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MicroOLED viewfinder surpasses eye resolution. New Fuji-Olympus partnership rumors.


The french company MicroOLED announced a new impressive Oled viewfinder technology (Source: Imaging Resource). It has 5.4 million pixel density and a 0.61 inch diagonal. Imaging Resource says that this resolution should surpass the human eye! It has a High contrast (maximum 100,000:1) and high uniformity (96 per cent). And there is a monochrome version too! Would be nice if the Olympus OM-D could be the first camera to use this but I guess that will remain a dream for now because the french company clearly said that this is aimed for the high end market (camcorders but also military stuff).

Meanwhile there is one more Fuji-Olympus partnerhsip rumor…yes..again! Here on Reuters.


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