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how do we get our rumors?



A lot of people asked us how we get our rumors, and how realistic they are. So we are ready to explain you our daily work.

1) What we do first is to check our email. We don’t get a lot of rumors, just few mails per week. Most of them are send by anonymous people. Our BIG sources write us 1-2 times per month. They gave us information about the Olympus E-450 and the micro four thirds camera. Where we lack in comparison with nikonrumors and canonrumors is in image leaks. Only one anonymous sources send us an image one time, it is a E-5 image. I hope the guy who send us the image can give us more information soon :)

We want to encourage people to send us every information! It helps us to get forward! And of course we can keep you anonymous.

2) A hard part of the job is to check the 20-25 website where we can catch important information. The list includes japanese, chinese, korean, german, english forums and more… That takes more or less 45 minutes reading work per day. You want to know some of this webites?

here a short list:

russian website with interesting forum

chinese forum

a good japanese website

a german forum with super friendly administrators

another japanese website

If you know good websites please share the links with us!

3) Writing the post. This is the hardest part for us because of the language. But a friendly guy recently joined the 43team and he will rewrite our text in a very fine and correct english. He will start his job in 10 days. So please be patient ;)

If you like our job may you contribute with a little donation ;) You can take a look at the right sidebar, there is donation form where and the possibility to put your name on the donator wall :-)

Why should I donate?

– because we make daily worldwide check for rumors

– because we were the first in the world to announce the Olympus E-450

– because we are again the first in the world to say you two Olympus micro four thirds cameras are coming for 2009. And again we are the first to tell you that they will have video capabilities

– because we post DAILY!!!

– because we listen to you and are going to make this website better and better. Redesign, better post quality language are planned.

have a nice day guys!



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