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Final Canon versus M43 poll.


So guys. I hope you had time to check the Canon news and reviews I summed up at MirrorlessRumors. With Canon we finally have a full overview of the different mirrorless systems. I read some of the EOS-M previews and it certainly has some nice and interesting features. A problem may be the price. At $799 (at Amazon and BHphoto) the camera costs $50 more than the GF5 with 14mm f/2.5 pancake but $400 more than the GF3 with the same pancake. Talking about Olympus it costs $200 more than the E-PL3 with 17mm pancake. But I am sure Canon huge marketing machine will push the EOS-M preorders.

But here is the final question for you…and please no fanboy thinking…try to be honest ;) And let me also know what Olympus and Panasonic should “copy” from the new cam!

The Canon EOS-M is a...

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Canon specs and info:
Dedicated presentation page on Amazon (Click here).
EOS-M price and specs at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

  • hendrik

    For olympus: black barrel lens :P

    • LOL! …

    • ljmac

      Well done! You’ve managed to find something from this camera worth copying. :-)

      Seriously though, there doesn’t appear to be a single new feature in this camera, so I can’t see that there’s anything to copy. I would have said phase detect AF on the sensor, but (a) Nikon’s already done it and (b) on this Canon camera it appears to be dog slow.

      • Daemonius

        Add “fast prime lens as kit”. I wouldnt say no to 17,5mm f2 lens as kit with OM-D or GX1.

        It was hard to find anything “right” about this camera.. well actually we didnt find it “on camera” as much as “attached to camera”. :D

        Camera itself. Well I would say to Olympus and Panasonic: “Guys, take a good look on EOS-M and please, please never copy that thing.”

        • peter

          yeah if they would copy it they maybe would make money one day… LOL.

          m43…. LOL… i give you 4 more years then the tiny sensor system is gone.

    • peter

      m43 is good enough for 500 pixels flickr images.

      unfortunately mobile phones will be as good as m43 in 2 years.
      olympus will be broke soon and panasonic will focus on other things because of bad financial situation.

      m43 is a dead end.

      • Daemonius

        Dont troll that much, its not healthy. :)

        Yea, 4/3 was supposed to die right from start, it didnt, it just transformed itself into m4/3 which continue living and will in future. Im more worried about Canon..

  • The lug system looks neat. Don’t know about usability, but looks way improved over old rings and lugs.
    Also, touchscreen is capacitive, which is much more responsive.

    I would like to see those two on the next GH3. Or at least one.

    • Bob b.

      Martin…good call on the lugs as far as the OM-D is concerned…although like you mentioned…you would have to buy a proprietary strap for those lugs which I am sure will be more expensive AND you will have limited choices for style.
      The Lug’s and the touch screen on the GX1 are just fine by me, though.

  • Perhaps the question should be asked the other way around? (because I think that Olympus and Panasonic should copy um…nothing from the Canon M).
    What should the Canon M copy from Olympus and Canon?
    There would be a lot more answers for that question!!!!!!!!!!! No?

    • +1
      No EVF is a knock out criterion for me.
      Looks like Canon is starting with the technology level of the E-P1.

      • Walter Freeman

        Nope! The E-P1 had IBIS. More like the tech level of the GF1.

        • Bob b.

          NO GF1 had an optional viewfinder…you will have to shoot lower I am afraid! :-)

    • Anonymous

      Whoops…obviously I meant what should Canon copy from Olympus & Panasonic…sorry about that.

  • says “the most interesting possibility for this camera has nothing to do with the camera at all — it’s the new mount Canon has created that is adaptable with full lens control to the standard EF and EF-S lenses.”

    Yup, all EF*/EF-S* and EF-M lenses will fit (*via adapter) this video-centric camera. Great appeal for Canon 5DM2/3 shooters, some who have been using dual Canon/mFT rigs. It even has AF in video mode.

    Major challenge to mFT? Perhaps. I know I’m going to assess a possible switch.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > It even has AF in video mode.
      If its AF is very slow already in single shot mode why it would be any better in continuous focus?

      Canon lacks completely m4/3’s experience on CDAF and unlike Nikon 1’s integrated PDAF Canon’s one appears to be more marketing BS than working tech if focusing with native lens is that slow as in that one video couple news yearlier.

      With also shallower focus this P&S is going to produce lot more out of focus shots than compacts.

      • rrr_hhh

        From what an Italian Canon rep was saying in an interview, the main advantage of Canon hybrid AF lies in video : with CDAF, the camera has to move past focus and then back to the best point of focus. With the hybrid AF : the camera knows in which direction to move and thus avoids back and forwards movements.

        But yes, it is rather slow, I was surprised by the videos.

      • On the previews of a couple of Spanish sites, they said that AF was not the fastest in the market, but quite fast. So it seems that Canon did fix the issues that the 650D has with live view AF.

  • min

    $799 is the kit price with 22mm lens. Compared that to gx1 with 20mm and its about even or perhaps even cheaper.

    • Lew

      AgrEed, given the popularity of the 20Mm Pani pancake, they made a great choice for the kit option

  • Lew

    Panasonic’s pinpoint focus is great, and oly’s ibs and art filters are great. I prefer the Oly retro look, but canon shouldn’t copy that since it isn’t their style. A great way to break in is to have an affordable adapter to use mft lenses with af etc. obviously you’d lose shallow dof and resolution using only a mft sized section of the apsc sensor, but it would open up a large library of good glass and allow for easy conversion for folks already invested in mft.

    • Using M4/3 lenses on an APS-C system camera you gain one really great feature… vignetting like a demon. Look ma, no art filters necessary! ;-)

      Seriously, what would be the point? Especially given the range of focal lengths of existing Canon lenses available now. The is the advantage of the EOS-M is for Canon shooters who already own Canon lenses.

      I don’t think it’s a bad looking camera, even given it’s array of shortcomings and limitations. It’s kind of like a Digital ELPH (IXUS) that got lost in a food court at a shopping mall somewhere in the midwest and gained 100 lbs..

      It’ll be interesting to see what v2.0 will bring.

  • Brian

    Admin, don’t you think that’s an unfair comparison? A $500 GX1 without a lens versus a Canon with a fast 22mm prime for $800? Once you add a $300-400 20mm lens, they’re both in the same price-range, so it’s a bit unfair to claim that the Canon cost exhorbitantly more. At that point, it just comes down to which set-up you prefer.

    • +1

      That 22mm f/2 is a nice lens that would cost $300 dollars.

      And the price of the GX 1 has gone down after many months. What was the price at launch?

      • Optomist

        +1 +1
        agreed guys. How much was the gx1 with 20mm 1.7 lens. Oh wait, the gx1 didnt come with a prime. It came with the X lens which has lots of problems, namely focusing.

        Come on admin, be a bit fair eh

        • Anonymous

          >How much was the gx1 with 20mm 1.7 lens.

          The GF1 with the 20/1.7 was 80,000 at launch, but settled at 50,000yen within six months. Canon is introducing at 70,000 for the 22mm kit (three years later). The Canon body is also decidedly non-enthusiast. Not much of a value proposition here IMO.

      • admin

        You are right! I am going to update the post!

        • admin

          P.S.: I compared the zoom kit from Panasonic with the EOS-M pancake kit. My mistake. It’s right to compare it with the GF5 and 14mm pancake!

  • Nikon and Canon now both have mirrorless cameras with hybrid CD/PD AF systems. I don’t know whether Canon’s really does much, but Nikon’s has gotten good reviews.

    The latest CDAF systems from Panasonic and Olympus are very fast and accurate in single-shot mode, but I think most of us concede that their focus-tracking performance is marginal. It’s especially an issue with video, where your footage of moving subjects is likely to contain lots of brief out-of-focus moments while the AF system does its “wobble” to see which way it needs to move next.

    If hybrid CD/PD AF would improve this, it’s definitely a technology the M43 makers should copy.

    Other than that, the new Canon looks like a snoozer. I can’t imagine it being of interest to anybody except people who already have a lot of Canon lenses and insist that any mirrorless camera they buy has to work with them.

    • JeremyT

      Yeah, PDAF is pretty much it.

      I don’t know how Canon managed to make such a… boring camera. I’m sure it’ll be just fine, but it simply doesn’t stand out in any way.

      This is going to be most appealing to people who already have an investment Canon SLR lenses. If I were such a person who did not have any existing investment in a mirrorless camera, this would seem to be a great option. But it’s surely not as sexy as the X-Pro 1, NEX 7, or EM5, and I think the price point is too high to work its way in against the already extant entry level units.

      • DJ

        As someone who has a stable of Canon gear and lenses, I still find the EF-M a snooze. I am not averse to investing in more than one system, and have been quite happy with my Oly’s. I absolutely love my E-M5, and am generally impressed by Olympus’ better glass.

        Sure, I could get an EF-M and mount my “L” lenses on them, but that negates the smaller camera’s size advantage, whereas a m4/3 body with an adapted Oly 12-60 4/3, while sizable, is seriously more portable. The size advantage, not to mention the legacy glass compatibility, is what makes m4/3 special, in my opinion.

        I doubt you’ll see many drainpipes being attached to the EF-M, so the EF/EF-S compatibility will be less a factor in the long run in promoting the system, and likely Canon will tout the sensor size. I’d love to see the first comparison of images from the EF-M to the current competition.

        Finally, Canon doesn’t want to cannibalize their SLR’s, so I’m not surprised that this first foray into the market isn’t something worthy of ditching the SLR for. Anything approaching the prosumer, or better, level will resemble or require an “L” lens in terms of size.

        I’m happy to have both systems (Canon SLR and m4/3), and both have their places in what I need, but I’m not anywhere ready to ditch m4/3 for EF-M.

    • Optomist

      im concerned about the slow focusing speeds. Big let down, as I would have bought this.

  • pepe

    Entry price for GX1 after announcing was as high as Canon’s. I don’t see here any point. The price will quickly fall down adjusting to the current market situation. Most important will be the overall image iq, especially of RAW as well as focus speed. The latter one seems still to be in a testing phase.

    • dralum

      The point here was that those cameras (like GX1) as ALREADY there for whatever price so Canon would have to compete with the price… Probably GX1 price was the same when announced but it’s a great camera, it’s cheaper at the moment, and most importantly: you don’t have to wait at leats 3 months to get one ;-)

  • Dolan Halbrook

    I’d say the on-chip PDAF is pretty much the only thing I see missing from the m43 offerings that I see here.

    • Anonymous

      From what I have seen of the 650D tests, that is probably a good thing. The PDAF implementation with legacy glass is sloooow. Makes the 85L mk1 look like a racehorse in comparison. Hardly a sports camera this makes.

  • david blanchard

    I thought from the leaks this would be one with another camera possibly but only this is a joke. I would rather buy the ep3 over this anyday of the week. If you want big sensor mirrorless go sony!!

  • John H

    It’s a bit early, but based on some scarce information about image quality of Canon EOS 650D, and that Canon claims image quality of EOS-M should be the same::

    – should take care to have competitive video image quality and capabilities, e.g. continuous autofocus during video capture

    – should take care to have competitive stills image quality

    – better video sound recording control

    • Daemonius

      Panasonic stills quality is pretty much where 600D is (GX1 vs 600D), but with better colors. Only thing it lacks is lower ISO (should have real ISO 100 perhaps even ISO 50 for cleaner photos). So IQ isnt issue..

      About video, well Olympus isnt exactly strong in this but OM-D EM-5 video seems pretty decent to me, especially that amazing stabilisation. :) Tho I guess there is room for improvement. Panasonic owes most of its video capability to hackers, maybe they should simply give ppl what they want instead need of hacking camera firmware.

  • Renato S.

    this Canon NEX camera is a bit expensive for what it offers – just like Nikon1, but hell, they are Canikon, they sell using marketing and theirs brand names). The lens seems to be as Sony EOS-M lenses, in size, but hopefully with better quality. The interface seems very nice and practical but the AF seems to be slow. I think that IQ and ISO performance should be very good, I mean, this is a 650D mirrorless basically.

    Canon is clearly aiming at pocketability, but hiding the big lens and that’s why they are selling cheaper for the pancake 33mm (equiv) f/2 and also using that lens for the ad, to sell the idea of a small body that can go anywhere. But if you look at the kit lens, you know that the lenses can be quite large for such a small body. Hopefully Canon will make a better job with the lenses than Sony is doing – can be any worse?

    I don’t know, this was one big opportunity to Canon enter PRO mirrorless market, since Nikon went for 1-inch sensor, but this stupid ultraconservadorism from Canon in all areas (DSLR, mirrorless and Cinema cameras) will make them pay somewhere in the future.

  • Boooo!

    How does the AF compare to this?

  • st3v4nt

    The way I see it, the EOS-M build specifically for EOS- EF and EOS-EF-S lenses, those who believe in Canon DSLR but looking for 2nd body for back-up or travel…and canon making sure their loyal customer doesn’t move to other brand when need mirrorless. Thus they treated it like low-end APS-C, very low end. No EVF, Mostly Full touch screen, can accomadate EF and EF-S lens, same sensor type and size, of course being Canon it will sold in quite great number.

    EOS-M wouldn’t be threat for Olympus, panasonic or even Sony yet since the NEX and m4/3 already have based user quite enough. But it will hold more Canon user to jump the ship. So in the future it can’t good for Sony, Panasonic and Olympus business. How m4/3 should react. First they can cut the price more lower, Second give what user need. If they want PDAF to go with their 4/3 please create it, They want full touch screen give it to them, what else focus peeking, video bit rate, etc. It is one thing to fight the enemy but m4/3 need to update the feature in camera ASAP.

    • +1
      Dear st3v4nt, thanks for the sophisticated market analyses!

    • avds

      Interesting insight indeed. One fact that could support it is that, as Rinaldo notices below here, this camera doesn’t have any model name or number – it’s just “eos m” :) Might be a one-off model for a long time to come, until Canon decides that they are over with entry level dslrs…

      PS I do wish it offered a measurable competition to m43 so that prices go down and r&d is stimulated.

      • Frederic Hew

        I doubt Canon would have gone through all this trouble to develop a single “one of” camera. Development costs would be too high and then they would have angry customers to deal with – no one invests in an interchangeable lens system for one body and two lenses.

        Canon obviously intends to develop this further – how far will depend on market response and technologicl advancements.

        As for integrating PDAF in the sensor – Canon is in the ideal position to do so as it makes its own sensors.

        I think this has the potential to become one of the better systems, time will tell how it will evolve. The fact that Canon has chosen to use an APS-C sensor (as opposed to Nikon 1) shows some ambition or at least leaves room for some ambitious moves in the future.

        Personally I see nothing in *this* camera that would make me consider to switch, I will definitely be following Canon’s moves closely.

  • John H

    As regards AF…


    “The 650D focuses quite fast during video capture and constantly finetunes focus automatically.”

    Will be interesting to see what others find out, e.g. dpreview ;)

    • Steve

      Sound quite slow.

      “I’ll gladly retract all these words, returning to this preview to make all the necessary changes if Canon makes speed improvements over the T4i’s Hybrid AF, but I’d be remiss not to report that if the AF system is “just like the T4i” a lot of buyers are going to be frustrated with the EOS M. I only saw a prototype EOS M, but it seemed to perform just as the T4i did with the same lenses. I used the EF-EOS M adapter trying the 40mm STM lens, and it focused about as fast as the 22mm STM kit lens. I’m hoping both cameras’ Hybrid AF can be tuned before the EOS M ships in October 2012, because right now only an unaware consumer would put up with the EOS M’s slow autofocus, and street shooters would find the EOS M an exercise in frustration.”

    • Steve

      more comments.

      “In terms of autofocus performance, the EOS M was noticeably laggier than the NEX–5N, but offered results comparable to a good point-and-shoot.”

  • Beefcake

    Olympus – 24P video recording. That’s it.

    Panasonic – fast prime kit.

    That’s all I can see that m43 has to learn from this offering. I really think Canon has some learning to do…

  • Canon should learn from Olympus and Panasonic, not the other way around, would an adult need to go to a teen to learn about what works in life? The Teen will go to the adult for advice.
    Canon is a Teen or younger in the Mirror-less interchangeable camera area. They need to look at the last 4 years of Sony, Panasonic, Olympus models, and see which ones where a winner in sales! (I am sure they did) The EOS-M is a plain striped model that is too expensive for what it does not offer, compared to Pany, Sony, Oly offer for the same price as a seasoned maker in this type camera. Egos and Geeks aside. Canon does have a good start with this camera, but $599 with the 22mm f/2 is more inline with a very basic camera feature set. I understand it is a fast lens for “TODAY”, but f/2 is not that uncommon for a 35m, FOV. The lens is probably 60% of the kit cost.

  • Rinaldo

    One strange point is that the camera doesn’t have a name, or model number. It’s Canon EOS-M only?!? Like saying Panasonic Lumix m4/3, or Sony NEX. If there will be another model, will it be called EOS-N?!? Or maybe this is a single model line… lol..

    • :-D Right.

    • Gabriel

      Other model name is EOS-M X for pro model, and just add MkII, MkIII and so on for new model :)

  • deniz

    that section up there is the only thing that caught my interest about this camera so far.

  • I hate the look of it I wish they would have kept the ae-1 style from the spoiler pics disappointed s90 looking thing

  • After I have read that the 2.0/22mm has AF performance problems, it got much less interesting to me.

    I hoped it would better the venerable 20mm.

    Reviews are still out on it, but it looks much less promising than few hours ago.

  • Food Man

    Automatic FAIL. Hahahaha.

    $200 less and you can get a better 5N, with 60p 1080, flip screen, more controls, smaller, etc. Or spend $200 more and get a much better OMD. Nex is so much a better. You’re basically paying a few hundred more for the Canon logo and ending up with less features than a Nex system.

    Glad I have an OMD now and that I never waited for Canon’s release. I already expected trash from them, so I didn’t wait.

    The votes says it all. Up yours Canon. You deserve to fail soon.

    If anything, it “might” be better than the Nex system in time..and that’s only IF they release more lenses than the Nex system- which is really the ONLY con/drawback for the Nex. Other than that, the Nex is a great and awesome body.

    EOS-M is FAIL!

    OMD is KING!

    • peter

      you are the typical moron who can´t look further then his own horizon.
      your talk is useless. this is a consumer camera.

      this will be a huge success for canon. there is NO DOUBT!!
      unlike olympus who could not make money selling kokain….

      they are in the mirrorless biz for how long? and what .. they are nearly broke….

  • Al

    I don’t like the use of pegs instead of loops or eyelets for a strap. I am a wrist strap user, so I am wondering if there would be anything compatible.

  • Irresistable user

    This one is really hot and will be hot continuously. It’s now ranked 3rd at Amazon US “Best Seller” in Camera and Photo.

  • Raist3d

    Canon got that pancake lens (assuming it performs well) nice. But quite frankly price and camera performance… meh. Amazing they join the party so late with that. I lost all interest.

    I still think their system has potential but they better iterate fast with real improvements.

  • Real question. With video file spanning and reported 44mins on a16gb card, ( i would guess longer on 32/64gb cards?) just how long can the battery last shooting video and is there any footage lost between spans? And does it accept dc power input – so i can use a sony l-series battery for longer video recording?
    I shoot long interviews on the 550d ML and loose 3 seconds of footage every 12mins which grr’s me – only got one canon glass cheap 50 1.8 so i can change systems without any stress. Moire on shirts is another big grr – but my story rocks so anything like this doesnt really matter much.

    Otherwise the sony rx100 is said to have better video quality then the rebels so that might be the go for me also… Choices choices.. Wonder what the gh3 brings to the table in a month or so…

  • James

    This is a perfect camera for Canon DSLR owners. Good on its own, but a great bridge/second/family option. This being a 4/3’rd site I think many people are looking for reasons the 4/3 camera is better, but the truth is they all are great cameras (pending confirmation that the Canon performance matches the promise).

  • iGonzoid

    Worst aspect of the new Canon is [like the Olympus EP-2] no built-in flash or EVF. My EP-2 is a delight with the EVF-2 and Canon will sorely regret making no provision for such. Some of us simply hate LCD rear screen [especially non-articulated] for focusing. Therefore, not a serious camera upgrade from point and shoot.

  • Henrik

    I’d been hoping to quit M43 and change ship. But seeing this one, M43 is even better.

  • rrr_hhh

    I chose that the camera was nothing special, since it doesn’t have any optional VF, nor an articulated / flip up LCD.

    The hybrid AF is a nice beginning, but still it doesn’t seem to allow faster focusing than to-days mft better cameras; may be a nice feature in the future, but not yet there, way inferior to Nikon’s implementation.

    So as desirable feature, that leaves us only with the full touch screen display, the possibility to geotag photos with an accessory and the lugs (under the condition that it is really able to secure the camera with big lenses).

  • Jojo

    It’s true that this is no threat to the m43 system. But once Canon bring out the higher version with EVF and add a few more lenses, and the shop price becomes competitive, this will become a big seller in the mirrorless sector.

    As a FF Nikon and m43 user, this has no appeal, certainly not before it can challenge m43 as a SYSTEM. But were I a Canon user, I would be looking carefully even now. Don’t write off this system because the opening shot is quite ordinary.

  • Dobbler

    M4/3 is all about size and weight for me. I find it hard to imagine Canon producing a third complete EF-M lens lineup that is as small and light as M4/3. I find it impossible to imagine that lineup would would consist of optically better glass than the EF-S lenses, nearly all of which need to be stopped down for decent IQ.

  • st3v4nt

    If there’s a producer of camera that can afford to make a system that bound to fail without damaging their income nor the image is Canon. There are way too much loyalist of Canon out there that forgiving their DSLR flagship leaking light will be fixed by duct tape, as long as it give them FF sensor, much less the AF speed of this insignificant first try out called EOS-M. Judging by the pre order number on Amazon the loyalist is quite big. So we 4/3 and m4/3 can mock the AF speed or lack of external control for as long as we like they just don’t want to hear it.

  • bee

    Hey Canon…disappointing camera! What a pity. I own the excellent E-P1 and wanted to upgrade to the E-P3 or OM-D (just the price is still too high ;) but was waiting for Nikon and Canon and their mirrorless cameras all the time…because of the quality of DSLRs. But now I am really disappointed. If the image quality is not much better than MFT, I don’t know what these cams are made for…just to make money?! The Canon-design is ugly and Nikon stole their design from Leica. No innovations and nothing new compared to Sony, Oly, Pana. Fanboys will buy for sure, but real photographers will still be buying the best package, and thats not Nikon or Canon now (or not yet?!?!) :/

    • hhhshhshs

      kid there is a PRO model in the pipeline… when will you jerks get that?

      • conny

        LOL…when will you studid jerk check that you are only insulting and not realizing that these comments are not about a PRO-Model but about the EOS-M?! bee is right when he is critizing the (disappointing) entrance of Canon in the mirrorless market after telling us all the time its bullshit and not worth it. When you are looking at the innovative products of Sony, Pana and Oly they definitely could have done a better job…nevertheless the cam will produce good imgages, but its nothing special compared to the rest. Again: This is about THIS camera and not about a PRO Model. Otherwise you could compare entrance model Oly E-PM1 with a pro model 5D Mark III and say the Oly is crap. Wrong direction…

  • As one with many pro Canon lenses and the E-M5 and their lenses, here are my thoughts on the EOS-M for what they are worth:

    • peter

      you are one more of the brainless people who don´t get at which people this camera is aimed. it´s really sad.

      a studio photographer would not buy a NEX 3.. so why arguing from a enthusiast viewpoint when looking at a consumer camera that´s not aimed at you?

      • Peter it is obvious this particular camera model is aimed at consumers, but Canon by marketing an EF adapter is hoping to lure in enthusiasts who use Canon dSLRs.
        At the price they are asking for it, even consumers will think twice when they can get similar but better cameras at much cheaper price points.
        My comments are not aimed at this camera in particular but how I feel their system will pan out.
        I am sure they will sell many just because it has the Canon branding, and of course image quality will be great and it will suit many people.

        I just think after all this time Canon could have got their act in gear in terms of AF speed, when those same consumers actually see how fast touching the screen on the E-M5 or even a G3 will AF and take the shot, and compare it with this EOS-M they will have to have a special reason to go with the EOS-M.

        Thanks anyway for your pleasantries :)

  • peter

    the customer this camera is aimed at care a shit about a viewfinder.
    they use the LCD anyway.. i know enough of them.

    they want to use a camera like their mobile phone.

  • Charles

    I’ve been a Canon shooter for over 40 years now and own a sizable collection of FT and EOS glass plus several film/digital bodies. My craft is mostly product/still life photography and in that role my dSLR is well suited and my studio very well stocked with additional Canon compatible equipment. Until I discovered m43, it was a real pain to carry any of my equipment for travel photography, and ‘portable’ systems offered limited IQ for my taste.

    My first ‘portable’ system with good IQ was the EPL2/Lumix 20/1.7. Since then has become my preferred travel camera offering excellent IQ for the size. Tried the GX1 and then EM5 which I currently own along with with the excellent Oly 12/2 and 45/1.8. The way I see it, the Canon offering is not geared to photogs such as myself – and most of you I suppose – that demand more control. The option this system offers of using my Canon lenses on a portable body, decrease portability if high quality lenses are to be used. The way I see it, this system offers very little little in terms of IQ and not much in terms of portability over my existing EM5. I have used the EM5 on the studio for some personal projects and the IQ is nothing short of amazing from such a small system.

    For me, the EM5 is quickly becoming one of the most versatile digital imaging systems I’ve come across.

  • Roland

    thank god im a leica user.
    i don´t have to use a small M43 sensor or a canon without a viewfinder.

    i have a perfect FF camera and small lenses.

    my M9 is better then all this cheap M43 crap or this consumer entry level canon mirrorless.


    • mooboy

      I think you’re in the wrong forum dude.

      Or just trying to justify why you spent so much money on a system but your photos still look like crap?

  • It’s nothing special, which was what I expected from Canon, everything they make is quite boring. Reliable (generally), and performs consistently, but boring.

    If I was looking for a few mirror less system from scratch, and it was the EOS M with 22mm or the GX1 with 20mm, as a uninformed consumer in a shop, I’d probably go for the EOS M because of the Canon name. That’s exactly why this will sell bucket loads. I suspect (like they clearly do with their dSLRs) Canon are holding plenty of things back for later versions anyway.

    The only thing I’m disappointed over is their choice of sensor. I was hoping they’d go for the G1X sensor so we could adapt some nice Canon lenses on m4/3 easily and it would be a very similar system. But it seems they feared Sony (and rightly so, NEX camera’s are lovely, just a shame about the lenses), and went with the same dSLR sensor. I am keen to see a side by side with the NEX-5n and the Samsung thing to see how big that 18-55mm lens is. I reckon it’s going to be similar to Sony’s offerings and they are going to have the large lens problem (with the old fashioned thought of moving consumers over to dSLRs).

  • Thurin

    Has anybody noticed that the zoom is smaller and much lighter then panasonic’s 14-42 & 14-45?
    There was some talk about a pro model coming – really? Is there any truth in that? I would assume they wouldn’t do it in order not to hurt their dslr sales.

  • Thurin

    Ah, and there’s another thing olysonic could copy: pay some attention to how the lenses look. Theirs are so ’90 comparing to canon’s ad nex, and even samsung. I still prefer to actually have a larger then a two-lens system, though :)

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