The 50 greatest cameras of all time (by PhotographyMonthly)


Photography Monthly published the 50 greatest camera list of all time! Here  is the list of chosen Olympus and Panasonic cameras plus the top three (from the bottom of the ranking to the top):

No. 38: Olympus OM-1 (Click here to see it on eBay)
The release of the Nikon F had made the 35mm SLR the standard choice for professionals accustomed to using Leicas and other rangefinders, but it had driven the market towards heavy and bulky cameras. The Olympus M-1 changed all that and with it began a reduction of size, weight and noise of the 35mm SLRs. It’s not fashionable but it is brilliant.”

No. 34 Panasonic DMC-LX3 (Click hee to see it on Amazon)
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, or LX3, is a high-end compact camera launched in 2008 as a successor to the LX2 and continues to be one of the best high-end compact point and shoots available.

No. 22 Olympus Pen E-P1 (Click hee to see it on Amazon)
Beautifully designed and named after Olympic’s original half-frame 35mm Pencameras launched in 1959, the E-P1 is another of the cameras leading the way in the compact system revolution.

No. 20 Olympus Trip (Click hee to see it on eBay)
The Trip 35 was introduced in 1967 and discontinued in 1984. The name referred to its intended market, people who wanted a compact camera for holidays. More than ten million were sold. This point and shoot model had a solar powered selenium light meter and just two shutter speeds. Although the Trip is coming back into fashion due to its quality and ecological credentials, you can pay as little as £10 for one.

No. 14 Olympus Pen (Click hee to see it on eBay)
The Pen half-frame, fixed-lens viewfinder cameras were made from 1959 to the start of the eighties. The original was one of the smallest cameras to use 35mm film in 135 cassettes.

No. 11 Panasonic GF1 (Click hee to see it on Amazon…new for $1500!)
Released in 2009, the Panasonic GF1 has a strong following among pro and enthusiast photographers as a compact system camera which can change the way you can create images. Great quality of build and image.

No. 3 Hasselblad 500CM (Click hee to see it on eBay)
The professional’s first choice medium-format camera for more than 40 years. The 500 was the second generation of the Hasselblad 6x6cm format film and was launched in 1957. Strong build, high-quality lenses and ease of use have made it the professional photographer’s friend, whatever they are shooting.

No. 2 Nikon D3s (Click hee to see it on Amazon)
The latest top pro offering in the Nikon range. The D3s has broken new ground with its incredibly high ISO capability and super tough build and construction. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding of pro photographers, it deliversand then some.

No. 1 Kodak Brownie (Click hee to see it on eBay)
The Brownie, launched in 1900, popularised low-cost photography and introduced the concept of the snapshot. The original cardboard box camera took 2.25in sq pictures. The 127 modelsold millions from1952 to 1967.

Just my two cent. If I would have to pickup only one camera I would chose my Mamiya 7. It’s the camera that gives you the best image quality compared to the camera size. What’s your top camera?

  • Mar

    What a stupid list!

    Canon 5D (original, not MK2) is was far more influential and important than the D3s (or any digital Nikon).

    Also, there’s no mention of Olympus XA or mju? Pfffft….

    E-1 with it’s perfect ergonomics, handling and colors is not there, and there’s that vanilla Nikon D300s?

    • MJr

      Olympus OM-1 on the 38th place ? Idiots !

      • Yes LOL

      • P


        and they say OM-1 is not fashionable!

      • Shanti

        Totally agree..even the consumer Pen is higher than the OM1,2,4…… come on my OM 2sp still works perfect and will for many years..that quality is not present in the digital least not the Pen..the E1 is also fantastic at base ISO and feels just perfect to use…

    • P


      especially about 5d mark II

    • mpgxsvcd

      The iPhone should be at the top of the list if we are strictly going by number of units sold.

      • MJr

        Number of pictures uploaded to Flickr for example is quite insane as well, compared to any other camera. IMO it deserves a place on the list, whether we like it or not.

      • Miroslav

        If you think iPhone is the best selling camera phone, you’re wrong.

        If you think iPhone is the best camera phone, you’re wrong.

        There are many camera phones that deserve to make that list more than any iPhone. It was not the first, it is not the most capable, it just offers good internet connectivity hence great number of iPhone photos on the web.

        • MJr

          “it just offers good internet connectivity hence great number of iPhone photos on the web.”

          And that does not count as influential, because ?

          • Miroslav

            …because good Internet connectivity does not make it a “great camera” – the list is called “The 50 greatest cameras of all time”. “Number of units sold” does not make it one of 50 greatest either.

  • I’m yet to find my “perfect” camera. I haven’t had that MANY, but over the years i’ve had (AND ACTUALLY USED) a few so as to say i have tried several formats and technologies:

    Canon EOS 7D
    Canon EOS 400D (Rebel Xti)
    Panasonic GF1 and GH2
    Canon s95 and a couple other canon P&S
    Olympus XA
    Voigtlander R3A
    Rolley 35
    Smena Symbol and several other russian “lomo” cameras
    A few other vintage analog cameras such as fixed lens 70s rangefinders.

    But if I had to choose one, it would be my GF1. It was a game changer for me, that camera combined digital quality files with extreme portability, great ergonomics and a retro-kind-of-hip-something. It feels a bit like my 70s rangefinder cameras. There’s people for which cameras are just tools and don’t mind about look and feel. I’m on the opposite side: for me cameras must be attractive, sexy if you like. I want to feel a certain synergy with the tool i’m using, just like if I was playing the guitar for instance.

    My 7d would be my second best camera, it feels and performs like a sports car (its not good for everything, but for what it does well, its a fabulous tool) and it also has “soul”, can’t explain it, but there’s something reassuring about the heft, the ergonomics, the build quality and snappy performance.

    • +1000

      The GF-1 is the Mazda MX-5 of cameras. Fun, easy to use and adequate performance for 90% of the time. The GF-1 (with 20mm) must be responsible for introducing half the people on this site to m43.

      It showed me that you do not need a DSLR if you are capable of working within the camera’s constraints (and shooting RAW). Poor high ISO has improved my skills as a photographer, often using a high powered flash on a chord (came with my OM-1) and getting really creative with bounced flash (and PP colour adjusting).

      The amazing lens offerings now make me crave a 2nd, high performance body with viewfinder, not to replace but to complement the GF-1. I have not yet seen a camera that supersedes the main qualities of the GF-1 to make it worthwhile upgrading (bought the Oly 12mm instead!). Until I heard news of the OM-D.


    • Riley

      7D, nice camera, but there isnt anything about it that should see it included in a list of anything ‘great’

    • MJr

      Synergy. Thanks for adding that to my vocabulary, and you’re certainly not alone.

      I haven’t used the GF1, but i’ve used the E-P1 and it is lacking the synergy that i seek. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it just feels dumbed down too much, which sounds like it can do less, but as you know dumbing down a camera only means that the controls you actually need are crowded by unnecessary clutter. It’s all about simplicity for me, and it’s the ‘little’ things like the submerged and always stuck PASM dial that annoy me most. It looks great from one angle, but feels like a toy in use.

      This OM-D or E-M1 might just be a game changer. A solid body with edgy metal dials, aimed at the experienced enthusiast / pro. Operation that is quick, simple and intuitive ? The main dial can probably control Shutter Speed, plus the shutter-button dial set to Aperture, you’d be in full manual and back without touching a button. This could really be something.

    • Mamy C33

      To Miroslav, I dissagree. I am a fan of old film cameras, (I have ten, fully functioning ones) but the iPhone is a wonderfull camera and BECAUSE it has such great Internet connectivity, resolution, price, processing power, ergonomics and the ability to extensively process and edit the photos on the device is revolutionary. And many other smart-phones have great cameras too, and all the capabilities, but for eg, how many HTC One X phones do you see, or the Nokia Lumia 800 with a F2.2 Carl Zeiss lens? You are correct that it is not the best, but it is stellar and an excellent, portable camera in the hands of the masses.

  • Zend

    I vote for Olympus OM-D! :D

    • No. 1 of course naturally. :-D

  • Scotch

    I’d say this list is B.S.

  • Charlie

    #50 Nikon 1 — A vote for advertising dollars.

    Nikon F should be Top 5, imo.

    • MJr

      Nikon FM3A. THE best.

      • Personally i prefer the OM-1,
        But i’ll agree that FM3A should be in the top 5

    • Mandrake

      lol…they must have had an issue coming up with 50 cameras to put the Nikon 1 on the list.

      • spam

        Nikon 1 deservers a place on the list, first system camera with PDAF on senor. But Pen E-P1, LX3, K20, Alpha 900, Auto 110, D700, 7D, GF1, Contax RTS and Minox???

        And why choose D3s over D3 and D300s over D300 or FM2 over FM – all slighty improved models in stead of the really significant “originals”?

        And why not E-330 and Panasonic G1?

        • MJr

          “slighty improved models in stead of the really significant ‘originals’?”

          Yeah that’s a difficult one.

        • Riley

          Nikon 1 is no such thing
          Fuji did this first, Nikon uses the same technology

          • Anonymous

            no they dont try reading up on the tech

          • spam

            Actually it is, if you reread my post you’ll see that I wrote “first system camera”. Getting a PDAF system to work with a fixed zoom lens isn’t the same as making PDAF work on a system camera and bunch of different lenses.

            I considered mentioning the Fuji on my “missing” list, but didn’t. Maybe I should have, it was a first but overall a dissapointing camera (or cameras).

            According to Nikon they use a different and “much more advanced” technology than Fuji, but Fuji might say the same…

        • Brod1er

          Answer: Nikon bias
          As others have pointed out, D300s, D3s are good but no milestone. History is subjective (including being influenced by £££)

    • Geoff

      Nikon F, only nikon I ever used, most unreliable tool I ever had.

      • Ben

        Nikon F was and still is a great camera

        • Geoff

          It may well be but was still the most unreliable tool I ever had, I went over to Olympus within a year of buying the ‘F’, replacing it with OM-1 best decision I ever made. Should have gone that way in first place.

    • agree with the Nikon F, or even the F2…hell yes include the F5 too

      • No way! My Nikon F from ’66 still works and I use it. Should be #1 or 2.

    • acuberos

      Nikon F was the first SRL system camera for pros and was the main reason in these years why a lot of pros migrated from rangefinder to SRL. The F2 was more reliable and better camer, but the F was more important.

  • Pei

    Reasonable list. D3 and D3s started the super low light craze so a top 10 spot is spot on. Also notice there are no SONY camera on the list. Alphas and NEXs are good but not revolutionary.

    And no Mar, none of the 4/3 camera should be on the list because the whole concept was flawed. It is akin to putting an Advanced Photo System camera on the list.

    • No. 41 Sony Alpha 900

    • Geoff

      How can you call 4/3rds flawed, the first digital system designed from scratch, which Olympus had to do as they did not have a big clump of a body to work with. The system is first class, hindered only by flawed sensors, JPeGs out of camera outstrip anyone elses, and the majority of users only use those, with a small minority of users bothering with RAW, one could argue that 4/3rds doesn’t need the RAW option.

    • I call “Shenanigans!”

      4/3’s isn’t at all flawed, at least not from a theoretical standpoint.

      4:3 is in many ways a superior aspect ratio to 3:2, as it uses the image circle better. It also matches print sizes better.

      The digital Zuiko lenses, especially the SHG line, are second to none in terms of optical and build quality, and I’m not forgetting Leica and Zeiss.

      The sensor size gives you smaller lenses on a FOV basis than 135 format cameras. Consider the following: Nikon 200-400/4 at over 3kg to the Olympus 50-200/2.8-3.5 at about 1kg. Or if you like, compare that lens to the 90-250/2.8, which is about the same weight, but half as long and a stop brighter while having 20% more reach. There are people who use(d) the system just for that lens.

      4:3’s has suffered from one major problem, and that is that Olympus never developed their own sensor technology. As a company, they didn’t catch on to the necessity of controlling their own destiny at the critical point of image capture. Also, while the technical benefits of 4:3’s are certainly there, they failed from a marketing standpoint to position their product in competition with APS-C DSLR’S, and were never able to get sufficient mindshare to get the system off the ground.

  • Ad

    My all-time favourite is the Minolta SR-T 303b, a late derivative of the Minolta SR-T 101. The first film I shot with it came out great and it never failed me since, until I had to give it up because Minolta left me out in the cold with the SR-mount. I now use Minolta lenses again on my GH2…

    • Minolta lenses on GH2 seems to be very good

  • KI

    Isn’t the OM-4 (or OM-3) on the list?!? It’s the ultimate slr… the metering system is better than any dslr to this date! It even measures the light and compensate for changes during exposure! It’s just brilliant!

    • +1000

    • P


      OM-2,3 or 4 for crying out loud. These cameras changed the way cameras metered and introduced TTL flash. And this is what even todays cameras are based on.

      • Geoff

        So true………….

  • Suprised

    my Canon Photura is not on that list ;)

  • mister_roboto

    This list is stupid, GF-1 beat the SX-70?

  • Living in the “Hasselblad town” Gothenburg I still think Leica M should be up there.
    Wasn’t Nikon D1 the first Digital SLR that handeled as truly professional tool? D3s just being an improved re-incarnation.
    Which was the first AF SLR – Minolta I believe
    Small cameras: Minox
    Digital compact: Canon G1 (built like a tank + very good IQ

    All in all I think the original concepts that deserve to be on the list, the cameras that really has meant change
    1. Leica M
    2. Hasselblad
    3. Nikon F and corresponding Canon
    5. Nikon D1
    6. Canon G1

  • Super J

    Rubbish list, pretty clear they put a Holga right above the Leica M9 to generate anger with the very protective Leica community and in turn get more website hits.

    • Lol

    • MJr

      After looking at Admin’s highlights of the list, i didn’t even bother.

  • Tadeo

    Where are the pinhole cameras!??? they may be not branded but are still being made an are some of the oldest

    • Tadeo

      in fact you can convert any interchangeable lens camera in to one of them, use the cheapest optics of all times and are the only kind of camera that lets you (for specially designed ones) take one-year single exposures

  • gf1 really immortal. Checked

  • tmrgrs

    They left out my cute little made in Singapore Rollei XF 35? Bastards!

  • Chromekoda

    OM-1 was the first and “still” the best eventhought I do not have them anymore… the technical quality was very impressive in those days and in that size … I followed the path of Olympus to OM-3… then I went with Nikon FM-2 few years , but I was never really happy with it…. but the lenses, I still have the whole set of them… eventhought the focusing direction is… what it is, sight and XD !!!

  • SteB

    The OM1 and the OM series in general should have been far higher up the list. It is difficult to think of any other camera or camera series that was more influential. Apart from the size aspect, which many of the other camera makers copied let’s look at the features on OM first featured on the OM series and now to be found on most cameras. TTL flash metering and multiple TTL flash support. Twin macro flash. FP electronic flash. Spot metering. Greater than 1:1 macro, without a bellows, and with automatic stop down metering. When I first got an OM system neither Canon or Nikon had TTL flash metering and it was some time off in the future that they adopted it. The only annoying thing for me is that the OM system never adopted was a higher than 1/60s normal flash synch with a vertically run shutter. When other cameras were reaching 1/250s. I ended up having to get a Nikon because of that. I also wish they would have adopted evaluative metering for the TTL flash, because the Nikon F801s I got was much better for TTL macro flash because of that.

    • Geoff

      I’ll give you that about the eventual slow flash synch speed but let’s not forget the important thing is speed of flash busrt

  • Blender

    Lists are meaningless, however fun reading.
    Whatever is in my hand. No camera, no image.

    • Geoff

      So true, top of range camera, long lens, no battery = very expensive hammer…

  • tobiasNEX7n

    the list sux.
    1 Leica
    2 Nikon F
    3 Hasselblad
    4 Rollei
    5 Mamiya
    6 Nikon D

  • Pedro del Río

    Best camera in history: Contax 139 quartz. Reason: I shot the first picture of my future wife with it.

    • keoj

      The Contax 139 and later, the Contax G2…both classics.

    • On my personal list
      1. Contax G1
      2. Contax 139
      3. Nikon FM
      4. Nikon D100
      5. Panasonic G3
      A real joy to shoot with as well as viewing results!

      The Contax 139 w. Zeiss lenses I bought after my Olympus OM equipment has started to fall apart during a journey in India. Sorry Olympistas, but the Contax so much better than OM – in every aspect.

      • keoj

        You and I agree….I would put the FM right after as well. I still use the 139…. its build like a tank.

      • Nikon D100 is a yawn from Nikon, but D70 is a good competitor to Canon EOS 300D. The is these two camera so do the DSLR revolution for prosumer and amateur photography.

  • Ben Y

    Stopped reading at “Nikon 1”

  • Gman

    This is a “stated” list of the “Best 50” cameras of all time, NOT the most influential, as many of the posters interjected. The Nikon F, was a very important design change, BUT Big and Heavy with Meter Finder… Canons, F1 was a much better systems camera in design. But too late in the game.. Nikon F-1964, Canon an example. I’d put the Canon F1 above the Nikon F as far as “Best Camera”

    But, it is an interesting list.

    • flash

      It says “Greatest Cameras of all Time” in most places, that is different from “Best” which the article also mentions.

      If it is best I think the best cameras are the newest.

  • These lists are always crap garbage. BTW the camera that transformed photo the most in the last 10 years is the iphone.

    • bilgy_no1

      true about cell phone cameras, but not about the iPhone. For some time Nokia was the largest camera manufacturer in the world.

      • And now the only time I see Nokia is when traveling to third world countries. Same with Blackberry.

      • Except that the iPhone, with its mandatory data plans, popularized the idea of instantly uploading photos and videos.

    • Narretz

      In general, list posts ruined content on blogs etc. Mostly, they are just slapped together to keep the posts coming and generate cheap traffic.

  • Bob B.

    That is so cool…my avatar is NUMBER ONE!!!! :-)
    How can ANYONE be serious about this list. Its laughable.

  • Barugg owb ama

    Lol nikon F6 not on the list? It s the only camera ever which gets my perfect 10, the one camera which is impossible to improve, nice to see the rts3 in the top 5, thats a hell of a camera too, lists like this always need to be taken with a grain of salt, move on

  • Vivek

    It is an amusing list. There is mention of the GF-1 and the EP-1 both part blind cams with no EVF (well, “optional” EVFs). Even the box brownie had viewfinders built in!

    The G1 does not make the list?!

    Blind folks.

  • Sox129

    I would have to say my favorite cameras are the canon 1D, Olympus EPL2, and my Yashica 124G. Oh and my very first digital, the Nikon coolpix 995.

  • Reinhold

    My favourite cameras? Analoge cameras: Olympus OM2N, Mamiya 645 and Mamiya C330 Professional
    digital: Olympus E30

  • G.W. BUSH

    canon 1d x…. im sure it will be my no. 1

  • om-4

    At some point I was on the fence for a Canon T90 but choose to go with Olympus OM-4, later Ti. Better metering, better lenses.

    What I miss in the list is Minolta. I’m sure Minolta deserves some credit for putting out the 7000 and CLE.

  • Adam Trachtenberg

    Cool to see the Oly Trip 35 on that list. That’s the camera that I carried along many a hiking trail, and up many a mountain, as a teenager. A great, reliable snap shooter.

  • frank

    Well deserved, the GF1 on place 11!

  • C

    #50 is Nikon V1 and J1? List irrelevant.

  • Gman

    The best camera is the one you are using right now ;-P

  • flash

    The list seems to be missing some German cameras that were breakthroughs. Not even one Exacta the first SLR and the first 35mm SLR. Not to mention Voigtlander, with their instant return mirror, folding etc. Also missing some breakthrough Japanese and other cameras. Way to many mundane cameras, and incrementally better ones on the list.

    I guess camera companies get extra points if they are advertising in the magazine.

    • heckmeck

      Right. If this was the list of the best cameras – why is a Holga on it? And if that is a list of epic cams – why so much japanese “me-too-Junk”? the Exacta-Cams from Germany where mecheanical masterpieces – later copied by the far-east manufactureres. But what’s on the list? The V1. (Oh that name…)

  • 43shot

    The best camera is one that is not made yet or is exaggerated by rumors on the web. All the rest are the best in the eye of the beholder.

  • Liam

    I would have put the Rolleiflex TLR much, MUCH higher on the list. Not only for it’s superb image quality, but also for it’s compact and rugged build, and well-designed “user interface”.
    And……the first time you view a beautifully exposed 6cm x 6cm transparency….you better be sitting down!

    • 43shot

      Got one of those:)

  • view back history does not bring anything. creating better history is important!

  • Alex

    Over all those cameras I would say my olympus E-3 is still one of the best cameras with a high quality image and build. Too bad it was not listed in the top 50.

  • Frankly, most of these “all time greatest” lists are nonsense. Having aid that, my first camera ever was a Kodak Brownie and I agree with its inclusion, if not the number one spot.

  • JY

    No Yashica rangefinders mentioned…

  • This list is pretty much hype , controversial and meaningless. Much like those magazines that feature the top 50 eligible men . top 50 models. Good materials to flood the headlines, but nothing substantial.

    The greatest cameras are those that we have owned and enjoy shooting with.

  • Esrhan

    People sure take these lists personally. So your choice isn’t on some bloke’s list. Move on.

  • SF

    rumor dead calm?

  • P

    Whats today’s rumor, Admin? :)

  • Lupo

    Mirrorless = Museum visit?
    Every day new pictures of used goods and grandfather cameras. Very exciting

  • Borbarad

    What a List or who is responsible for choosing that?
    First of all:

    The Top 3:
    1) Leica M (3 or 4)
    2) Hasselblad 500
    3) Nikon F

    And for the Digital Side you could maybe choose:
    – Canon G1
    – Canon 1DsMKIII
    – Nikon D3s
    – Olympus E-P1
    – Olympus E-1
    – Leica M9
    – Panasonic GH2 (only for Video)
    – Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2
    – Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717


  • Dannecus

    What about the Minolta 7000?
    A couple of earlier posters have hinted at this, but the 7000 must be on the list of breakthrough cameras.
    First to really crack autofocus on an SLR back in 1985. I had one, really innovative camera with LCD screens and buttons instead of dials. May not be a classic in quality terms but it was a milestone in camera development.

    • Stu

      Yes it should be on the list without doubt. It changed the course of SLR’s overnight. I was working in retail at the time and this camera sold in huge numbers. It made Minolta the number 1 camera brand for quite a while before they got too big for their boots and forgot about customer service and reps not showing their faces in camera shops for 6 months at a time. It took them a long time to turn that situation around again.

  • Miroslav

    “What’s your top camera?”

    For me, the best is always the last one – E-PL1 at the moment. Technology evolves constantly offering more creative opportunities with every new generation of cameras.

    • flash

      My top camera for Digital is the Lieca S-2, its sweet. I do not own one or intend to, but get to use one fairly regularly on shoots and am more impress every time I do.
      For film (slides) that would be my OM-2n, never failed to get the shot and exposure. Slides were very important to me for work.

  • Anonymous

    I could argue with a some of the choices, and a lot of the ordering. But I think the biggest problem is that their list is way too biased towards digital. They come off as relative newbs to photography with no real understanding of the engineering history that led to today’s cameras. Aside from that, it’s got a number of errors. The first one I noticed:

    The Canon FD lens mount wasn’t introduced with the Canon F-1, it was introduced with the Canon FT, quite a few years earlier.

  • AH

    Completely irrelevant list.

  • Mark

    The original 5D, first real budget FF-sensor, and the 5D mk2 for the video, were both more important than the Nikon D3s. How quickly people forget when they’re Nikon users. Hell, even the D90 had more impact than the D3s, being the first ever video DSLR.

  • Rob

    Canon T90 …. All todays DSLRs owe that camera its at the time revolutionary styling. AE and program modes set by by buttons and thumb wheels… Built in motordrive…. Totally stunning camera… I always wished they would bring out a T90D just as a thank you to that camera… Oh and multi-spot metering and highlight and shadow, very OM4!

  • OM-4ever

    This list will not improve the reputation of this publication….

    1.) Where’s the Speed Graphic?!

    2.) Contax RTS III is 5th all time (I loved it, but still)? That camera should be no higher than 40th place- if even on the list.

    3.) Minolta A-7000- first true AF SLR: where?

    4.) Canon EOS-1 first professional AF SLR – where?

    5.) Early Leica?

  • Bikedork

    This list has a high bogosity factor. How do you historically judge “best?” The Brownie may have been the most accessible, but it wasn’t the best in terms of picture quality. No Speed Graphic? That was certainly one of the best of its time in terms of quality and ability. C’mon.

  • Tom S.

    Yes, it’s a “stupid” test, but fun to talk about for sure.

    I agree with some previous posts that glaring omissions are:


    Also, much higher ranked should be the:

    OM-1 (actually, the whole OM-series should be collectively ranked in the top 10)

    and the K-1000.

  • Tom S.

    The whole OM-series should be collectively ranked in the top-10.

    I agree with some other posters: where the heck are the ROLLEIFLEX TLR and the SPEED GRAPHIC in this list?

    I’m no Canon freak, but I think the AE-1 should at least be on the list, maybe in the mid- to high-30’s.

    The YASHICA T4 should also make the cut.

    The K-1000 should have a better ranking.

    And, most of the digital camera rankings are overblown, but I’ll concede that the 5D Mk2 is a real standout that should be in the top-20.

  • henrik

    The list should honour live view, vari-angle screen and touch-to-focus. These features give big new possibilities.

  • Yeah, ugh. The 5DMkII being high up was a shock. This has to be a fad, it doesn’t even shoot high enough bit rate for broadcast and the the image is so soft. Filmmakers picked it up more than reporters for video, and I don’t think they are taking very many pictures (maybe wedding for side money). It’s a fad, what real videographer wants a crippiling camera like that? It only worked because all the other companies were making crap small sensor cameras, sigh.
    And the Minolta 7000 and Argus C3 not being on here totally made the list crap to me.

  • Rob randhawa

    Canon F1n
    Best film camera period

  • Liam

    Let’s keep this wrong-minded discussion going!
    A more rational, albeit still contentious, discussion could be had if you split the “best list” into 3 categories; film cameras, film, and digital cameras. They are really three different beasts. Digital has changed what it means it means to be a “camera”, has dramatically shortened the camera model life cycle, and seemingly caused many, many people to change cameras more often than they change underwear.

    BTW, the correct answer to the #1 greatest camera….#31 on their list, the Nikon FM2. If film was de rigueur, I would still be using my 30-year old FM2 more than once or twice a year. That’s a testament to a quality instrument, and a remarkable statement in the context of the fragility and 6-month life cycle of today’s camera models.

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