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Panasonic GH3 Lumix 12-35mm vs Canon FD 35mm – Moire and Aliasing Test

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A full PEN story in Spanish at DSRLmagazine.
A “french” OMD-7 wishlist at Lepidi.
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Mpgxsvcd:Here is a video that shows some of the impossible shots you can get with the GH3’s in camera RAW stacking mode.
Panasonic has not said anything about the RAW stacking capabilities the GH3 has. In fact I didn’t even know it had it until I first got mine. However, I had a chance last night to really play around with it for Astro Photography.
Simply put. The in camera HDR and stacking could be game changers. The GH3 already beats every single APS-C camera on DXO mark Canon makes. Canon has been the defacto camera for AP for many years.
Here are some images and videos I took last night while the full moon was out.
The in camera RAW stacking that the GH3 offers could finally allow us to get impressive images in camera and without ever hooking up a computer to the scope. For me that is essential.
The big issue is that you simply must guide the scope. Trying to do it with tracking alone won’t work. Right now I can’t afford to guide so I did some testing with brighter objects.

Anonymous:Below is a single image that was produced in camera by stacking many RAW images from different areas of space together. The only thing I edited was that some of the stars show through the moon. However, I have posted the original out of camera RAW file if you want to play with it.
I took the image of Orion first and then stacked for quick exposures of the moon over it. It is really easy because the GH3 shows you the original RAW image with the live view super imposed over it.
And here is the dpreview thread where we are discussing it.

Gregory:I have since been working on a separate project: a photography blog where I’ve gathered the best of my street photography in Istanbul, where I live. Most of the shots where taken with a GF-1, many with the E-M5 and a handful with a Pentax K5. m43 lenses used: mostly 20mm 1.7. and 14mm 2.5 but also 45mm 2.8. and 45mm 1.8 Pentax lenses used: Sigma 17-50 2.8, Pentax 15mm 4.0 Ltd. You can check my site there: istanbulcandids.com

Thiago:I would just like to share my just-made blog dedicated to the BCL-15 Body Cap Lens. http://bodycap.tumblr.com/

Romain:A little test between Canon 5D Mark III and Panasonic GH2, with Canon 50mm F1,4 and Voigtlander 25mmF0,95 160 iso / 7500 Kelvin here -> http://vimeo.com/60832620

  • Flash

    I like the Body Cap Lens Blog. I really liked some of the pictures.

    • Uberzone

      I had high hopes for that “lens”, but price vs quality doesn’t seem worth it. I would go for the 14mm Panny instead. Nice blog and excellent pictures though. It really shows what that body cap can do in the right hands given its limitations.

      • Hello Uberzone, thanks for the nice comments! I curate the blog, that is, I select excellent pictures from users worldwide, and I can say that some people are really doing amazing works with the BCL.

        I also love the Panasonic 14mm, fantastic optic – but the BCL is a different beast. There’s something whimsical and addictive about it, and it seems that the BCL users are a quite creative crowd, kinda reminiscent of the Lomography phenomenon.

        please give the BCL a chance, you might be bitten by the bug :)

    • Thanks for the kind comments!

    • Mr. Reeee

      Some excellent shots with the BCL15. It really shows that opportunity, composition and exposure are far more important than the sharpness-above-all mentality that seems pervasive in photo gear site ramblings.

      I feel inspired to dig out my BCL and slap on my GX1.

  • “Panasonic has not said anything about the RAW stacking capabilities the GH3 has.”

    Next logical question: does GH3 have the focus bracketing?

    • Bob B.

      I tried to find a copy of the GH3 user manual online (panasonic global has every manual online except the GH3)…to read up on the in-camera stacking…but no luck.
      I understand what Focus Stacking is…but that is not something that would be of use in astro photos.
      (I don’t think…but I am not an expert)
      This stacking is simply combining a series of images…like double exposures (sort of)…I am trying to figure out if the stacking on the GH3 is for consecutive photos as you shoot them or can you choose previously recorded images and have the camera stack them…as aftermarket software would do?

    • pizza4D

      Did Mpgxsvcd really look for info on that or is RAW stacking something different than Auto Bracket? The Panasonic.net site for the GH3 has always had a description of this feature:
      “The DMC-GH3 will record up to 7 images with a single press of the shutter button.”

      • Blinkered

        Auto bracketing refers to taking a sequence of images at different exposures, bracketing does not typically include any sort of stacking of images.

        The raw image stacking actually stacks multiple images on top of each other, forming one image.

  • mango

    So if I’m using an Oly I guess there is no in-camera stacking :(

    What is the best software for stacking on Windows?

    • Anonymous

      The Olympus cameras have a form of stacking. However, I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know the details about it.

    • Hifinut

      Olympus cameras do not have in-camera HDR stacking, but allow bracketing pictures that can be stacked using Photomatic Pro software. If you free HDR stacking software, try out Luminance HDR.

      • On the Em5, for HDR the exposure bracketing is not much good (besides no HDR). It will will work but you need to shoot 5 exposures (at 1 stop seperation) to get the 3 shots usually used at 0 -2 and +2 You then throw away the ones either side of 0. All 5 can of course be used but space may be a problem. Its easy to set second, second menu item.
        I would like to see the addition of 3 frames at 2 stops and even 5 frames at 2 stops

    • The em5 allows multiple RAW shots to be superimposed with a single raw shot being the result. Page 62 of the manual.
      In addition Page 73 says that up to 3 existing RAW shots can be overlaid in the camera to create a new JPEG shot.

  • lomax

    Why th 12-35 lens has less zoom at 35mm than fd canon 35mm ????.

    I don’t understand that, if both lenses has the same 35mm zoom on test :(

    Can someone explain that??. I’m newbie on photography :(

    Thx :)

  • lomax

    Why the 12-35 lens has less zoom at 35mm than fd canon 35mm ????.

    I don’t understand that, if both lenses has the same 35mm zoom on test :(

    Can someone explain that??. I’m newbie on photography :(

    Thx :)

  • Thanks Admin for featuring my blog! Thanks everyone for the kind comments – I’m always looking for cool BCL pics to feature on the blog, and anyone is invited to contribute :)


    • These shots just prove that an expensive lens is not a pre requisite for good photography.
      Nice blog. I am looking for one of these lenses now.

  • Bob B.

    Ok….after looking thru the GH3 manual….what Mpgxsvcd is referring to is simply the, the camera’s Multiple Exposure feature?…It is not referred to as Raw Stacking in the manual….nor could I find anything in the manual that mentions that term. …seems. The camera has of course has auto bracketing and even has an HDR mode….but those features do not apply to the astro image…but from what I am seeing…all this guy did was take a multiple exposure. That’s it.

    • jhdf;

      The difference is it is multiple exposure using RAW files done in camera

      • true homer

        And that the final result is a raw file (not a jpeg) and that it can be done infinitely.

    • Bob B.

      Good point…that does make it a very nice asset in Panasonic’s newest pro offering.

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