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New 40-150mm f/2.8 Lens image.


Olympus Nordic posted that image of the 40-150mm f/2.8 Lens on Facebook. Afterall this lens is smaller than expected when we saw the first product pictures!

  • Oh, it’s not THAT big! For a pro lens, it’s quite a comfortable size, actually.

    • spam

      +1, can’t see why this is “bigger than expected”. Who’d expect a 40-150 F2.8 to be small? It has 50% longer focal length than the Panasonic 35-100 F2.8.

      • MJr

        first time ever to agree with spam.

      • Eosphoros

        “less bigger than expected” not “bigger than expected”, remember that admin is not a native english speaker, smaller was not his first instinct, thus the awkward and confusing phrasing.

      • BLI

        “Less bigger” = smaller, I assume…

        • bousozoku

          “not quite as big” might work.

    • Anonymous

      2008-2010 I still ran around with a 5Dii 24-70 2,8 and 70-200 2,8 THAT was big and heavy.. I really like the new pro attitude of Oly and totally accept the slightly bigger stuff that comes with quality of both, the product itself and the results we’ll (probably) get

    • Berneck

      That lens does NOT look that big. Funny that we are all “photographers” and we don’t look at the perspective. It’s large next to the E-M1, and the 12-40 lens. However, the E-M1 and 12-40 are small!!!!!!

      What I would like to see is this next to a pro Canon or Nikon with the equivalent glass. I don’t think it will look so large then.

      This is the reason I adopted M43. I was a little early, and it was admittedly frustrating, but now I don’t miss FF or APS-C at all.

      • Federico Alberto


        • Chad

          Once a full OMD e-m5 user while loving the primes switched to Nikon FF because of non-existent olympus m/43 fast zooms.

          Now I can’t wait to switch back. Sick and tired of all the bulk.

    • Mattphoto

      Looks pretty compact to me. I could definitely travel with that.

  • Just a reader

    Was this blog purchased by Olympus?

    Maybe it should be called Olympus Rumors instead, since every entry is about Olympus products.

    • norm

      Feel welcome to contact admin with any news regarding exciting product developments that are relating to companies other than Olympus.

      Until you have done that you have no right to whinge and whine.

      • Anonymous

        The last post had a photo of a Panasonic lens?
        3 Posts back had a photo of a Panasonic GX7?

        Just A Reader…your comment is unfounded.

        • Anonymous


      • i can help myself to laugh as I remember years ago,.when Panasonic ,tried to introduced AN X LENS LINE,with their 14-42 and 45-175mm,.we had some high expectation to see the very first, PRO lens as they campaigned , and it could have been Panasonic chance to lead begin their so called PRO lens LINE UP,.but it turned out to be A JOKED.

        I dont know men ,,.i just to many mistakes which panasonic made,.the GX7 should have come at least two years ago after the GF1 as Panasonic have their own Legacy L1 43 camera.but they ruined the GF line with GF2,3,5,.as i respect and still own GF1,.also G3&GX1 the last two i sold out already,.

        • Anonymous

          The GX7 should have come 2 years ago? You mean like Oly’s RF style m43 with a built-in EVF? Oh, wait, no. Oly still hasn’t done that, have they?

          The Oly fanboys are amazing. Before the OM-D they were all “who needs an EVF, the LCD screen is better!” Then came the OM-D, and suddenly know one was talking about rangefinders and LCD screens. Then it was, “The GH3 and Panasonic f/2.8 lenses are TOO big. m43 is all about small! Panasonic sucks!”

          Now that Oly has introduced a body just about as big as the GH3, and lenses even bigger than Panasonic’s, all of a sudden size isn’t so important to the Oly crew.

          You guys a a bunch of jokes. The rest of the world is laughing at you.

        • Fish

          I think that Panny has had a little bit of bad luck with the timing of their products, the gx1 and now gx7 have both been overshadowed a bit by Olympus announcements – but Panasonic was the first and still only one to give us a VF in a rangefinder shape. If Panny should have released that camera sooner, what do you have to say about all the pens we have gotten that are still lacking?

        • Paul Latouche

          Damn Oly, of course you know that the best native m43 zooms were all Panasonic up until last week.
          First kit zoom 14-45mm was better than the Oly. Then came 7-14mm f4 on march 2009, which was the best zoom in the system until the release of 12-35 and 35-100mm f2.8 last year.
          So now Oly finally releases a (still not reviewed) high quality zoom 4 days ago, and all of a sudden everything released before by Panasonic is crap, even if it was unmatched for 4 years by your favourite camera maker? Are you serious?

    • wow

      Seriously? you realize the EM1 is the new kid on the block so obviously its getting attention right now, admin DID post about gx7 not long ago also amid all the em1 exposure, and besides the gx7 got all the attention when it was announced.

      • Berneck

        And, unless I’m missing something, Panasonic has been lagging Olympus. Olympus has been doing a lot lately, and are arguably outdoing Panasonic. (Perhaps the only thing Panasonic does better is video). Btw, I’m NOT a fanboy, I started with Panasonic, but slowly moved to Olympus because I just liked what they were doing more.


          Congrats on coming out…

          • lordbaldric

            Hello, Tywin Lannister.

          • Chatokun

            Hmm. Define fanboy? I’d say I’m not a fanboy, but according to your definition, it makes me one (and a liar too, oh how things escalate). So if my two favorite lenses are the Pan 25mm 1.4 and the Oly 75mm, I own the EM5 and have owned the GX1(loved it, gave to my brother, who loves it), want the EM1, G6, and GX7 and having a dilemma on what to get (current plan may be to sell EM5 to brother, get EM1 and one of the Pannys), what kind of fanboy does it make me?

            Oh wait, it’s obvious, I’m a m43 fanboy. Hmm… ok, I can accept that.

    • stu5

      Does this lens not fit your Panasonic then?

      Even all the news of the 12-40mm f2.8 should interest Panasonic users especially GH3 video users as you can focus pull with the lens. I am assuming that feature works with the camera.

    • Rich.

      I know what you mean. It’s about tone as much as anything. For instance:- Admin: “if you can’t afford an EM1 you can buy a GH3”

      • Anonymous

        Well, isn’t that a correct statement, taken at face value (i.e. see their current price). Also, What would you guys suggest, political correctness LOL!
        Take it easy and enjoy. Maybe Admin has a bias or maybe not, but even so, then so what?! It’s been an awesome year for our system. And it’s not over yet! Let’s enjoy, and be thankful for the free, excellent service!

      • Anonymous

        > For instance:- Admin: “if you can’t afford an EM1 you can buy a GH3″

        No, that is about you feeling defensive as soon as someone suggests the GH3 might not be the top dog.

        • Phred

          Well… If you want an MFT camera for video you are going to buy a GH3, right? It’s the top dog over the M1, correct.?
          The most exciting, newest MFT info right now is the M1 and all of these incredible lenses and I love reading about all of them (I will not be purchasing an M1, BTW), as it increases my awareness about the system. I do plan on buying an Olympus 12-40 lens, as it looks like it will be the best zoom lens we have seen yet..but I want to see more tests…so admin…keep on posting. I am sure that the Panasonic Nocticron 42.5mm f/2.8 will get just as much press here as soon as some is available. It’s ALL good!

          • Phred

            Whoops, that f/stop in my post above should be f/1.2.

          • Anonymous

            Obviously when you are serious about video and buying a m4/3 camera for this, the GH3 is a very good choice, in most cases a better one then the E-M1, if you are more interested in still images it is the other way around. If you live in ntsc land and want a good ‘on the road’ cam that can do some pretty good video without having to carry some stabilized rig, the E-M1 is also a better camera. If the things in which it is better are of little relevance to you (which might quite be, as they can be rather insignificant depending on exactly what you want to do) then the GH3 is a better choice simply because of price.

            But that wasn’t the point of the post you replied to, and actually, your response isn’t that much different from Rick’s, oh gee, someone might be saying the GH3 isn’t the top dog, turn on defensive measures! It almost makes one think there is something wrong with that GH3. The point is the silly persecution syndrome that becomes evident from such responses.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting comment, seeing that the previous blog is about the Lumix 35-100 zoom (perhaps it’s an Olympus Lumix, I must have got the Lumix wrong).

    • tokugawa

      During the time of the GX7’s release, it was almost exclusively all-Panasonic.

      I mean, isn’t it logical? Around the release of any product, that product will be in the spotlight for some time.

    • Fafhrd

      What a maroon.

      • Abraham

        I love looney tunes.

  • That’s a pretty killer combo for far under £$€5000
    Small light and fantastic image quality.

  • nobody

    Well, still doesn’t look very MICRO to me.

    I would have prefered 12-50 f2.8-3.5 + 40-150 f2.8-3.5. More focal length range with the same size for the standard zoom, and a more compact tele zoom with the same range.

    I will wait until the 40-150 is really available and then choose either these new Olympus lenses or the smaller Panasonic 12-35 + 35-100 duo.

    • I would like to se an 80-300 f2.8 full frame lens compared to that. Oh and it has to be weather sealed and perhaps internally focused as well.

      I think it looks compact and professional!

      • Hubertus Bigend

        Yeah, but what really is comparable is a 70-300mm f/5.6 for FF and a 70-200mm f/4 for APS-C, because that’s what is needed to get the same results with larger sensors. If you compare f/2.8 lenses, the larger-sensor-combo becomes much more capable and therefore it’s no wonder it is much bigger.

        • FW Scharpf

          The Canon 70-200 f 4 is HUGE in comparison

        • Anonymous

          Pushing up ISOs and bla bla bla. We know, but still don’t care because we love this system and enjoy it.

        • Anonymous

          BigEnd, I think you are at the wrong forum…pulease click over to the BigAss camera forum for you shooting enjoyment.

        • The Real Stig

          Go away.

        • JimStir

          You are right about the apples for apples comparison based on matching AOV/DOF/total light .The problem with that scenario for Canon shooters particularly APS Canon shooters is that their sensors simply do not have the advantage over mFT sensors that Nikon’s and Sony’s offerings do especially with regard to DR and shadow noise which is a weak area with Canon.

          Neither Nikon or Canon have made any great efforts to produce high quality APS glass.At the moment if I was an Nikon APS shooter my choice would be the amazing 18-35mm F1.8 from Sigma not small but look at what it can replace , paired with the Sigma 50-150 F2.8 and when you want to go lighter the Nikon F/1.8G primes offer a lot of bang for the buck.I can see little to attract me to the Canon APS options. It doesn’t seem to stop folk buying Canon APS cameras by the million oh well!

          • Anonymous

            You can put the Sigmas on the Canon TOO, dufus.

            • JimStir

              Yes that is correct ,however as I clearly stated

              “The problem with that scenario for Canon shooters particularly APS Canon shooters is that their sensors simply do not have the advantage over mFT sensors that Nikon’s and Sony’s offerings do ”

              Canon APS sensors do not have any advantage over mFT the only thing you gain is weight. While at least Nikon/Sony/Pentax APS shooters are using sensors that are ahead of the mFT option ergo they at least gain in critical areas such as DR

        • NikonShooter

          f2.8 is f2.8 and you can shove your DOF!

          And I say that owning a D600 and a D800E!

          • Fish


        • The Knight Of Ni

          @Hubertus Bigend

          But of course, you are wrong. This f/2.8 is just as bright/fast as the Canon f/2.8 or any other f/2.8 in the world. The only difference is depth of field. It has the depth of field of a 40-150 instead of a 70-200. And guess what. A lot of people prefer more DOF, and most people don’t give a crap either way. The people who do should be using FF.

        • Ryan

          In that case, my photos on m43 should be properly exposed at f2.8 when my shutter speed is set to the same speed you would when you are at f5.6 on a full frame. Yup. Go ahead and try that.

        • Liquidsilver

          It should easy best the f4 l lens on aps-c on every metric, including noise and dof control. According dxomark, the 12 35 do it already. Canon shows no love for apsc bodies, still I see many wedding shooters using that “inferior” combo.

          Also why do you consider a full stop of equivalence? Between m43 and aps c canon is 1/2 stop, and between aps c and full frame 1 1/2. A f2.8 m43 lens is equivalent to a 3.6 on apsc canon

    • Dave-3

      It is a constant f2.8 so won’t be micro micro.

    • stu5

      You have to remember these are Pro grade lenses so they will be fast and constant where possible throughout the range. Your choice will be do your compromise image quality against smaller size.

    • Hubertus Bigend

      There already are many “micro” sized lenses. They don’t get bigger just because other, bigger, lenses are added to the lineup. Micro Four Thirds is now expected to replace Four Thirds, too, and most of the bigger Four Thirds lenses won’t become significantly smaller just because the MFT bayonet mount is closer to the sensor, without the sensor itself being any smaller, so more bigger lenses are to expected, if MFT is going to be a really universal camera system that wants to compete with the big two.

    • Not exactly small, but there is a market segment for that.

  • G.

    …the question is…does this lens has internal zooming like pana 35-100mm or not?
    This could make a huge difference in size when extended at 150mm…

    • sheepthief

      Internal zoom would be a benefit – it’s very difficult to weather-seal a lens in which there’s a big change in the internal volume!

      • BLI

        The 12-40/2.8 is weather sealed, but does not have external zoom.

    • 25thnan
      • The Knight Of Ni

        I suspect the photos in that link are of a dummy non-working lens. It probably doesn’t zoom when you turn the ring.

  • Cliff

    compare size: 12-40 vs. 40-150 fresh image

  • Yun

    Well done , Olympus .
    Inner zoom & constant aperature likely .
    The incoming X Pana 150mm F2.8 will have a hard time when it come out .

    • still interesting to see a comparison at 150mm.

    • JimStir

      “The incoming X Pana 150mm F2.8 will have a hard time when it come out .”

      Not necessarily a 150mm F2.8 prime should be considerably smaller and lighter than a 40-150mm F2.8 zoom. As well as possibly cheaper , a fast fixed aperture prime typically performs better than a fast fixed aperture zoom covering the same long end.

      Then there are the many Panasonic 35-100mm owners who are very happy with their lens , myself included and not likely to sell it ,so adding a hopeful smaller and lighter 150mm prime makes for a decent kit.Even more so if you are using current Panasonic bodies as the 150mm will have 0IS.

      An example of the potential difference In size/weight is that of the Canon 200mm F2.8L prime which weighs in at 765g just over half the weight of the 70-200mm f2.8l.The Canon zoom also costs 3 times more. So you have the choice between a lighter smaller cheaper prime lens that will have OIS, compared to an obviously more flexible zoom that will weigh more and cost more.

      Personally after a bit of toing and froing I will be getting the E-M1 with its 12-40 , stick with my 35-100 { it performs very well} I cant decide whether to stick with my 50-200mmSWD {much depends on the AF performance] or sell it own and opt for the 150mm. I do not use long tele much so the smaller lighter 150mm may swing it. It is a nice set of choices we have at our disposal.

      • Someone

        Maybe not smaller, but at least lighter and probably cheaper.

      • met3b

        Please give an example of a non fixed aperture prime.

  • skol

    I would like to see a review comparison GX7 vs Em1. I know the Olympus will probably be superior in nearly everything, but still it will be useful. The 2 companies last cameras, both premiered as great stars and with very simial specs in lots of parameters.

    • They’re not in the same category. E-M1 vs GH3 would be more suitable. GX7 should be compared to E-P5.

      • Anonymous

        +1. For thos guys in doubt between the GX7 and the EM1.

        Guys, check your priorities! You are in doubt between a 2-seat cabrio/convertible roadster and heavy duty freight 8 wheels truck!!!
        Maybe you should ask yourself honestly what are your priorities. Just saying.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed! And the irony is that their main criteria is.. the sensor! I mean using the analogy above these guys are nitpicking and deciding between such different transportation tools only based on who has the best TIRES! I mean, tires are such a small % of the final experience, are they?!

          To these insecure-driven guys I would give one message:
          ASSUME THEY BOTH HAVE SAME QUALITY FOR YOUR NEEDS. Now stop nitpicking and measurbating and go out and take picutres for f. sake

  • AW

    What happened to the size advantage of m43?! It’s only 150mm and it’s huge. And don’t say ‘well, it’s smaller than a 300mm would be on FF’, this is no longer MICRO 4/3.

    • Nobody asked you

      I’m sure you’ll find lens that suits you in one of the 70+ that the EM-1 is capable of using (and that’s just m43 and 43). It’s called a “range” you numpty – you pick the lenses that are suitable to you. Here’s 30+ from Olymnpus alone…

      • Anonymous

        +100. Yes, these are the commnets from P&S upgraders I suspect. Nobody would seriously complain about the size of that lens GIVEN the reality of current technology today (and next 5-10ys at least).
        And even so, there are SO many other options for your size-consciuos guys.. So many. Let others have their option too..

      • AW

        Yes, of course a range is good. It’s just that this lens, and the EM-1 to a degree are not following the point of m43 – smaller, lighter, more discreet, etc. Imagine an EM-1 with this lens on it pointing at your face – it’s no longer the discreet street or travel camera system m43 is famous for. Some people are now saying “well of course if you want quality then a lens like this needs to be big – duh”, but then if a FF person posts also saying that since they want quality their system needs to be bigger, they will get attacked for saying so. And told “smaller is better”, “it’s not worth a system being large just for more image quality.” Sounds hypocritical.

        But I don’t care, if this lens is good for some people, great. Others who don’t think it’s good for them, and not an ideal m43 lens should be allowed to say they aren’t impressed though.

        • Well, I can’t wait to get this camera and both zooms.

          Frankly, all the talk of being “contrary to the micro 4/3 size ethos” is crap. If you want a small lens for travel, and street, buy a prime or a slow zoom. Micro 4/3 offers a variety of sizes for different applications, which is the strength of the system, not a weakness.

          I’ll be getting this for my kids sports. The thing about this lens is that it is designed for PDAF, and AF speed will get better as the PDAF on sensor is implemented better. That will take about 3 years I reckon, which is what I look for from a camera body.

        • Petri

          You do realize we’re talking about interchangeable lens cameras. Obviously it would be inconvenient if you always had to have such a big glass on it. When you need to be discreet you put one of the smaller lenses and when you need the brightness and flexibility of this pro zoom, then you use this one. I will likely buy this lens at some point, but probably will hold on to the old 40-150 that fits in the pocket when I don’t wanna carry the bag around.

        • Nobody asked me

          A range is not just “good” it is essential and what makes buying into this system so great. With a range of options from the smallest to the largest there does not have to be “a point to m43”. Is the 15mmf8 or the 300mmf2.8 “the point”? No neither is nor is any of the glass in-between. You choose what suits you. Put the grip on the EM-1 and it becomes pretty substantial and copes well with 43 glass (from experience). Yet you can still attach a tiny EPM-2 and become all teeny-weeny.

          Please don’t complain about “should be allowed to say”. With free speech there is a right of reply.

        • Anonymous

          Huh? It does follow exactly what you said, it is smaller, lighter and more discreet than what you can get with FF body. For example e-m1 and pana 35-100f2.8 compare with a D4 + 70-200f2.8,243.107,ha,t

          The size, especially weight difference is huge.

    • Buy GF5 and 15mm F8 then :).

    • NikonShooter

      It’s variety and I for one welcome it.

      This lens is not made for cheap bums with small hands like you.

      I’d have loved it if they went f2.0 even if it would be even bigger then!

    • Ryan

      If you don’t like the size, just buy a slower telephoto zoom. There are several from Oly and Panny with this focal length costing around $200.

  • Actually, it is not big at all, compare it to A 300mm FF zoom !

    Scroll down

    • MJr

      Awesome images,

      And image 04 and 05 prove that it has internal zoom !

    • wow,.that its almost the same size as panasonic 100-300

  • Random observation of how I am reminded of 4/3 lenses and how the 35-100 f/2 wasn’t any smaller than the Canikon 70-200 f/2.8 (in fact slightly larger)… just 1 stop faster.

    Can’t wait to try this and see how it performs for myself.

  • Shenkie

    Lol…..dslr size but no controle of dof, bad iso, small size prints, awfull video etc etc etc. And all this for a huge price. M43 is becomming a joke this way. Its a shame really.

    • zuzu

      Get over son! Bye bye!

    • stu5

      If you cannot control the DOF, make large prints and make videos with this camera then that is down to your skills and not the equipment.

      DOF is easy to control if you know what you are doing. Pros very rarely shoot wide open on FF as they know a lot of the lenses have problems when used that way. Even when I shoot FF it is never wide open. It is one or two stops closed so the image quality is good enough. With lenses like the 75mm f1.8 you have the control.

      How big do you want to go with the photos? This camera can produce quite large prints. Even with a 12mp 43 sensor 2 years ago I had a client that used half the frame and took the image to A3 for a west end theatre production poster shot at 1600 iso at night with no problems.

      With video the EM-5 has already been used for some of the footage for a Hollywood film. No this camera is not ideal for video. A GH3 would be better but you can still use it for professional use no problem as long as you know what to do.

      • MJr

        Sorry to be the one to tell you, but Shenkie is a known troll.

        • Anonymous

          Yup, a unlucky guy/girl in need of attention: let him/her alone without replying, one day he/she will take some steps outside his/her fence and find a real friend.

          • MJr

            Let’s face it, it’s a guy. ;)

            • Watch it…………… here comes the fangirlclub. Yep i am a guy and lets get real please. It a nice system but its getting big. The small size was its only advantage over APSC an FF. APSC/FF is getting smaller and cheaper en M43 is getting bigger and expensive but has one downfall and that is its small size sensor. Yes trust me its way smaller then APSC. And it does not matter how much the fangirls try to convince theirselfs, but when you compare pictures APSC or FF always will be on top in every way. Even when you pic a 4 year old NEX3. Plus APSC has more then enough lenses and is as small as M43 and much much cheaper in comparison to the new “flagship” with the same old small sensor. M43 is stepping in the footsteps of 43. Its a shame i like the system but Oly is trying to compete in a battle they just can not win. Just like the Fangirls Oly needs to get real and produce under 500 euro camera’s like EM1. People who are not falling for fangirl talk will never buy a M43 sensor size camera including decent lens for 2200 euro. Oly killing their own business. One thing about the PRO statement about M43. You never will see a pro on the street/at sports/in studio etc etc etc using M43. And yes the fangirls gonna come up with a few examples that i am wrong. But trust me these example’s maybe pro or maybe not be pro but they get payed big time by M43 to sell their products. Once again i like M43 for what it is but they are committing suicide.

              • Anonymous

                Bla bla bla again. You are boring, we will love you when you’ll start to be kind and not behave like a d0rk.


                  Such is the way here, at 43 rumors… When you can’t or refuse to reply a valid comment, you resort to jokes and mother disrespecting…

                  • Anonymous

                    You know that noone forces you or Stinkie to be here! You are both free to leave.

              • Nobody asked Shenkie

                Last I noticed you could still buy every camera in the Pen ranges and the OMD EM-5 and there is highly likely a smaller, cheaper OMD coming up next that will have many features of the EM-1. And you can still buy nearly all of the 43 lens! Buy the one that suits you and your needs. Oly has made them available and kept them available. A great ‘system’.

                A photographer who makes money out of his pictures buys the system that helps him make money. S/he will not mind if it says PRO or WANGDIDDLE on the lens if it takes the pictures that make him/her money.

              • stu5

                Well Shenkie I am a pro photographer who use uses Olympus and I don’t have any pay cheques lying around from Olympus. There are others out there as well. Music photographers, fashion photographers who have no connection to Olympus but do use their equipment.

                Also do remember there are a huge amount of photographers that are payed by Canon and Nikon out there so it works both ways.

                Not every pro photographer out there is sponsored by a camera company.

  • skol

    I know Miroslav, still I believe it would be useful to see a comparison. Panasonic says Gx7 it’s their best sensor yet and lots of previews also say it’s IQ is far better than Gh3, so (weird I know) perhaps it’s unfair to compare EM1 with Gh3. Even if GX7 it’s not Panasonic’s ‘autocalled’ flagship, all of us know that even G6 it’s better than Gh3 in some aspects.

    • You can compare image quality of E-M1 and GX7 in DPreview studio scene. Not much difference in high ISO IMO, M1 is a tiny bit better, barely noticeable. Both are on par with E-M5, NEX-6 and newest Canon APS-C DSLR.

      Shapes and spec are so different that it comes down to personal preference really, it’s not like D3200 vs 700D…

  • Olympus ils sont plus sympas que Panasonic: 12-40 + 40-150
    contre 12-35 + 35-100

  • M
  • Drazen B.

    Now we only need a nice 7-12 f/2.8 to complement those two and the pro-grade Trinity will be complete ;-)

    • +1

      Or 6-12mm. And I wouldn’t mind it being faster than F2.8.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it shares the same filter size as the 12-40?

    • The Real Stig


    • Robert Mark

      I’d like to know the filter size, too. It would help figuring the relative size.

  • Rob


    This lens is a nice size for a constant f2.8 and hopefully fantastic quality. If someone is bothered by it not being micro, well there is the 40-150mm f4-5.6 which is a tiny size, lightweight and cheap too.

    • Phred


      • M

        yep, and the mFT 40-150 4-5.6 I can send in to clean every 6 months because there is so much dust inside… never had this problem with my FT 40-150.

        • Anonymous

          Do you iron your underwear,too?

  • damn,.thats looks really seriously pro,.with the size of Pana 100-300.

    I have to agree with the comment from ANONYMOUS previous post about the build quality between 35-100 >VS< 40-150,;

    i quote from previous posted;

    Anonymous 11 hours ago | Reply
    After seen the new PRO zooms from Olympus, I have to say that this panasonic zoom ( and the 12-35) looks furiously ugly and cheap. I mean you can really see the big gap in build quality over panasonic zoom.

    • for some people who like to looks more friendlier with their M43 lens feel free to use Pana X zoom,.and for some who wants to see more seriously Pro let them use olympus Glass=,..i MUST SAY GLASS on Olympus Zoom,.cause it seems like Olympus has always put more GLASS than any Other competitor with the same range of lens

      • Phred

        More metal, too! :-)

        • +10
          probably the metal is intended to protect the Glass too,.for the benefit of customer investment

      • true homer

        Is this intended as a joke? Now its the looks? The oly fantards where all abour size FOR YEARS. The 35-100 was attacked for its size by the exact same people here performing felatio on the 40-150. Now its ok to go giant because of the looks???
        A sad joke…

        • at least with Pana X lens it feels less obtrusive and also lighter,.than the upcoming Oly Glass,….just see the advantage both lens

          • Phred

            See the advantage of “sharp-across-the-whole-frame-at-wide-aperture” on the Olympus lenses. :-)


              Could it be the Plastic??

              Naw, impossible… plastic can’t be better than metal!

              • Anonymous

                And the 17mm doesn’t provide those lovely stripes which make the 20mm such a great lens.

        • Nobody asked homer

          Oh cr*p better think again Oly, true homer doesn’t like it. What’s more he’s found inconsistent opinions posted on an anonymous forum and he’s been such a fan of Olympus FOR YEARS.

          • true homer

            Anonymous forums?? NO im referring to HERE! Dont you remember the things you write? Thats the problem with fantards, its one thing today something else the next and they dont even remember

            • Fish

              News flash: This is an anonymous forum. Or are you saying that Homer is your last name and True is your first?

        • True blue homer

          I am going to cry…all of this new Olympus equipment is so incredible no one cares what I say……whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

        • Fish

          “The exact same people”? I would love to see an example of more than one specific user who complained about the panny’s size but are now performing oral sex on the 40-750mm.

          Im guessing you cant come up with a single example. The “fantards” comment gave it away that you are one of those posters who cant stand the fact that not everyone likes the same products as you.

  • AW

    What is the weight and the dimensions of this lens? I can’t see it listed, is it not known yet?

  • The 40-150 f/2.8 is probably a bit bigger than my 135 f/2.0 Nikkor.

  • full frame

    i need to buy it the f5.6

    • Anonymous

      You need to start taking pictures..

    • jf

      You mainly need to buy a brain…

  • Peter Del

    Wishful thinking, I would like an ultra, ultra lightweight 250mm f/5.6 lens for my EM5.

    • Nobody asked Hojk

      When it comes to AF the 50-200 worked reasonably well on some brief EM-1 testing (SWD and non-SWD). It handled well on the body which is important. However if the 12-40 is anything to go by then this 40-150 is going to be a focus speed demon and will beat the pants off the 50-200 if fast AF is important to you. Going by the above image the 50-200 is somewhat larger and you can therefore imagine somewhat heavier. My guess is that it’ll be about 600g to the nearly 1000g of the 50-200 Then again this 40-150 will be north of £1000 and you can pick up a S/H 50-200 for a lot lot less. Did I mention there was a lot of choice in the world of m43/43 these days…

      (hmm this handle doesn’t work so well when you are just giving info… ;-)

      • Nobody asked Nobody asked

        Well that ended up in the wrong place…

  • Uth

    my plan is gonna be changed from 35-100mm + 150mm/2.8 to this 40-150mm/2.8

    • Damn Oly


      Daaaamn I never thought that before , you are absolutly right ,; The Two Combos from Olympus 12-40mm + 40-150mm can easily replace THREE Combos from Panasonic which is 12-35mm + 35-100mm+ F2.8 / 150mm.
      I actually see the benefit of Olympus combos , while it is indeed bigger and heavier than 12-35&35-100, but it has the same coverage PLUS ONE MORE EXTRA – LESS LENS of the 150mm ,

      You guys panasonic lovers would have to carry THREE LENSES (12-35,35-100&150mm) instead of Olympus GLASS which only TWO GLASSES,.. It can result on less weight , space, on your bag Plus way more cheaper than to buy one more lens (150/f2)

      Good job Oly,…. Daaamn good

    • Unless Panasonic change their mind , to make AN F2/150mm instead of F2.8/150,.with weather and superb optically formula,I DONT SEE THE POINT as Olympus user to purchase three lens 12-35mm, 35-100mm & f2.8/150mm,.while I ONLY HAVE TO BUY AND CARRY TWO GLASSES FROM OLYMPUS ,12-40mm & 40-150mm

      It’s time to save some money,.

      • JimStir

        The prime lens should be smaller lighter and cheaper will come with OIS for the Panasonic user base. If you already own the 35-100 and you are happy with it { I am it is a very good lens} adding the 150 makes perfect sense.

        I would not be surprised if the 12-40+40-150 weighed more than the three Panasonic lenses.For me as someone who uses long tele only occasionally I will be sticking with my 35-100. I have a 50-200SWD and it is a good lens but heavy so depending on it AF when I get my E-M1 i will decide between it and the 150mm.

  • Dan

    Similar in size perhaps to the 70-200 F4s or the Sigma 50-150/2.8?
    Could the design be based on the for APS-C Sigma 50-150/2.8? Almost the same focal length but coverage area would be closer

  • @admin: any idea when in 2014 the 40-150mm is due? Is it early 2014, or late 2014?
    Does the prototype mean its ready for production, or could it still be a year(s) away?

  • Tony

    7-12 f2.8 next please Oly :)

  • Hojk

    If the PDAF issue is now solved, I’d rather prefer the 50-200/2.8-3.5 if size and weight are comparable. 50mm more tele @ mostly comparable light gathering capabilities appear advantegeous. Waiting for the final specs…

    • Nobody asked Hojk

      When it comes to AF the 50-200 worked reasonably well on some brief EM-1 testing (SWD and non-SWD). It handled well on the body which is important. However if the 12-40 is anything to go by then this 40-150 is going to be a focus speed demon and will beat the pants off the 50-200 if fast AF is important to you. Going by the above image the 50-200 is somewhat larger and you can therefore imagine somewhat heavier. My guess is that it’ll be about 600g to the nearly 1000g of the 50-200 Then again this 40-150 will be north of £1000 and you can pick up a S/H 50-200 for a lot lot less. Did I mention there was a lot of choice in the world of m43/43 these days…

      (hmm this handle doesn’t work so well when you are just giving info… ;-)

      • Bob Panick

        I have an E-M1 and the 50-200. I like the lens and camera quite a bit. One thing it cannot do is track a bird in flight. I haven’t had a chance yet to see how it does with sports yet. My guess is it won’t be fast enough. I’m hoping that the 40-150 will be better, and the possibility of a 300 f4 is also interesting.

        I suspect that we are going to have to wait for the next generation E-M1 before we get there though. There are still two things I keep my Nikon around for, sports and macro. Not that the E-M1 with a 60 mm is a bad setup, I just have more lenses and lighting equipment (R1C1) for the Nikon.

        Each system has it’s advantages, use the right tool for the job.

  • Barnesworth

    It looks like a nice lens, but it’s probably not for me. Travel and hiking are a big part of what I use my camera for, and while I’m certain that the size is justified by the aperture, focal length, and quality, it still probably isn’t worth it to carry for me. The chance that I’ll need f2.8 at 150mm is less than the possibility that I’ll be annoyed to carry this thing. If I was wealthy enough, I’d totally own it for situations where weight wasn’t an issue, but as of yet I’m not that wealthy.

    What might make me change my mind would be if Oly made a good teleconverter for it. Carrying a 40-150 f2.8 150-300 f4.0 in the same lens becomes more bearable to my mind.

    • Barnesworth

      Sorry, I mean 40-150 f2.8 150-300 f5.6

  • kl

    That’s seriously beautiful. I’m glad Olympus took their time to produce these magnificent beast.

  • Hendrick

    Nex ff we will crack you a..

  • KAI from DigitalRev

    All of this equipment from Olympus looks soooooo good…I am going to pee on ALL of it in my video review to see if it is truly water-worthy… Can’t wait.

    • Now we are curious to see that!

    • Anonymous

      I expect a special KAI Pink edition of the E-M1 real soon now!

  • Jim

    If the wide zoom is a 7-12mm f2.8, it would be really good.

  • Full frame

    It’s “less bigger than expected”? That’s what she said!

    • jf

      I’m sorry for you…

  • It’s a big lens still.

    I hope the 150 f2.8 can be made considerably smaller.

  • Jankoff

    Can anybody give me a good reason – apart from the 700g difference – to buy E-M1 + 40-150 instead of Pentax K-30/50 + Tamron AF 70-200mm f/2.8?
    The Olympus combo will cost approximately €3000 and the Pentax-Tamron combo is NOW available for €1100! The Pentax K-30/50 not only has everything the E-M1 has but also offers the advantage of the higher ISO rating.
    I myself am seriously thinking on the matter.

  • Looleylaylow

    So Olympus’s strategy is just to recreate what they did with regular Four Thirds only without the mirrors and optical viewfinders. The E-M1 and new lenses may not be as big as APS-C and FF DSLRs, but they’re close enough that they offer no compelling reason to buy them, especially when you consider price and the sacrifices one makes in giving up a bigger sensor and optical viewfinder. Dumb. And I say this as an E-M5 owner with four m43 lenses.

    • BLI

      Eh??? The Nikkor 24-70/2.8 is nearly 3 times as heavy as the 12-40/2.8, and costs nearly 3 times more than the additional price for the 12-40/2.8 *with the kit*.

      • Looleylaylow

        I guess the proof will be in the sales. The 12-40 is only marginally smaller and lighter than any of Oly’s 4/3 standard zooms and they didn’t exactly fly off the shelves. This is just the same approach without the mirror. A 116 gram 45 f1.8 makes sense. A telezoom needing a dedicated tripod collar suggests that Oly learned nothing from the failure of 4/3.

  • Viktor

    This forum has become a kindergarten.

  • MarioZ

    I hope the new lenses are not designed by SIGMA, otherwise outstanding lenses and beautiful cameras.

    • Eosphoros

      Because Sigma has designed such poor lenses lately…

  • luisgongora

    most cameras nowadays are better than most photographers … speciallly the ones trolling here, is obvious than some are even paid to it,
    what kind og grown up will go constantly by “mine is beeter than yours” … and i own ff, apsc and m43.

    • Ditto, especially on the paid part. The misbehavior on this forum is transparently artificial and begs the question who is doing the paying, and why? I doubt it’s Panasonic to hurt Oly (as that would be shooting MFT/itself in the foot). Is it Nikon or/and Canon to hurt MFT and CSC in general?

      The nasty stench from shills definitely pervades and degrades this forum.


    Olympus might as well go Full Frame… WOW.

    Why don’t they just fall back to calling it “four thirds”, just get rid of the word micro.

    To me, this is a bad move backwards.

    • I’m guessing you just missed my post a moment ago. LOL


        And to be quite honest, I have a FF camera, but as much as the photos look so much better than my M43 cameras, I prefer my M43 more, for the simple fact that I can leave one around ny neck all day, I can carry one on my daily commute all day, no problem.

        The moves Olympus is making is the same as shooting yourself in the foot.

        Olympus is stepping into territory that will spell doom and failure for them. “Micro” four-thirds is supposed to be about SMALLER-SIZED cameras and bodies. Even though the GH3 gies away from that concept, at least its a video powerhouse! Something this camera (E-M1) severely lacks!!

        At that size, you’re better off with a NEX or FUJI! -Thank Goodness, at least Panasonic Listened to us and made the GX7! Otherwise, I would’ve sold most if my M43 gear, and would’ve jumped ship to FUJI.

        I love my 20mm and 25mm lenses though..

        • Flip-Flopping Fraudster

        • Carlos

          On one hand, people complain about slow zooms, though they are small. A fast quality zoom will never be small – smaller than FF counterpart, yes, but not smaller than slow zooms. If you want small – buy an em-5 or smaller ones, and kit zoom. and stop whining.

    • Mark

      The only thing that screams is you. With different names and like a crybaby. Do us all a favor and get a life.

    • Hegel

      μικρός means small. Small is relative. There are, for instance, smaller and bigger microphones. Get over your word fixation.

  • Please put an 80-300mm f/2.8 FF lens next to this and THEN we can talk.

    • 135

      Is the Canon F5.6 75/300 IS bigger? *this* is a reasonable comparison. And look, it’s cheaper, too.


    Banned from another forum? CONGRATS!!!!

    When are you going to wake up and realize that it’s your FOUL MOUTH that gets you banned?

    Can’t find a clue, need a life-line? Here’s a hint… stop trying to force your personal views, that have ZERO to do with cameras on us.

    You’re a racist that sits behind a carboard box, complaining, spewing hatred. You should be banned here as well!!


    • Anonymous

      Hmm.. talking about pot meets kettle…

      “stop trying to force your personal views, that have ZERO to do with cameras on us. ” says you.



        Please, humor me.. What’s your point? Or did you just want cool points by making a pointless comment.

        I’ll wait, I’ll keep refreshing…

  • Anonymoose

    43 Rumors will become a much better place once admin finally decides to ban *you* – because all you know how to do is to insult people. That’s why you’re banned everywhere else, and hopefully you’ll be banned here as well eventually. You don’t attack ideas or viewpoints; you attack people, on a personal level.

    That’s why you’re banned EVERYWHERE, and it has nothing to do with anyone seeking revenge. It’s simply because of your preferred method of communication, which is directly insulting everyone, including people who haven’t even addressed you.

    • BLI

      Although “amalric” has a wry sense of humor and an acid tongue, that neither makes him a racist nor should cause any banning. I don’t always agree with him, but find his comments infinitely more interesting than the truely all caps diarrhea of some anonymous full frame stalkers out there.

      • Anonymoose

        The all-caps guy doesn’t insult people. He’s a troll, yes, but that’s where the line is drawn. He’ll insult equipment, but humans? No.

        Amalric, on the other hand, cannot even write two comments without starting to throw insults at everyone. That’s why he’s banned EVERYWHERE, and for a good reason.

        It’s time to ban him here as well, in order to finally make this a civil place.

      • Thank you, in fact I defend the right to be not politically correct – which is all what democracy is about. Nazis hated irony and sarcasm, just like their anonymous counterparts here.

        Little tyrant, sod mods, with their readerships in decline.

        A World controlled by shills and informants, with poor readers asking to reach their fetish cameras with tears in their eyes.

        Doesn’t it remind you of Dickens’ ‘Dark, satanic mills’? LOL!

        • Anonymous

          2 basic problems with that.

          1. your right to not be politically correct ends as soon as you start using media not owned by yourself, beyond that it is upto the owner to tolerate that or not. Bugs you? start your own blog or popular camera review site.
          2. the right to not be politically correct doesn’t imply you have to insist on acting like an offensive moron every other post.

          No Amalric, the issue is that you are attention whoring, and bad attention is still attention.

          And it is rather funny for you to call others nazis, they were about as full of themselves as you seem to be, and like you preferably at the expense of others.

          • LOL, are you a Mod in a different site, who doesn’t dare to declare its name? Another coward?

            BTW Freedom of Speech is a UNIVERSAL RIGHT and as such it cannot be coerced by private means. It’s only in a decayed society like the US that such an attempt can be made. I, in Europe won’t suffer any limitation of statutory right by any morons of any country, including the Russians, the Chinese, or the Americans – pity be on them.

            One of DPR’s editors had the face to show me the limitations put on users by a Chinese site, sites who are well known to enforce the totalitarian rules of a Communist party. That is what you are down to, additionally selling hidden access to spy agencies, like the NSA Juggernaut.

            I don’t know who carries this site, but this is originally European, and cannot go against the Lisbon Treaty which is our Constitution, guaranteeing Freedom of Speech in all the EU. So if you want to play slaves, bend your back to your masters, and leave free men express their opinion as they please.

            LOL who is a man who doesn’t even dare to declare his name? A nonentity…

        • Anonymous

          Amalric should meditate on this's_law

        • Anonymous

          ‘Dark, satanic mills’ is from the poem ‘Jesusalem’ – penned by by William Blake, not Charles Dickens.

  • Camaman

    Now give us TC 1.4x and 2x Only..

  • Bernard

    Any idea on the filter size for the 40-150mm lens?

  • yoga

    admin, please don’t say less bigger again! smaller, smaller!

  • N Camera

    this is a paprazzi dream come true camera.
    is there a teleconverter from olympus that can take it past 300mm in auto focus?

  • Ryan

    This is fine and all, but I’m away more excited for the f2.8 wide zoom.

  • skol

    Too much talk about an 8 wheel truck in front of a cabrio but I still don’t see a clever answer to justify why it is not necessary to make a good review ‘EM1 vs GX7’…. perhaps there’s too many Olympus fanboys around here. It will be interesting to check the performance of the 2 best m43 cameras one in front of the other. Just the performance, same lenses, same shots,… not talking about ergonomics, weather-sealing and all this stuff which of course it’s the Olympus is far beyond…

  • Not adaptor. For my. ?1dx?

  • Chris

    I wish I could afford that set up

  • JimD

    Now back to the real world.

    Does anyone know what size filter the 40-150 uses? Is it the same as the 12-40 at 62mm?

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