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Hot!!! Olympus new strategy: New m43 concept, E-5 successor and new viewfinder technology.


Olympus Manager Mr. Ogawa. has been reviewed by Impressjapan (Click here to download the pdf of the magazine). Unlike many other reviews that time Olympus revealed a lot of details about the future camera strategy!
1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras.
2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras
3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology
4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.

Uh! That’s quite an intriguing roadmap! I really hope Olympus will bring us some really new surprise. About time!


Something else: Looks like the GX1 body is in Stock at Adorama (Click here).

  • Nick

    ok, i was looking forward to a pen with new sensor, with evf…

    • translated here as a PDF will leave up for a couple weeks as long as my server doesn’t get hammered

      • Boooo!

        Is he trying to say that PEN cameras are cameras for women, and men don’t want them?

      • Jim

        nice one on the translation – its hard going tho!

        Go oly go – shake the camera world yet again! – Some speak of tip top easy MF thing going on…. intresting :)

      • my take is this:
        1. The Pen has achieved great penetration in it’s target market which has become largely saturated and price sensitive it is for this reason that the Nikon 1’s will largely fail on the world stage (too late to market), however Olympus will contain to develop Pen but with less resources.

        2. The ground breaking E7 (likely to be quad core with lots of on board process for various useful functions) with OLED screen and revolutionary viewfinder will be announced mid to late 2012 and will be available soon after but it may have a micro four thirds mount but be supplied with an adaptor, sales far will exceed the E3 and E5

        3. The new line of Mirrorless will be aimed more at the enthusiast owner but will feel less feminine with more exterior controls as enlightened photographers want to get the shot right in camera (white balance,aspect ratio, film modes etc) and will have far far more creative features (gradient maps, grunge textures,triptychs etc, a feature like Pixel Blend HD by Michael Valdez), it will also have built in wireless,gps, timelapse, panoramic modes,polar feature for little planets, remote control and many accessories…

        • Narretz

          I don’t know why u think the E-7 will be groundbreaking. In the interview, they make no direct mention of producing a successor. And if it has a m43 mount, they won’t call it E-7. But one can hope for such a camera, yes.

        • Martin

          “ground breaking E7″… keep dreaming 8-) The DSLR line is in maintenance mode. IMO, E7 will be a sealed E-P5 with a mirror and OVF, nothing less, nothing much more. And a standard DSLR, no “modular hybrid” as some seem to rave..
          Regarding the “revolutionary viewfinder”, my suspicion is that it will be an alternative to the NEX-7 OLED EVF. Certainly not a feature of the DSLR line.

          • @Narretz @martin
            I think Olympus will take this opportunity to launch a ground breaking E-7 because the new Canon and Nikon DSLRs won’t be and Olympus has proved innovative and brave in the past.
            Hopefully it will be in a similar form as the E-5 but with a mirrorless mount but come with a weatherproof adapter for for third lenses.
            I’m pretty sure the DSLR line is in active development mode with 1-2 launches in late 2012.

        • l.coen

          The pen achieved great penetration in what market? in Japan? That’s not enough to make loads of money. i hardly see many ppl with an olympus, mostly nikons or canons in n. america.

          The e7 or 43 dslrs they have have no advantage what so ever against other apcs dslrs cause of its large size,large lenses and smaller sensor.

          Adapters are a way companies use to cover their asses for abandoning systems they shouldn’t have made in the first place. It is a poor substitute for forward thinking..something olympus has a hard time doing these days.

          the new om-d is 1400, and it’s no wonder olympus camera division is ailing amongst their money groping scandal,.when you are the big 2, then you can charge the big 2 prices..when you are not and you charge those prices, users will let you know that money doesn’t grow on trees by simply not buying it.The CSC makers seem to be taking a spray and pray approach. they have no direction, no consistency, no idea what makes a good CSC.It’s really silly to make someone pay 700 before tax for a top m43 model and then ask them to also pay another 300 for a viewfinder when even the cheapest dslr has an OVF. No forward thinking whatsoever by these companies..just keep launching camera after camera but never wanting to understandhy not many ppl buy their cameras.

    • l.coen

      That won’t happen cause one thing about Olympus is that they don’t like to make their users happy.look at their history and you will see that it’s filled with abandoned systems.

  • Whoa!!

  • Narretz

    A new series of m43 cameras does not mean no PENs.
    Or is that what the translation suggests? Where is the translation btw?
    Apart from that, this could be very interesting!

    • debutodo

      Accordingly to the article, it does NOT say anything about discontinuing the PEN Line. PEN will stay. The camera currently under developed will be a part of new series.

      PEN is a identity of Olympus. I do not think they will easily discontinue the brand. We will see.

  • Henrik

    I wonder what they mean by number 2?

    • As I recall, Olympus has been talking about a truly modular camera for some time, where you select what you want, optical or evf, lenses, body style, etc. I’ll have to look around through my old saved files and links to see if I can find the previous articles.

  • Sergey

    We have to wait two more years before we can buy it. :(

  • Merry Christmas…

    • lnqe-M

      :-D and happy new year Olympus ;-)

  • HB

    Maybe a NEX7 like Oly would be too big to be called a “PEN”.

  • Vivek

    It (pdf) is in Japanese. Was this interview done before or after they teased us with the curtain or dazzled us with the blendtech advertisement? LOL!

    I have to see it in person to believe anything that Olympus say.

  • Ton

    Wow! Maybe they will drop the pen concept & will be replaced by the digital OM. Of course they will use the same m43 mount. Maybe the next oly pro m43 will be OM-1x

    • Rich

      +1 for an Olympus OM1X!

      • Richard

        I would have voted for an OM – 4D, but I think the time for that has passed. So too has the time for Olympus, I fear. These lofty development plans seem unlikely in view of the company’s financial state and a widespread belief that we have not seen all of the news as yet.

        The most telling part is that there was no mention of sensors. Olympus desperately needs better sensors to avoid being left behind. I enjoy my Pen E-PL2, but it appears to be in a situation where it is a format not small enough for many and not large enough for a smaller group.

        How many people who are aware of Olympus’ financial affairs are willing buy equipment which might well become orphaned?

    • CML


      • jgw

        An Om4D or OM5 should have come out 5 years ago. Full frame sensor that would use classic OM lenses, manual focus. This camera would have been a unique digital SLR in the market, and a certain classic, and immediately considered by documentary photographers who don’t want the camera to get in the way of what they’re doing. Also it would have complemented the Olympus’ 4/3 rut that they were in, and given them a proper professional camera. Pity it didn’t happen! Too late?…

  • Brod1er

    If true, all good!! Big contrast with the conservative iterative strategy so far though. Can we believe this?

  • Jorge

    Well, many people think that the new weather sealed lenses, even if they can still make sense with non-sealed cameras, would make a better team with a sealed camera. I think we will not wait so long to see it, but who knows, Olympus desperately needs to create big expectations. And another competitor to the NEX-7 (apart from the GH2) would be good for the m4/3 system, because Sony is now getting a lot of attention, despite the difference of price and lens offer

    • Frederic Hew

      Having announced a weather sealed lens (designated to be sold as kit), and a new camera concept… most chances a weather sealed body is coming as well.

      • Jim

        yes but will it be the old 12Mpix sensor – I think that could make or brake them – no matter how good all else is (and the else is very good)!

        • Miroslav

          It’s the features PENs are lacking. If they made a camera with NEX-7 / G3 shape and features, I’d be perfectly satisfied with E-P3 sensor. You can get around sensor shortcomings by using fast lenses, stacking modes etc., but you can’t get around lack of features that make you miss photo opportunities or spend half an hour in front of the PC to get what you want. If you can’t hold your camera or have to use addon VF that negates its portability, you might as well buy a small DSLR.

          • Frederic Hew

            Personally I wouldn’t consider a camera having the same 12MP sensor, regardless of design or feature set.

            • lorenzino

              Me neither, sorry

    • People aren’t reading between the lines. The E-5 followup has long been rumored to be both m4/3 and 4/3. It will need weather-sealed lenses of both types, I think.

      The question is this: if the E-5 followup can really use both format lenses, then what would the m4/3 camera BELOW that give up?

  • A new series does not necessarily mean an end to the Pen.

  • Fedeskier

    Yeeeeesssss god save the E-system!!

    • Jim

      quick buy back all those lenses :)

  • Boooo!

    I want that E-7!!! I swear, if it comes out and if it finally has a decent sensor instead of that 2008 crap, I’m taking a bank and buying the E-7, the 7-14, and the Little Tuna with an EC-20.

    • Frederic Hew

      The 150/2 is an incredible lens. As for the 7-14, I’ve seen an comparison between the Olympus and Panasonic versions, and the Panasonic m43 version won.

      You can find it here:

      Another comparison can be found here:

      • Boooo!

        Well, the 4/3 version is f/2.8-4.0 (with the help of the lens release button), whereas the m4/3 is a constant f/4. I know the m4/3 version is slightly better (especially at attracting dust and dirt ;) ), but I have absolutely no interest in m4/3 as such. Therefore, I want and need the 4/3 version.

        • Jim

          2.8? i thought it was F4 all the way? – what is the lens release button? Is it unique to this lens?

          • Boooo!

            No, several lenses are faster than advertised. If you press the lens release button on the camera with the 7-14 when it’s at 7mm, you get an f/2.8 exposure. The 14-54 is f/2.5, the 14-35 and the 35-100 seem to be f/1.7-1.8.

            • Miroslav

              “14-35 and the 35-100 seem to be f/1.7-1.8”

              Didn’t know that. Can you actually use lenses at those apertures?

              • Boooo!

                Yes, if you press the lens release button :D However, your photos will be a third of a stop overexposed (or a stop, with the 7-14).

                It’s easy to test if a lens is faster than advertised – if the viewfinder darkens and you hear a click when pressing the DOF preview button and the lens is wide open and zoomed out, then it’s being stopped down slightly.

                I guess some lenses are slower in software because of marketing. For SHG glass, constant aperture is the key, and it would be weird to advertise a lens as f/1.8-2.0, or the 14-54 as f/2.5-3.5. The 7-14 is puzzling, though, as a full stop is quite a lot.

                Or it could have something to do with T-stops…

                • Michael Devitt

                  Even well known DP, Philip Bloom has noticed the ZD 14-35mm f2 doesn’t have entirely constant aperture while zooming.

        • john

          He is buying what will be the E-5 upgrade the micro 4/3rds will be of no value , he is talking about 4/3 7-14mm

  • Z

    Now THIS is a rumor!

    1) Olympus is currently developing a new series m4/3 cameras. [cool]
    2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras [oooh!]
    3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology [yaaay!]
    4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor. [possibly mirrorless?]

  • great news !!

  • Scarka

    I want penpro (or GH like oly mft camera) with EVF, new sensor and in body is

  • Frederic Hew

    Now that (as it seems) Olympus does not intend to kill 4:3, I’d think the new camera concept would allow better integration with current available lenses, and serve as an E-XXX and/or E-XX substitute (for use with both 4:3 and m4:3 lenses).

    I doubt, as many here, that this would mean the end of the Pen line.

  • Bob B.

    We do not need new viewfinder tech..we need new sensor tech…we will not see that from Olympus.

    • Oh I disagree with that. Classic 4/3’s view finders were always horrible. The only decent one was the E-3/5, but even it was nothing to write home about. Also, m4/3’s has fallen far behind Sony thanks to their new LED EVF. So I’d say new view finder tech is most definitely required.

      • twoomy

        Yes, but if I had to choose between viewfinder and sensor improvement, I would choose sensor first.

        • Bob B.

          yeh..yeh…that’s what I meant! :-)

      • Mar

        Viewfinder in E3/5 is actually better than the one in 5D or D700. It’s almost as big, but sharper, brighter and covers 100%.

        Compared to D300 or 60D, it’s much nicer.

        • Better than 35mm VF’s? Whoa, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that. I once compared the E-3 back to back with a D700 at B&H and there was absolutely no comparison (let alone the Sony A900, which might be the best OVF I’ve seen). While the E-3/5 is by far the best 4/3’s VF, it is still just a small sensor VF….meaning, much smaller than 35mm VF’s. I personally thought the VF in the Canon 7D was a bit better also. DP Review has a nice diagram showing the size differences:

          • Disraeli

            it is definitely clearer and sharper than 5D and 5D2, the others I just do not know but I would say that size is not everything especially if you are conducting manual focus.

        • Please be serious . the E3/e5 finder is good but it is NOWHERE close to the one of the cameras you mentioned.

          it cannot be because of the size difference

        • Raist

          I don’t think so.

    • Bob B.

      Oh my…..I think we need a referee. …now what about the sensor in the Olympus cameras..the thing that really matters.

  • Leiya

    In my opinion, this can be great news, or bad news. If the “new series of M43”, or the new PENs, that Olympus were referring to is gonna be more Panasonic GH-like or even Olympus E-series-like, i.e. losing that size advantage/rangefinder-esque ergonomics and looks, I believe this is the end of the world. But Olympus aren’t blind, they can see the reactions got from Sony’s NEX-7. They’ve already done some copying before (E-PL3 kind of copying NEX’s in terms of design and button layouts, etc), if Sony can make the NEX-7, Olympus should also be able to make the “E-P7”.

    For instance, if Olympus take the E-P3, make the casing a bit larger to mould the current VF-2 into either the top centre or top corner (like the NEX-7), add a flip screen like the E-PL3/NEX’s, with E-P3’s touchscreen capabilities, and to finish off, use a similar/same sensor as the Panasonic’s 16MP on the G3/GX1, keeping the IBIS; maybe throw in a focus peaking mode… I believe it’s easily doable under today’s (even yesterday’s) technology (as well as legal considerations), but I think I’ve just described a platinum seller. :P

    • Robbie

      Why? The E-series (400 and 600) aren’t big actually.
      I will be most glad if they do develop a line of DSLR like mirrroeless.
      I don’t mind the overlap with Panasonic at all.
      I’m just so sick of this rangefinder concept (not that I don’t like it but maybe some DSLR form from Olympus will be most welcomed)

    • digifan

      So you are not familiar with the E-330. Olympus didn’t copy from Sony but it’s the other way around.

    • Rich

      What you describe sounds very much like the G3 (EVF, tilt screen, 16mp sensor, apart from faux-retro styling and I guess IBIS). I realised this was what I wanted a couple of months ago so decided to go for it. Very happy indeed (especially for the price)!

    • Never mind the so called size advantage. this is purely academic. The only possible bad news would be a commercial blunder translating in a waste of time and financial resources.

      Arguably, there is a market for faux-slr. Why? G3 and GH2 sells. Thats why. Regardless of size advantage. No bad news there, except maybe the fact that Olympus has let Panasonic the whole dance floor thus far. I don’t see any wrong in a little competition ;)

      Lets go a but further. If Olympus has figured some sort of phase detect hybrid technology, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out the instant market for a m43 body with a beefier grip and weatherseal to match the existing 43 lenses out there in the wild …let alone new customers for said 43 lenses.

  • Mark

    A new m4/3 concept means there will be a second type of body. The E-PM1, E-PL3 and E-P3 are all the same form-factor (rangefinder). I guess the will also make a GH2 type m4/3 camera. This can fill the gap between the new E-5 successor and the PEN’s. A m4/3 successor of the E-30 perhaps.

  • Jason

    15% increase in camera sales and they will not be making the PEN – sorry but that is translated wrong. They may be making a new concept camera with viewfinder incorporated, but this is pretty much what we already know…maybe they will also be making a bigger sensor camera…they will definitely not be scrapping the PENS though.

    • Jim

      yeh seems odd that the saving grace of there camera sales is a direction they are to turn their back on?????

    • Yes , this is probably what he means . Now in order to have a chance of significantly changing sales level for Olympus , it has to have a NON PANASONIC sensor

      Not sure what the odds for that are …


    • 15% increase in camera sales does not mean a 15% increase in profit. Just making more doesn’t necessarily make you more successful. All of the Pen models have fallen from the price points Olympus wanted to sell them at. Some considerably. Thus, the margins are low. How do you increase the margin? Make higher end stuff with more features.

      The thing that I’m struck by is that the camera makers have been playing this game over and over for decades. But the outcome keeps turning out the same as the two big boys (now maybe three again) get cranked up. The Nikon J1 and whatever Canon has planned are going to press the E-PM1/GF3 type camera down in price still further, I think. Which will make it tough for Oly/Panny to survive on that. Panny already has some of the higher ground well covered (GX1, G3, GH2), Olympus is late in getting there, with the E-P3 being once again a warmed over iteration of the same thing they had in the beginning (and guys, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it–but in three years, the E-P# line didn’t move far).

      • Mr. Reeee

        Also, the high-end works as a sales tool drawing people in at the low end, who are hoping to one day afford, or grow into, the high end.

      • @Thom Hogan
        Nikon J1 announced/launched Sept 2011 recommended retail £699 not can be found at £443 what gives? discounted 37% after only 3 months
        Nikon V1 announced/launched Sept 2011 recommended retail £879 not can be found at £579 what gives? discounted 34% after only 3 months

        So the Nikon 1 system is rapidly falling from the price point at which Nikon wanted to sell at.

        The E-PM1/GF3 type cameras are at the right price point for customers, so will continue to do well in the future.

        “E-P# hasn’t moved far” is that your honest subjective without bias opinion?

        • lorenzino

          Ep line has not moved far, nope. Now quicker, with more control dials (in Ep3 only, alas) the rest is almost the same, with different colors. We needed Sony to show around that a serious semipro mirrorless is possible. Oly will better thank God that the Sony system does not actually have lenses to take advantage of that camera… yet.
          About the Nikon system: the initial price was very high on purpose. Now it is being repositioned, but it did not drop as heavily as some past Olympus products. In fact, the only maker which experienced more consistent price drops for cameras is Sigma, which tells a lot. And, despite all anticipation, and the fact that nobody in these fora like them, the Nikon 1 cameras are selling very well. Here in Japan they are considered the no. 1 camera at the moment (no pun intended). Oly is not doing bad at all in Japan, but Nikon is doing better. And China and the rest of the growing markets are inheriting this trend from Japan. With the difference that in China Nikon marketing works much better than in Japan.

        • You seem to miss my point, which was about OLYMPUS. Of course Nikon was going to drive their pricing downwards. But what does that do to Olympus? Nikon has cost advantages that Olympus doesn’t and the J1 in several ways performs better than the E-PM1, so if Olympus has to keep their price lower than Nikon, we’re back to the same old scenario all over again.

          Personally, I was surprised that Nikon priced the way they did. But I suspect that not having DSLRs to sell had something to do with where they initially priced the Nikon 1.

          > E-P# hasn’t moved far

          I have an E-P1, an E-P2, and an E-P3. The only real performance difference between them is in initial autofocus acquisition (even then it is somewhat lens dependent). In terms of image quality, no tangible difference. In terms of user interaction, the touch screen is both good and bad, but the rest remains pretty much the same, only with prettier fonts. So, no, I don’t think they’ve moved far since June 2009. What I get out of shooting with my E-P3 is not different than what I got out of my E-P1.

          As for the rest of your question (“…honest subjective without bias opinion”) you seem to have lost your grasp of the English language. You can’t have a subjective opinion without bias. I suspect that you’re trying to say that I’m a Nikon fan boy and thus automatically discount Olympus (in other words have a bias not based upon use but upon brand faith). You could be no further from the truth if you think that than if you got on a rocket ship and flew to Pluto.

          I actually have used my Olympus cameras more than my Nikons in the last year and a half. I have no particular brand loyalty despite making money off of documenting products from a particular brand (note that it isn’t a given that I’ll only document Nikon products in the future). Had you read any of that documentation you’d know that I’m pretty harsh on Nikon when they get things wrong. And they get things wrong a lot.

          My bias is this: a tool should be as good as it possibly can be. When it isn’t, I’ll point it out. Or maybe you haven’t read my Nikon J1 review ;~).

          The Japanese companies–Nikon and Olympus included–are too busy trying to push schedules and get short-term results that they don’t ever seem to get into that Apple mode where a product is as good as it should be before it ships. I’m not talking about bugs–most products ship with bugs and the good companies fix the big bugs. I’m talking about getting the overall design right.

          • Voldenuit

            > they don’t ever seem to get into that Apple mode where a product is as good as it should be before it ships.

            Minor nitpick, Thom, Apple very much relies on iteration to improve its products. CF iPhone 1: no MMS, no 3G, no multitasking, no copy-and-paste, no app support. The original iPhone’s advantage in the smartphone landscape at the time was very much about its UI (and marketing) as opposed to its technical capabilities. If Apple had spent the time to improve the iPhone instead of releasing it as-was, they might have lagged behind Android and Symbian (and maybe RIM and Palm). Instead, they launched their (incomplete) product as early as they could and forced everyone else to play catch-up. This is very similar to the initial m43 launch – it wasn’t perfect, but they got in before the competition.

            The difference between Apple and Olympus is that Apple has been aggressively improving the iPhone with a rapid schedule, whereas Oly, as you said, has been at a standstill.

            In the consumer electronics space, you have to release what you’ve got instead of perfecting a product before release, or you will be leapfrogged by the competition. Mirrorless cameras are closer to consumer electronic devices than traditional DSLRs – they’re an evolving technology that is very reliant on electronics know-how. A 3-year detente is much more noticeable on m43 (eg PENS) than, say, a 5D or 5DMkII.

            It’s rare for me to defend Olympus, they haven’t done much to endear themselves to me over the past couple years (excepting the 45/1.8), but stagnating on the E-P and E-PL lines doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t developing something “new” or substantial. Whether it’s been held back by technical difficulties or management decisions (they’d be pretty dumb managerial moves, but definitely possible) is a good question.

          • @Thom Hogan
            you would have to know the cost price of the older Pens and the new Nikons.

            Also the likes of the Ep-3 have held their price reasonably well.

            Older Lumix and Nexs have dropped in price considerably too..

            how much has the the D3s and the Mark II improved in the last 3 years..oops they haven’t, how much did the D800 improve over the D700 not much and how about the G11 over the G10 again not much.

            My bias is this: a tool should be as good as it possibly can be FOR YOU. When it isn’t, I’ll point it out AS YOU HAVEN’t DONE ON NIKON RUMORS. Or maybe you haven’t read my Nikon J1 review ;~).tbh I struggled, would of worked better with some illustrations etc to get your points across.

            (“…honest subjective without bias opinion”) sarcastic word play.

            …and the J1 in several ways DOESN’T perform better than the E-PM1

            • MichaelKJ

              >Also the likes of the Ep-3 have held their price reasonably well.

              Perhaps, but:

              According to BCN Japanese sales data for the most recent week, the best selling EP-3 configuration ranked 87th, while the best selling J1 ranked 16th.

              Amazon currently has J1 as 17th (white), 28th (black), 35th (silver), 36th (red, two lens kit), 38th (white, two lens), 43rd (red), 53rd(silver, 2lens)in it list of best selling DSLRs, while the only E-P3 in the top 100 is 94th.

              • @MichealKJ
                …meanwhile in Europe the Nikon 1 system could only show 5 places out of a possible 270 places in Europe (27 countries x their top ten 10) estimated population 600+ million, Olympus Pens have well over 100 placements.

                Olympus Pen have had multiple placements inside the BCN Japanese Sales Top Ten something not achieved by Nikon 1.

                • MichaelKJ

                  Multiple PEN placements in the top 10 of outdated E-PL1s and E-PL2s selling at bargain basement prices. Something that is consistent with the fact that camera division is losing money.

                  Btw, new BCN ranking just released shows J1 in 10th place selling for 75,500 yen ($975) and the highest ranked Oly is an E-PL1 in 21st place selling for 25,100 yen ($323, only 33% as much as the J1).

                  • @MichaelKJ

                    50% of all mirrorless cameras as of May 2011 sold in Japan were Olympus Pen models

                    Olympus have had a 32% increase in volume sales of interchangeable lens cameras (E-system plus Pen-series) in the six months to 30 September 2011.

                    Olympus sold around 330,000 units during the half-year.

                    Total digital camera sales rose 15% year-on-year, to 4.2 million units.

  • B

    An empathic viewfinder! It _feels_ like new technology, even if it isn’t. (That’s the funniest typo I’ve seen in a long time.)

    • Frederic Hew

      I wonder, considering their rumored cooperation with Fuji on the X100, if that means hybrid (reflex + electronic). Hmmm interesting prospect for the E-7.

  • Jim

    Lets hope they make 1 last PEN m43 before changing everthing – a camera to go with the new sealed lens and with a GH2 sensor… that would be sweet!

  • ijack

    One of the articles on the PDF talks about Sigma’s M43 lens development

  • What if the E-5 successor is going to be a m4/3 camera with DSLR-like body design and weather sealing?

    • That’s my guess as well. Perhaps they’re planning on using a sensor with PDAF built onto the sensor like Nikon is doing with the 1 series, which should allow the old 4/3’s lenses to focus at normal speed. Then they could simply use a removable mount/adapter to swap between m4/3’s mount and classic 4/3’s mount. If I recall there were rumors last year of a modular camera. This could be it.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Removable mount modules would cause all kinds of problems from bigger body size (because of mount attachment) and weather sealing problem to taking more space in bag so the most simple and best working way is just fixed m4/3 mount in body and adapter for 4/3.
        Separate mount module would make sense only with 4/3 mount module using either old moving mirror (limiting frame rate) or semi transparent SLT-like mirror. (whose light loss is unaffordable)

        • Nathan

          You forgot one option- the movable pellicle. A transparent mirror which does not move during shooting, but which can be moved out of the light path with a lever.

          Lotsa light? Use the pellicle. Low light? Don’t. Same adapter. problem solved.

          • TheEye

            A fragile, impossible to clean, light-sapping pellicle mirror, which represents old, failed technology is the last thing I want. In fact, I wouldn’t buy a camera with a pellicle mirror.

    • Boooo!

      As long as it’s as big and as heavy as the E-5, it could be using magic instead of a sensor, I don’t care. The weight loss from the missing prism could be easily made up by having a second battery slot, or a built-in grip. Size and weight need to remain the same, or even slightly increase.

      However, knowing Olympus, they’ll probably downsize the body and screw everything up… *sigh*

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Integrated vertical grip models are big in size and small niche products. So that would only take away limited resources for very little selling product.

        And even lower than E-30’s weight would be good when ergonomy is correct for getting proper comfortable, natural and secure grip from camera and could be easily augmented by separate vertical grip.

        • Nathan

          I find the E-30 to be exactly the right size and weight for what it is. E-5 is a tiny bit on the heavy side. I like a vertical grip occasionally, but it really has to be removable.
          E-30 size with a few ounces shaved off would be fantastic.
          I just hope they don’t ditch the sync socket, it really is useful to be able to trigger dumb flashes and smart flashes simultaneously.

        • Boooo!

          I don’t know about you, but my E-3 only feels right with the 50-200 *and* the grip on it. Without the grip, the lens overpowers the body and I find it uncomfortable to use.

          The weight difference between an E-30 and an E-3/5 is less than 100 grams… The size is also basically equal.

      • Jim

        dude – just glue lead to the underside – lighter is a bonus… you cant lighten a heavy camera but you can easly weight a light one – hell get diving weights on there… nuff mass!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      E-5’s and E-30’s successor needs proper DSLR size grip for good ergonomy and for housing big battery (preferably existing model) and neither can LCD be any bigger in relation to body size or again ergonomy and controls suck. But for easier looking into EVF without nose always hitting to body/LCD left end of body should be like in E-1.
      Heck, because of square design with big LCD in relation to body size Pens can’t even challenge lowly E-400 serie in ergonomy.

    • Jim

      what if its a m4/3 with PDAF campatibility – does not PDAF allow them to consolidate on 1 system and keep all the lenses relevent? – just seems a no brainer for oly – they need to make 4/3 lenses work 100% on m4/3 cameras….

      • Narretz

        Some time ago, a representative said they we’re trying to do that, but also admitted they had failed up to that point. Maybe they should go shopping at Nikon. :D

  • Oh!! I’ve just bought the Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 1 hour ago without to know the new stuff comming from Olympus… So, I can’t buy anything else the next 6 month… :-( Anyway, this is a great new, for m4/3 and 4/3 users (I was one of them two years ago). I woul like to see one 85mm lens! Cheap and small please… like the new 45mm

    • Congratulations on that lens, Juansin, I wish I had one!

    • fred schumacher

      That’s right. When the viewfinder is in the middle, the nose ends up hitting the LCD, smearing nose oil all over it. But for a viewfinder to work on the upper left, leaving the nose clear, the body needs to be longer for better ergonomics.

      When I had my Leica M-3 with its 1:1 viewfinder, I could shoot with both eyes open, and the viewfinder frame would appear to float in space.

      With Olympus’ fast new autofocus methodology, the need of a mirror based viewfinder system is gone. The smaller sensor of fourthirds meant that the E series cameras could never compete for SLR visibility with larger sensor cameras. I think the new E camera will be M43 with no mirror but larger body with more battery capacity than the Pens and an EVF.

      From a professional photographer’s viewpoint, the benefit of mirrorless, small sensor M43 is the potential for faster, smaller lenses for no extra cost. Less bulk, less weight to carry around.

  • E-5 successor! Can’t wait to hear more :D

  • I want a full translation, pleeeease ;-)

  • Parci

    New viewfinder tech and “new” body is the “X100 direction”..? :) Sure hope there is a NEX-7 clone in those plans somewhere, along with a m4/3 “mini E-1” :)

  • George

    If history is any indication this will be two three years away using old tech. There’s no reason to think they’ll do any better. I think Oly fans are just getting their hopes up for nothing.

    • Ross

      Most fans on here tend to get their hopes up more than reality only to be disappointed later, but after the scandal some good news/rumours like this is welcome to give that glimmer of hope again.

      • GeorgeH

        Hope for what? To be disappointed? Oly doesn’t care about enthusiasts. They care about the low to mid-range. In two years when Oly releases this supposed E-7 it will still be nowhere as good as the NEX-7 is TODAY! Look at the E-5. On a good day, it’s what the E-3 should have been and even then it would have been just ok. If not for Panny lenses mFT would be a mediocre system at best.

  • “3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology”
    empathize or emphasize?
    Oh, I see now – that was discussed already.

  • Jeff

    I will be furiously fucking angry if they update the e5

    • Henrik

      I doubt the E-5 successor will be a downgrade from the current E-5. ;D Seems like no point in making a successor worse (i know it happens sometimes but not intentionally).

      • jeff

        um thats the point , i bought the e5 because i thought it would be the last 43 camera

        7 months later…. no

        • How does a new camera coming affect the performance of yours? You’re either happy with it or not. If you are, why do you care about the replacement?

        • Frederic Hew

          Well, the E-5 was announced on September 2010 (photokina?) and it’s replacement is just rumorware… If it does materialize then that would probably be 2 years after the E-5’s introduction.

          Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Robbie

        Not exactly
        E-30 spec wise wasn’t a downgrade from E-3

  • AndryGol

    May be E-5 successor will be mirrorless?

  • 434343423

    never lost so much value then with olympus gear in only 16 month.
    bought a e-pl1 for 499 euros.. now it´s worth 170-190 euros.

    i could sell my nikon gear for 80% of the new price on ebay.

    and now they creating a new line of cameras… with only minor enhancements of course, that will screw all e-p3 buyer…..

    • Narretz

      Cameras are not an ivestment, they are menat to be used, no?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > bought a e-pl1 for 499 euros.. now it´s worth 170-190 euros.
      Low end consumer products of every maker have short “shelf life”.
      Just look at the pace compacts or entry-level DSLRs get replaced by newer models and bumped down in value. (goes double for used)

      If you want something retaining value you should buy something solid like gold bars instead of camera bodies.

      • jeff

        pretty sure the nikon d90 still costs around 900 bucks

        • bilgy_no1

          No way, the D90 is down to around €600 NEW for the body only. What would that mean for the price of a second hand body? 300-400 Tops for a mint condition camera that cost €1000 new about 1.5 years ago? Seems like similar depreciation.

          And anyway, the lower end models do tend to have shorter cycles and faster loss of value. Canon 1100D goes for similar prices as the E-PL2 of the same age.

      • Nelson

        yeah lol, btw I earned money by selling M43 lens (sell more for what I paid), which just barely enough to cover my loss with camera body :D

    • Dumdum

      You should have bought a Leica or Voigtlander if you want the value to remain the same or higher.

  • mahler

    Hurray ! Finally an end to the stupid PEN only strategy.

    Looking forward to what Olympus will have. Hopefully some real cameras with good control layout (better than current PENs) and excellent ergonomics.

    • Jim

      yeh cameras need to be big heavy and have an optical system Galileo would be happy to repair….

      The PEN is fine – it just needs more tech/features… ok so it does not make you feel as pro as a big camera but hay E-5 makes you look less of a man that a Canikon!

  • I can certainly empathize… not with “new viewfinder technology,” but with Olympus Guy’s desire to talk about ANYTHING that doesn’t include the word “write-down.”

    Promise ’em new camera concepts. Promise ’em new (“empathetic”?) finder technology. Heck, promise ’em antigravity neck strap lugs, 10-1000mm f/1.4 zooms, and magical unicorns…

    • Ross

      Cynic! ;) :D

  • Rutrem

    Thats great news! Good luck Olympus!

  • Oitszek

    Olympus needs to revive the om with a digital fullframe sensor, half price of a leica, this camera would print money for olympus

    • Neonart

      YES! Put a FF sensor in my old OM2, manual everything. Sold.
      I’d be stocking up on OM glass.

  • Dana

    I want Oly to live just long enough… For me to be able to afford more 4/3 cameras and lenses. Come on Oly, don’t die on me now!

  • Dana

    “never lost so much value then with olympus gear in only 16 month.”

    For Pete’s sake… It’s not an INVESTMENT, it’s a tool for capturing photons. I have never, ever, bought a camera with the idea to resell it. Well, there were those Nikon film camera I bought to resell, but that’s different. I never actually used them.

    Ands the Contax Gs I bought sold for what I bought them for, but the Gs were special. Great glass.

  • Miroslav

    Rumor of the year!

    “1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras. So no more PEN cameras!”

    Finally. I hope there will be more PEN-shaped cameras, but some other shape is long overdue. Excellent news.

    “2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras”

    ??? I hope it’s not a m4/3 replacement. The m4/3 concept is good enough, it just needs some upgrades.

    “3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology”

    I think this is related to 2) – a Fuji X100 competitor – boring.

    “4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.”

    That was never under any doubt. What is important is that it should be able to focus quickly with both 4/3 and m4/3 lenses = not another DSLR.

    A good translation of the complete article, please.

    • I fully agree with Miroslav.

      Dear Admin, can you get these revolutionary Olympus rumors straight?
      “1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras. So no more PEN cameras!
      2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras
      3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology
      4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.”

      Seems that we will get three to four versions of Olympus cameras:
      1.) A new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras
      (Not PEN – new viewfinder technology?).
      2.) PEN-cameras successors – they will certainly continue!
      (“Never change a winning team!”)
      3.) An Olympus Modular Camera System (FT / MFT
      + A new camera standard with a bigger sensor size
      (like Fuji) with new professional SHG lenses?
      Integrating lenses and accessories in “One beautiful system”
      4.) E-5 successor (with new viewfinder technology for example like Sony?)

      So please let us soon know about the interesting developments and provide us an English translation of the above PDF!
      Best regards

  • Daniel

    Olympus should stay focused on pen like bodies as that is the future. The SLR race was already won by Nikon and Canon, but the mirrorless format still has possibilities.

    • lorenzino

      No the DSLR war was not won by Nikon and Canon. It appears that it was lost by Olympus, with its poor choices (small sensor but big cameras??? Serious proposals arrived only at the end of the life-span of the E series cameras). Anyhow Sony is still fighting, and many are very curious of next non-mirrorless cameras from Sony (I am, and I own a Nikon system).
      Pen bodies are very cool, and they really opened a new market. But now they are suffering the competition too much. Both Sony and Panasonic appear more featured at the moment. So, either Olympus comes out with something innovative to put into the pen body, or we will buy into other systems. A good idea from three (3!) years ago, iterated 20 times, is not a good idea any more…

      • Torstein

        I don’t care about any DSLR war, whatever that is, but I probably want another camera in the future. I have invested quite a bit in 4/3 lenses and hope for a better camera in the future.

      • @lorenzino
        “A good idea from three (3!) years ago, iterated 20 times, is not a good idea any more…” that would be Canon and Nikon now, in the past and the future.

        • Well, here you show YOUR bias. I’ll just use Nikon. The D3100 is clearly better than the D3000. Better sensor, better performance, video, more. The D5100 is clearly better than the D5000. Better sensor, better performance in almost every aspect, better video, more function. The D7000 is clearly better than the D90. Better sensor, better performance in almost every aspect, better autofocus, better video, more function. Sensing a theme here?

          So the new Nikon DSLRs look and feel like the old ones? Yes, for the most part they do. That’s partly because the user interface on the modern Nikon DSLR wasn’t really broken (though moving buttons around is a nuisance). Since the F5 design, which was done by a well-known Italian design firm, Nikon has been cautious at futzing with that aspect much.

          • that’s funny my various 2nd wedding photographers/assistant’s pictures look pretty much the same over the last four years even though they have upgraded their Canon’s and Nikons in that time!
            …although the same can’t be said of my event photographers that use Fuji’s.

  • maitani

    i don’t have a glass bulb

    but here’s my try..

    1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras. So no more PEN!

    i guess it will be a olympus version similar to an A77, with a new sensor supplier, chunky body with EVF, with tons of ext. control, probably improved m43/to 43 adapter with great AF

    2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of camera

    i hope it’s an enthusiast manual focus digital OM-like revival with bigger than FT sensor, with OVF as big as on the OM1

    3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology
    i hope this is related to point one let’s call it A77 clone

    4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.
    they can leave the E-5 just like it is, they just need a new sensor supplier

  • mapleflot

    `PEN’ is just a branding name (which has meant, essentially, `no built-in OVF/EVF’). The successful XZ will probably now develop to take over the `detachable VF’ field.
    Bodies come and bodies go. But its lenses I want to last.
    As long as m4/3rds is not in actual danger, I am content. I think the story is in the 12mm and 45mm lens releases. They are the bridge to the next cameras which can also replace the E-5. The E-P3 was also a test of better tech (AF) in a small(er) body.

  • It seems today every camera maker have entirely new concepts of cameras under development.
    Have heard about E-5 replacement before, but not the last months.
    Of course they need to improve the EVP
    If Oly wants to compete with NEX-7 (which I hope they do), the Pen concept is not sufficient.
    So not so much new in this “road map” really – after all Oly is not dead, they work with development of new products like all in most businesses.
    There is nothing said about sensor development, the area where Oly really lags behind. (Usability and ergonomy is also poor – unless you like to togglling more than you like making photos)

    Is there any time-line for this roadmap?

    GH-2 is not near NEX-7 and Pana also need to really come up with something better. But with GH-2 at least have a platform to build on (with maybe changed form factor).

  • Solar

    One point is being overlooked here. Olympus and especially their camera division are subject to takeover from the highest bidder. The instructions from within may have been to up sell and promote every idea to give the appearance of a successful and innovative group, to boost the sale price or to survive in standalone mode.

    Only time will determine whether any of this is true.

    • Jim

      alas I fear you might be right…. lets hope not :(

    • RW


    • TheEye

      Suspecting a dead-cat bounce is not unreasonable.

    • Richard

      That is the reality of the matter.

  • TheEye

    Is Ogawa “One-All-New-System”-san the successor of Terada “One-Beautiful-System” – san?

  • st3v4nt

    And how long all of this innovation going to take….? Two years? And what would Olympus do before that two years….? Keep selling EP-3 at current price? Releasing more mZD weather sealed lens? Cutting the price of E-5? A lot can happen in two years….

    • TheEye

      Be a good camera joshi and buy many m4/3 kit lenses and cameras until the new system comes out. Then buy, buy again!

  • Steve
    • Miroslav

      Thanks, the interview is now easy to understand. Using admin’s words: “1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras.” = “2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras” = “3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology”. He’s talking about new line of Olympus m4/3 cameras with a viewfinder, while “no more PEN cameras!” is not mentioned.
      “4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.” is just a repeat of what was said many times by various Oly managers. If they stick to three year life cycle, we’ll see E-7 in 2013.

  • naoyuki_oi

    Comments and a partial translation from a Japanese reader.

    1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras. So no more PEN cameras!

    I have not find any single phrase suggesting “no more PEN cameras”.

    Tanaka: Will it be a brand new series of cameras?
    Ogawa: It will be a new stage (of cameras) compatible with PENs.
    Tanaka: Are you planning to shift from PEN series to the new series?
    Ogawa: I mean we expand the target of mirror-less cameras.

    2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras

    I don’t know if it should be called “a brand new concept” or not.
    Olympus seems to be planning to add a new directional series of cameras.

    Ogawa: … So we think we would like to produce a camera that are totally balanced, delivering pleasantness when you hold it or aim something with it
    …After all, that is the proposal of Olympus as a camera manufacturer.

    3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology

    Mr. Ogawa did not mention about “new viewfinder technology”.
    “Revolutionary EVF” are words from the interviewer.

    Ogawa: … Though I said so (EVFs are functionally good), I am still using (D)SLRs. I assume it is because only SLRs have something that photographers got hooked with or some trigger points…
    Tanaka: It would be the goodness of OVFs. It is certainly different from photographing with live-view screens.
    Ogawa: If we reviewed our current technology thoroughly, though it would not be perfect, we could make an ancestor, which would be said at least, “there is many possibilities in this one.”

    4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.

    This seems to be correct.

    Ogawa: As of now, we do not have any reason to quit (E-series). Now, I think the continuation of Single Lens Reflex Cameras is necessary.
    Tanaka: That would be great! So, have you already started (the project of) the successor of E-5?
    Ogawa: Well, you’re right.

    • Miroslav


    • Dear naoyuki_oi san,
      Thanks for your efforts – Japanese/English Translation!
      Best regards Paulus

  • RW

    Last desperate attempt to keep people from buying another brand. Too much fluff – tell me what you are actually planning to do and when…

    • Narretz

      Yes, and complete with specs to, so that other companies can react perfectly and destroy every advantage Oly might have …

  • This is the most readable translation by Julie, at DPR. Sorry admin but nowhere is said that Pens will be terminated.

    his is not a word-for-word translation, so please don’t take it as gospel, but for anyone who is interested, I did a loose translation of the Olympus-related stuff (the original Japanese PDF is here ):
    The interviewee is Haruo Ogawa, Olympus marketing division director.
    The headline says they are working on a mirrorless camera with emphasis on the viewfinder.
    They are also working on a successor to the E-5.
    Key points for the interview:
    They are working on a new mirrorless camera that is different from the PENs, and they will announce it “soon.” It will be compatible with the PENs. It will be a camera that you want to hold in your hands all the time.
    The key is in the viewfinder. Reviewing customer questionnaires, they learned that many users are interested in having a viewfinder that is easy and pleasant to look through. The new mirrorless will have an “epoch-making” viewfinder.
    The E-5 successor is already being developed.
    Ogawa begins by apologizing to the customers for causing them a great deal of worry during the recent series of events. He promises Olympus will continue to strive to develop and produce fine products.
    Ogawa says that the feeling at Olympus is that the mirrorless market in general is going too far in the direction of marketing to “camera joshi,” [literally, “camera girls”]. Mirrorless cameras hold many possibilities, but currently they all seem to be heading in this one direction. This market does of course exist, but Ogawa fears that concentrating exclusively on this one group will shorten the life of the mirrorless camera market. Olympus has been re-examining the camera user base as a whole: how four thirds users feel about the PEN cameras, etc. They reviewed user questionnaires and found that a lot of people want a good viewfinder.
    The interviewer asks what specifically the PEN users are concerned with. Ogawa replies that from his point of view, it’s easier to frame photos, easier to magnify the image, and easier to focus a camera with an electronic viewfinder. You can also see the effects of the art filter you have set, the WB, and so on. Even so, he still uses a DSLR, and that is because there is a special “something” about a DSLR.
    The interviewer interjects that it’s the optical VF. It’s certainly different from looking through an electronic VF.
    Ogawa replies that they examined their technology at Olympus closely, and they realized that they could create something that wasn’t perfect, but a prototype that contained a lot of possibilities, and they want to develop that. Just as they created a new breed of camera with the PEN series, they want to do the same with this new and different mirrorless.
    The interviewer keeps pushing for more specifics. “This will be an epoch-making camera, right?” “This is big news, right?”
    Ogawa says, “All I can say is, when you look through the viewfinder, you’ll understand….” He asks the interviewer not to ask him to reveal any more than that … but he keeps pressing.
    Ogawa says it’s not all about the VF. Fuji came out with a superb hybrid viewfinder. In their own way, Olympus wants to create a camera that, as a total package, is a pleasure to hold and shoot with. The E-P1 didn’t have any particular eye-popping features, but it made you say, “Wow, this is a nice camera.” That’s the kind of camera they want to make.
    The next series will represent a new stage in the mirrorless camera, but it will be fully compatible with the PEN series. They want to expand the mirrorless concept, rather than limit it to the more feminine cameras they have been making up until now. It will be a camera for women and men, for beginners and high-end users alike. Ogawa reiterates that it’s unfortunate that the phrase “camera joshi” forced cameras in a feminine direction.
    Here, the interviewer points out with a laugh that it was Olympus that started that trend!
    Ogawa replies that the Japanese phenomenon of “camera joshi” (“camera girls”) are not “girls” as we usually see them. They are women who like retro-looking cameras and other similar objects.
    The interviewer talks about how many women now prefer analog film cameras, with lots of buttons and dials.
    Ogawa replies that the PEN series and XZ-1 are in line with that trend. They don’t so much revive the past, but they use a delicate or subtle design, where digital cameras have tended to have a more rough or crude image. He thinks it’s a good thing when different companies put out different types of cameras, but unfortunately, they have recently tended to kill that individuality by all going in the same direction. Olympus wants to change that.
    The interviewer asks, “So you are going for something that is different not just from current Olympus mirrorless cameras, but from mirrorless cameras in general?”
    “Yes, as a personal possession/personal item,” Ogawa replies. [He is being purposely vague, so it’s difficult to translate.]
    “So you are after a camera that better fits the act of taking a photograph?”
    “That’s right.”
    Ogawa goes on to reiterate that the new mirrorless will be fully compatible with the PENs. He thinks it’s fun to hold the PENs and even just to look at them, and that’s Olympus’ “identity.” From that perspective, they are working on something truly new.
    (continued in next post)

  • They move on to the topic of the E-5. The interviewer says that people are worried that Olympus might abandon the four thirds format.
    Ogawa says that in the E-5, they built a camera that made the best of the four thirds concept, and they want to continue to evolve that concept of a DSLR. A lot of people seem to be amazed that Olympus can go in these different directions (SLR and mirrorless) in their current state.
    The interviewer wants a positive statement from Ogawa that they will definitely continue the E-series.
    Ogawa says, “At this point in time, there is no reason not to continue it. We feel that DSLRs are still necessary.” He says they are already working on the E-5 successor.
    The interviewer says there is a feeling of betrayal among some Olympus users, since they abandoned the OM series in the past, and it’s difficult to shake that sense of doubt even to this day. They worry they might be abandoned again. If Ogawa could state clearly that they definitely won’t abandon their E-system users, it would assuage those fears.
    Ogawa replies, “I’ve never once said that we have abandoned the E-series.”
    “A lot of people think the E-5 may be the end of the E-series,” says the interviewer.
    “In this line of work, if you rob the customers of their dreams, you are finished.”
    Finally, the interviewer asks, “Several years ago, we saw a mockup of a wooden compact camera. It was an interesting, inspiring camera. What ever happened to it?”
    “The higher-ups keep saying they want to make that camera,” says Ogawa. “It’s very difficult, though. The manufacturing cost is extremely high, so it’s hard from a business standpoint. We are keeping it on the back burner, though. Until we have sufficient time and resources, we won’t get the ‘go’ sign, but personally, I would really like to do it.”

    • TheEye

      Thanks Julie!

      • Chicago Mike

        Successor to the E5 would be great, but don’t screw it up. I’d get a sensor that’s 24 megapixel and full frame 35mm, and set far enough back in the camera body to still be able to use the terrific Olympus lenses. Mirror or mirrorless matters not! Even if the 4/3 sensor is enlarged to aps-c, fine, that’s an improvement (maybe). Let’s get a bigger sensor, lots of megapixels and the great processing software that Oly already has and make the best DSLR out there! The glass is already there, now it’s sensor time!

        • Tobias

          They cannot make the sensor larger, 4/3 is 4/3. That’s their system. It doesn’t have to be larger, just better.

      • Dear amalric san,
        Thanks for your efforts – Japanese/English Translation!
        Best regards Paulus

    • Thanks for the translation!

      > “In this line of work, if you rob the customers of their dreams, you are finished.”

      And Ogawa still hasn’t gave anything remotely close to the direct answer. Lots of beating around the bush – but no direct positive/negative answer.

  • Oitszek

    Weve have heard promises like that before. A lot of talk them another 2008 pixel mush pen, other companies do less talk but deliver, the e5 is an e3 with video and bigger display. It shows that oly spent more energy in finance hyperboles than on products. If everything goes well the E7 in 2013 will catch up with the classic 5D from 2006… I ve had enough with olympus. Bored and tired with their strategy

    • Olympus are in a tough spot right now. Sales are up, but the corporation as a whole is in a very, very bad spot financially. They have to do something to generate some interest, to let the (financial) world know that they are still in the game, and that there is a future for the camera division, at least. That’s what this interview is about: its not about telling the customer base what can be expected next year, its about ginning up interest for potential purchasers of the camera division, or at least major investors.

  • Disraeli

    which one is Julie?

  • Duarte Bruno

    Let’s keep our feet in the ground!
    Strategy != Roadmap.

  • (removed)

  • WT21

    Admin — please correct the posting, noting the new translation from DPR. Or, get a different, proper translation, but the heading is very misleading.

  • The Master

    I think what the world really wants, is just smaller capable bodies, with built in viewfinders ala Nex 7.

    • Mr. Reeee

      +10 AND movable displays!

      Once you’ve used one extensively and become accustomed to their (pun not intended) flexibility, utility and versatility, you’d be hard-pressed to ever accept a fixed display again.

      For me, a camera would have to be pretty damn spectacular, on numerous levels, to be willing to go retrograde with a fixed display! Something like a GH2 sized camera with a high dynamic range, full-frame sensor.

      Impossible you say? Look what Sony managed to cram into the NEX-series cameras.

      • Narretz

        I just wondered why Panasonic’s GX1 still is slighlty bigger than the NEX7, without having EVF or flexible screen. I think it must be the fact that Pana is using 2008 technology, which does not only show in performance but also in the size of the components.

  • Dave

    I’m hoping for a 4/3 E-XXX with 1920×1080 video…

  • kris

    I guess the new cameras will have a sensor with 12 megapixels…*g*

  • nz769r

    The english translation to the pdf has been posted at DP Review:

  • Scott

    I had the opportunity to play with a Sony nex 5. Talk about big lenses. Dang that thing was really awkward.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yeah, those Sony AS series (artillery shell) lenses sure are big, but stick a Leica M mount rangefinder lens on one! Pretty damn nice, I say.

      • lorenzino

        In fact producing small lenses for the Sony system is definitively possible. No idea on why Sony is not producing them, though. With good native lenses with AF, the Sony system would be invincible, at least in the amateur/semipro market

        • Mr. Reeee

          Absolutely. Look at two current Pentax Limited Series pancake lenses: 40mm and 70mm. They’re impressive. I considered adapting them for my GH2.

          I think the NEX-series would need some ergonomic and interface improvements before taking over the world. ;-)

          I had a thought. Maybe Sony thinks that “big lenses” are appealing. Look at all the bottom-feeder DSLRs and giant cheap kit lenses. I see tourists in NYC lugging them daily and it seems they’re some sort of a macho badge of honor. Big man, big camera, big lens, small ______. ;-)
          Personally, I don’t get it.

  • Richard

    As I see it, the problem is that the camera division does not have much time at all to either turn a profit or it will be sold, if anyone will have it. Here is a Yahoo! news article which says Olympus has said they will run out of cash in 2015.

    The camera division is the money losing division and sound business sense (which is what the shareholders should expect of the BOD) would be to cut the losses. Sell it or close it down before it takes the rest of the company down.

    If I were buying a µ4/3 camera now, the Olympus would just about have to give it to me. It is now expendable. That means that Panasonic is where to put your money in camera gear for the µ4/3rds system if you expect to have it supported in the future. There is already the example of a Panasonic lens having some difficulty with an Olympus body and it does not appear that Olympus is in any great rush to resolve the firmware issue.

    Enjoy your Olympus cameras until they need service and then give them a Viking funeral.

  • physica

    what I’m looking for is a G3 like camera (Pen Pro?) and a pancake zoom like 14-42X…… so…is the new body mention here is a new series of camera body like G3 (or GH2)? Looking forward to see….

  • om-4

    A simple PC-socket for wireless flash in the E-P3 would have been wise.
    Now they need a new “pro” line to provide extra flexability.

  • Dumdum

    I love my E-PL2, and the E-P1 I had before that, so I’m really hoping Olympus makes good on what they say instead of just drumming up stock prices. That said, I’m saving some money for the first manufacturer who’d be able to come up with a mirrorless system that has a weather-sealed combo, reason being that I live in a tropical country that has long stretches of rainy periods.

    All things normal, I’d be guessing that Olympus is the most likely to do that – they already have a kit lens for it, and they seem to be the most enthusiastic about weather-sealing among manufacturers (and anecdotal evidence seem to point that the E-x cameras have held up to abuse very well).

    These are not normal times, though. I’m keeping a Pentax system primarily for the weather seals, and while it has held up nicely in rough weather, it is still less comfortable to tote around compared to mirrorless cameras.

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