p camera will bring that back

    • Inge-M

      And the is also not 4/3 but 2/3 sensor.(crop factor x4)

    • Dan

      Nice to see. I still use a 4.1mp D2h for all my work.

  • Raist3d

    Admin- how sure are you this is a sensor designed by Olympus? It could be, but sounds like a brand new sensor design will probably debut in the pro pen. It all sounds like a tweaked Panasonic sensor. I hope there’s no banding as the iso climbs. Maybe same new tech of the g3 sensor at 12 mp.

    • Raist3d

      Also the image quality I expect it to be better than the e-5. The e-5 sensor is a bottling in the tooth by now and I think Olympus does need a new sensor to stay competitive.

    • Jacob

      Oh it’s you again. Thought I could smell eau de troll. Things too quiet on the four thirds forum? You could always go and use your K5.

      • Raist3d

        You née to grow up. I am actually interested on this camera. Too bad people don’t have to do like you say. Must be frustrating for you

      • Christoph

        Don’t feed it ;)

    • With Olympus’ quantities I think that they really need to put any sensor/processor pairing in all of their cameras in order to get the quantities up and the costs per unit down.

    • Disraeli

      They were never the same as Panasonic sensors, Panasonic just did the fabs. Thats why the megapixels were always different.

    • e_dawg

      I am also skeptical of this being a new 12mp sensor. Actually, i highly doubt it is a new 12mp sensor. Panasonic wouldn’t create a brand new sensor and lower the megapixel count when they have already transitioned to 16 and 18mp sensors. And don’t believe the BS about this being a new sensor designed by Olympus. Olympus does not have sensor design nor production capability, so they must rely on Panasonic. Whatever Panasonic gives them is whatever they have to sell.

      Just more of the same from Olympus, using the same old 12mp Panny sensor, but with another year of development in image processing technology to process away the noise. The improved DR will likely come from programming the camera to target a lower exposure to preserve the highlights and having the improved NR algorithms deal with the shadow noise.

      BTW, not that this validates my hypothesis, but Thom Hogan says it is the same sensor with an improved imaging ASIC on his website. If i am wrong, at least i’m in good company ;)

      • reverse stream swimmer

        I see too many times, people are having difficulties to understand the semiconductor industry. You don’t need to have processing facilities, in order to design integrated circuits like sensors here. However, image sensors are different from common CMOS digital IC’s.

        But, you need design experience with the target foundry and the specific process steps for the image sensor. All semiconductor foundries provides to various extent design consultancy. Olympus part in the design flow can be anywhere from the concept phase to the final tape out.

        Why not focus more on the new image sensor specification, rather than to what extent Olympus participated in all processing steps.

        • e_dawg

          I agree. What we really care about is what the sensor is capable of. But if Olympus (or is it actually the rumor mill over-hyping as usual) chooses to make promotional statements claiming that they designed their own completely new 12mp sensor, that’s bull and misleading.

      • Disraeli

        “I am also skeptical of this being a new 12mp sensor. Actually, i highly doubt it is a new 12mp sensor.”

        depends where you think a sensor begins and ends. For E5 they already changed the cfa and, anti-aliasing filter, and the inboard wiring to enable video. If they have moved to dual processing that will alter the internal wiring again.

        They do not even require their own facility to accomplish this

        • e_dawg

          “depends where you think a sensor begins and ends. For E5 they already changed the cfa and, anti-aliasing filter” […]

          The CFA and LPF are no more part of the sensor than demosaicing is part of the sensor.

      • Patric

        “Olympus does not have sensor design capability”

        And you know this, how?

        • e_dawg

          “And you know this, how?”

          It’s generally accepted that only 4 camera mfrs have that capability: Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Canon. Fuji and Kodak have that capability too, but they’re bit players at best. Who else? Maybe Nikon? You tell me.

          But Olympus? That’s not their thing. They can design lenses, microscopes, endoscopes, etc., but not semiconductors.

          Everyone relies on 3rd party providers for various components in a camera. e.g, Sony for LCD screens, Tessera for the image processing and face recognition, Tamron for the lenses, Sanyo for assembly, etc.

          And Olympus relies on others for their sensors (amongst other things). It was Kodak at first, now it’s Panasonic. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just how it is…

  • Scott

    Seems like the only people that want more DR, mp and high ISO are people that dont know what they are doing.

    • so a person with a p&s knows more what his doing then a professional photographer with a 1D?

      • Scott

        It doesnt matter what kind of camera you have. If you dont know what your doing then you dont know. I can take the same pic with a 1d or e1. I have both cameras and If you know what your doing you can get the results your after. What do people think, nobody could take a decent pic before the 5dm2 came out bs. Some of my fav images were take with my e1. do i enjoy the e5 more? yes but only because of focus and the speed of the camera. Image quality shouldnt be an issue with todays cameras. Your not going to see a big difference between 12 or 24 mp

        • no one said that you have to own a dslr to take great picture, i’m reffering to the fact that you said “the only people that want more DR, mp and high ISO are people that dont know what they are doing”
          so my original question still stands

  • Cool, I will buy the E-P3 for sure.

    • Scott

      you can have a ps and know what your doing and you can have a 1d and not know what your doing so I dont understand you statement

  • Admin: “Overall I am very happy with the steps Olympus made with the new PEN’s. Of course there is still room for improvement. But guys, they are finally going in the right direction or not?”
    Yes, they do! Impressive Olympus-Innovations which will hit the mark!

  • Per

    1. Looking at the most appreciated photos created since 1850 – very rarely sharpness, DR nor ISO sensitivity is that made them famous!
    2. I don not love Olympus cameras nor any machine.
    3. A camare is a picture taking machine, it is up to the operator of it to create good or bad photography.
    4. As a picture taking machine the E-P1 is is some ways nice to work with. But inintentional chage of settings is very annoying. And to create good photography composition is extremely important. Just a LCD is not enough!
    5.The Olympus lenses for m4/3 so far are very average. The Panasonic 20mm is good, but not as good as the Zeiss 50mm, Leica 90mm or the Voigtländer 35mm that I own. – Just whish they had been auto-focus. Now we get prime lenses from Panasonic and Olympus. It remains to be seen if they live up to the hype!?
    6. I like the m4/3 concept a lot and am willing to compromize image quality a bit. I then need tp get a camera that meets my requirements (G3,GH2) -and purchase 3 lenses. That will be as expensive as switching to another system. Samsung? (excellent usability), Pentax Q (they sure know about making small, high performing lenses) Sony’s nex(t) banger? (can they manufacture small HQ lenses? – not yet)

  • The are many potential photographers there, they need something to unlock their creativity and start painting with light! One of the major drawbacks in my opinion is that if you don´t get what you see, you won´t be interested in photography, at least when you are a beginner. I bought a Panasonic LX5 for my wife when Olympus hadn´t released the XZ-1 yet and this is what I was talking the other day, no matter how you configure your camera, Panasonic color sucks!!! I have been creating a nice color profile for the LX5 but I still haven´t finished it yet, I don´t have the right tools but I am getting closer. Now my wife is able to load all her pictures in Lightroom and apply the color profile I created. Check out the difference between what Venus Engine is outputting and the real color.

    Panasonic real color:
    Lightroom color profile:

    Believe me, if you don´t have the right tool, you won´t feel the real experience taking photographs.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the new TRUEPIC VI engine :)


    • I wish someone would make an OLYMPUS color profile for Lightroom/ACR

      • +100

        I’d also like to see some lens profiles for Oly MFTs in Camera Raw and LR. Whats the deal with that?!

        • UPDATE:
          I’ve been searching dpreview’s forum and found a very nice Profile by huelight, if someone wants- pm me

          • cL

            I’m not sure how to PM you…. Though I am interested in that also. Right now, I am porting important photos that really need Olympus color directly into Olympus Viewer, save as EXIF-TIF (by the way, you can completely kick out that stupid anti-alias filter and completely unleash the potential of your Olympus lenses within Viewer) then port back to Lightroom. That way I retained that nice Olympus color and still use Lightroom for nice photo filing and other work flow.

            • just click on my username to pm me.
              BTW – would the olympus raw converter that your talking about would work on panasonic raw files? how can i install it?

              • cL

                The software is free for sure, but I am not sure it’ll work with Panasonic RAW file…. You can try to save your photos in EXIF-TIFF and export to Viewer and see if it’ll work…. Probably too much work if you don’t port ORF (Olympus RAW Format) directly. I didn’t realize you are not using Olympus. Olympus’s color really is better like everyone says (even competitors agree, though I admit Olympus’s color is slightly on the warmer side to my eyes, but most people like that color. It’s not grossly warm, but it’s not neutral). I don’t speak for something I only read over the Internet, I actually have experience with them (I owned G1 briefly).

                I clicked on your name, but there is no PM function! Maybe it’s not for non-registered users?

      • Hi frosti7,

        It´s certainly very difficult to create a color profile for Lightroom, if you really want to render colors in the same way as Olympus does. First you should be able to calibrate the lightness (greys) and colors separately. It´s something similar to LAB color space. TruePIC engine is really powerful because it calibrates both worlds separately. They also don´t use 3D LUT tables found in ICC profiles because this technique produces posterization and color shifts. Although Lightroom color correction modifies color very smoothly, it doesn´t have the versatility of the ICC profiles. You can´t alter specific colors, and if you modify oranges, yellows and reds are affected. I guess Olympus is able to modify color in a different way. In my opinion they are able to modify color wavelengths with an algorithm or something like that. I don´t really know it, but believe me that color correction is a really hard task :)

        • I second that. I once spent 6 hours trying to create lightroom profiles that would render RAW files as Olympus Jpeg engine does. You can get one picture close to its Olympus JPEG rendering by fine tweaking, but the next image will look totally different using that tweaked profile.

          I finally gave up on that effort and started shooting JPEG+RAW. But nowadays I’m back to JPEG only. I’ve learned if I set the WB (mostly) and exposure (less important) correct at shooting time, the JPEG will look great anyway, and it will withstand some minor tweaking in lightroom too.

      • Inge-M

        What by color profil to Astia, so i can look is the to few Provia and Velvia for ACR.
        Also first Sensiva generasion is interesting to so give life to flat sunrise, and not very yellow.

        • cL

          I don’t quite understand you Inge-M…, as always…. Are you trying to say you want color profile that will emulate Astia, Provia, and Velvia (and also Sensia)? If so, I think I want them too. I think you can download Velvia preset somewhere. I need Provia 100F though, which is my favorite slide film.

      • Per

        I use X-rite Color Checker. It works really well with Lightrom. And yes, there is a clear difference in color rendition Olympus – Panasonic. Also for Olympus users, as mentioned below by cL, conversion to exif-Tif produces excellent file quality

    • e_dawg

      The Panny Venus engine is generally recognized to output inferior JPEGs to Olympus. However, looking at the image based on your LR color profile, it looks a bit cool with a slight magenta bias to it (i.e., the skin looks a bit sunburned / purplish). Of course, the Panny image looks dark, murky, and yellowish, but perhaps a warmer profile with a slight tweak to have less magenta more green might be more pleasing (albeit maybe less accurate)?

      • Hi e_dawg,

        I know what you mean but her color skin is a little bit redish. I am just concentrating on color matching, then I´ll optimize skin colors. Lightroom color correcting tool isn´t very powerful but thank you for your comments. Greatly appreciated.

    • Per

      David – if this was a comment to what I write above: I have 50 years experience in photography :-)
      Cameras from Minolta, Olympus, Contax, Leica, Ricoh, Nikon to mention some. The best were the Contaxes (usability + image quality). People talk often about OM-1, but the Contax 138Q was far better in every aspect! The Contax G1 AF rangefinder with it amazing lenses is definatelt the benchmark I use vs upcomming mirrorless cameras!

  • Hi Inge-M,

    What´s the point of applying an Astia color profile to a color image that has been already color corrected? For instance: Use an Olympus E-1 camera to capture an scene and then take the same picture with a Canon 5D. Both of them render colors really different. Now apply an Astia color profile. Do you think it will be rendered like an Astia slide? :)
    There is also something important. E-1 has a different dynamic range compared to Canon 5D. Astia has an specific exposure latitude so …Do you get it?
    Some people use Nik software for applying profiles, so I highly recommend loading images as linear as possible and then apply these profiles to the images. What´s the point of loading an image with mid-contrast curve in Lightroom and then applying a profile with high contrast curve with Nik software?

    • Inge-M

      Hei David Irisarri

      I look, that is color profil so give Provia and Velvia color example for Lightroom.
      Yes the is intention when a color profil is make, that it to make color up to film, but big reason for color profils is difference camera.

  • Stimmer

    Have you guys noticed the replies on the Olympus rumors? Still incredible to me the level of interest and discussion their products bring on.

    Good or bad tom you, they are polarizing for some reason. I think it’s because they are a wildcard in the market that has so much photographic heritage and potential but they don’t quite live up to it.

    They really make good quality stuff. Not quite the best but you can really get some good stuff with it.

    Deep down I think a lot of people would like to see them knock one out of the park. if they could only put that pesky viewfinder in the body they might be on to something soon.

    • AndyOz

      I agree that Olympus rumors always generate alot of discussion. Compare that to some other company rumor sites.
      It seems that a lot of people like Olympus and their heritage and even though we are critical at times we hope they come out with a great product. They are a small imaging company without the budgets of Panasonic and Canon, and have usually been very innovative. Perhaps its because they are small that they can innovate but on the downside it also means they can be a bit slower at updating and getting the products out for own tastes. That doesnt excuse some bad product decisions they have made and I still think the Pen line needs some better strategy.

      Totally agree that they need a viewfinder in a body very quickly.

  • Maciek

    redesigned or tweaked sensor – it beter be redesigned,
    Tweaking refers to fine-tuning or adjusting to get the best results with the existing structure.

  • maitani

    olympus colour is good imo, but, and i say this as an oly fanboy, completely overrated! any camera on the market can mimic the look of olympus jpg, it’s a jpg after all. it’s one of the ‘repeated’ last myths in the oly fanboy campbut let’s face it nikon and canon allow you also to create any look or colour profile you want (with picture styles/customization)sony has great jpg too out of cam.

    agreed that panasonic raw are a little ‘flatter’, but they have great latitude in post processing, much better than olympus raws.

    what made the E-1 so great imo was the ‘flat’ colour output but unbelievable colour latitide, better than any esystem body until today.

    • Disraeli

      Always a struggle to do as you suggest, colour is strongly dependent on both the cfa array and its transparency. It is no secret that Canon in particular have more translucent cfa which helps in high ISO noise but condemns low ISO colour.

      Yes you can modify the files but there is no guarantee that consistent colour acuity can be maintained, and done so in a timely manner. Picture styles are a great assistance but do not answer more than a few productivity claims.

      They still tend to washed out reds and cyan skies, straightening that mess out costs time in post production, that’s how it is. (this is the same for earlier Canon SLRs compared with later Canon SLRs, earlier SLRs do not have the same problem)

      As for E1, most CCD sensors produce nicer color than CMOS based sensors. This is demonstrated well by Leica’s M9.

  • maitani

    I agree partly on the CCD quote about nicer color, rather than the CCD itself I think the size of photons
    Are of bigger importance.. so I think it’s wise from Olympus to stay at ’12 but good’ megapixels..

    Other than that I don’t agree about the cyan skies etc. with other brands, guys do you actually use the cameras or do you just read the forums? For example Nikons, just modify the image parameters on you’re image preset and you’re there ‘olympus-blue’, also the factory settings are not bad at all, just different to what you might be used from your Olympus. I find it a bigger mess to deal with blown out shadows or highlights of 4/3 cameras, for weddings with lots of changing and difficult lightning conditions, it can drive you nuts.

    Also the lack of ‘yet’ Fast reliable autofocus can drive you even more nuts, I shot last wedding with a (calibrated) E-5 + 14-35, parallel (fortunately) I shot the D700 with some prime lenses, the sluggish AF of the
    E-5 drove me nuts, the D700 gave me consistent high keeper rate, beautiful colour and smooth files the E-5 didn’t even come close. I’m also not sure if the hi-iso performance of a D700 condemns low iso colour as you mention, not at all actually more the opposite… moiré and shadow noise are unknown to the D700.

    Despite all ‘fanboyism’ on this forum, yes I like Olympus too, believe me I have tons of Oly cameras and I won’t part with them, but we have also to admit the shortcomings, in this regard the E-5 + 14-35 is a huge disappointment, despite the stellar resolution and great versatility…

  • Scott

    I will agree the 14-35 is slow focusing in low light. I hardly ever use it at weddings unless I am outside but we shoot with teams at weddings. we use e-5’s 7d’s and 1d m3 and so far the e-5’s give better color and a higher keeper rate. More infocus pictures etc. I have never shot with Nikon maybe its better idk

    • Stimmer

      Shoot it with the 12-60. Great focus speed.

      • Scott

        That is what I use when I can risk focus, like the leaving shot but I do like the ability to shoot at 2.0 at the reception

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