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MicroOLED viewfinder surpasses eye resolution. New Fuji-Olympus partnership rumors.


The french company MicroOLED announced a new impressive Oled viewfinder technology (Source: Imaging Resource). It has 5.4 million pixel density and a 0.61 inch diagonal. Imaging Resource says that this resolution should surpass the human eye! It has a High contrast (maximum 100,000:1) and high uniformity (96 per cent). And there is a monochrome version too! Would be nice if the Olympus OM-D could be the first camera to use this but I guess that will remain a dream for now because the french company clearly said that this is aimed for the high end market (camcorders but also military stuff).

Meanwhile there is one more Fuji-Olympus partnerhsip rumor…yes..again! Here on Reuters.


  • It had to happen anyway. Can’t wait to have it available.

    • MJr

      Hope something similar will be in the E-M2, but waiting for that to happen would be insane. By that time i’d have happily taken a million photos with the E-M1 (hopefully ;)). But man 5+MP EVF would be so awesome, if its responsive enough.

      • Rumors by new EVF to Epson is 2.88 mp, maybe we will look a then in E-M2.

        • Tom

          I thought that Epson could’ve been a good company to bolster Olympus, or at least a technology share/buy-in: EVF and OLED. Aligning the OM-D cameras to Epson’s photo printers could work too i.e. dye-sub and large format professional printers etc etc etc. Pretty sure that Epson are in the medical field too (?).
          Solely from a consumer camera point of view, I’m hoping and praying for Samsung – I think that they’ll be making some big strides very soon… regards sensors.

          • Nathan

            I thought that same thing. Epson’s and Olympus’ business models hardly overlap, but they are extremely complimentary. Printers, ink, projectors, displays, scanners, and all kinds of wonderful tech meets
            Cameras, medical imaging, lenses, voice recorders, etc.
            Epson/Olympus would be a perfect merger or partnership.

  • Luke

    eventually sensor resolution will be there, too…..and people will STILL be pixel peeping ;)

    • Chris

      And quite rightly so! Don’t tell me you’re one of those ‘I stop at 100% crop’ dilettantes. The true worth of a picture can only be determined at a 400% crop. ;-)

  • SteveO

    Improved resolution is much welcomed, but still no replacement for the bright, clear view and true light/colors of a great OVF such as the one in my OM-2S (and common to all SLR’s). For myself it’s the difference between looking at the real world vs. an electronic interpretation of same, and is a factor in my enjoyment of the shooting experience.

    I checked out a G3 at B&H and the view looked totally artificial to me, granted I was inside a store with artificial lighting. EVF’s are the future for most cameras given manufacturing efficiencies, but is it progress in terms of quality of view?

    Perhaps a hybrid EVF/OVF based around microOLED technology could pull this off. It is convenient to have info/histogram/various shooting grids available at the push of a button. and the advantages in shrinking a camera cannot be denied.

    Life is compromises, I’ll wait and see on this one.

    • Hmmm… Would also the taken photo look much more „natural” to you? As the viewfinder obviously should show you the photo to be taken, rather the thing you want to take a photo about.

      By exactly your example: an optical viewfinder may show you a more „pleasant” view (though it’s ab ovo darker than the one you can see with naked eye) but you cannot check the white balance.

      • achiinto

        I guess some people enjoy photography by the result they get, some.other enjoy photography by the process of using the camera and composing at moment. I am the later type which I just enjoy the process even if no photo is taken.

        Recently I started shooting film with a few OM I got off eBay. And I found that the process of using the OM camera with it huge mirror made it very enjoyable. Since then, I havent touch my digital camera, I haven’t compare with my E3, but looking through the e-410 ovf

        • Pei

          Did you also loaded the OM with film or is the result not important you just like to look through a viewfinder?

          Buy a binocular. Better zoom range and true 3D effect.

          • mermoz


          • achiinto

            I do both, but I found result is not the most important. Cause I always found my E system deliver sharper result while film has better dynamic range and some unknown magic.

    • And an other thing:
      The current consumer DSLR OVF-s are anything but bright and clear, as long they use only 60% of the TTL light. Moreover, only high-end OVF-s have a decent magnification (at least 0.7× FF eqv.) and 100% coverage.

      • achiinto

        Sorry, press the wrong button, I was saying that, when compared with e410 OVF, OM large finder is so nice to use, and compared to my Ep1 monitor, I still enjoy the OM OVF and it small size.

        I guess what I don’t like about evf is the white balance. I care less about how correct the white balance is to my final photo, but I care if while I am behind te camera do I feel like I am still part of the event. OVF, especially the huge and clear OM OVF give me the feeling that I am still at the event and at the location. But an EVF or LED does not give me that.

        Anyway, just my personal discovery of my own preference.

        • Mike1

          Agree. I’ve been using EVF since its early days, Panasonic LC1, now Sony N5. I’ve never been satisfied. Using EVF, you just feel so detached from your subject and the environment.

          And try panning to chase your subject, you’ll miss the shot you want.

          Unless there are significant improvements in EVF, OVF is still my first choice.

          • Pei

            You have an EVIL/mirrorless that can AF when panning?

            To Mike1 and achiinto, stop using the viewfinder. Hold your camera at arm’s length, compose using the LCD screen. Take a picture and put the camera down and join the event. You don’t want to enjoy a party with your face behind a machine.

            • Koseng

              Go away troll!

            • Tom

              I think that he’s talking about LCD ghosting/smearing, pan with an EVF and the image breaks up – difficult (or at minimum… irritating) to follow F1 cars et al when all you see is a smudge!

              • Mike1

                Exactly. I’m talking about EVF lag. In 99.9% of the situation, it really doesn’t matter. But when you want to chase a F1 for example, you will miss that decisive moment.

                And yes, that ghosting/smearing also put me off.

                Glad Tom understands what I said :)

                • Absolutely correct. I love my Pl3 and the great µFT primes – it’s a great combo for street, portraits, architecture, landscapes and travel photography. When it comes to shooting my dog action, however, it’s back to the E-5. For the time being, there’s no MILC that can replace a DSLR whent it comes to shooting sports or action.
                  We need:
                  a working C-AF
                  an EVF without delay
                  and live view at high FPS rates.
                  Only then, mirrorless cameras will be able to fuly replace the anachronistic mirror technology.

                • jake

                  the shutter lag is bigger than any kind of EVF lag, did you realize it?

                  OVF is a thing of the last century that must die very soon.
                  once you use the NEX7’s EVF or similar , you will never go back to any of these DSLR OVFs and this French madeOLED finder is much better than the EVF of my NEX7.
                  Just imagine if Oly uses this new OLED finder from France how good it must be?

      • Tom

        The issue is that there’s been a trend to offer 100% OVF coverage, this decreases magnification – I’d much rather settle for 98% (means that you don’t have to worry about bleed when printing!) with positive magnification but alas.
        If you get the chance to compare the a900’s OVF with say… the NEX 7’s EVF, you’ll understand why people still want high quality OVFs. Obviously the 4/3 standard doesn’t allow for a “great” OVF but the E-5 had a pretty damned good one!
        I’m hoping that someone will bring an OVF with shooting overlay – metering indicators showing which areas are clipped, or focus peaking.

        • jake

          have you actually used NEX7 ?
          I still have both NEX7 and A900 but after I got my NEX7 , I seldom use my ugly so-called fullframe camera, it is quite boring.
          OVF is not any better than OLED based EVFs found in latest Sony cameras and it is not even comparable to the new one just developed by this French company.
          This new EVF has 5million dots and it is much better than actual resolution of the best OVF found in the A900.

  • The OM-D viewfinder is revolutionary, isn’t it?

    • MJr

      Wishful thinking !

  • Vivek

    I admire the Admin’s creativity! A product just announced for a high end application is tied to the OMD which is most likely to use an old Panasonic sensor. :)

    • The Real Stig

      The Admin clearly indicated this was not related to the OM-D as he said:

      “Would be nice if the Olympus OM-D could be the first camera to use this but I guess that will remain a dream”

      The Admin also clearly stated his sources have said the sensor is not from Panasonic. An anonymous poster has also said they know someone who works for Olympus who told them the sensor is not made by Panasonic.

      Of course these are just rumours, but since NONE of the sources have said the sensor is made by Panasonic, there is a consistent theme that it isn’t.

      I suspect the majority of people who keep saying they sensor is most likely to be made by Panasonic, are Panny users who are desperately hoping the OM-D doesn’t get a better sensor than those Panny makes.

      • I am a Pana user, before I was a Oly user, before it was Nikon, Contax Leica, Minolta – not to mention my beloved Zenith. (Guess you all know about that)
        Who cares what f—ing brand it is, as long it is a camera that suites your needs and you can afford to pay!:-)

        • P


          I wish, I could afford to pay!

        • Mr. Reeee

          The Camera Religion Wars are ridiculous. Buy and use what you like and suits you, which could, of course, change at any time. I’ve used Konica, Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Olympus and Panasonic and have no particular brand loyalty… except maybe Nikon.

          I use a GH2, but the OM-D could be very compelling. But, I have no interest in getting into the sort of upgrade-itis I have with my Macs, so my GH2 should suit me until the GH4 or OMD2?

          Maybe. ;-)

          • + OM-1

          • pdc

            Not maybe, definitely!
            Sensor improvements (BSI especially) are going to be huge in the next few years, so be prepared to own many new cameras from several manufacturers.

      • Vivek

        Stig: The facts are facts. Consistently, Olympus have mislead folks like me by spreading rumors about a “new sensor” that became a “tweaked sensor” and turned out to be older versions of Panasonic sensor.
        If the OMD has a “new sensor” and is not from Panasonic, they ought to state that officially. Until then, based on the prior history, it is going to be understood by most like me that it is an older generation Panasonic sensor and the GH-3 will be better than the OM-D.

        I am not a Panasonic shareholder, not even a fan of the brand. I absolutely hate their battery policy (a rip off).

        • jake

          most rumors say OMD sensor wont be a Panasonic sensor , I guess it is a Toshiba or Aptina sensor.

      • rrr_hhh

        No, not all are Anasonic users, I have both an E-P3 and a G3 and mor sympathy for Olympus than Panasonic. Yet, based on all what I have read here and which has been confirmed here, I still believe that ther are 90% of chances that the sensor is the Panasonic 16meg which you find in the G3. Why ?
        1) there are no confirmation that the sensor is not a Panasonic
        2) we only know Olympus said it was a new sensor, that it would be the fastest of all Mirrorless and that we would gain two stops of dynamical range in the jpegs.
        3) what is known points toward a new sensor with respect to the acts Olympus offering : aka 16 instead of 12 meg and that sensor is tweaked like the E-P3 series was by Olympus who also claimed exactly the same for the E-P3.
        4) there is a smaller chance that Olympus got the GH2 sensor instead of the G3. Some rumors concerning the video implementation could point in that direction.
        5) if it is another better sensor than the one made by Panasonic, then all the better, but I don’t really expect that.

        6) People should be aware that a rumors repeated often enough in the end is propagated ales where and comes back to the source as if it was a confirmation, but it is not.. I’ve read articles both at Quesabesde’s and in response photo (Spanish website and French photo amateur magazines) who the admin repeated here as confirmation, but in fact they were ny quoting rumors on the net and from 43rumors itself. This is running in circles and as far as I’ve read there is no verifiable information concerning the source of the sensor and not enough indices pointing in the direction that it is not a Panasonic.

      • tmrgrs

        I’m one who was saying that the OM-D probably has the G3/GX1 sensor but lately, I’ve seen enough information/rumors to make me think that it may indeed have a sensor from some other source. If it can produce 2 stops better ISO & DR than the E-P3 as has been reported, I’ll be pre-ordering for sure.

        • jake


      • Raist

        “Of course these are just rumours, but since NONE of the sources have said the sensor is made by Panasonic, there is a consistent theme that it isn’t.”

        Just like with the EP-3 eh?

  • If the new viewfinder surpasses human eye resolution then I won’t be able to appreciate the benefit……..with my human eyes.

  • Boooo!

    “For the full 24-bit color version, capable of displaying around 16 million unique colors, resolution is stated as SXGA. That’s 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, suggesting a four-dot-per-pixel design, likely RGBW.”

    That’s not 5.4 million pixels, it’s 1.3 million pixels.

    Still very good, because for comparison, Sony’s EVF is 1024×768, or 0.78MP, whereas the Olympus EVF is a pitiful 800×600 or 0.48MP, which is nowhere near good enough.

    • It´s 5,4 million pixel in B&W. To show colors there is an RGBW array, i.e. one color pixel is made of four dots. The inconsistence with the rest of calculus may stem from total/efficient pixel difference or something…

      • Boooo!

        Yeah, but it’s not like you’d be using that thing in B&W mode. So it’s still 1.3 megapixels.

        I personally think EVFs need a minimum of 2048×1536 (3.1 Mpx) and a vastly improved dynamic range. The current ones – and I’ve tried them all – are still far from being good enough.

        To an extent, EVFs are like internet access. The current batch is still “33k6-56k dial-up”, and they won’t take off until “1-2 Mbit DSL” ;) We still need to wait for a few more years.

        • CoolRun

          I was never good enough to please daddy. Boooo Hoooo!

        • Mr. Reeee

          The Sony NEX EVF is pretty damn nice, you’ve got to admit. I did an A/B test between a NEX-7 and GH2 (860×600±, I think) and the difference is dramatic!

          Lets hope Panasonic manages to stick something of that resolution, 2.5MP, into the GH3!

          • what can you tell about the difference in magnified mode, is it easier to nail the focus with more mp? i would like to know this very much

            • rrr_hhh

              i have both a VF2 and a VF3 which has less resolution, but you aren’t even noticing it while aiming and focusing.

              • so increase in more mp wouldn’t mean better finetuning focusing? that would be a bummer….

                • rrr_hhh

                  the VF3 is more contrasty than the VF2 it works very well. Contrast has something to do with how we perceive sharpness. So when you are in focus, this just pop up and that is probably what makes the VF3 just as comfortable to use. Also the difference is not too big : 1.4 million against 0.9 million.

          • Boooo!

            The GH2 EVF is worse than the Oly EVF, and the NEX EVF is better than both… But it’s still not good enough. It’s usable, but that’s all. We’re still several years away from electronic viewfinders that could be a good alternative to optical viewfinders.

            • tmrgrs

              Some of you DSLR/OVF dinosaurs are hilarious. Several years? At the current rate of development for EVF’s, it’ll be more like several months!

              • Boooo!

                Yeah, and we’ll get flying cars, too.

              • agent00soul

                Probably just two weeks…

            • rrr_hhh

              Frankly, I have used film range finders, including a Leica M and then Canon DSLRs, among which a 5D which has a good OVF, but I’m not disturbed by the Panasonic G1/G3. Did you ever use one seriously ?

  • nobody

    For now, this EVF will probably cost more than an OM-D. But it may become an option within a few years.

  • L.S.

    Good Evening Admin

    Any news about the adapter ?

  • This news reminds me of article I had read in EOSHD about why Kodak file chapter 11. ‘Change’ is the key to success with the price, price that kill something. in this case, it will kill OVF. cant wait to see the ovf lover to cry :D lol…

  • Don’t there is a HQ camera EVF on the market yet. The G3 EVF is “better than nothing” to me. The Oly VF-2 a step better and the Sony nex-7 another step better – but still critizized.
    OFV in (D)SLR range from dark tunnel to really good. However even the best always shows an image at max aperture = if you use any other aperture the result looks different to what the OVF shows. Yes, there is a button that shows the picture at actual aperture, but that is most of the times too ndark to evaluate.
    I don’t know how many times I have composed and exposed through an VF – and because I just could see what was inside the frame missed the real action. Here we have the RF OVF (Leica etc) where you see also what is outside the image frame and is able to re-compose.
    Conclusion: We have not seen the optimal VF yet! Fuji are trying with hybrid VF – will be interesting to see where that leads.
    (—and maybe EVF resolution is not the only thing that matters.)

  • Richard_K

    I’m confused. Which kind of viewfinder is used in OM-D?
    EVF, OVF, or both?

    • The is EVF or maybe combined EVF and OVF.

    • Charlie


      Combination of E & O with added sunburn protection.

      Im hearing an SPF 15.

  • I doubt that a new revolutionary EVF will show up in the OM-D first thing. Olympus is not a Apple sort of company…

    • I guess this new panel alone is more expensive than an E-P3 kit with VF-2! After a couple of years, maybe, we see this kind of resolutions in prosumer cameras.

    • Mumbly

      There is another aspect too which speaks against the use of this EVF in the OM-D or any other follow-up model: the japanese market is a very “closed community” and japanese manufacturers are VERY reluctant about buying/importing foreign technology. Olympus will most likely buy EVFs from Sony, Panasonic or Epson – but not very likely from a small French company…

    • BLI

      Sometimes, it is good to not be too “revolutionary”… Like the PhotoStream (beta quality) tool: if you take a photo with PhotoStream turned on, the picture is stored in the cloud, and it is not possible to delete the photo unless you go to an internet address and delete the entire content of PhotoStream… So if someone takes a picture of you with your iPhone in an unfortunate situation at a job party, don’t let your spouse borrow your iPhone :-). And SIRI, which is Apple’s “tweaking” of their first attempt of speach recognition system, and still a total hype… Apple has good products and poor products, just like e.g Olympus. Oops — this is no attempt to make the forum more lively by starting a pro/con Apple war :-)

  • jacek

    Let’s wait for another story about 180cm octa lighting mounted on each OM-D.

  • om-4

    Wait a bit longer and the EVF will outresolve the sensor, lol.

  • Charlie

    Everyone wants to get in bed with Olympus now. :D

    • MJr

      Definitely, sadly tho this display is not theirs (yet)!

  • Wait five more years for a camera to solve ALL our problems!

    • MJr

      Well, aside from the constantly newly introduced problems that is.

  • dj

    –I see the end of the DSLR coming!

    • tmrgrs

      You’re going to make Boooo’s head explode with that kind of talk.

  • DeZ

    Put that thing on the upper left corner of a GF1 with a 2stop better sensor, and I will buy it! :)

  • Atto

    By far my Mamiya 7ii deserves at leat No. 3. Go on paper with that beast and then we talk.

    I’ve realise that my GF1 makes me so happy, much more than my previous-well ranked- DSLRs.

    Long life for MF and µ4/3. 135/FF does not exist! aps-c what is that?

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