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Kipon EOS to m43 adapter with full electronic control!


In a surprising announcement Kipon unveiled the development of the new Kipon EOS to m43 (and NEX) adapter with full electronic control. There is no info about price and features yet. This may will help some EOS EF lens owner to join the m43 system instead of the new Canon EOS-M :)

Non electronic Kipon adapters are already available on eBay (Click here).

  • napalm

    i like how the wires are exposed like that, kinda like a mcguyver project hehehe

  • Vlad

    Between this and the Conurus adapter, the appeal of the EOS M is lessening.

    • bilgy_no1

      What appeal of the EOS M?

      • Bob b.

        +1000 bilgy !

      • Jojo

        The adapter for EF/EFS lenses is a big plus for the Canon mirrorless system. A user of Canon crop DSLRs can use his 10-22 WA zoom as an autofocus 16-35mm equivalent – what other mirrorless system has that cross compatibility? Indeed, apart from the Pany 7-14, what other mirrorless system even has a lens that wide?

        Earlier Canon rumors pointed to a 2nd body with VF – this seems to have been allocated for “later”, so micro43 has little to worry about from the Canon system for a while (especially at the list price!)

        • Will

          What do you mean “apart from the Pany 7-14” um that’s the point… apart from the 20mm f1.7 what other 20mm f1.7s are there? Apart from the Canon M system what other mirrorless interchangable cameras do they have… apart from? That’s the point of the 7-14… and this is m43 land…

        • Anonymous

          So let’s see..I have this incredible compact mirrorless camera (GX 1, OM-D, etc)…and I am going to go out an buy a large expensive adapter to attach a large,unweildy lens to the front of my “compact” mirrorless camera? Makes no sense to me. None at all. Why not just buy the great performing compact lens that was designed for the compact system camera in the first place? DUH.

          • kc

            yea, but for some canon user that had already spent tons on canon lens especially L lens.
            one adaptor can make use of 4-5 lens, just great. beside, I’m not asking you to use it for travel
            sometime you just want to get out and spent some quality time by yourself half decent size(small body with bigger lens) instead of full frame body.

        • Bob b.

          The adapter does not work with EF-S lenses…no AF either. 7-14mm is what you need there! :-)

        • Vlad

          Every system has a lens this wide – Sigma 8-16mm.

        • hmmm .. NEX users can attach the Sigma wide angle lenses to the LEA2 adapter , and fulltime PDAF ? Dont see the appeal of EOS M here. If Canon users hopes to use their EF/EFS lens, they are better off using manual focus due to the slow AF speed on EOS M

      • napalm

        the appeal that Canon “might” have some super duper plans for this mount.

        not buying it.

  • bilgy_no1

    So, does this enable AF as well as aperture control? That would be very interesting indeed!

    • Miroslav


      And will the lens report its FL to Oly IBIS system?

      OTOH, even if AF control is enabled, that AF would be at least as slow as for 4/3 lenses on m4/3 bodies. Even Canon don’t know yet how to make its DSLR lenses autofocus properly on EOS M.

  • Doug

    Make it for Nikon lenses and I will be interested…..

  • Wow!!!
    Been waiting for this to come out.. I am investing in EF glass for my GH2 m43 stuff to have an upgrade path to BMCC or FS700.
    I am not buying a 12mm Olympus lens for €650 for m43, it is to much, Tokina 11-16mm EF mount is what I am buying.

    AF would be nice, but aperture control is more important.
    Good work Kipon, where can I reserve an adapter?

    • Vlad

      Check also the Conurus adapter – on the expensive side though.

  • Henrik

    Quite good news for owners of M43 cameras.

    You should say in your news what is actually provided by these adapters:
    – aperture control through camera?
    – AF?
    – full lens EXIF?

    Anyway, i can’t help the feeling you’ll tell us when this adaptor is avaible for purchase.

    Still i’d prefer more native M43 lenses, such as tele primes with stabilisation or a super wide angle prime (with stabilisation). But i stopped hopping for those, kind of; thanks, Panasonic, for 14-42 5.1a.

  • Riley

    this means the same can be done with EOS to 4/3rds

    • Miroslav

      Yes, but you have to cut a part of Canon mount first :).

      • Riley

        EF/EFs register distance is longer than 4/3rds

  • There is not going to be EXIF or AF.
    It seems there are going to be two extra buttons on the adapter to open/close the Aperture which will be powered from the camera.
    This is my interpretation of the images and the description on that page.

    This is OK for me for m43, but for Sony E mount I would use the Metabones
    adapter with provides every thing expect AF, and is more intelligent.

  • mocha

    From the Chinese original site, it said that it can control aperture but does not mention it can control AF.

  • BCK

    I’m worried the exposed contact wiring will cause optics issues such as reflection etc…

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t hold to much by this, Kipon have been promising a ‘shift’ adapter for OM to u4/3rd for ages, which is simply a mechanical adaptor and little more than a miniscule adjustment to their Nikon adaptor.

  • Mundstrøm

    interesting for m4/3 users too, as there is a huge array of lenses in this series. Anyone done the maths on crop-factor and zoom factoring? Most adaptors double the mm range on a lens right?

    • Ki

      No… It’s the size of the sensor that determins the crop. It’s as any lens; 50mm will “appear” as a 100mm. … on any (micro)FourThirds sensor.

  • beautemps

    Function: Control the iris!
    & co-operation with Japanese engineers????

    Official Press release:
    “KIPON developed electronic adapters through the co-operation with Japanese engineers,using Canon EF mount lens on NEX &m4/3 mirrorless cameras,through the dial ring or button to control the iris of original Canon EF lens,let those who bought mirrorless cameras can enjoy the Canon EF lens.

    Listing specific dates and prices to be determined.”

    • mocha

      Don’t be serious of the so called “Japanese engineers”. Kipon is a Chinese base website and I have a strong feeling that both product are clone from Conorus and Birger. Hoping that they are authorized product. Interestingly, Kipon used to produce an authorized product from a German company. So far, the most impressive product should be Yongnou Flash gun because you should never find a third party product which can compatible with both Canon and Nikon TTL remote system in a single flash! I have one and it really works well.

  • Wow, super exciting. All I want is to use fast Canon lenses with decent AF speed on my GX-1, and if it does work, I might very well buy me a NEX7 !! Please tell us more asap !!

  • Finally an adapter that can truly harness the advantages of four thirds system. This will increase the lens availability of the four thirds system. I am especially interested in the prime lenses and other third party lenses like tamron and sigma. I wonder how much this cost? I hope the speed of the autofocus of these lenses won’t suffer on the micro four thirds. Can’t wait for the official announcement for this.

  • peter

    why would a sane person prefer to mount his EF lenses to a smaller sensor instead of an aps-c sensor?

    to gain a bit more reach (2x vs.1.6x) ?

    face it.. m43 is a dead end.

    only very strange people would prefer to buy a m43 over the new canon mirrorless

    and when this canon mirrorless does not offer you enough… then wait for the pro model.

    no need to waste money on m43 stuff…..

    • Anonymous

      APS-C is the dead end – somewhere in-between FF and M43. Nearly as big and heavy than FF and not better than M43. Poor and big lenses caused by the wide diameter.

      In seven years nobody talks about APS-C anymore. FF will be the future “medium format”. And M43-Size will mark the standard.

    • Bronica

      APS-C is the dead end – somewhere in-between FF and M43. Lenses as big than FF, IQ not better than M43 (OMD EM-5 is even better than EOS 7 or Alpha 77).

      FF will be the future “medium format”, m43-Size the future standard, smartphones will replace all smaller formats.

      In seven years nobody talks about APS-C anymore.

    • James70094

      And while people continue to wait, I’ll be enjoying photography. Not everyone is a pro and a few of us even realize that. The m4/3 is perfect for enthusiust, small size and high quality. Even with the small size of the camera body, the EOS M will become a burden due to the much larger and heavier lenses. Maybe it’s that the very strange people will buy the EOS M.

    • Bob b.

      Point & Shoot Peter.

      • Anonymous

        No need to shoot Peter, we’re not a violent bunch.

        • Bob b.

          LOL!….well …I am not going to the NEX site or where ever and tell them that they are stupid for buying the camera that they have?

    • beautemps

      Fotoquality depends most on lenses. m43 has a large range of good, and some highquality lenses. The 43 Sensor format is optimized for telecentric highquality lenses.

      APS-C is an old-technolgy standard that has overcome. A cash cow for established manufacturers. If you have a big base of good, heavy lenses in the market, you will follow the mirrorless trend with APS-C sized camera bodies. This is fine for the producers until new customers will tend to buy small bodies and small lenses and get the same output quality. That is going to happen at the moment from the technological point of view. But not all customers realised that. So the EOS-M line might be the very last dinosaur.

      • Bob b.

        I agree… I have MFT and FF…both formats keep getting better and better. APS-C is like the red-headed step child!

        • mooboy

          Red headed step child… just perfect :)

    • Where’s the fast EF-S primes? How do you like paying for and using pricier/larger EF lenses for your Canon APS-C DSLR?

      Been three, done that. Not only did I got tired of lugging the weight, but also got tired of waiting for Canon to make more EF-S lenses. After many years, Canon still doesn’t make a (relatively) fast normal-like (35-50mm equiv.) EF-S lens. Seeing the new EF-M 22/2 (35mm equiv.) is like a slap on the face. But based on Canon’s ability to make EF-S lenses, I don’t expect too many EF-M lenses.

      Canon is great if you go FF, but they (Canon) only makes 2 f/2.8 or faster EF-S lenses. m4/3 has more even though it is a younger system.

      So where’s the dead end now?

  • chris

    I personally welcome this as there are a lot of fast zooms in EF mount, something that m43 and Nex lacks. I have the LAEA1 adapter for Nex and the Sony constant aperture zooms are priced quite a bit higher than the Canon lenses, I would love to pair my 70-200/2.8 with Nex and M43. More options – we’re all winners with more options.

  • chris

    I am in the process of selling all my Canon lenses right now. But if the price for this is reasonable I might be keeping my tokina 100mm makro. AF is not so important here.

  • Octavio

    Esse é foda !!!

  • JF

    Be carreful with kipon adapters i had a canon FD to m43 one and it was crap: very bad mechanical design with lot of play and no focus at infinity. I bought a novoflex one and it was perfect…

  • Ben

    In my opinion, Kipon has now made M43 perfect.

  • Charlie

    Does anyone when know when this will be released?! :)

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