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New GH3 firmware update to be released in late March.


Panasonic (Click here) just announced that they will release a new GH3, H-FS45150, H-PS14042 and H-PS45175 firmware update in late March of 2013. The improvements are listed on the screenshot you see here on top. The firmware will also fix the intervalometer issue we reported last week.

Meantime the GH3 is now regularly in Stock un US atores like Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Samys (Click here).

In Canda there is a $200 price drop on the GH3 with 12-34mm X lens kit at Henrys (Click here).

  • sergey

    where is the promised major update for M-5? *wähhh*

    • Steve

      Based on past updates it would seem Olympus only releases firmware updates for bug fixes. Only Panasonic has added new functionality with firmware updates, but I don’t think the GH3 major firmware update will come till this fall (based on what happened with the GH2).

      • true homer

        i havent even bothered to update my OMD, the first time ive tried it had not finished 30 minutes later, and then it told me it failed.

      • Usually they only do bug fixes and support for new accessories, but there have been other changes as well, including new or updated features.

        Some examples:


        a still existing (and badly documented) option was added:
        “It is now possible to shoot photos by fully pressing the shutter button repeatedly, while keeping the shutter button halfway depressed. This improvement allows you to continually shoot photos in C_AF mode, continuing C_AF with the shutter button halfway depressed. ”

        Note that this feature works on all E system cameras since the E-1 and also on the PENs, OM-D etc. It also works for S-AF, which means you can shoot multiple pictures without refocusing and without using continuous shooting mode.


        AF in live-view mode b enabled


        added new button assignments

        E-3, E-510

        added IS support for legacy lenses


        added IS support for legacy lenses during video recording

  • Zeus

    While a good sign that an early firmware fix is coming, the GH3 really needs focus peaking and other EVF usability tweaks (eg, less/glaring info displayed in EVF during video) in a further, more complete update.

  • Actual

    :( Was hoping for 120 fps 720p

    • Harbinger

      We might have to wait for different type of firmware update for that one.

  • DrWhom

    The Henry’s deal has been live for well over a month

  • Still no fix for that mentioned problem in H-HS12035, just improvements for GH3 :(

    • Steve

      I guess you missed the “And more” part. Let wait to see what else was included.

  • I was hoping they would improve the auto bracketing to allow me to not have to hold down the shutter button during brackets and have a two second delay before firing the first bracket.

    • Hifinut

      @ DaveVeffer
      you could actually set the self-timer for 2 seconds.

  • Falstaff

    What they really need to do is update the Lumix Link app. If we could actually see what we are recording on the GH3 after we hit the record button this would be a game changer. Setting a timer is nice, but unsatisfactory.

    • That LumixLink fix is one of my list items for this Camera too. Pointless not being able to use tablets as monitors in Live View, then again, the GH3 is clearly an amateur camera.

      • Hi Paul,

        you can use tablets as monitors right now. I use my Galaxy S3 in wireless live view on assignments. But then again you would have to use one to know. Clearly you have not.

        • Falstaff

          We are talking about video recording. With the Lumix link app, when you press record on the tablet, the video freezes and a pop up box appears reading “Recording Video. To stop video recording, press the video record button on the camera. Set recording time…” Now the only workaround is to set a very short increment for your video recording (say 10 seconds). Frame up your shot, hit record and wait ten seconds for the timer to expire. When it does you have live view again. If you were on a remote pan tilt head you could change the angle, and adjust focus, etc. Then hit record again and you would have an obscured video for say 10 seconds. So, obviously, Panasonic, or someone needs to fix this problem. And if they did it would be a game changer.

          • Ah video, got it. Thanks for clarifying. I read live view so I took it at face value.

  • Guy McLoughlin

    …This firmware update also opens the door to hacking the GH3 camera, which should help change the game within the next 2 months.

    I can’t wait to be able to shoot All I-Frame at 150 Mbits or higher.

    Even 100 Mbits IBP would be great too.

    Woo Hoo!

    • bitcrusher

      It was May 2011 when the gh2 got hacked and another 3 months to get any decent patches made for it so…. 2 months for a hack is a bit optimistic.

    • Zeus

      Keep your fingers crossed… There’s no guarantee the GH3 will be hackable, considering new sensor etc. Or that if bit rates can be increased, that they would make significant improvements in ALL-I ). But here’s to hoping!

      Meanwhile, don’t expect any fix for live view video feeds while recording via Lumix Link, I don’t believe the hardware will be able to support this at all, unfortunately. I do hope Pana aggressively persues that goal in some soon-to-be video cam. The first one to be useable with a sharp feed on an iPad will completely own its segment of the market.

      • Nelson

        GoPro3 can do live stream via wifi, why can’t GH3?

        • bousozoku

          Can that GoPro 3 take 16 MP photos or is video its only function?

      • Falstaff

        I think JVC is leading the way on this front with their Everio line. There is a neat video here:

        In that video they show you how the camcorder can be monitored with a smartphone, tablet or even a Windows laptop (30 feet only:( This isn’t to say that Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Nikon and GoPro are not following their lead. But I think that JVC really has it down.

        I also think that Panasonic is the GH3 is the first large sensor camcorder to have the record ability integrated in the Wi-Fi function. It’s simply too bad that you can’t monitor it while you are recording. It’s also too bad that the only camcorders that allow this Wi-Fi monitoring and recording are small chip types. I cannot stress it enough, that if Panasonic could get Wi-Fi recording with the GH3 that would be an absolute game changer for video.

    • Daan Gray

      Can’t you be CONTENT with 72mb/s???

      • Swested

        Nothing satisfies the pixel-peeping morons. Remember, footage is completely unwatchable if it wasn’t shot at at least 100 MBits/sec!!!

        • P4INKiller

          Easy to say when your eyes aren’t sharp enough to spot the difference.
          You’re also dismissing people who work in post who absolutely need the extra benefits that come with high bitrates.

    • DV

      Sounds nice, but honestly 150mbps is probably well past the point of diminishing returns. At least as far as 8-bit, 4:2:0 is concerned.

  • vaitor

    I hope they also include an option to switch between PAL and NTSC… I bought my camera in the US but would like shoot PAL.

  • les

    I would be quite wary to update. the last time i update for my GH2, the card write speed seems to slow down, but if they improve the VF(if its possible via FW update) i am in!

  • Henry

    I think it’s time to implement Disqus on this site

  • jw48335

    I don’t really understand this camera. Take the following example:

    Canon 6D + 40mm f2.8 STM = 900 grams, $1940

    Panasonic GH3 + 20mm f1.7 (40mm equiv) = 650 grams, $1650

    The physical size is only ~10% for full frame. I suppose if video is absolutely paramount I could understand, but I don’t think I could ever ignore the big sensor and iso performance…

    • Falstaff

      With wide angle lenses your point holds true. But think about the comparable size of the lenses when you go telephoto. If you had a 70-200 F2.8 on a full frame camera you would have a long lens which probably would need to be supported. But then if you used a GH3 you could have the 35-100 F2.8 which is much smaller and lighter. You have the same comparable focal length and F-stop but it is so much more compact in M4/3. On the other hand, the Sigma 70-200 OS HSM autofocuses extremely fast and accurately. I can’t say the same for the 35-100 all the time.

  • Sirio

    What I would like to see in a new firmware is the possibility to set a name of the photographer like Copyright in the exif by default !!!

  • Jamie Hayes

    My GH3 internal flash has stopped working. I suspect it was after the firmware update. I’m not sure.

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