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Many new info about Olympus present and future: They do not exclude to use larger sensors in future!


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DC.view posted am interview with Olympus. The highly interesting info have been translated by one of our readers:

1) PRO lenses, being weather-sealed and compact in size and weight, are designed to improve corner IQ by incorporating their microscope technology.

2) Sony’s (5 axis) technology is used on bigger sensors so we figure that the whole mechanism should be bigger as well. And its effect might be limited due to insufficient space for the mechanism to move. We think Olympus’s has better stabilization capability, especially at telephoto ends.

3) Future plans for in-body features? Improved 5-axis stabilization, among others. It’s still not perfect and we hope to improve that.

4) Any plan to design F2 constant aperture zooms? We aim to do faster lenses, but size and weight are our concern.

5) Any plan for a non-interchangeable lens camera with a 4/3 sensor? We don’t have a definite plan, but we don’t rule out the possibility.

6) Will Olympus stay in the 4/3 realm? As long as size and weight can stay compact without giving up IQ, it does not necessarily have to be 4/3 sensors. If there’s a way to keep the lenses small for larger sensors, we will not hesitate to do that.

So what do you think of those points?

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