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It’s total BS that Olympus wants to quit the Imaging Business as it “remain crucial component to the overall Olympus business”


I got multiple feedback the past  hours from high level Olympus managers. Such rumors about Olympus closing their MFT adventure are 100% totally BS.

They also reminded me that in their latest press release they stated this clearly:

The Imaging and Scientific Solutions divisions remain crucial components to the overall Olympus business, and will strive to improve profitability and operational efficiency.

The Imaging Business is a driver for all other successful divisions too (particularly for the medical business). They also reminded me that they invested a lot of resources to move the factory and make it more future proof (as it will reduce the production costs). Expect 2020 to see again some major innovation from Olympus to silence once more these “closure rumors”.

Note: Gordon Laing (watch from minute 16:30) also called “clickbait” on this news and perfectly explains why he sees future in the MFT system:

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