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E-m1 focusing test by Damian McGilliCuddy. GX7 shipping worldwide via eBay.


Damian McGilliCuddy posted that video with a Quick Look at Focusing with the E-M1. And ThePhoBlographer posted a first (very simple) E-M1 vs E-M5 ISO comparison. The camera still sells fine and is on top of the Amazon mirrorless ranking (Click here). And still in top 20 of the most sold digital cameras of all kind (Click here).

If for some reason you need the GX7…NOW than you can get it via Hong Kong eBay resellers (Click here). it’s in Stock and shipping worldwide. And the Japanese site Mynavi posted a full camera test.

  • Davey Nikon Camera Sony Sensor

    Who cares? It’s just focussing from mediocre glass onto a silly teeny tiny noisy little sensor. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    • NikonShooter

      Child, I have Nikon gear for more $$$ than your daddy makes in a year and I tell you the E-M1 looks really really good!

      It’s not replacing my D800E but definitely is going to be a worthy companion for when I want to go relatively lightweight and still have a killer setup with great IQ.

      • Davey Nikon Camera Sony Sensor

        Haha! You sound like some stuck up yuppie stuck in an 80’s time warp, lol.

        • Anonymous

          Umm, no. If anyone’s stuck in a time warp it’s losers like you who think the reason your pictures suck is because you can’t afford a FF camera. Let me clue you in: your photos suck because you don’t know what you’re doing.

        • FAUST

          You’re boring.

        • horatio

          Do you have any friends?

      • ProperCameraShooter

        “NikonShooter” you don’t take photos at all right? Have your balls dropped btw?

    • wishful thinking

      I do, looks awesome doesn’t.

    • MJr

      Maybe you should do some research on trolls because what you’re saying is a little contradictory. :)

      • derek

        well, there are many people already having used the EM1 many times.
        I think if you used it side by side with the Pana GX7, you may think it differently.
        the EM1 is not as good as the GX7, and the GH3 beats both hands down.

        • C. C.

          This is one of the stupidest comments I’ve seen, from someone who knows absolutely nothing about these cameras. Troll on, you moron.

        • Nobody asked derek

          You tried the em1 with a 12-35 pan and concluded the GX7 is better, don’t you think that’s a little narrow for a conclusive test? Perhaps if you had tried the new 12-40 or any of the 30+ 43 lenses you might have found the EM-1 had some advantages over your GX7. Not that I dislike the GX7 looks like a great camera sitting in a different section of the great range of m43 kit that is available.

          • JimD

            He also tried it with the 40-150 2.8 but did not know how to fit the 100 stop filter to test the IBIS. Then he dropped it and now there is only one left.

    • Steve H
    • Anonymous

      Idiot #350 and counting!

    • Anonymous

      Why do you all keep falling for trolls like Fool Frame, ALLCAPS, and this guy (who probably uses the first two monikers for all we know)? Just ignore them and they’ll eventually wander elsewhere to feed.

      • horatio

        He’s performing a community service, without someone to feed them the trolls would be out pestering society in some other way, these trolls clearly can’t afford medication for their mental illness.

  • kiki

    i dont know 43 system but how fast AF is ? thanks

  • Jankoff

    All right, it focuses …. expensively.

  • Why do you keep posting vids of this dude? Who is he? Nobody knows him. He is just talking nothing concrete for minutes and does even less…

    • BLI

      …”Nobody knows him”… How to better demonstrate total ignorance in the days of the internet?

    • Ross

      He is well respected as a photographer, but maybe the ‘man flu’ ( ;) ) is taking a toll on his output here.

    • jim

      he seems to get invited to olys launch so I guess its probably the ideal person to listen too – ook maybe a bit long winded but still more relevent than digital REV tv…

  • Scott

    remember the days when these same people said they would never go to digital or even the tiny 35mm LOL now 35mm is FF OMG how time changes people

    • OMguy

      To be fair 35mm film was the most popular format by a huge huge margin so using it as a base for comparison was not unreasonable

      • Um Jim…OMguy was trying to be helpful….and he got it right. Everything is referenced to 35mm because the majority of people know that as a familiar point of reference for frame size and familiarity of lens perspective. It still remains the most useful reference for the majority, whether you like it…or not, AND the majority will continue to use it.

    • JimD

      You got that wrong. 35mm is still 35mm or 135 in film size. FF is a figment of the “mine is bigger than yours” brigade. It is 35mm. I use 6×7, what does that make 135? Oh, I know its Medium Format. Oh! Wait, that means 135 is small if 6×7 is medium. See. All the labelling is phallic representation of what they want it to be, not what it is.

  • OMguy

    That looks like there are some false in focus beeps when it is clearly not in focus , my e-3 suffered from that look at the clip around 5min 45 secs when he goes from the glass to the foreground he is getting multiple in focus beeps when the image is very clearly not in focus.

  • Jergey

    I don’t see any significant difference concerning noise between E-M5 and E-M1…

    • Phred

      I kind of agree..the exposures do not seem even

    • BLI

      … But is the picture and the scaling down of it of any use at all in comparing the noise level? I think Ming Thein’s comparison is much more informative… E-M5 vs D600 vs E-M1

  • Paul S

    Tested the EM1 with the 12-60 lens and adapter today, absolutely no focus issues at all in a dimly lit shop, on a par or better than E5. Excellent job by Oly, nailed it for both systems. CAF seemed much,much better and very acceptable. Absolutely beautiful in the hand, feels like a proper camera, everything to hand, tactile, great handling and very solid. Feels much like my OM4ti in all respects, a joy to hold and use. E5 traded in and Em1 pre-ordered, no waiting this time, it feels that good!

  • Phred

    WOW..there are more and more wankers coming to this website everyday.
    Please all go away and come back when you have matured.

    OK…McGill’s focusing video was long-winded but a little informative…so far so good…Oly is getting it right…
    Anyone looked at he PhoBlographer’s jPeg comparison for EM5 vs. M1….
    I have mixed feelings about what I am looking at there..but they are just jPegs….so I guess I should not expect too much…

    • Anonymous

      Even mature people wank, it is healthy…

      • Anon

        Not in public.

      • sheepthief

        I went to see my doctor a couple of weeks back, and he told me that I was going to have to stop masturbating. Obviously I was a bit worried, so I asked him why. He told me “because it’s disturbing everyone else in the waiting room”.

  • Per K

    1. Isn’t high ISO comparison a bit outdated? Especially M1 vs M5? In pracice they are equal. – also compared with other cameras in this price range.
    2. The M1 is an excellent camera, but I like the GX much better. Form factor, tilt EVF…… It may be because a m43 would be my 2nd camera though.

    • PNB

      Reportedly, the E-M1 gains about one extra stop of performance in high ISO. I saw the images and that seemed a reasonable assessment, though I’m not sure which sites did the reporting. High ISO performance is, of course, just one of many factors. I like the package, despite relative weakness on the video side and have pre-ordered.

      • Tobias Giesen

        I’m not buying that. DPreview’s studio scene RAW comparisons show identical high ISO noise for E-M1, E-M5, and Panasonix GX-7. Just as if all three used the same sensor after all. Only the jpgs look ever so slightly different.

        • jim

          no DPR definatly gives about 1/2 stop to M1 over the E5… look at raw at 6-12k iso… also switch to low light scene lighting,.

          • Jim..6k-12K…1/2stop???…in all reality in useful ISO’s the images are equal…(I don’t know about you…but I NEVER shoot at 12K with an MFT camera…I, like the majority shoot at much lower ISO to get useful results from the smaller sensor). So the playing field is pretty even there. I personally think that the Panny files (raw or jPeg)..look kind of anemic and flatter than the Oly files. I have shot with a number of Panny cameras and have finally switched over to Oly, mainly because of that issue. Strictly my personal experience and opinion there though.

            • +1
              At 1600 and 3200 all three look virtually the same on dprevew. I wouldn’t go above ISO3200, so I see no half stop improvement in E-M1. Moreover, the The Phoblographer says: “The images shot are JPEGs… They were shot at ISO 5000 because both the OMD EM5 and EM1 both say that 6400 is an extension despite marketing that it is their native high ISO output.”

            • stu5

              In all reality they are not the same. I had forgotten the tungsten option was there. So I have just been looking at the Raw files at 1600, 3200 and 6400. There is very much a noticeable difference between the E-M5 and E-M1. Half a stop and maybe up to 1 stop. Difficult to tell at the moment. Where it shows is in the shadows. The more you move the sample area to the left the more the difference shows.

              I am use to processing theatre production photos for a living and the difference I am seeing here in the shadows is very encouraging. For a laugh I thought I would also select the 5D MKIII. Knowing it would not compete on the same iso I wanted to see when it would be the same. That was a surprise as at 1600, 3200, 6400 as soon as I doubled the iso on the 5DMKIII is was about the same. Did not expect that at all. So all I need to do in a theatre is use lenses a stop faster on the E-M1 or even lenses where I don’t need to close them down to get good performance. That is achievable.

              • jim

                Yep these things were not gonna be noticable in good light at 1600 ISO cuz all cameras can do that ok now days…. but the real test is a poorly lit scene at a higher ISO – because this is how we realisticly use hi ISO – when the light is low not so much to keep shutter speeds high, unless you use the 100-300mm in overcast conditions…

                But definatly 1/2 to 1 stop advantage ove the E5 when the going gets tough!

    • pellevin

      GX7 is the heart and soul of m43. This is the reason to buy into this system. I am sure the EM-1 is great in many ways but it is not a small, light weight, discreet camera. The EM-1 is not a reason to change from a bigger camera system to m43, GX7 is.

      • They are cameras, not a person or a pet, don’t be a drama queen. While I am sure the GX7 is great in many ways, not everyone wants the smallest, lightest, discreet camera. At least for their *main* camera. Others, needing a secondary camera, will love it I’m sure. Many would love it as their ONLY camera.

        The MFT *System* is about smallER, lightER, MORE discreet cameraS/lenseS than other systems. Different MFT models for different purposes, styles, uses.

        You want the:
        -smallest, go with a _____,
        -lowest price/ highest performance, go with a _____,
        -best video, GH3,
        -small size, low weight, great video, GX7,
        -overall great camera, E-M5
        -a DSLR replacement with 24-80 equiv. @ 2.8 without breaking
        your back or neck, E-M1

      • Robert Mark

        You’re kidding, right? I cannot wait to switch from the big camera in this link to the small one.,312.7,ha,t

  • lamanta

    sony nex FF will crap this out

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Did you read any of the press releases? Most of the lenses won’t cover a FF image circle, so you’ll have to use that “full frame” camera in crop mode anyway. Sony’s a joke.

      • And some in the NEX camp are also suspect that introduction of NEX FF might divide the effort on the NEX lens line-up. Sony has added many NEX lenses over the past two years, yet the lenses can be roughly divided into two categories: prohibitively expensive or below average.

        At the very best, they’d keep making E-mount lenses for APS-C and use exclusively A-mount lenses for FF. Since Sony also has the PDAF on-sensor tech (E-M1 as test case is so far very positive), this is the most sensible and likeliest option. But then I’m pretty sure they too would have to release a pretty large body as the first cam: the FF A-mount lenses are on the big-ish side. That would be “bad” news for the NEX forums members since they have spent so much time bashing E-M1 and GH3 for their size.

      • Vlad

        “Most of the lenses won’t cover a FF image circle.”
        What precisely are you referring to?

        • anymouse

          He may be referring to the fact that the E-mount lenses are for crop APS sensor size and won’t produce a image circle large enough to cover a larger sensor. But that only works if Sony makes it an E-mount instead of an A-mount.

          • JimD

            If its an A mount it cannot be NEX7 size it will be considerably deeper.
            However a 35mm sensor with the E mount gives a lot of flexibility with lens choice and adapters including M lenses at correct AOV.

  • Eisenvater

    The Olympus E-M1 OM-D & M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm is a real good travel camera. High quality material, weather sealed & frost-protected. Mhhhh nice. And for book projects & exhibitions with not to large prints very good. Keep in mind … good prints result in your head & with fine tuning in photoshop. See pictures of magnum photographers. No place for technical boasters. If someone ever was at the photokina knows what I’m talking about. lol

  • In UK and Germany, the GX7 shipment was expected this Friday. Delay was due to last minute firmware update.

    Do not see any updates on the UK forums, meaning that they got no GX7s this weekend. Panasonic Germany also stayed quiet Friday/Saturday.

    I guess we’d have to wait a bit longer.

    • Mitch

      Last minute firmware update? O rly? Any more info on that?

  • M43 is dead

    • Full frame

      Help, I’m really lonely. Everyone thinks I’m a jerk, so I don’t have any friends in real life (or a life, really). All I have left is trolling on a m43 blog for no reason.

      This is a geniune cry for help. I mean I keep talking about how much better large sensors are but I can’t help coming back here over and over… This is the only way I can satiate my insecurities, because ultimately, I know nothing about photography. Help!

      • Instant cure. Just STOP IT.

        Are you better yet?

      • Anonymousse

        Large sensor? LOL. 35mm is considered small format.

    • anymouse

      That’s OK , I like zombies.

  • Ben

    That video would be a lot more interesting if the presenter had been awake.


    • Ross

      Correction: if he had been feeling well! Remember, he has the ‘man flu’ & you know how worse it is when a ‘man’ gets it than a woman. ;)

  • IMHO there is v. little between the E-M! and the E-M5, IQ wise . Get the E-M1 if you need the specific features, otherwise wait for the E-M6, which will bring most of them for a lesser price.

    4/3 wankers already try to base their lost superiority on the E-M1 by excluding others in forums, but they will be laughed upon. Who uses native m4/3 lenses has blazing AF, and doesn’t have to suffer any inferiority complex.

    The E-M5 doesn’t stop being an amazing camera in its own right – If you are a photog. that is and you know hot to use it. BTW I use 4/3 lenses with it, CDAF compatible ones, and I have no regrets, so lets dispel the legends.

    • The E-M5 is a great camera. But it’s prowess with FT lenses is, well, limited at best re: AF. The E-M1 should be better. As I’ve said before, I’ll be happy if FT lenses focus as well and as fast on the E-M1 as with the E-5/3, even the E-1. Hey, my feet are firmly on the ground. It’s not a bit like asking for the moon and stars.

      • Apart from the problem of calibrating your old lenses, I hope that you realize that they are almost useless for video.

        So OBS is an euphemism. For the development of the system the 14-40/2.8 is far more important than adapting old lenses.

        Other paramount factor is how fast is CAF, not with 4/3 lenses, but with the fastest ones, which are m4/3, and if the EVF is up to scratch. I assume it is but always maintained that it wasn’t up to action.

        So where are you now? LOL.

        • Didn’t say anything about video with FT lenses. Didn’t plan to use FT lenses for video, so irrelevant to me. (Though could use with manual focus if really determined to do so, but I’m not.) Similarly, CAF isn’t an issue since for my purposes, I’ve never really needed to use it.

          Focus calibration could be an issue with any PDAF system. As reported elsewhere (look it up if necessary) the E-M1 has provisions to make such adjustments. And no, I don’t yet know the details, then again you don’t either.

          BTW, it’s the 12-40mm, not 14-40mm, you refer to. While the new lens may be better (in some, not all, respects) than the 14-54mm that I own, therein is the point. I own it, and costs nothing to use what I already have. Not spending a thousand (insert your monetary unit here) saves me exactly that much. I trust the concept of not spending a chunk of change one doesn’t have is not too hard to grasp.

          At some point I may buy additional lenses, a decision I’ll carefully consider, to make sure it’s worth it. Bottom line is what is “important” is for me to do what I determine is in my best interests to do. The rant about “OBS” (and other BS) is entirely irrelevant to what I’ve said.

          > So where are you now? LOL.

          I am exactly where I am. Not a bit foggy about where that is in respect to the above. How ’bout you?

    • FAUST

      I’ve never seen someone write so much yet say so little… you are interesting if nothing else. Get some fresh air dude.

  • Paul S

    Amalric, some of us 4/3rd wankers just kept their lenses that they had heavily invested in and like the glass, this isn’t a pissing contest between 4/3 and m4/3. I bought into both systems and now use m4/3rds almost exclusively but up to the EM5 no m4/3rds camera had the functionality of the 4/3rds system or as good a range of glass.That all changed with the EM5 and the new lenses but why should I discard good/great lenses from 4/3rds. Oly understand this, why can’t you. I will be happy to use my 4/3rds glass on the EM1 when I think it’s necessary, it will be a huge bonus. Oly left me stranded once before with the OM system, I glad they kept their word this time. Yes the EM5 is still an amazing camera, I know, I’ve got one. but having handled the EM1 and used it for about an hour I can assure you there is more than a little difference between it and the EM5. I would say it’s like the jump from an OM1 film camera to an OM4 both of which I own

    • I am answering to both of you above. All I can say is that it’s evidence itself that AF systems evolve, and so no lens is eternal.

      Oly found a beautiful fix, but 4/3 owners could have done the transition much sooner, if they only had wanted. Instead they tried to hold Oly at ransom, and almost killed it in the process. All is well which ends well, but don’t ask me to forget all the ugly things that went by for a full 4 years.

      You should be ashamed of the smearing that as made of m4/3 for a full 4 years, just because you wanted to keep on obsolete technology. These are not vain words: you’ll still have to calibrate your precious lenses for lacking AF.

      • BLI

        I doubt that it was “43 wankers” who nearly killed Olympus — wasn’t it rather caused by idiotic investments in properties in the early 1990s? And a subsequent attempt to hide this from the shareholders?

        If I had invested heavily in 43 lenses, I would probably also have dreamt about a new 43 flagship — that is only human.

        But I agree with you that Olympus needs to focus on m43. And personally, I think that the future will be EVF, etc. So dreams about OVF, FF, etc is futile – in my view.

      • jim

        Can’t see why your so anti 43? it has some of the highest optical standards ever for a system – specificly the best ever made for digital sensors! and they are basicly m43 lenses too now… Personaly I think anyone who got 43 kit was just very ahead of their time – thankfully that investment and technology will live on and evolve!

        43 was a revolutionary idea (many of the things 43 did became the way modern cameas do things defacto) and time has proved it the right idea… all be it slightly modified (m43 intergration)…

        • LOL you are still feeding legends and clinging desperately to another dSLR system.

          I am now convinced that some people will never have the imagination to even understand the progress that digital mirrorless can be for the camera industry, in terms of AF speed and accuracy, visualization, digital processing of the image, miniaturization…

          If it were for you Oly would be dead now, even it would have died four years ago. Be grateful that your lenses are briefly revived, for the time that Oly launches the new series… 4/3 is a dead system, and some undead have been briefly revived, the time to generate new investment…

          The old system has nothing to offer to the new one, not even lenses for movies…

          You never contributed anything to the mirrorless zeitgeist

          • @amalric,
            The 4/3 system was built upon a sound optical theory. Its big problem was an over-optimistic prediction of sensor technology advancement rate. 4/3 glass (well, most of it) is still superior to equivalent m4/3 glass. There is a good reason for the efforts Olympus has made in merging both systems into one.

            It is true that mirrorless technology has inherent advantages over reflex, mostly focus accuracy and the flexibility of through-the-sensor (TTS?) viewing, but those technologies required a long time to evolve and reach an acceptable level of useability. In addition to that, 4/3-sized sensors reached a “good enough” level only recently. The introduction of what seems to be OBS is a good opportunity to abandon your stale agenda and accept the notion that 4/3 optics are as useful as they’ve always been. Some of them will be replaced over time by more accurate CDAF-compatible lenses, but it does not detract from their quality.

            • “The 4/3 system was built upon a sound optical theory. Its big problem was an over-optimistic prediction of sensor technology advancement rate. 4/3 glass (well, most of it) is still superior to equivalent m4/3 glass. There is a good reason for the efforts Olympus has made in merging both systems into one.”

              Sound optical my foot. So sound that lenses were as big and expensive as FF, teles excepted perhaps. Those juggernauts you were so proud according the American Theory ‘Big is beautiful’ always confined 4/3 i the pretty niche of birders and bee watchers. Prices were for camera operators with blind trusts, money launderers and dentists – never saw such yankee snobbishness… :)

              Olympus was collapsing until humble, popular mirrorless micro 4/3 saved the day. Quite a different story, my friend, from your fables :)

              “It is true that mirrorless technology has inherent advantages over reflex, mostly focus accuracy and the flexibility of through-the-sensor (TTS?) viewing, but those technologies required a long time to evolve and reach an acceptable level of useability. In addition to that, 4/3-sized sensors reached a “good enough” level only recently. The introduction of what seems to be OBS is a good opportunity to abandon your stale agenda and accept the notion that 4/3 optics are as useful as they’ve always been. Some of them will be replaced over time by more accurate CDAF-compatible lenses, but it does not detract from their quality.”

              We’ll see how useful they are. I son’t see any sudden rush on ebay or elsewhere to buying the 4/3 behenoths. As for mirrorless it was always resisted with lies about the EVF, the inherent lack of quality of lenses.
              Even, truth is that m4/3 was inspired by the humble P&S, and it was Panasonic which saw the decisive moment, not Olympus who later saw the commercial opportunity.

              Therefore I feel well entitled to remember the 4/morons who opposed with all their might the OM-D, until they were cornered by the end of dSLR. Even now some would smother the former in the cradle.

              The others, playing the OBS tale , remind me of old tarts painted and dressed as teens, and as likely attractive with their wrinkles.

              So get a life with whatever you have, instead of trying to sell your old graces on the pavement…


              • Wow. You’ve never met a fact you haven’t instantly dismssed, have you ? :-)

          • jim

            I don’t even own any 43 kit – never have probably never will (although I would love some nice glass from the 43 range)…

            Strange things you say –
            ” am now convinced that some people will never have the imagination to even understand the progress that digital mirrorless can be for the camera industry, in terms of AF speed and accuracy, visualization, digital processing of the image, miniaturization…”

            This was all stuff 43 was addressing wayyy before m43 (except the morror obviously), and lead the feild in by years…

      • Nobody asked Almaric


        • Nobody asked nobody asked

          Oh c’mon it’s only going to be funny if you spell his nom de plume right…

          • The dude is as F%€’ed-up as his name is.

  • Nobody

    For those of you who have not seen the video yet.. skip to 5:15, that’s where the real demo starts..

    I do not mind some introduction.. but over 5 minutes of intro is just too much..

  • skol

    Too much talk about an 8 wheel truck in front of a cabrio but I still don’t see a clever answer to justify why it is not necessary to make a good review ‘EM1 vs GX7′…. perhaps there’s too many Olympus fanboys around here. It will be interesting to check the performance of the 2 best m43 cameras one in front of the other. Just the performance, same lenses, same shots,… not talking about ergonomics, weather-sealing and all this stuff which of course it’s the Olympus is far beyond…

    • BLI

      Too many Oly fanboys? I don’t get your point. Many E-M1 buyers will use their old investment of 43 lenses on a camera. To them, comparison of the E-M1 vs the GX7 is hardly interesting. Isn’t that obvious? Whether one is a fanboy of the one or the other? Personally, I like the E-M1. Will I buy it? I don’t know. Probably not. Will I buy the GX7 instead? I don’t know. The GX7 gets an excellent verdict in the October issue of What Digital Camera. I’m sure it is a good camera.

      A comparison of the E-M1 vs the E-M5 vs the GX7 is partially available at dpreview — at the moment obviously only based on jpeg, and unfortunately only for limited iso values.

      My point: I think all three of these cameras have decent qualities at all interesting iso values. That is not what will decide what camera to buy. The purchase will rather depend on investments in lenses (43 vs m43, lenses w/wo OIS, etc), the size, whether one is looking for a main camera vs a secondary camera, ergonomics, etc.

  • Wow bad video. Look how fast it focus with 5 centimeter distance difference between objects??? And i think Oly needs a talk with this man because he is not a good salesman despite the payments from Oly. And the camera looks big.

    • BLI

      So who should they pay to do an advertisement? Should we nominate you, Shenkie? Would you? Could you do it better?

      Could I make good videos for promoting e.g Windows 8? I don’t know. But I suspect a sales pitch by Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates would carry much more weight, simply because of who they are. I suspect a video by Damian McGilliCuddy carries more weight than the efforts of most of us here in this forum, no matter how eloquent it would be.

  • matt jones

    I’m pretty impressed, I didn’t think the bigger, heavier FT glass could move that quickly, puts the Pana 20mm Pancake to shame.

  • adaptor-or-die

    Blunty has a two part review on the eM1 as well starting here ;

    • Pretty impressed by Blunty’s review. I found everything he had to say interesting, relevant and importantly, he highlighted aspects of the camera that are innovative and practical. His photos of Sydney were pretty nice too. Significantly more enjoyable to view than McGillicuddy’s latest 10min borathon. I like McGillicuddy, but he shouldn’t have published that video, it was a bit pretentious to think it is a good video because HE made it.

      • That Colour Control is very clever, and the tone mapping quite impressive. I hope they will trickle down to future models, Mice review avoiding blablah.

      • JimD

        Nice previews there. Interesting the 2 buttons by the lens are customisable as well.
        I bet if Oly OZ will give a freebee away, it will not be the grip. They already gave the MMF3 away so it is going to be…. The MMF3. They know that most with 4/3 lenses already have this and they also know that the grip will be required by many 4/3 lens users. So it will be the MMF3 or nothing.

    • adaptor-or-die

      Olympus seems to do this all the time, they add simple/but functional features. In the past; LiveView, LiveBulb, are such photographer’s tools. The Colour, Hue, Curves and other “liveview” settings now, are such simple ideas, but so damn useful! No-one else came up with it, but watch, it will be the new feature in all future cameras, because it makes such perfect sense.

      The whole deal of using it with B&W, that is worth the price of the body right there. I want to know if the HDR works under B&W? That would make HDR useful. This is so much better than a menu of Art Filters, and it sort of defines the difference between pro tools and consumer tools.

      Typical Oly, this isn’t advertised. Not enough marketing sizzle, but these are the things that make photographers align with the brand.

      • jim

        Imagine if they could make it a true B/W with a switchable/removable bayer filter!

        300% better low light ability in B/W mode! – Dream on :)

        • adaptor-or-die

          An all B&W sensor setting is probably too niche to hope for. I don’t really find having the colour info in Post Production an issue either. Shooting mirrorless/EVF, you now have the advantage of “seeing” in B&W, something I used to do in my brain; now I get immediate feedback. And with “liveview” tuning, I can see in-camera functions surpassing the reliance of the electronic darkroom. Adobe may regret going Cloud when they did.

      • In fact you can already have the Dramatic Art Filter in B&W in the E-M5. I find it more useful that the colour version, because it can enhance contrast without getting lurid.

        It’s good that one can set these things. WYSIWYG and a good EVF are paramount to know what alternate realities you are exploring.

        Colour control is also v. interesting. I am beginning to use variations in the WB to convey specific emotions. Oly is v. good at nticipating these trends that give a real advantage at the photographer who is not stuck in documentation and naturalism only.

        • adaptor-or-die

          … the leap beyond the Art Filter choice, is the ability to customise and tune on the fly . My big issue with Art Filters, is that they are like all ‘Instagram’ approaches. You can look at a photo and say, oh, you used, XYZ Filter, didn’t you? It leaves it’s residue on your interpretation. (HDR features, [to me] are the worst of this in current popularity.) The best HDR treatments, you’d never utter the term, you’d just be stunned by the photo you are looking at. Sadly, this is not the case with the majority of HDR output. Art Filters have that same, heavy handed result, because they apply a set filter without artistic leeway. The Live Setting Controls leap past that cookie cutter output.

          I always thought that the Photoshop in a camera approach was, too hard an interface to tackle. I have had my mind changed on that one. It can only improve from here.

  • derek

    last evening, I shot the EM1 with my own Pana 12-35mm f2.8 lens, I compared it to my GX7.
    surprisingly, the GX7 actually focuses better at least in lowlight.
    the Oly hunts a bit more , the GX7 almost never hunts even in moonlight.
    the EM1 has better IS but it was just a tiny bit better than the IS in the GX7.
    the GX7 takes much better video, with much better control.
    so overall , imho, this EM1 is extremely overpriced and probably will not sell well.
    I’d suggest anyone without FT SHG lens to get the GX7 instead.
    Oh , almost forgot to mention this the Pana has much better EVF than the EM1.

    • GS1

      your claim about the EVF is certainly wrong, therefore you are not trustworthy

    • are you drunk,or just Bs kind a thing

    • Interesting observations. I admit I have always preferred to use Olympus cameras, mainly because Panasonic does not grasp the imaging side of photography. Panasonic colours have always struck me as dull and cold (I shoot mainly JPEG). Nevertheless, GX7 is a nifty little thing and I can certainly relate to its gestalt despite my impression that it was styled by engineers. I may buy one some day.

    • The Real Stig

      Post a shot you took with the E-M1 so we can have a look at the Exif.

    • jim

      If the LX7 has IS near as good as the OLY im in for one – but it does not at all! – and I mean it also has to do the job in video mode… oh how i wish the OLY had 24,25,50 & 60p on it… chance of a FW to add this 1%, chance of a hack to add this 2% :(

      • jim

        GX not LX lol

    • true homer

      You did not perform 36 acts of felatio on the em1 and therefore you must be lying and are a troll

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t respond to and feed trolls! If they are ignored, they will eventually leave. They love it here as so many people react to them.

    • I used to despise trolls, but lately I’m getting more interested in them. I’m curious about their motives, personality issues and psychological profiles. Some of them (like ‘Full Frame’) are quite transparent, which makes them predictable. Others make tougher psychoanalytic challenges. There is so much more to m4/3 Rumors than camera gear :)

      • Anonymous

        LOL. Idea for Admin: go send an email to universities if some of their PhD students in psychology wants to use this forum for some research. It might be fun!

        • Exactly.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, they’re interesting, but it is getting a bit tiresome. 43rumors used to be quite troll free but nowadays bait by trolls and rebuttals by regulars make up more than the comments. I hope regulars stop responding to trolls to cut down all this unnecessary clutter. Either that or admin better start moderating or have someone moderate as site is getting spoilt and unattractive.

  • matteo

    the fact is:
    OM-D EM1 AF system work very well with 4/3 lenses


    • M

      I’ve read that the af of the E-M1 isn’t as good as the af of the E-5. In good light, there is no or no big difference, but in low light semms the af of the E-M1 not so good, unfortunately.

  • jazzcrab
  • My 1fx focus better

  • skol

    Cameralabs makes a little comparison between GX7 and EM1, but we better wait for a deeper analysis. Probably the GX7 will perform better with Panasonic lenses and EM1 will do the same with Olympus glass….
    The thing is to know the opinion of a reliable source. And perhaps compare their rendition with 3rd part lenses: Nokton, SlrMagic and/or Sigma…

  • PLI

    “Does not ship to Czech Republic”… mmm, I’m out of luck

  • skol

    EM1 obviously is very appealing to 43 users and lenses owners, but for a loooot of other users just planning to buy a good m43 camera and a couple of m43 lenses, a comparison of EM1 vs GX7 would be really welcomed. Let’s try not to be so egocentric, not everybody is in your situation.

  • G15

    My Canon G15 has about the same focussing speed.

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