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Impressive: This is how you see the 67km distant Mount Fuji when using the 2x converter on the new Olympus 150-400/f4.5 lens!


Screengrab from the Olympus video (Click to enlarge).

Olympus just shared a youtube video of what would have been their CP+ presentation (you can see the full video at the end of this article).

On top of this post you see the image of the sunset over the Mount Fuji. It has been taken with the new Olympus 150-400/f4.5 lens, built-in 1,25 converter and additional 2x converter to reach a focal length of 2000mm.  It’s an impressive shot if you consider the image was taken from the rooftop of the Olympus  Ishikawa Facility at 67 Kilometers distance!

Please note this image is a screenshot from the HD resolution video…obviously expect much greater sharpness on original sized files!

And now things become even more impressive. From the same facility Olympus took a handheld (!!!) shot of the moon:

And these are the results (Screengrab form their youtube video – Click on image to enlarge).

At the end of their video Olympus clearly said that further “various” lenses are in development:

This is an IMPRESSIVE performance!

I have no idea of the price of the lens yet but I have been told it will be on market by Summer. I guess pricing will be announced at Photokina…if Photokina will happen (fingers crossed).

Here is the official video (150-400mm lens info from minute 36)

Thanks BLI for sharing this video!

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